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S.C. Johnson not so good any more.

After so many years of working there I can say that it is a decent company, but managers are not coaching staff very well. On the other hand they are pretty stable company.
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Severance Pay @ SC Johnson

I've joined SC Johnson three years ago and I will likely be let go soon due to lack of work (it's a complicated story) - anyhow, do you know what my severance might be like?
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And, no layoffs...

And, by the way, forgot to note - I am not aware of any layoffs here at SC Johnson, I know that one person was let go due to performance reason, but everyone hated her and she was doing nothing so I think the company made right move.
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Working Hours

Just curious if somebody can post your working hours - I've been with SC Johnson for about 8 months right now, as I was joining the company I was told that the hours may be flexible but lately I've been forced to work the exact schedule(eight to... read more
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