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A&E is offering $5,000 bonuses !

$5,000 REFERRAL bonuses to current employees who refer qualified refrigeration techs AND $5,000 SIGN-ON bonuses to the new techs!
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Layoffs are being announced for call centers that handle the warranties protection agreements. 10 employees laid off today.
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Effective this Thursday, 6/20, Sears and Kmart will no longer accept American Express credit cards or American Express gift cards as a form of payment in our stores or online.

Regarding Gone

My job got cut a long time back. Don't assume that I am here for revenge or trolling you people still there. One of my besties is still there hanging on by a thread. Get over yourself and your judgemental ways. Sheesh!


Gone are the days were this website was actually a good source of information. Now it’s all speculation and people making things up. Half of the topics discussed have nothing to do with layoffs.

Job Cuts

Looks like all this IBO talk was all b---s---. No positions were eliminated in the stores. We even filled positions in our store that were so called being eliminated. I still would be searching for better job since you know things can change at... read more

Head of sears auto gone !

I was on pebble today and it said he is no longer an active user. I’m not shocked he is gone since he was here a year and that seems to be how long the president of auto last. I think it’s strange there was no announcement that the was leaving as... read more

Eddie's Letter Response to Elizabeth Warren

Billionaire Eddie Lampert to Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Severance to workers has been paid. Singling out Sears is ‘unfair’

What if Eddie Lampert owned a pro sports team?

It'd be full of undrafted players where he paid the minimum with no bench in a 60 year old stadium where the players would be forced to clean the stadium which used to be owned by the team but was sold to Eddie's real estate company for way under... read more

Call Center workers / seats technicians

Are there any sears workers in their call centers or technicians on here that have had their pay taken away from sales that have been fraudently cancelled? A class action suit has begun I got a letter in the mail today saying that sears has taken... read more

Kenmore Direct closing

I am a current associate in HE with many ties to Kenmore Direct. I came across a conversation that Peter Boutros was having regarding the closure of the remaining KD infrastructure (notably Augusta and Seattle), and the impending termination of all... read more

What is the store count?

Since more stores have closed, what is the total store count of full line Sears and Kmart stores at now? We were below 400 total stores Sears and Kmart over a month ago

Another closing

Sears at Cross County Shopping Center is another victim of the ongoing Sears saga. A Sears spokesperson confirmed today that the store, which is one of the mall’s anchors, will close late July... read more

New Sears vs. Old Sears, Eddie Lampert's evil scam

All these lawsuits do is to perpetuate the fiction that Eddie doesn't control it all and as majority owner couldn't replace the Board of Directors at Old Sears in a heartbeat like he did at SHOS. He has to keep up appearances to convince the judges... read more
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So sad that Eddie has so much money that he can keep buying properties & Sears hometown stores yet cannot give his associates a pay raise, or keep the stores in decent condition. I have not seen a pay raise in over 8 years even though my evaluations... read more

The Dirty Side of Sears

Did Eddie ever get around to paying Kimco or is Eddie still getting store managers and their staff to violate OSHA regulations, poorly clean toilets generally not maintain a habitable shopping experience?

delivery call center

Cant get a real person on the line to process an ROR. Ridiculous. What's going on?
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Transform Holdco Stock

Are they trading Transform Holdco LLC yet - is it listed on any stock exchanges and if yes, what's the ticker. I would like to use that ticker chart as entertainment, you know what I mean, watching it crash and burn, etc.

A&E Factory Service

Wow they are hurting bad for techs lol everyone is leaving... This is going on in upstate NY and Vermont area but I'm sure it is nationwide as well. Most of the techs are leaving for less pay at that.. should say something about how were treated by... read more

Call Centers

I have seen posts that the call centers will close after the LLC is complete , Is this true ? Has anyone heard anything about STAC ?

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