Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Be prepared for the future

If layoffs cough you off guard once, don't let it happen again. It's important to have an emergency fund, always be interviewing, and if you can, start a side job - preferably something you enjoy. This way, you'll be in control of your career... —  read more 

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Top Performers impacted

I know of a few people in sales who were impacted by the layoff who were over 100%. I made over 400K in each of the last 2 years, so me thinks they decided to cut areas where they expect growth to slow and they could save a few bucks. I’ll never... —  read more 

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Curious to know how Mulesoft fared in the latest rounds... particularly in the SE, AE space and in the US. Any specific product lines (Consumer, Financial, Fed, Science/Healthcare) get nailed more than others? I saw a lot of Mulesoft CS folks go down... —  read more 

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Salesforce is not our family

These layoffs and the way in which they're being handled is a good reminder that companies aren't our families as much as they'd like to create the narrative that they are, and we should never treat them as if they are. Make sure to take care of your... —  read more 

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More to come…

Announcements in Jan claimed that approx 10% of the workforce or 8000 people would be impacted by the layoffs. I’m hearing that the ‘all-Salesforce’ slack channel has reduced by less than half that amount since Jan. So are we only half way through... —  read more 

Ohana Fraud

Leadership still trying to spin the message. How they handled these layoffs is embarrassing. Just got the email today .. Im 128% to quota this year, 176% last year, never missed the mark. . 5 years with the company. Yet Marc and his sponge bob... —  read more 

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Sure path to destroying morale

Such poorly handled layoffs result in a terrible drop in morale among those who remain. Our higher ups don't seem to care about it at all? I feel sorry for all those who are losing their jobs, but also for those who remain in this company, which is... —  read more 

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Has everybody been notified?

So whoever was notified early in the morning is who's going to be laid off this month? The rest of us are okay? Can somebody please answer this question if you know? My blood pressure is through the roof as we wait to figure out what's going to... —  read more 

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UK layoffs

Hyder email received and impacted employees now in a 45 day consultation period followed by a personal consultation period of 1 - 2 weeks.

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What's happening in Australia/Asia?

Curious to know what departments or roles are being cut as a trend... Maybe some insight into what's coming for Amer. Are they cutting co primes (sd, sales and post sales)? SDRs? BDRs? Core AEs? etc. Any insights appreciated...

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Professional Services

hundreds of useless SVPs ,RVPs, VPs , SDs, & Directors are sitting here with no real value to the company , dear activist investors don't miss a big opportunity to trim down this org fat, do it once do it right ... bring back our share price up... —  read more 

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