Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

Topics regarding layoffs at SAP

Christian Klein exit?

Is there anything in the rumor that CEO is to be removed/leaving, due to move to cloud issues, handling of the Russia situation..? Anybody any insights into this or the disruption that would ensue.

What's behind Luka

I am in the Finance Board area and have been here for quite a few years, but not as long as Luka. He has been here a long time and was here when Werner was CFO and so we have enjoyed some stability. But without a good reason for his departure (... —  read more 

Should I move on?

I've spent +10 years at SAP, I know, its not glamorous, but I can't understand why I can't seem to land a new gig. I've led marketing teams, major strategic initiatives, and even spent several years working in the leadership team of our new products... —  read more 

Dinobabies at IBM-

In recent years, former IBM employees have accused the company of age discrimination in a variety of legal filings and press accounts, arguing that IBM sought to replace thousands of older workers with younger ones to keep pace with corporate... —  read more 

Underpaid replacement

Right from the start I felt that I was underpaid, given the amount of work I do. However, I was quite surprised to find out how much more the person I replaced here was paid. I wish I hadn't found that out, maybe I would feel better. It's not fair... —  read more 

SAP Concur Q1 2022

How is SAP concur looking for the new year? Some colleagues are losing work to other teams (some of those teams in other states and countries). Are there any rumors of layoffs? We’ve certainly seen a lot of great technical people leave (ICs and... —  read more 

Goodbye to Analytics team

In my region, entire Analytics Specialist team is eliminated except for one foreigner, after the merge of the Analytics team with the DDM Database team. Then the only one foreigner resigned to join a partner. So we no longer have any Analytics... —  read more 

Layoffs in March?

There are more and more questions about possible layoffs in March. Are there any detailed insights to share? My resume is ready whether they happen or not, but still all this uncertainty bothers me more than ever. We experience continuous stress and... —  read more 

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