Topics regarding layoffs at Scientific Games Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Scientific Games Corp.

LnW to be renamed Studio X

Viewed LnW G2E product demo video. Sounds like Nathan really has a ha---n for Studio X. Yeah we know you and studio head are both from Aristocrat. Seems like more silos are being created than removed with Aristocrat Silo-bhan at the helm. Cut the... —  read more 

Move on

If you parted ways with WMS/Bally/Shufffle/SG/L&W for various reaons good luck to you. Hopefully you are fulfilling your career plans in your new role. Leave all that baggage, stress, comments and criticism behind as you embark on your nect career... —  read more 

Modern corporate philosophy

Just wondering. Do employees understand what “shareholder value” really means? It means big options and bonuses for execs off the back of employees,,, that actually do the work that drives revenue for the company. This is not just an SG/LNW... —  read more 

It's a balancing act

Not all who were let go were underperformers: For every older employee let go for legit reasons there is a younger employee let go to balance-out the age to protect against age-discrimination lawsuits, similarly if there were too many young... —  read more 

New name, new changes

With the new name Why doesn't the company make some drastic changes, I think you need to reorganize, get rid of some of the old Bally people, Merge product management and project management together, is project management does absolutely nothing and... —  read more 


I don’t know about you, but I don’t really notice the recovery. However, we will know more when the business strategy update and Q4 financial results are provided. That will be in a few days. Do you think there is any room for optimism? —  read more 

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Company Rebrand, again!

This company is turning into a f*cking joke... Rebranding every few years. What abomination of a name will they come up with this time? How much money will this corporate rebrand cost? What a waste of time and money! Barry Cottle and the... —  read more 


I did not get it. Please do it cost of living. So I resigned I was able to find a job with another company that is paying me more than what I was getting after 10 years with Scientific Games.


I understand the company has some new executives and they'll be making changes to all the Departments. I think it's a good idea they can revamp the project management, engineering development manufacturing and so on. It's time for some changes in... —  read more 


With the coronavirus surging in Nevada is there going to be a gaming show this year? I can't see people coming in from all over the world just to get sick.

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This doesn't spell good news

Too many changes for my taste here lately. Executives are leaving, the company is shrinking by "focusing" on specific areas while everybody else is expanding... This can't spell good things for our future here. I think it's time to start looking for... —  read more 

‘Aristocrat’ Games

Might as well call it ‘Aristocrat’ Games at this point. Matt once said it looks like we are hiring a lot of Aristocrat expats and opportunities for growth for current capable employees would be coming soon. It’s not that it looks like it, it is very... —  read more 

Pressure to quit

Lately my manager has resorted to micromanaging the c-ap out of me but will not provide any form of support or guidance when needed. I feel as if he is goading me to quit and is making snide little remarks pertaining to it. I’ve been here for many... —  read more 

Salary Cuts

My salary was cut in March, and remains cut. I heard all the VPs had their orginal salary returned. Has anyone not in upper management had Their original salary reinstated?

C-sino Shutdown

I was just at stations and notice the people within the c-sino do not have their masks worn properly and they really do not temperature check you. I know a shutdown is bad for the industry but it's coming and when that occurs the manufacturers are... —  read more 

Sacrificial Lamb Problem

I've been here around 8 years now and have noticed a rise in recent years of keeping around poor-performing employees to serve as "sacrificial lambs" for company-wide layoffs instead of properly downsizing departments or getting rid of dead weight in... —  read more 

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