Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

a big departure

that Oliver guy is leaving SAP what a pompous wa-ker.... every all hands call, he acted like he was a TV presenter maybe he got his dream gig elsewhere! that's one person who will not be missed

NA Unplugged Call?

What happened on this call? One of the speakers was a new woman who is called the "Head of Global People Success Services" Nobody has ever heard of this person. Or why she's here. Better yet, why do we keep hiring these C-level box-checkers? ... —  read more 

The plot thickens

I am in support I was lucky enough to be in an office that was not affected. When the question was asked how will we keep up when losing people. Come to find we were told we will be hiring many people 20 from Brazil and Budapest. Disrespectful to... —  read more 

This is bad

You know things are not going well when people in India are getting hit. Employees there are among the cheapest so opting to cut them means things are not looking well for any of us. I'm betting you we'll be seeing more layoffs in the US very soon... —  read more 

Job market

While some, myself included, think of the job market as dismal, others are still optimistic about their prospects. I would like to hear from those who say that it is not so difficult to find a job now. Obviously we don't have the same... —  read more 

Amazon rescinded my offer

I'm devastated. I thought I'd be okay since I had been working on leaving for months and landed an amazing offer just to have it retracted. I haven't been in the job market for a while, is this something that happens often? I don't know if I can take... —  read more 

My hopes

I was gutted when I found out. I’ve been the biggest promoter of SAP over the years. After almost 20 years for them to do this when let’s get real. The other tech layoffs gave them an out. I truly believe if there were no other big companies doing... —  read more 

Operations layoffs

Has there been any layoffs in operations teams. Very strange lots of senior managers moved roles or disappeared in January. Must of been tipped off. What is happening to all the LACE and sales support teams

Next round of layoffs

How long are we safe for? A month? Two? It used to be that we shouldn't worry about layoffs for a year at least when a major round was done. Those times are long gone, though. I'm not even sure anymore if the rest of this month will be without... —  read more 

SAP Glassdoor ratings

The layoff process has not impacted SAP’s ratings on Glassdoor. While enjoyable to post here … please provide your reviews on the site. Perhaps a way to hold SAP leadership accountant for this cluster.

Leaving feeling bitter

I am not impacted, but I sympathize with everyone who is and I wish you luck to get new, better opportunities. I started looking for a new job myself, because I am more than disappointed with the way the layoffs were managed here. The story I... —  read more 

Copycat layoffs

Laying off employees turns out to be infectious. And that makes it all the more insidious. Indeed, these tech layoffs (as well as a recent round of media layoffs, I should add) are what the Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, an expert on... —  read more 

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