Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

This ELT is a joke

ELT will never tell us. They had every chance to better communications to us during the various stages of the round 1 layoffs, but did they? Most people that knew about layoffs beforehand found out from anonymous sources online. How sad is this... —  read more 

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Severance Package

Hi, Anyone ever waited for settlement after contesting their redundancy with Salesforce and just before settlement someone resigned and Salesforce offered you a job? Did they let you settle on the previously agreed amount when you declined the... —  read more 

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Next round

Is there any way for us to know when the next round is going to happen? I’m not naive enough to believe that we’re anywhere close to being done with layoffs, but it would be easier if we at least knew roughly when it might happen, so that I don’t... —  read more 

SalesForce Round 2.0 ya see ..... every time they cut, stocks goes up ..... they will keep repeating this until it doesn't work anymore. by then the culture within the company will be... —  read more 


I was laid off in January and by my state law eligible for unemployment but Salesforce claimed I quit because they planned to lay me off so now I have to prove layoff which is not hard. Mean spirited

Facebook - round 2

...Zuckerberg announced the company will lay off an additional 10,000 employees and close out another 5,000 open positions that haven't been filled... ...This marks the second round of layoffs for Meta in the last few months. The company previously... —  read more 

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No integrity

I'm still here but I noticed I've become so jaded about society since joining SFDC. So many snakes at this company, something I never experienced before. Having integrity is a weakness here...people trying to rideeach other's backs and play the... —  read more 

Sad but true

Big Tech bows to the ways of Wall Street On Thursday, Salesforce shares surged almost 12% — its biggest daily gain in more than two years — after it delivered better-than-expected results and said it would double its share buyback plan to $20... —  read more 

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More layoffs to come

Salesforce under investor pressure to dump more staff Promised 10,000 cull unlikely to be enough to satisfy gaggle of activist investors Job losses at Salesforce appear to be far from over as the CRM specialist sets out its plan to appease a gang... —  read more 

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WARN notice filed

Salesforce filed another WARN notice in California on 02/02/23. It states ~250 employees will be impacted predominantly at Salesforce Tower. The effective date of the notice is 04/24/23. Is this another round? Can anyone shed any light on what this... —  read more 

Be prepared for the future

If layoffs cough you off guard once, don't let it happen again. It's important to have an emergency fund, always be interviewing, and if you can, start a side job - preferably something you enjoy. This way, you'll be in control of your career... —  read more 

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