Topics regarding layoffs at Scholastic Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Scholastic Corp.

Glassdoor posts

I love how I think someone in HR keeps posting nice wonderful posts about family on glassdoor about scholastic. It is so fake and disgusting that they think we don't know how fake the posts are. I hate the treatment here. I hate the anger I live with... —  read more 

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Scholastic is a train wreck

I came into Acholastic thinking it was a great place to work and in the almost year I was there managing several projects, I saw many terminations of people who were doing their job and spoke up against the red tape and politics going on there. Great... —  read more 

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They keep cutting benefits, 7 years in the row Pay is not that great Small layoffs If you a dir or up you will be taken care of

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Bonus Check

I was just told by Maureen's Office that since we did so poorly this quarter. That we wont have a bonus check and we have cut 20% of the Jeff City Workforce.

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