Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

Sears article

Interesting article on Sears. One of our most famous contributors is mentioned there:


Why hasn’t Kmart sent me my w2? This place is scamming me, I want my taxes. My store was closed in may and I want my taxes now, stop scamming me Sears

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Rank Kmarts

Let's play a useless, futile game. Let's rank the remaining 10 Kmarts by Profitability. Obviously, just a guess on my part, but let's play: Guam (no brainer) 2-5. Some combination of the four, USVI stores (I don't Know enough about the area... —  read more 

10 Kmarts now

Actually, 10 Kmarts now. Again, apologies for the quick turnaround but I never declare a store closing until verify it. I called Key West Kmart at 305-293-9211 and they confirmed they are actually closing next Week. Not sure why they are... —  read more 

11 Kmarts left now

So I called Hamilton Montana Kmart, at (406) 363-2922, and they confirmed to me they are closing March 6. Please don't take my word for it, y'all are welcome to call and confirm that. *Few interesting things about this location. It is... —  read more 

I'm calling it now

Sears will not only survive 2022, but it'll also live to see 2025 at least. Five years ago I was betting it would be gone within a month or a year at the most, but it's still standing. Now it seems that while it might be stripped to bare bones, it'll... —  read more 

SB360 Empty

Welp, looks like the SB360 list emptied out: If I click on that, it just redirects to a generic SB360 page with no mention of Sears or Kmarts. I wonder if Sears ended their contract with SB?... —  read more 

Home Improvement done!

Seems it’s every GD year they decide it’s time to lay ppl off and close branches during holidays! It would be awesome if they let management, sales reps, project coordinator, etc some heads-up but this is just how they roll. Oh but wait, there’s... —  read more 

The End

Eddie has surrendered all remaining locations liquidation starts next week Transform Co has ended Sears & KMart operations the last 3 Stores of each have been surrendered to liquidators last day of business for Sears Holdings Corp is December... —  read more 

Grass Valley Date Link

Nothing of the breaking news variety, here of course, but here is a new article link, for the official closing Date of Grass Valley Kmart: This means, that as of December 19, there... —  read more 

Sears Wheel Of Fortune

Anyone remember when Sears sponsored wheel of fortune for a week in December. This would have been around 2013 or 2014(ish). I remember thinking then how silly and desperate it looked when the puzzle was “what are you doing” and the answer was... —  read more 

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