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Annual Raises? Or is it?

Haven't heard any official communication yet about our annual raises, but rumors are circling that it is destined to drop on the 2nd pay cycle in May. Rumors are it will be very very anemic, as usual. The govt stats for the last 12 months of CPI... read more

More Layoffs?

I just heard today there were more layoffs yesterday - Shuffle people. Does anyone know anything?

Bally vs WMS hating/culture clashing.

Getting really tired of the us vs. them mentality here. Bally people thought they were a great company before SciGames/WMS purchased them. Well, WMS people felt the same way (was a great company before SG purchased them). But instead of joining in... read more


No word on reviews/raises yet and it is almost March which is not a good sign.

This month?

Something is definitely up. Management has been disappearing for hours on end, won't look anyone in the face, no smiles and friendliness anywhere. That is the harbinger of what's to come soon.

Non compete

Has anyone ever challenged the non compete? Hard to tell if it's anything more than just a scare tactic

Open enrollment coming.

Oh no. I just realized the annual insurance re-up is coming in November. Anyone who remembers the train wreck of last year ("You have no in-network doctors within 25 miles of the city? Well, stuff happens. Too bad. We have plenty of doctors here in... read more


Just have to wonder how many good people from the companies they meddled with and purchased are/have suffering from their greed. What they did was so unethical and something each and every person at the top should be held accountable for.

Layoff Day!

Here we go, as predicted when new CEO came in. Layoff Day! Won't know how big until end of the day, but hearing VPs to entry level being impacted.

The golden parachute parade / "efficiencies".

Another new CEO, to read us his bullet points about finding efficiencies and why we can't afford to replace your dying laptop. Somehow, SG always finds a few million between the sofa cushions to pay another in a long line of golden parachutes for yet... read more

New CEO, New Layoffs

New CEO posts video to YouTube saying company needs to look for "efficiencies". Next day he implements a hiring freeze. Everyone knows that means layoffs coming NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's $19 a month.

Scientific Games has decided it's in the employees best interest to add a $19/month fee to everyone's 401k. Gotta pay that 8 billion down somehow. The company obviously needs more VPs. 60 isn't cutting it.

Who was let go this week?

Supposedly there was a big layoffs round at Scientific Games this week (looks like yesterday was the worst day, but I've heard it all started on Monday), but I am failing to get any real info on who exactly and how many people were laid off? Is there... read more

Chicago building being sold

Town hall next week. Bally has finally won. They never could handle the fact that we had a nice building. Now it's for sale and we're all done. At least we don't have to wonder anymore.

Attrition will remove the need for layoffs

They probably won't need to do any more layoffs in the Chicago office anymore -- at least not after today's "Annual Enrollment Benefits" presentation. Attrition will probably take care of any head-count reductions they need... They are changing the... read more

Sinking ship

Give it up guys, go find another job this place is going in the sh--ter

Next Round Coming?

It looks like about a month until the next quarter's earnings are announced. Plans are likely formulating for the next round of layoffs. Anyone heard anything?

Cutting the water, really?

In the scope of things, how much does that water cost the freaking company? Maybe they shouldn't have bought DEQ! I bet the power hungry mongers at the top of the food chain are still getting their bonuses! I hope those greedy people get theirs now... read more

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