Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

Bridgehampton Kmart…

Bridgehampton NY Kmart posted multiple seasonal job openings recently on Sears employment website. It is an area that’s busier in the summer, but the season is half over. Could it be the beginning of the end?

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Off brand, weird merchandise…

What’s with all the random off brand apparel, home fashions/soft home, small appliances, etc, etc. merchandise is flowing, but it is some of most random assortments I’ve seen. These no-name brands must be desperate to provide product to Sears/Kmart... —  read more 

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Will It Ever Go Down To Zero?

Sears has been dying for years. But it hasn't just... died Here we are in 2021, and there are still open stores. Is this damned company going to hang around with one or two stores on life support for decades? Has God forsaken us?

Troy Data Center Sold?

Hearing that one of the big 3 automakers just bought the Troy Data Center, agreeing to lease a small portion back to Transformco through to end of 2021 with no additional occupancy extensions. That gives Transformco only 5 months to get everything... —  read more 

I will not miss...

I will not miss bad Managers. I will not miss not getting a raise in the last 8 years. I will not miss NO 401(k), matching plan. I will not miss asking for your email account I will not miss a lead calling for my register number every hour. .. —  read more 

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Corporate HQ

I'm curious if the corporate at HE is partial or fully opened? Who have returned to work or if the work from home is still going on? Before a lockdown it was already a ghost town there. Wonder if any soul left today. I feel sad to see a beautiful... —  read more 

This month is 3 years since the Greece NY closed and they acted like it was the end of the world if we didn't get out on time.

I busted my azz coming from auto into the not so full line store just to get my severance pay to meet the deadline and the store is still vacant. My only positive is knowing what was what. I'm sure that things may have changed since... except the... —  read more 

Kmart website fixed

Finally! It appears that the Kmart website has been fixed, as they have removed their closed stores from their locator page. You'll have to click on each state or territory to see what's listed for each one: —  read more 

Cash Only?

Anyone know if the credit/debit system was fixed or are they still cash only a month later? I see 88sears, transformco websites, etc are working now. Any info?

17 Kmarts are remaining

Finally! I spent the last 2 Days searching links and researching this particular case. Finally (since I never declare a store closing or remove it from my super-duper master list/map unless I am 200% sure), I was able to get someone on phone, at... —  read more 

Odd Job listing

This was mentioned in another thread, but in case anyone missed it, there are some odd job listings here. Not seeing any mention of closing, but just wanted to share them anyway, in case there might be something to it. Again, I'm not promising... —  read more 

Sears and Kmart Purgatory.

We are destined to live in a Sears and Kmart purgatory of never-ending slow liquidation. Lampert will keep active anything he can associated with Sears or Kmart to make a few extra bucks, using the “good name” of Sears and Kmart as long as he can... —  read more 

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