Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Slack within Salesforce

Has anyone heard anything about Slack? Will the whole team be made redundant after this year as co-primes were laid off this year. No random guesses without reasons please, we all work here, we can guess ourselves. Would appreciate if anyone... — read more 

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cyber week scroll down to order conversion, click on order details, filter by USA ‘nuff said

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This is so frustrating

I'm so mad I can't see straight. How many good people were laid off in the last year or so? Thousands! We lost so many experienced employees who helped build this place and for what? Just so the id--ts in charge can turn around and announce the... — read more 

Rehiring Keep an eye on black fr-cyber mo-candle sale week revenue in this economic climate. If the numbers aren’t good…

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Short staffed teams

What frustrates me is that those at the top do not realize that some teams are short staffed to such an extent that it's become unbearable to work here. How do we explain to them that we are becoming more and more overloaded and that our... — read more 

More layoffs today

It is never ending here. And a lot of luck in SF where you land up and how you do. Some good people gone over the last year through either layoffs, pips, or peps. The SF culture I knew is gone or never existed.

This ELT is a joke

ELT will never tell us. They had every chance to better communications to us during the various stages of the round 1 layoffs, but did they? Most people that knew about layoffs beforehand found out from anonymous sources online. How sad is this... — read more 

Severance Package

Hi, Anyone ever waited for settlement after contesting their redundancy with Salesforce and just before settlement someone resigned and Salesforce offered you a job? Did they let you settle on the previously agreed amount when you declined the... — read more 

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Next round

Is there any way for us to know when the next round is going to happen? I’m not naive enough to believe that we’re anywhere close to being done with layoffs, but it would be easier if we at least knew roughly when it might happen, so that I don’t... — read more 

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