Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Unrealistic expectations

No one is even trying to communicate with our boss as we face very unrealistic expectations. Everyone knows in advance that it will not give any result. How do you deal with such high expectations?

Recruitment Freeze

There's a real hush hush recruitment freeze mandated at Salesforce. They're calling it a pause, but that's hardly surprising so close to earnings. Travel restrictions soon to follow it seems. Will be interesting to hear how they spin the first... —  read more 

Greener pastures

Pretty much everyone who left says the grass is much greener outside and they are now paid much better. What no one is saying is whether they have to work much harder for that higher pay. Is the grass really that much greener than here? I need a... —  read more 

march is the date !

today is my last day in ASEAN office , this place is no more the same place as before . It became a heaven for Oracle , IBM, & SAP alumnis with one main dominant nationality. March is the date , wait for it !

We got this covered !!

Nothing to worry about with the geniuses running the company... First we buy  Tableau SW for $16B and then we buy Slack for $28B....and the market loves it !!       That's why our stock is down 40% over the last 3 months.  Can wait to see what they... —  read more 

Lotsa jobs posted in Linkedin

Numerous pre-sales and sales jobs on LinkedIn for SF. BUT if you are of a certain 'age' then forget being considered. I have applied to around 20 postings, most of which I was qualified for, but only 1 interview out of it. I was quickly eliminated... —  read more 

Salary Info Archived Article: The engineering category included the highest paid hire in the data: a senior manager... —  read more 

No more good vibes?

That’s just one of the reasons I wouldn’t recommend anyone to come here. There are many more. When I first got a job here this was a company with a vision in which it was a pleasure to work. It’s sad how everything changed so quickly. The... —  read more 

Blinding arrogance

Why is this company not at all trying to keep people who have great potential and who are very talented? Because they are blinded by mistakenly thinking that these people will be easily replaced and that there are also talented people who are ready... —  read more 

David Coghill Singapore

I used to work for his team last year and found him to be to an lunatic who has grown early and can not digest his success. I left salesforce because of him and happy, so putting this here so that salesforce leadership reads it and does something... —  read more 

I'm not willing to go back

I have gotten used to working from home. In fact, I'm at the point where I can't even imagine having to waste nearly two hours of my life each day driving to work and back. Working from home has not affected my productivity, on the contrary. Having... —  read more 

Did layoffs happen?

I saw on another thread that someone was laid off. Can anyone confirm that layoffs are or have happened recently? I haven’t heard anything and I’m wondering if this was an isolated case or just someone trying to stir the pot. Any information to... —  read more 

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