Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

No future at this place

I think it's been made clear to all of us there's no future at Salesforce for anybody who's a hard worker but who refuses to kiss the right behind. I'm sad to say this, but this place has turned into a nest of nepotism and cronyism - and anybody... —  read more 

layoffs now??

Revenue up 29% and we are upping the sales forecast for year end and somehow now seems to be the time for layoffs? Seems most were in Sales and customer support areas, at least for now. But most MB would comment is that he doesn't see more layoffs... —  read more 

Feeling betrayed

Prior to the layoffs last month I believed I would be one of those fortunate ones to be passed over. I kept telling my wife not to worry because for years I had always been a top performer who exceeded yearly goals. How wrong I was. This company... —  read more 

3rd Wave

Salesforce is a great employer, better than any other I worked for in the past anyway. Blessing and a problem are the "golden handcuffs". Financial incentives, wellness perks and other benefits make it difficult to leave the company especially in the... —  read more 

UK & Ireland

Apparently UK and Ireland are being informed today. So we get to wait eagerly in anticipation. The absolutely gall of these people. In a way Im thankful for this reminder on the reality of corporate culture. Admittedly I drank the Ohana kool... —  read more 

Public calendar

I have had a calendar with public visibility for 6+ years that allows anyone with a Salesforce or Gmail account to see my whole calendar. I wonder if Joe Poch will tell us what our CEO was too busy doing to address his own company? I am just an... —  read more 

Good News

Salesforce will let its employees work from home until August 2021, with 6 extra weeks of time off for parents

WSJ Coverage

Salesforce. Inc. has started to notify some of its staff they could lose their job a day after the business-software provider reported record sales, sending its stock surging. Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff in March pledged on Twitter... —  read more 

Inflated Titles

There are also a lot of people with inflated titles for the little scope they manage. Directors reporting to directors and VP reporting to VPs. People get promoted for doing the same job as a life time achievement award as opposed to having business... —  read more 

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Pardot leadership here, notified yesterday I have 60 days. I was 10 months into my tenure here. Left a very stable secure position in healthcare for the kool-aide only to be shown the door. When Jim Roth said they would find the coins in the cushions... —  read more 

Happy talk no more

After years of "Ohana" happy-talk, thousands are being laid off in the middle of a pandemic so Marc and shareholders can make more money, on top of the millions they already have. Can't help but notice they're letting the experienced teams go... —  read more 

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