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Old Sears

Just curious to what assets do old sears still currently have.
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Adversary proceedings docket 3728

Adversary Proceedings Sears Holdings has just started adversary proceedings against Lampert, ESL, Berkowitz, Fairholme, Seritage Growth Properties (SRG) and others (docket 3728). Sears claims: Had Defendants not taken these improper and illegal... read more

Hawaii Sears closing

This is a really accelerated liquidation schedule for a stealth closure, isn't it?: Employees informed this Saturday, liquidation sales began Monday... read more

Eddie’s plan for transform

Since everyone keeps asking for it I looked it up. It is after the typed portion of this bankruptcy document. I believe there is motion to have this sealed.

TAx day Monday 12% off

Whoppie do da!! How many people will think this is a big deal? Overpriced depressing looking clothes that are way overpriced to begin with Probably at a time when the sales are at 30% off instead of the 40 or 50% off depending what week if the month... read more

Janitorial and Housekeeping duties.

How many other stores are being told that since the cleaning company didn't renew their contract after Sears bankruptcy that the employees have to do the janitor and housekeeping duties in their store?


Hey is Pus still the district manager for SW Florida? How about his little toad One? You were both A-holes! Much love from 6335!

Ain't nobody gonna get paid..

Sears Holdings ( Old Sears ) is administrative insolvent and about to run out of money. Brought to you by the same people Eddie hired/brought over to run Transform Holdco ( New Sears)

What happens with the extra space?

Are the extra spaces, due to store shrinking going to be up fore sale or will they try to lease the extra space?
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Offer Letter and Arbitration Agreement

Did anyone receive an actual offer letter with pay, benefits, etc? Or just a checkbox for arbitration agreement? Feeling like this is setting us up to be taken advantage of, any insights?

Best Store I’ve seen.

I went to visit the Wayne, NJ store and it’s probably the best sears store I’ve seen. The store was actually clean and stocked and the employees didn’t look miserable. It was shrunken down from its original size and now it shares space with a Dave... read more

What’s Eddie’s next move?

After the “brilliant” idea of introducing smaller stores as the new company concept, I was just wondering what the next step will be? Any opinions regarding that matter or does everybody think that there will be no changes implemented in the near... read more

Plenty of applications still coming in

I have to admit, the fact that we are still receiving applications for jobs on nearly daily bases is pretty astounding to me. I thought this was a time of great economy with plenty of available jobs. If that's the case, why is anybody wanting to join... read more

Toxic Store manager

Has just s---ed all the fun out of working at our sears. He is new to our store since his closed last year and every since he came it’s been so depressing just to be in the store period I thought store managers were supose to keep his team upbeat and... read more

Hate Bad News

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but remember the first week of May Is the IBO. WHAT POSITIONS WILL BE CUT?????? This is a lay-off board and I’m sure all associates of “Transform Holdco” are eager to know what to expect... what’s the intel our... read more

SHLDQ stock

Normally when companies go bankrupt, the "Q" version of the stock eventually hits zero. But Sears is hanging in there. In fact it has some pretty good swings to trade on. Any chance it will be of some real value some day ?

New slogans~and new uniforms for workers

Sears and Kmart are re-branding to try to breathe life into their struggling stores and win back shoppers. Sears' new tagline will be "making moments matter," while Kmart will promote "love where you live," the two chains said Thursday. The push... read more

Town hall today

Only two hours to the town hall, post any questions here I’ll try to ask them!

Here is the Transform plan

Saw this posted on seekingalpha from a bankruptcy docket on old Sears. Lot of stuff in there but looks like I was right about credit card signups, if I read this right... read more


Really Sears accepting bitcoin. Oh mylanta

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