SeaChange International Inc. Layoffs

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More layoffs at SeaChange

With results as bad as they are, I don't think anybody is surprised at the announced layoffs. I just really wish we were given more details. We have no idea who or how many or exactly when just yet. I can tell you that the following days/weeks/who... read more

SeaChange Eindhoven to be closed down

More and more rumours are developing about the Eindhoven branch. It is expected to be closed down by the end of the current year and its operations will be transferred to the branch in Poland.
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Milpitas Office Gone

On May 12, 2016 all (except perhaps half a dozen extended a few weeks) Milpitas CA workers were sent home. Off-shored to Poland despite customers' dismay. Customers have promised to bail. CEO lied to board of directors and press to ram this through... read more

SeaChange is good place to work

No layoffs at SeaChange - I am not sure about posters below but I think this is a great company to work for with some amazing mentors.
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