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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

IBM is now selling off complete business divisions. IBM laid off so many people over the past 5 years. Some these people ended up working at customers. Others joined partners. Some started their own IT shops. They all return the favor. SAP is no... read more

Internal positions

A few words to those who were laid off These internal positions they posted and so generously allow us to apply to are also open to the public, as I do see them posted on indeed, linkedin and dice. In addition, if you are being laid-off, you are also... read more

Any new parts affected by layoffs?

Keeping in mind that we’re a big company, with offices located worldwide,whenever I hear of layoffs I always get the feeling that there are more of them happening in some other “corner” of the company, and that that is in fact an organized wave. So... read more

When to expect severance pay?

My entire team was laid off on March 4th. Most of us had until April 15th, some April 30th if they had scheduled interviews for other positions. The separation agreement stated that SAP would release the severance and cobra payouts within 60 days... read more

The SAP acquisition playbook

This really sums up everything in just a few words!

STOP being used by SAP.

Why be loyal to SAP? SAP will not invest in your professional development, use you to make money, then dump you because your skills are outdated. Wake up!

Underneath the clumsy UI, is a rotting core

When our customers and employees complain about our orrible user experience, a typical argument is that, ERP is designed for serious business and not for pleasing the user like a consumer app. But the UI reflects whay underneath. what I see under the... read more

Internal positions: Truth

SAP has imposed a 2 year wait for all impacted before then can be rehired (even as a c-user). In 2015, it was a 1 year wait

Who thought this was a good idea?

SAP acquired 27 companies between 2011 and 2018. That's 3 companies/year. Getting that many apps, teams, and companies working together is just impossible. Even point to point integration is a nightmare because these apps were never designed to work... read more

Goodbye to Analytics team

In my region, entire Analytics Specialist team is eliminated except for one foreigner, after the merge of the Analytics team with the DDM Database team. Then the only one foreigner resigned to join a partner. So we no longer have any Analytics... read more

There is a lot of fat in SAP

There is a lot of fat in SAP: people who spend their time just networking or creating confusing powerpoint, management travelling around the globe in business class for no outcome, etc. If Elliott can streamline SAP's organization, it will have a... read more

Restricted Stock when Laid Off

What happens to your restricted stock when you are laid off? Do you get the entire amount, forfeit any unvested amount, or somewhere in between?

The first wave was just an appetizer

In 2009, SAP had 47,584 employees globally (31 Dec.) for a Total Revenue (IFRS) of 10,672 M EUR. In 2018, SAP had 96,498 employees globally (31 Dec.) for a Total Revenue (IFRS) of 24,708 M EUR. So in 9 years, the Revenue increased by +130% and the... read more

Any rumors of office closures lately?

I believe they still find some locations to be redundant in the company structure especially after the layoffs, so I tend to think it’s only a matter of time before some closures are announced. Any idea where such closures might take place and how... read more
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Things changed so quickly

I went from actively recruiting people to join SAP to making sure to tell anybody who'll listen to stay away from this place within a year. How did we get where we did in such short time? Was this change really so quick or have I not been paying... read more

Age discrimination lawsuit

Anyone filling a class action lawsuit? SAP has a clear policy to fire older workers based on age alone in order to hire younger people so they can appear being hip, trendy, cool and young. It is part of their corporate strategy and clearly... read more

SAP/Cloud services in the mist

Astute Article by FT on SAP/Cloud services in the Mist **all copyrights belong to FT In mythology, people who walk into fog often fail to reappear. As German tech company SAP pushes further into the cloud, top employees are disappearing. The latest... read more

The real story behind SAP layoffs!

The plan was set forth by Bjoern Goerke, chief technology officer and head of SAP’s cloud platform, that SCP will provide the integration platform between acquired SAP cloud apps ( SuccessFactors, Ariba, and Concur). Also, that SCP will provide an... read more


50000 customers at risk. This is what happens when people are not treated fairly or with basic human decency.

Stealth layoffs?

Is it possible that stealth layoffs are still happening in different parts of the company? Given there are multiple worldwide locations SAP is almost idle to perform that kind of strategy by the leadership. I would like if people reported were there... read more

Round 2 confirmed for July

Since numbers were not hit in Germany due to works council rejecting layoffs, SAP has approved another round of 1500+ in Q2. Target areas are high cost ( US, Canada, UK).


The HANA layoffs are what surprised me, I mean it never really lived up to any of the the hype and the claims of a "zero response DB" is complete BS. With the downright silly hardware costs and insane licensing costs, I think SAP is ready to fall on... read more

401K question

Question that's been on my mind - even if I haven't been laid off yet. What happens to 401K after layoff for people who have been with SAP for less than three years? Do they get the money that has not vested yet or not? Any info on this would be... read more

The spirit is gone

I just want to unload a tiny bit here as I am noticing multiple changes in culture, worker engagement and the overall approach towards the work and SAP. The latest round of cuts, the way how cuts got conducted, the selection criteria, etc. crushed... read more

This will not work

I wonder when will SAP leadership realize that laying people off in droves is not a good business strategy? That it is something that provides a short-term bump in profits but ends up destroying the company in the end, which results in no profit at... read more

How long before being able to start a new job?

I'm not sure how new employment works in regards to severance - is there a time frame that has to pass before a person who has been laid off can start working at another company? I mean, without risking their severance package? Is there any... read more

Stealth layoffs will always exist at SAP

When the management teams noticed that the numbers are not meeting their expectations, they will consult with the incompetent and unethical HR teams to come up with a "right sizing" strategy. They will cut the long term, fully competent employees... read more

Layoffs are flagged in the system

Sure anyone can apply for anything but you won’t get hired....unless you are well connected. SAP has imposed a 2 year wait for all impacted before then can be hired (even as a c-user). In 2015, it was a 1 year wait. If it truly was the roles/jobs... read more

Elliot Associates and the new SAP

Perhaps there is some pressure to show a clear path forward just before the SAP Q2 results. Some interesting articles popped up with ‘perfect’ timing! read more

Great news about HANA!

"SAP has realised that it needs to shift its strategy and their priorities," analyst Josh Greenbaum of Enterprise Applications Consulting told CMSWire, adding that HANA is no longer a differentiator in the enterprise marketplace. One part of the... read more

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