Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

Lateral move within SAP

I have applied for an internal transfer at the same T level as I'm currently at and the recruiter told me that since it's an lateral move, there is no payrise. Is this a new development in SAP? I thought any internal move always resulted in a 10%... — read more 

Shame on you, SAP!!

Shame on you, SAP! I know of several colleagues impacted by the so called "restructuring" that are currently in the middle of interviews (2nd or 3rd) for internal SAP positions. These colleagues have been told that even if there needs to be... — read more 

RTO assessment

Hi All, Quick check on how folks are finding the RTO? From my side, yes, we started back on 3 days per week. But I can already see ( and hear in other teams), that people are gradually moving to 2 days in office. Nothing being said yet, officially or... — read more 

Storytelling article

JW posted an article about storytelling and how it helps data driven teams succeed. Not a bad read—some key takeaways. *Golden State Warriors changed their management and kept the same team for sustained winning. *Few things set winning teams... — read more 

Pulse surveys

Even though it might not do much. I have been surprised how high leadership trust has been on the surveys the past two years. It’s the only way currently to voice dissatisfaction to the board and board level. Those who survive on the next survey... — read more 

Is SAP Learning dead?

Seems that our M&S board member coming from Microsoft wants to ki-l SAP Learning services and hand over to partners… I had no clue that SAP experts are to be compared with Word and Excel end users (no offense).

How is the job search ?

Having been let go from SAP America after working 16 years, I'm have to admit I've been out of touch with job market and not getting any meaningful responses for the numerous positions applied through the standard job search sites. How are you all in... — read more 

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