Topics regarding layoffs at Scientific Games Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Scientific Games Corp.


I understand the company has some new executives and they'll be making changes to all the Departments. I think it's a good idea they can revamp the project management, engineering development manufacturing and so on. It's time for some changes in... —  read more 


With the coronavirus surging in Nevada is there going to be a gaming show this year? I can't see people coming in from all over the world just to get sick.

‘Aristocrat’ Games

Might as well call it ‘Aristocrat’ Games at this point. Matt once said it looks like we are hiring a lot of Aristocrat expats and opportunities for growth for current capable employees would be coming soon. It’s not that it looks like it, it is very... —  read more 

Pressure to quit

Lately my manager has resorted to micromanaging the c-ap out of me but will not provide any form of support or guidance when needed. I feel as if he is goading me to quit and is making snide little remarks pertaining to it. I’ve been here for many... —  read more 

Salary Cuts

My salary was cut in March, and remains cut. I heard all the VPs had their orginal salary returned. Has anyone not in upper management had Their original salary reinstated?

C-sino Shutdown

I was just at stations and notice the people within the c-sino do not have their masks worn properly and they really do not temperature check you. I know a shutdown is bad for the industry but it's coming and when that occurs the manufacturers are... —  read more 

Sacrificial Lamb Problem

I've been here around 8 years now and have noticed a rise in recent years of keeping around poor-performing employees to serve as "sacrificial lambs" for company-wide layoffs instead of properly downsizing departments or getting rid of dead weight in... —  read more 

Hold onto your chips

First SG furloughed/laid off employees with the hope of weathering the economic crisis that Covid 19 has caused and now rumors of more layoffs (if true) are on the rise. These "cost effective" methods are just a short term reprieve to the real issue... —  read more 


Any news on the reorganization? I know they got rid of a lot of long timers but they didn't get rid of all of them it seems some people are pets.

More today?

What's happening with layoffs? Will there be more today? Also, what else was hit yesterday other than Las Vegas? Several people said their locations were hit as well but didn't specify what those locations are. I'm just trying to figure out how... —  read more 

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