Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Going to a smaller company

From what it seems to me, it can only get worse here. The atmosphere is very tense and I would prefer to find a new job before they show me the door. But what interests me is whether moving to a smaller company or a startup is risky? I am too... —  read more 

Culture change

I have been here for a little over two years and in just such a short time I have noticed that the culture is slowly becoming more and more unhealthy. Brown nosers, those who take other people's credit, inflated egos - they are increasingly... —  read more 

Layoffs Coming? Record slow Q2.

It’s no secret Q2 has been exceptionally slower then in previous years across the sales, service and marketing clouds in North America as the recession looms. Sales teams are feeling the heat. Layoffs/reorg coming?

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Promotion strategy

I'm on the verge of giving up trying to get promoted and at this point I'd prefer to change companies. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much I show my boss that I'm ready for the promotion - I can't possibly get the promotion that I... —  read more 

Did your effort pay off?

I put in more effort here than I have in any other company I’ve worked for before, but it's almost not worth it in my case. I am disappointed and think more and more about leaving. The solution is not to get stuck here and work the bare minimum. I... —  read more 

Recruitment Freeze

There's a real hush hush recruitment freeze mandated at Salesforce. They're calling it a pause, but that's hardly surprising so close to earnings. Travel restrictions soon to follow it seems. Will be interesting to hear how they spin the first... —  read more 

Greener pastures

Pretty much everyone who left says the grass is much greener outside and they are now paid much better. What no one is saying is whether they have to work much harder for that higher pay. Is the grass really that much greener than here? I need a... —  read more 

march is the date !

today is my last day in ASEAN office , this place is no more the same place as before . It became a heaven for Oracle , IBM, & SAP alumnis with one main dominant nationality. March is the date , wait for it !

We got this covered !!

Nothing to worry about with the geniuses running the company... First we buy  Tableau SW for $16B and then we buy Slack for $28B....and the market loves it !!       That's why our stock is down 40% over the last 3 months.  Can wait to see what they... —  read more 

Lotsa jobs posted in Linkedin

Numerous pre-sales and sales jobs on LinkedIn for SF. BUT if you are of a certain 'age' then forget being considered. I have applied to around 20 postings, most of which I was qualified for, but only 1 interview out of it. I was quickly eliminated... —  read more 

.Org QE laid off yesterday

32 QE people in the .org clouds (under Industries) were laid off yesterday. They are invited to apply to 22 hybrid roles. They were given a couple hours of notice and 60 days of pay. No transition plan. No knowledge transfer. Releases are scheduled... —  read more 

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