Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inc.

I'm not willing to go back

I have gotten used to working from home. In fact, I'm at the point where I can't even imagine having to waste nearly two hours of my life each day driving to work and back. Working from home has not affected my productivity, on the contrary. Having... —  read more 

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Did layoffs happen?

I saw on another thread that someone was laid off. Can anyone confirm that layoffs are or have happened recently? I haven’t heard anything and I’m wondering if this was an isolated case or just someone trying to stir the pot. Any information to... —  read more 

False advertising

They advertise that you can make $10-$15K in overtime when you get hired or promoted and they’ve now limited everyone to 45 hours per week using intimidation tactics and folks are scared to say anything in fear of getting worse patches in February. —  read more 

Waste of money?

I believe you are all familiar with this, but it has now been officially announced that Salesforce is paying more than 27 billion dollars for Slack and I wonder if it is well invested money? How can this help the company and what could be the... —  read more 

Motivation is all but gone

I used to truly love working here. When did things change so much for us that now I'm dreading work and I have lost all motivation to do anything but the bare minimum? The latest layoffs didn't help, but it started before that. What happened to this... —  read more 

G4G Sevice cloud?

What's the story guys, are they going to have another round of firing. I am specifically looking for insight in ASEAN as the leadership here is horrible and all that they look for is scape goats

UK & Ireland

Apparently UK and Ireland are being informed today. So we get to wait eagerly in anticipation. The absolutely gall of these people. In a way Im thankful for this reminder on the reality of corporate culture. Admittedly I drank the Ohana kool... —  read more 

No future at this place

I think it's been made clear to all of us there's no future at Salesforce for anybody who's a hard worker but who refuses to kiss the right behind. I'm sad to say this, but this place has turned into a nest of nepotism and cronyism - and anybody... —  read more 

layoffs now??

Revenue up 29% and we are upping the sales forecast for year end and somehow now seems to be the time for layoffs? Seems most were in Sales and customer support areas, at least for now. But most MB would comment is that he doesn't see more layoffs... —  read more 

Feeling betrayed

Prior to the layoffs last month I believed I would be one of those fortunate ones to be passed over. I kept telling my wife not to worry because for years I had always been a top performer who exceeded yearly goals. How wrong I was. This company... —  read more 

Inflated Titles

There are also a lot of people with inflated titles for the little scope they manage. Directors reporting to directors and VP reporting to VPs. People get promoted for doing the same job as a life time achievement award as opposed to having business... —  read more 

3rd Wave

Salesforce is a great employer, better than any other I worked for in the past anyway. Blessing and a problem are the "golden handcuffs". Financial incentives, wellness perks and other benefits make it difficult to leave the company especially in the... —  read more 

Good News

Salesforce will let its employees work from home until August 2021, with 6 extra weeks of time off for parents

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