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Keith Block

Heard he's on his way out heading over to run Block Center.
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More info on layoffs

I believe this was a semi-planned layoff of mainly QA folks who were given roughly 1 year notice to re-train and apply for development positions. Some did so. I don't think all managers did an effective job of enabling people to do so however. I had... read more Layoffs 2018

I know that this sounds like a broken record (cliché, but a good one)…. Rumors - some folks are talking about possibly having layoffs in San Francisco. Layoffs 2017

I left a few years back right now - but still have good friend over there working, happily - now I am hearing that you may have job cuts in San Francisco.

Engineering going into one department

This sounds very much like the Microsoft layoff incident July 2014. It is clear by looking at the latest job posting from Salesforce that they are looking for engineers who can test software as well. Microsoft laid off many quality engineers, perhaps... read more
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Downsizing in 2013, growth in 2014

We cut roughly 200 people last year, we did not blink here. 2014 will be an interesting year, I expect us to go and grow this year. Many CRM outfits are struggling but I hear our sales numbers and I can tell you that is the leader with... read more
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Post ID: @u1GqyFi is doing pretty good

No layoffs so far, nobody can tell you what will happen in 2014 but all things are looking good right now, we are making ton of money and the whole CRM sector seems to be pretty good so far.
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