Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Topics regarding layoffs at SAS Institute

Why did the Gopher team leave?

It started with their manager, a long-time SAS exec with excellent technical skills, who retired suddenly. Why? Was he at odds with the Big German's successor BH? Did the rest of the team's exodus stem from the same reason, or because he left, or... —  read more 

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SAS Customer Counts

How many total customers did SAS have at the beginning of 2023 versus now? How many Viya customers did SAS have at the beginning of 2023 versus now? How many V9 customers did SAS have at the beginning of 2023 versus now? How many V9... —  read more 

Part time positions?

Does SAS still allow for part time work in technical roles like dev, test, tech support, etc? I used to know a few people who worked a few days a week but they are all gone now. I was thinking that as I get older this would be a nice transition to... —  read more 

The Fed and SAS Scroll down to: _Survey Data And Replicate Weight Files_ subheading Whose else thinks SAS is going to be around for a while?

SAS Championship

Is the SAS championship attempting to celebrate what the company once was? Has the annual event become little more than a photo-op and a waste of money without meaningful ROI?

Why don't you leave?

If you hate it at SAS so much, why do you stay? This is an honest question. There are plenty of available jobs. I'm sure many of you are capable enough to be able to land something at least as good as what you have now. So why stay somewhere you are... —  read more 

Revenue per employee

Revenue per employee is one of the key metrics that the market looks at when evaluating the relative efficiency of software companies. The numbers don't look too flash for SAS... Microsoft $958k VMWare $604k Adobe $600k Workday $497k ServiceNow... —  read more 

Beware the hatchet

Can confirm that October is the month of doom. Was told today I have 30 days to apply for open jobs here, if I do not get one, time for me to hit the road, my job has been eliminated. SAS has too many employees at higher levels of too many job roles... —  read more 

SAS needs more layoffs

So many people who haven't been performing at a reasonable for years/decades are dragging this company down. They haven't kept their skills fresh, and even when given the opportunity to train, turned it down. And everyone acts all surprised when we... —  read more 

Next up, tech support...?

As SAS takes the next steps toward its future, so will SAS Technical Support. Effective January 1, 2024, the Technical Support organization will adopt a global structure based on function, rather than geography, which reflects SAS’ move away from a... —  read more 

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