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Second Wave of Layoffs

I hear they will be laying off more people. Those who are still furloughed will be let go. Has anyone else heard this?

Does anyone think it’s over?

Still a lot out on furloughs, does anyone think or know that more layoffs are coming? Starting to seem that no one feels safe, the way this has been handled is going to change company culture for a long time.

The Draft!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2020 Scientific Games Covid-19 Coronavirus Unemployment Draft. and with the First Pick team Finance selects....

Coming back

Now that some c-sinos are planing to reopen..but dont be expecting to have the service team there. Vegas is making a list of who to bring back and when....we should be focused on doing this right for the customer rather than letting them down only to... —  read more 

Not many new glassdoor reviews yet...

With all the pain and angst being felt right now, I'm a little surprised there isn't an avalanche of negative reviews of SG being added to glassdoor right now. If not, then all those fake-sounding 5-star reviews of "all good", "no cons" will reign... —  read more 

It’s a good thing!

This has given a dose of reality and a slice of humble pie to some of those who were placed in a position that they did not deserve. Uninspiring fake leaders who are skilled in playing that corporate bs game. When things go wrong they are quick to... —  read more 

Layoffs to continue

Do the math. CEO and company publicly states that they are looking for 75 million dollar savings; and 20 million dollars will be spent on this "purge". So far, we've heard of some 70-80 people in Alpharetta, some 15-20 in San Diego, and maybe a 100... —  read more 

Yesterday was bad

So many people have lost their jobs and their only source of income. I know it was expected, but that doesn't make it any easier on any of us. I'm not even sure we'll all be able to return once things go back to normal. Really hard times are ahead... —  read more 

Layoffs coming fast

Email sent out today from the Chief Exec of lottery stating “tough decisions need to be made”. But don’t worry, Also stated the company will come out the other side strong. At least they fired a warning shot I suppose.


Nobody wants to go to a c-sino when there's a virus outbreak. Without cashflow coming in from gaming ops, they're going to need to find a way to somehow make the interest payments on the massive debt load! Layoffs coming soon?

2020 Benefits still a nightmare

Wonder how many s—ers get a job here for maybe a 10% salary bump only to find out they make less now due to the expensive "benefits".

QA in Reno

QA in Reno is going down. I heard 3 people already left in the past 3 months & more wants to quit because of unethical & rude behavior of the new Lead. There are rumors that SG is trying to shutdown QA department in Reno area. Looks like they are... —  read more 

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Positive Vibes

No big layoffs in the last part of the year. Things looking up at SG?

Another set of glowing 5 star ratings

Seems like the same person is pushing those 5-star ratings with the same sort of language. "Nothing to report at this time", "Nothing I could see in this month as a con"

For years

They getting rid of the people that knew the products and the clients. Not in a query that can go to anyone in the united state. The thing is the clients don't get good customer service they deserve and most of the CS are not the expert of games... —  read more 

We need improvements

Scientific Games is a great technology-related company; the mid-leadership level does good jobs as an individual and as a team for itself!! The Down part, one of several, was the mid-level leader is not integrated from the strategically planning nor... —  read more 


What a disaster of an Earnings Call yesterday. What "great" leadership where the one studders a lot and the other mispronounces game names. Really makes you realize how our of touch they are with their own products.

More Layoffs?

I just heard today there were more layoffs yesterday - Shuffle people. Does anyone know anything?

Annual Raises? Or is it?

Haven't heard any official communication yet about our annual raises, but rumors are circling that it is destined to drop on the 2nd pay cycle in May. Rumors are it will be very very anemic, as usual. The govt stats for the last 12 months of CPI... —  read more 

Bally vs WMS hating/culture clashing.

Getting really tired of the us vs. them mentality here. Bally people thought they were a great company before SciGames/WMS purchased them. Well, WMS people felt the same way (was a great company before SG purchased them). But instead of joining in... —  read more 

This month?

Something is definitely up. Management has been disappearing for hours on end, won't look anyone in the face, no smiles and friendliness anywhere. That is the harbinger of what's to come soon.

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No word on reviews/raises yet and it is almost March which is not a good sign.

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Cobra Insurance forms

Why did all SG employees receive Cobra insurance information in the mail this week ?

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Open enrollment coming.

Oh no. I just realized the annual insurance re-up is coming in November. Anyone who remembers the train wreck of last year ("You have no in-network doctors within 25 miles of the city? Well, stuff happens. Too bad. We have plenty of doctors here in... —  read more 

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Non compete

Has anyone ever challenged the non compete? Hard to tell if it's anything more than just a scare tactic

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The dead weight scientifically lingers at the bottom

People always target their sarcastic remarks towards upper level management unfairly. In most cases, not all those people are go getters. The people that make these companies great. They aren’t the ones sitting in the same job for 20 sum years... —  read more 

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Just have to wonder how many good people from the companies they meddled with and purchased are/have suffering from their greed. What they did was so unethical and something each and every person at the top should be held accountable for.

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