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California Stores Opened Today 6/5

Hey California stores that opened up today, were you busy, were customers lined up to get in? Do tell! 🤣🤣🤣

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Guam - Kmart's one-hit wonder !

Like led zeppelins stairway to heaven, or pink floyds another brick in the wall, the Guam Kmart store stands out like a hit in a sea of b-sides. Why doesn't Transformco use this store as an example of what can be done right, to fix the other stores ?... —  read more 

Too few stores remaining for economies of scale

How can Transformco leverage itself to once again be in a profitable position ? How can sustainable economies of scale be obtained in purchasing product, when such a meager store count is required to be fulfilled ? Especially considering the vast... —  read more 

Sears Stores Re-Opening June 5, 2020

Sears Stores Re-Opening June 5, 2020: Burbank, California Clovis, California Downey, California Long Beach, California Los Angeles (Boyle Heights), California Orange, California Palmdale, California Pasadena... —  read more 

Anyone Left at Corporate?

Is there anyone left at corporate? Trying to contact ANYONE about unpaid invoices (from before we terminated supplying them due to non-payment), an every email and call to anyone at corporate goes unanswered. It's been like that for 5 weeks. Are they... —  read more 

Pension admin.

I am changing banks and I need to know who actually distributes the whopping kmart pension of 165 bucks a month,1099 comes from State Street Services.But I thought the Pension Guaranty Corp was the ones sending it.Anyone know?Just need to know for... —  read more 

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I personally use this site as a window into the future as an employee. In order to make a decision as how to provide for my family. The site in the past has provided insight on the current status of Sears. I could care less about the delusions of... —  read more 

List of at most 81 non-closing Sears stores

This is a list of all the Sears stores that were known to be open and non-liquidating in mid-March 2020 (before Covid-19 closed all of them), AND which have NOT subsequently been listed on as closing. These do not include Sears... —  read more 



Closing sears/kmart list

According to the following stores were posted within the last 48hrs with positionsfor store closing. SEARS WASILLA, AK Laredo, TX North Olmsted, OH Kennesaw, GA Fort Worth, TX KMART Minot, ND West Lebanon, NH

External link to NH closing

So I posted this in my master command list thread, but since threads have a way of disappearing in here, I thought I'd post it here too. So I contacted various media outlets in Minot and Lebanon, and shared with them, the closing link. I did this... —  read more 

Now 41 Kmarts

They're starting to fall like Dominos. With Minot ND closing, there are now 41, non-closing Kmarts, of which 30 are in the US. And no, I do not and will not, include Brooklyn NY, because it's a Sears not a Kmart. If y'all have any verifiable... —  read more 


So many techs calling out sick every other day, or taking LOA suddenly for extended times. But hey, lets keep booking service calls and then disappointing our few remaining "members" by constantly rescheduling them. No backup plan. Only... —  read more 

Sears and Kmart need to be split up

They are two completely separate brands. In 15 years of being merged, no real effort has been made to merge the best of both brands. Let them go their separate ways. Trying to turn around 2 failed retailers at once is an impossible task. Someone... —  read more 

Something needs to be done!!!

I see reports of further Kmart closings? What?! This shouldn't be happening at this stage in the transformation! Kmart stores were essential stores during this pandemic and now is a time for these stores to be growing and opening more locations. ... —  read more 

Kmart closing in West Lebanon, NH

There are three STORE CLOSING jobs listed for this location at . When this closes, it will leave Hyannis, MA as the last Kmart in New England. The post I saw earlier today... —  read more 

A&E factory services techs and families infected

It’s been confirmed that more & more techs are infected with Covid-19 and passing it along to their family members. Another tech has it and his wife is in intensive care. It’s becoming more and more prevalent Management doesn’t gives a rat a–... —  read more 

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SMT laid off

the accounts are just outsourced to a Clarabridge help desk that gives out canned responses to the non-stop complaining members who get horrible service for lack of product, service, and personnel to fool the world into thinking that Sears still has... —  read more 

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No Hazard Pay

We’ve been open in California through this whole pandemic, but do you think they would give us hazard pay? Hell no! Oh keep working with no associates and provide your own mask and gloves! Why don’t they just close us already. We aren’t getting... —  read more 

More closing stores confirmed on jobs site

Grand Opening. Grand Closing. It's not even begun, these are just the districts that have reopened. Others have not been listed, they're just slowly liquidating without inventory coming in with most remaining on furlough.

Fools pretending to be high brow

This site is full of misinformation and lies about Transformco and it's holdings. This site has a few posts slamming the company. Then anytime that someone posts something positive the posters get uppity and pretend that they're having a serious... —  read more 

Nobody cares about Sears

I don't know what's more tragic, the cheerleader or the people on here who think Sears is better than Kmart? It's hilarious to watch them post about Sears as if anyone still thinks it's higher end than Kmart. A lot of deluded people who have... —  read more 

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