Topics regarding layoffs at SeaChange International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at SeaChange International Inc.

Vacation joke

What a stupid idea , what stupid people agree with this . Vacation plans are considered with wife/ husband's vacation and extended family , don't fill out the forms choose the days you need when so . Ridiculous idea by a bunch of id–ts that have... —  read more 

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More layoffs at SeaChange

With results as bad as they are, I don't think anybody is surprised at the announced layoffs. I just really wish we were given more details. We have no idea who or how many or exactly when just yet. I can tell you that the following days/weeks/who... —  read more 

Milpitas Office Gone

On May 12, 2016 all (except perhaps half a dozen extended a few weeks) Milpitas CA workers were sent home. Off-shored to Poland despite customers' dismay. Customers have promised to bail. CEO lied to board of directors and press to ram this through... —  read more 

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