Topics regarding layoffs at Safeway Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Safeway Inc.

And so it continues...

Another day, another Safeway closing... Safeway is closing one of its grocery stores in northeast Portland. A spokesperson for Safeway confirmed the store at Northeast 122nd Avenue and Glisan Street was expected to shut down by Aug. 18... —  read more 

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Cerberus Related Layoffs

In 2006, Cerberus bought 661 Albertsons stores. A week after the purchase, the company announced the closure of 100 stores within two months. In the years following the purchase, store closures took place in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota... —  read more 

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I went through a very similar situation back in the 80's. Folks hang on big cuts to come and unions won't help! It won't be pretty! MK

Unions will not win. I was part of several plant closures and no loyalty to long time employees. I quit and didn't want any part of Burd and company. Boise will be headquarters and Pleasanton, Phoenix, Walnut Creek here today and gone tomorrow.

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Layoffs Jan 2015

Safeway said they will have regular jobs and transition jobs. The transition jobs will be workers who are here for the term identified (3-12months) and then its over. Our Director secured her direct staff jobs and herself of course. The rest of us... —  read more 

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More Safeway closings announced

Three Arizona stores are closing, two of them in the Valley and one in Glendale. Quite a few people are going to be affected by this, unfortunately. It doesn't look like this apocalypse of retail is going to end any time soon. I wonder if any Safeway... —  read more 

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Florida layoffs by Safeway

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Safeway Number of Laid off Employees: 452 Address 1: Address 2: Statewide City: Statewide, FL WARN Notice Date: Wed 07/11/2018 Layoff From: Tue 08/28/2018 Layoff To: Tue 08/28/2018 Industry: Retail Trade... —  read more 

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