Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Happy Easter Sunday

This is a time to hide raw colored eggs (soon to be boiled) in the hot sand for an Easter Egg Hunt. Do not think about layoffs, as you can peel and eat the eggs on your trip out the company doors.

Is late to join now

There are tons of opportunities now on the Aramco website and some are for expats. I had an interview and might be expecting an offer. It’s sounds like it’s too late to join Aramco now and the best days are over. Do you guys think it’s worth it? —  read more 

which is worse???

Which is worse???? Reading comments from ingrate Saudi's who fire the people who built Aramco and continue to do the real work (and then come back to do the work as consultants and contractors) Working and living with fellow expats who are... —  read more 

Superbowl of Expat Layoffs

It’s coming. Another unrelenting round of 1st and 2nd quarter expat layoffs. Happy Valentines Day, but we don’t love you as much as you imagined. Expats are a group in the epitomizes the term “ legend in your own mind.” We don’t need or want you... —  read more 

Not much until June

I hope that the rumors that there will be big layoffs in June are not true, but I am definitely looking for a new job. Is there any more detail on how big these layoffs could be and who the target will be? Who is most at risk? There isn’t much time... —  read more 

It’s Happening Now

For expats, the major (steady) flow of expat layoffs are continuing with a vengeance. Very secretive, but quietly apparent. I just got it, but I’m not alone. I wish the survivors well. It was good while it lasted.

Gas Layoffs

Who all is affected. Company is firing expats again. They are trying to hide it by releasing fewer at a time. But my sources say more are planned and management doesn’t want a repeat of the fuss with the previous round.

From the Financial Times

These whistleblowers believe a company squeezed by an oil crash that has upended the entire industry — and under pressure to accelerate Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s plans for the “Saudisation” of the kingdom’s workforce — has taken to pushing... —  read more 

What's the pattern?

It is obvious that they want to hide the fact that slow layoffs are happening. I continuously hear that some people or some groups have been laid off. There doesn't seem to be much logic in targeting those who are no longer needed here. Or is... —  read more 

Early retirement

Early retirement sounds better and better every time I think about it. As I consider early retirement, I would like to know whether you think is a good idea or not and what I need to pay attention to in order to make a more informed decision. Does... —  read more 

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