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Coronavirus Lawsuit in process

Well I found out today while working my Saturday route that a customer I called didn't want me to come out for the repair to be completed, due to them filing a lawsuit against A&E Factory service spreading coronavirus to the customers elderly and... —  read more 

STAC-Round Rock

Looks like some stac techs lost their jobs. I heard 10 people and 2 supervisors were let go Wednesday. It looks like a ghost town on that side of the building now. It was bad enough when they spread everyone out because of the Corona Virus, but... —  read more 

Is April 7th THE date ?

I am getting conflicting reports from multiple sources and require elucidation. As a bona fide champion of retail's upper crust, my time is extremely constrained, so keep responses contrite yet accurate, while backing up with references.

So I am confused

So are the Store Closing for good on April 7th or is it just certain parts of the store until the virus is contained?

Wait a moment...

So both Sears and Kmarts getting shut down at April 7th, is this true?

Lots of staff were just put on leave

Tools and appliances are "essential," which means everyone else is non-essential. Non-essential employees were just put on leav at Sears. Don't care if you believe it, but lots of good people are on leave because of the coronovirus.


So after carefully reading a few post are all Sears & Kmart Store closing permanently on April 7th or just the ones that were schedule to close in April 2020 and does this affect the NY Stores Penn Station and Lake Grove? Or is just a temporary... —  read more 


Working at Kmart during coronavirus. No employees working except managers and what full timers we have. Shoplifter heaven in our store right now. Cost more to have the lights on then we are making in sales. Would be better off closing the store for... —  read more 

We are temporarily closing?

Printed signs today and one said: "Your health and safety are important to us. Your Sears store is temporarily closed. We are ready to continue serving you online at or the Sears App." No dates were given.

Next round

Will the next round be coming in April? With the last round pretty much wrapping up soon, liquidators should be available. Maybe Ed will use this downturn as cover to close some more? He has a built in excuse now, maybe he can knock off another... —  read more 

Sears Liquidations Delayed in NY-NJ?

Will the liquidation Sales of Following Sears & Kmart Stores in; Woodbridge, New Brunswick, West Long Branch, Penn Station, Poughkeepsie and Lake Grove be delayed due to COVID-19? Or are they closing as planned

Essential Workers

We are being told at Kmart we are “essential” workers, because we have Pantry and HBA departments. Yet, they are not replenishing the stores with the “essentials”. They are giving conference calls about getting sales, not asking if we are taking ... —  read more 

NY State A&E Techs

Are we considered essential employees going into people's homes and repairing their appliances? The order was put out that 100% workforce to stay at home. I've tried getting in touch with any and all management with no answers back. As far as I'm... —  read more 

Bailout likelihood??

As we all know Steve mnuchin and Eddie are best friends. Our SGM told us today (at the safety talk while passing out the hand sanitizer bottles) that the government will be bailing out Sears to the tune of several Billion dollars in one of the bills... —  read more 

In Times of Uncertainty

This is when company's show their true colors almost all retailers are either closed or have adjusted their hours in response to the pandemic. NOT SEARS in California! We haven't done one thing different in the store, no supplies for associates... —  read more 

I miss my kmart + shop your way

It was so cool to get those long receipts with small freebies like a box of tissues or a package of cotton balls. Sometimes other offers could be combined with coupons to get stuff for free or almost free. Of course the best offers were the straight... —  read more 

Sears and Kmart response to Covid-19?

When I look at the websites for Macy's, JCPenney, Kohl's, Nordstrom, Target, and Walmart, I see statements about these chains' responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. I don't see any statement on the Sears or Kmart website. What effect is the... —  read more 

How is your store's April Liquidation going?

In the store I'm at it doesn't appear to be going well. With only about 30 more days to go the store is jammed packed with winter clothes. Softlines is still more full now than we were at Christmas. Even if everything was dropped to $1.97 now I think... —  read more 

Current status at HE A&E

HE is even more emptier than it was just last week due to the corona virus. The few people left were told to work from home. To do what, I have absolutely NO idea. ALL hourly employees at the A&E routing center at HE were given old iPhones and old... —  read more 


Sears needs to be closed, like other retailers are doing during this flu crisis There is absolutely no reason for them to be open right now. Sears is completely irrelevant today

Perfect Time To Shut The Doors

Ok exec's, now's the perfect time to shut the doors. Say your doing it 'cause of the Coronavirus and then never reopen. Waaaalaaaa! Sell the c-ap you have left to jobbers. No need to pay liquidator, no need to pay associates. Do it NOW!

They don’t care...

Work in the call centers and they are making us come into work... half of the employees have been spreading this to one another. It ain’t going to stop! Please why hold the employees accountable when if we don’t come in we won’t get paid anyways, you... —  read more 

Safety measures

Did anyone receive sanitizer or disinfectant? They’re just having us wipe down with windex! What is that supposed to do? Just shut us down already before people get sick!

Garden City Kmart Destroyed

43 Kmarts left, 32 in the U.S..

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, the Minneapolis City Council approved this finally. Here is the link, which I would always provide, when announcing an official... —  read more 

Another Sears Hometown Store Closes

"Sears Hometown closes in Astoria amid national pullback | Local News |"

In home technicians

Get ready for it cause it's coming. If your an in home tech with a&e factory service you'll soon be without routes. That's right my friend in HE told me there's talk of temporary suspensions of operations of the in home appliance repair due to... —  read more 

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