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WD beating STX

Former seagater here. Is stx product roadmap competitive with WD? Just read about WD ePMR and it seems like a good transition to mamr and later HAMR compared to stx going right to HAMR? What's the truth on products between the 2 companies?

Shakopee Closure

When will the next round happen? No commercial programs, HAMR's dead, SSD's dead, the test equipment is being surplused and the building is being sold. Seems like everyone at SHK, except for a few code nerds, could disappear tomorrow and no one... —  read more 


Does anyone know what criteria will be used to select who gets laid off? For example, is it based on tenure, performance, location, skills, productivity, amount of work, salary, if you are a whiner, pain to manage, etc?

Seagate is a good company

Stx is a good place to work. However, working for STX is only a matter of when will you be laid off, not if. Market for its business does not grow. Products pricing pressure increases daily. Thus stx will need to adjust cost accordingly. The only... —  read more 

Any more layoffs today?

What's going on? Should I take no news to mean good news or that everybody is too busy with layoffs to say anything?

Who is the CEO ?

My manager told me of the leadership all hands meeting today by Nygaard. It seems he is getting ready to take on the CEO job.


No layoffs in IT. Looks like IT got a pass and has reached steady state...finally.

Lay offs to continue until September

That’s what my VP said, because people working remotely full list is not ready yet. My VP said last week our group will not impacted, but today many people left. More lay-off expected in September.

List of Orgs hit today

HDD SSD Operations Firmware Please add others to the list. What about HR? Finance? IT? Sales? Marketing ? Any news about these...

Huge lay-off in September

Today’s is small, several eng were not included. Dothill is excluded this time, but will be included in September lay offs for sure.

Recession, lay-offs only option going forward

Many tech companies Very slowly realizing now that we are heading to full blown recession and it is not going to be V shaped recovery, it takes many years economy to come back. This quarter many tech cos refused to give guidelines, expect 50-60%... —  read more 

How deep lay off going to be?

There is no doubt lay offs will be around the corner, wondering how deep it is going to be. What about LCO? What about Dothill? Only managers please.

When lay offs will happen?

I know at some point huge lay offs will happen, but I believe it is not imminent until September. I am in dothill, we may lose 50% of our colleagues.

Is CIO really clueless?

Read the article in CIO mag. Attended the all hands mtg. Know what is actually in production and what is not. Does the CIO really now what's happening? Or is his staff just YES men? Or is his plan just keep changing environments? On prem to... —  read more 


What's everybody's take on the current communication on bonus.... Anybody else feel that they should dumb it down a bit and cut the bulls**t, in the current climate, an additional thank you payment should be made for the fact manufacturing levels... —  read more 

Seagates inaction to the Coronavirus.

How is your plants management handling the issue of the coronavirus? Is it like Seagate Londonderry? Management putting some employees lives at risk.Product more important than the health and safety of some employees and their families.People who... —  read more 

Layoff delay

I think it's not really a secret that Seagate had a layoff schedule in the works, and I think it's also fair to say that it was scheduled for sometime in the past. My question is, what benefit does a corporation have to delay? Does Seagate expect... —  read more 


When will STX implement the policy? It’s business as unusual!!

Entire SSG \ Cloud System purged.

Entire SSG division is purged. All sites are affected. Horrible heartless management did not think twice before laying off hundreds of engineers just to prop up stock price. Management had no vision, had arrogance , had no technical depth to create a... —  read more 

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