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When can we feel a little safer?

Not naive to think that layoffs will ever really stop, but there is a physical line under which they can’t lay off otherwise the company wouldn’t be able to operate. How close are we to that line, and is their goal realy to operate with the bare... read more

SAP betrayal

We have been loyal to this company, working on projects and skills that are only of value to this company; almost none of us were looking outside or constantly interviewing or fighting amongst ourselves for the s-xiest of trendiest projects. And now

Oooops, Sorry Revlon, S4 cost you! The weakness stems from problems Revlon has faced in implementing a new enterprise resource planning system, or ERP, in the... read more

Good read

An article that actually calls out SAP for getting rid of some of its top talent - color me shocked! SAP signals cloud intent as it ousts top in-house programmers... read more

Everything was driven by costs

Over 10 years in SAP Asia as an employee here. Had started with dedication and loyalty to a quality company, with that constant tension between Engineering and Sales, but things were still ok, customers were the focus. BUT it changed. Last few years... read more

Goodbye HANA and ABAP “SAP has decided to undertake a company-wide restructuring program in 2019 across all board areas... SAP currently estimates that globally approximately 4,400 employees across all... read more

Exercise in futility

I have a simple question - why does this entire industry believe that laying off employees with most knowledge and experience will solve problems that were not created by them, but by the inadequate and self serving upper management? I'm pretty sure... read more

Who will hire older employees?

Is there anybody? From what I've heard and read, if I'm laid off i'm royally screwed. Finding a job will either be impossible due to my age or the pay will be (at best) half of what I'm making now. Is there anybody out there who will actually be... read more

SAP APJ and GC...

SAP APJ and GC - please expect the special letter and meeting with your manager’s manager and HR after Chinese New Year. This will be in time to recognize all the restructuring costs in Q1. The show must go on

Second quarter !

When can we expect another wave?

Anyone who thinks that this is a sole wave and who survived is safe now, is being naive. So my question is when can we expect a second wave? Maybe they will try to do it in smaller portions and in a longer period of time, avoiding the sensation of an... read more

Do not sign the severance agreement!!

You are worth more than 2 weeks pay. This is a joke! Most companies give 6 months minimum. I have applied to 3 jobs so far and each asked: Have you signed any Non-disclosure agreements? Have you signed any Non-compete agreements? Don’t throw away... read more

Responding to a layoff notice

Maybe somebody here will find this useful... Nothing groundbreaking in there, but it's still worth a read... At least in my opinion... How To Respond To A Layoff Notice... read more

How are we supposed to do this?

Our team was stretched thin as it is - and we are down three people. How exactly are we supposed to finish anything on time from now on when we could barely do it before? Whoever made the decision on who to lay off had no idea what they were doing -... read more

When will it finally end?

I'm tired of losing sleep every night because I'm worried about layoffs and whether my job will still be there tomorrow or the day after. This needs to end, now.

Suing SAP for discrimination on VERP based on age

Wondering if there could be lawsuits against SAP for discriminating offering VERP based on different ages. In the U.S, VERP is offered to those 59 and above, in Canada it's 58 and above and in Germany it's 55 and above. Would these lawsuits hold... read more

Severance package in the EU

I heard that people in the EU get a severance package with 4 weeks for every year. If you had a company car you get it for the half price. Is that true?

Any layoffs this week?

I would appreciate if SAP people posted if layoffs are continuing and if they are at what locations? Any opinions whether cuts will continue throughout this week and are they gonna continue being worldwide?

SAP Successfactors

Management just need count, performance doesn't matter. Management talks : Sh-- !! Not able to achieve the count, lets layoff entire team with their bosses.

HR has handled this so poorly

HR has handled this so poorly. Case in point: an emploee on leave to bury a parent laid off while sitting at the funeral home (yes, said employee asked to reschedule the meeting and told HR why), an employee promoted 3 weeks before has their job... read more

HR Issues

The way how SAP HR is managing the layoff process here in the US is just bad - it's substandard and it's borderline unprofessional. The communication is lacking, the journey is fuzzy and the rumors swirling in the office are mind boggling. I am... read more

Second Round?

Now that US VERP have declared, is anyone hearing about a second round to make the target number? Does anyone have a POV on Bill’s last Friday call with VP+?
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80 employees at the Singapore SSC impacted

I am hearing that 80 employees at the Singapore SSC impacted. Their roles/groups are being moved to the EXISTING Manila SSC. Unsure if 1) the 80 is accurate and 2) that covers every group working out of the Singapore SSC. Shocked that they are doing... read more

Who makes these decisions?

I'm honestly curious to find out who decides which people are laid off. It's not somebody who knows these employees, what they do, or how good they are at it - that much is obvious. I'm assuming this is strictly about numbers - so it's some number... read more

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