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Has anyone had the pleasure of working for Joe McCreepy?
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Soooo. . .

How is HE reacting to our great leadership losing $950 million in 13 weeks?

SHIP Dead In The Water

The plan to seek higher bids for SHIP got sunk.

Bonuses Approved!

Sign of SYWR shutting down

Bought a couple of Xmas gifts at Kmart. The clerk did not ask me if I was a member or if I wanted to sign up. Also there was no mile long receipt with all of the great offers to come back again. As I drove to panda express for lunch, I realized that... read more

Link to the 10-Q

The thing is massive now that we're in Chapter 11... Gotta love the salaries of the three-headed CEO monster...


Does anyone know anything about individual branches closing down from the Home Improvement side of Sears Holding?

Actual quote....

"I don't have time to work I'm too busy delegating." I don't want to upset anyone so I'll let you guess who said it. You get 1,171 guesses.

Sears Victor, N.Y.

Any one know who bought the Sears building, in Victor N.Y.? Lots of activity, in the building, since the store closed a couple weeks ago.

KMart in Hyannis Lease Expires 2024

HYANNIS, MA - On December 11th, the Chief Procurement Officer for the Town of Barnstable, on behalf of the RFP Evaluation Committee, submitted the recommendation for the award for the commercial property Cape Town Plaza (aka Kmart Plaza) under the... read more


It's coming sooner than you think. Freight coming in the back door like there is no tomorrow. Sure looks like Armageddon.

Eddie's Bid

Anyone know if anyone has outbid ESL/Eddie for the 505 stores as of yet? Also, I assume the deadline is 15th correct?

I don't see it

Is there any scenario in which Sears would continue to function past next year with even a fraction of stores still up and running? I can't see it. And with our reputation as bad as it is now, for the life of me I can't figure out why anybody would... read more


New article from motley fool , tells where the money is...real estate ! Eddie will liquidate company !

Sears Driving School

There's a Sears Driving School near me. It's in a stand-alone building. I sometimes see their cars driving around. Does anyone have any idea if Sears Driving School is going to be closed or sold?

Customers really need to be careful now

This is Sears Canada, but there are so, so many ways I can see something similar to this playing out here if people are not careful right now. Sears is dying. Both employees and customers need to be aware of that... read more

Why people stay, I will never know

I was a softlines zone supervisor until April of this year when I've finally had enough of the BS, the stress and the worry. Moved on to something much better but out of morbid curiosity, I not only read these boards, I check the job postings of my... read more

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