Samsung Layoffs

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Worried about Samsung layoffs

Am I the only one who is truly worried about the latest news of drop in profits? I believe we'll be looking at major layoffs across the company if the trend continues for more than a couple of quarters. And frankly, I don't see smartphone demand... read more

Laid off By Samsung: Perils of Searching for Work

In the fall of 2014, I was laid off from Samsung ... BY STEPHANIE CARSON (Link Below) This past week, after being unemployed for about 10 months, I started a new job at the American Heart Association. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the... read more
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Profit Records Set

Profits thru the roof, Chips are selling like hot cakes...
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Lost jobs to China

There are so many IT layoff this year, how are we all going to find another job especially with China now even producing fab chips/asics. I know everyone thinks India/Indian's are a big threat and taking over our jobs. Yes, I agree to some point but... read more
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Samsung Layoff in Next Year (2016)

Samsung has many faces you never know what's going to happen there - many groups, they open one group and hire 1000 people and they decide to close a different group and lay off 500 people. That's kind of how it works with layoffs at Samsung, you... read more


Samsung has really been doing bad on the stock market. This has pretty much caused their company a whole pile of pain. The NIQJ of Samsung really needs to imporve the sidement of EJR. How do you fellow Layoff users think the stock is going to do in... read more
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Exynos team layoff?

Apparently some problems with their latest rev and foundry is making the cost of an internal US team duplicating what can be churned out overseas is not worth it. I was told 3.5k laid off but I'm not sure if that makes sense, seems like too many?
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2015 Bonus - Mismanagement

Samsung continues to mismanage their business. They have incredible products but they can't stay ahead of the curve. They should never have went Oxynos, even that name itself sounds like a disease. They should have stuck with the Qualcomm apps... read more

2015 Layoffs at Samsung

If you followed what happen at the end of 2014 you will realize that 2015 cannot be a good year for Samsung. Two dozens of executives within Samsung’s IT and mobile communications unit have been fired or demoted back in December 2014. There are wide... read more

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