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With the Fairlane Michigan store closing I was wondering

Is there enough openings at 12 Oaks, Livonia Mall, Westland SHopping Center and Lincoln Park to absorb those employees? I know there is limited positions in management but all stores could sure use more employees They should not have to reapply for a... read more
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What our mall Sears use to carry

Sears is the place America shops! Good Life. Great Price. Sears offers offers a large variety in apparel and home furnishings. Products: action figures, anniversary, appliances, arrow, arts and crafts, athletics, automotive, baby, bath, batteries... read more
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KMART growing again?

Sears Holdings is a big chain with hundreds of locations across America. A brand new Kmart just opened inside a Sears store in Brooklyn. Do people understand the significance of this? Kmart and Sears could grow again once profitable. Together as one... read more

Pension Lump Sum

It’s it a good idea to take the lump sum even though it means you can not work for the employer? Is the pension guaranteed by the PBGC no matter what?

Interesting article This is a clearly written, thoughtful piece with analyst and customer interviews in addition to some of the history since Lampert... read more

Retain your severance letter

For those of you who will lose you job, (aside from the fact that there are PLENTY of IT jobs out there, even if your doing antiquated technology) Make sure you retain your severance letter. The razor sharp HR team at SHC persistently "forget" to... read more
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Bare minimum

What's the bare minimum of employees and hours an average-sized Sears store would need to still be able to (somewhat) function? Judging by my store, it's obvious that Eddie is trying to figure out that very same thing. I'm just wondering what you... read more

Zebra technologies sell the printers and batteries

The batteries cost a mere $42.12 not sure about the printers! Any retailer should be able to afford that CUST as a cost of doing business or should not be in business! I’m going to ask today if they will buy one or two see what answer I get

There’s really a DM over tools?

Tool DM wanting to know why our sales are down 40% Drive around the corner and Lowes has a nice selection.. Don’t do a complete reset in tools that’s ongoing for 2 months!! Was nothing wrong with the way it was and everyone knew where stuff was... read more

Bless all who gave their all to this company

I truly feel for all of you, who are currently going through these challenging times. From a former employee of this company, I just want to offer some encouragement to all of you and to say to keep your head high and keep moving forward, being the... read more

Not many Kmart closures now

What were there on the last round, 12? Out of 72? Sears Holdings said there were 100 stores unprofitable out of about 800 and and that 72 we're closing and only 12? We're Kmart! That means Kmart is strong!! 350 strong discounters is possible. Why do... read more

KMART is a true discounter

Sick of the trolls that don't understand what a discounter is and that deny Kmart has lower prices than Walmart and Target. Kmart has better deals and pricing and they know it! It may not be the fanciest store, but it is the most inexpensive by a... read more

who is ready to hear SCU CHECK

LOL Should be an interesting day when Regis comes across the stuff without a tag Is it still the 88888 999 used for items without a ticket

This is useful

For those wanting to know how many and which Sears stores have been announced for closing or have already been closed, this search tool will come in handy... read more

Is there Training hours or not?

My store manager said “yes” there are still those 3 hours for doing computer training but yet my direct boss doesn’t know a thing about it. Who is correct?
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Mad rush to finish tool reset

After the entire department has been torn up, deadlines not met, bows there is mad rush to finish and Father’s Day shoppers are not impressed This reset should have been started back in February or March What a disaster

Just for info

Just to prove that leaving Sears Holdings was not the savior some expected it to be at Sears Hometown. The store in Moline is closing sometime next month., and this is only one of many... read more

June layoffs at Sears corporate

I have heard from 2 reliable sources that up to 250 corporate folks to be let go in June. Should be happening soon. In I.T. I heard that each director has to choose 3 people for release and present to HR. I know, drain the swamp. Look, there should... read more

Closings and layoffs only a temporary fix

Is anybody shocked that closings and layoffs are only a temporary fix that solves exactly nothing in the long run for Sears? Just looking at quarterly results would make that perfectly clear to anybody with half a brain. And yet that seems to be the... read more

Search Google for Leena Munjal and patents

Eye opening. Usually employees have to sign something agreeing that anything they create on the job is company property and that it stays the property of the company after the employee leaves the company. Not Leena though. She holds the patents!!!

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