Topics regarding layoffs at Samsung

Topics regarding layoffs at Samsung

Big Layoff happeneing

Lot people in Dallas office network team recently laid off full time and contractors both , some were in vacation and came to know from email without prior notice , some of them laid of two day before eid which is like Christmas for some people... — read more 

Sell your soul to Samsung

Samsung entices you with higher than average salaries and hefty bonuses, but you're selling your soul to the devil for that fat paycheck. Forget about enjoying your money with your loved ones, though. If you're an exec you'll be required to spend the... — read more 

Zero Culture Company

Samsung is a zero culture company. Purely binary and balance sheet operated. The only variance to this is if you have a high ranking last name in the geneology of the Korean family. It is a company that doesn't reward hard work and results with... — read more 

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Smart move, Samsung!

350 Samsung employees were let go during a global pandemic (and after exceeding sales targets) simply to meet a number set by Korea. Who was let go was up to each department head. As usual at Samsung, favoritism rules over competency and many top... — read more 

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Smart (Dumb) TVs

It is absolutely a disgrace that my 2016, ~$1,500 55" Smart TV has a bad screen and it would cost ~$1500 to fix it. And if you Google the problem, lots of folks having similar issues. Clearly, Samsung cannot make a quality TV. Don't waste your... — read more 

Layoffs at SSIC?

I heard there will be a lay-off/restructuring at SSIC in San Jose. How true is that? I’m currently going through the interview process and would prefer to avoid a team that is being torn apart.

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SARC layoffs media coverage The Samsung R&D Center in Austin, Texas (SARC) was founded in 2010 to develop CPUs and system IP, including interconnects and memory controllers. Development for... — read more 

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GPU team layoffs

Rumor from good sources is that 25-30% of the Austin SARC GPU team got let go. Silicon/Comp Arch companies across Austin are having “open houses” for Samsung employees.

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Marketing Layoffs in the US

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung may have found some shady business practices within its own U.S. marketing team. Two thing are for certain, though: the company abruptly laid off many of its marketing employees and the... — read more 

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Samsung layoffs in US

From what I understand, not too many people were hit - this had something to do with an audit of marketing operations. I can't be sure, though. My main worry right now is that this is just a start, an intro to something much bigger that will be... — read more 

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Profit Records Set

Profits thru the roof, Chips are selling like hot cakes...

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Samsung started again background check and I heard samsung wants to terminate employees who doesn't have proper employment records.

HR team started again background check and I heard samsung wants to terminate employees who doesn't have proper employment records, even big companies getting closed, cannot expect small consultancy to live on for more years, How can samsung expect... — read more 

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Lost jobs to China

There are so many IT layoff this year, how are we all going to find another job especially with China now even producing fab chips/asics. I know everyone thinks India/Indian's are a big threat and taking over our jobs. Yes, I agree to some point but... — read more 

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