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SEARS HI commission sales now hourly

Have just been informed Sears HI will now be hourly, just in time for the best sales of the year are coming . Commissions will be gone!!!!!! This is horrible for sears to do to the employees, makes me sick knowing what is happening, the ceiling is... read more

Sears bankruptcy questions

When Sears (likely) files for bankruptcy, will it be Chapter 11 or Chapter 7? Either way, Lampert will make out well as he's the primary lienholder. Also, would this be the biggest retail bankruptcy of all time in the US?

Brick and Mortar Nostalgia

Source Below... Kramer on Retail (yeah, I know, he's a jackass and annoying but people listen to him and he's a self proclaimed 'retail guru'): "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer tapped into his nostalgia for brick-and-mortar retail after earnings from... read more
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Tool Inventory shortages again

Not sure how it’s been going for you guys but the blowout has blown out all of our stock on certain items. For example Nextec batteries, we finally started getting them in again and they are wiped out. And from what I can tell we won’t be getting... read more

Last week at Sears

Hello all! Without going into too many details, this is my last week as a salesperson at a Sears store after 3 years. I found a job in the field I was studying and wasn't sticking around to find out what was going to happen to this company. For those... read more


Have you looked at this book? Why publish a glorified ad with full prices in bolder print! Oh well... I guess you just use as a reference book! What a waste of money

Members event a complete fail

closing our sears store and we are entire district is only at 67% to last year , I score that as a failure , even with the huge BLOW OUT sale we s---ed as a company... let the liquidation push on and just file the BK and get it over with EDDIE.

Is everyone geeked up for Black Friday

I’m dreading it! The constant sign changes is mind boggling and painful 😩 I heard Wednesday there is a morning and afternoon ad? that true? The hours are brutal Thursday & Friday- is everyone happy with your shift ? But the one thing I do... read more


Eddie, I’m tired of your repeated replies on this board about “moving on” and “getting over it”. I also resent your implications that we are “lazy employees “. I think it’s time you man up and accept the responsibility of what you’ve done to this... read more

Sears Holdings Bankruptcy Imminent?

Back in 2002, K-Mart went bankrupt and was at Caa3 shortly before they went bankrupt (The day they went bankrupt they were downgraded to C which stands for default). They also had their ratings downgraded twice in a very short period of time. Sears... read more

Woodbridge NJ Sears Escalators don’t even work

No stairs in store and escalators don’t work. How are people supposed to shop at the busiest time of year if they can’t even get from 1st floor to 2nd floor without having to go into mall. Fix your stuff Sears and get with it.

When does the Holiday Blowout sale end?

I did not work the 2 days all the Blowout signs were put up.. just curious I heard Wednesday a new ad starts Going to be interesting to see how many signs we get since current ones have been up since Oct 18th or 19th

Sears Holdings Credit Rating History

*12/28/2005 Rating was Ba1 *03/23/2009 Rating was downgraded to Ba2 *07/18/2011 Rating was downgraded to Ba3 *12/05/2011 Rating was downgraded to B1 *01/04/2012 Rating was downgraded to B3 *01/10/2014 Rating was downgraded to Caa1 *01/20/2017 Rating... read more

two major merchandising mistakes

two major merchandising mistakes at SEARS during my ten year tenure One: Eliminating paint. Out store was one of the leading paint stores in the surrounding towns until it was pulled from the retail stores. Many repeat customers, paint mixing and... read more

Eddies interest rate

For those who think Berkowitz and eddies loans are outrageous look at this, the Nordstrom family tried to take their company private and the best loan they could get is 13% , for Nordstrom’s. Think about that next time someone on here is claiming... read more

Sears buying Amazon?

I heard rumors Sears is going to make a bid for Amazon with large investment from Warren Buffet. Eddie Lampert to become CEO of the combined company and Bezos will be head of the retail division. Future is looking bright, guys!

Retailer Meltdown-not just Sears

Some of you still haven't figured out this is much, much bigger than Sears. 2017 is going to easily surpass 2008 and 2009 as the year of the most retail bankruptcies and store closures. And for those buying into the "It's Amazon's fault" narrative... read more

Shoe stock room overflowing

How are the other Sears stores doing for inventory or is it just my store. the last 6 trucks have been loaded with shoes, the stock room looks like the old days with shoes covering almost every shelf in the back room with the floor covered with... read more

Who liquidates Sears stores?

Some of the big firms are Hilco Global, Gordon Brothers, Tiger Capital, and Great American Group. Does anyone know if it's one of those or someone else?

Sears Pension

Now that Sears has reached an agreement to sell off/lease 140 stores which were earlier protected, does this give sears the freedom to file for BK? It's worthwhile trying to read between the lines regd this move. Could they have informed the pension... read more

Could history be repeated?

Back in 2002, litterally a day after K-Mart was downgraded to Caa3, they were downgraded yet again to Ca!! Here are the headlines to prove my point: MOODY'S DOWNGRADES RATINGS OF KMART CORPORATION (SENIOR UNSECURED TO Caa3), RATING REMAINS ON REVIEW... read more

Info from Popcorn This is Pop. Eddie and his goones are getting everything in place to drain every last cent out of the company that they can. Does anyone else think... read more

Hey Popcorn

What say you regarding the post about the remaining K-marts being closed shortly after the new year? Whether the post is accurate or not? It actually makes sense.
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SHLD up another 6% today!

SHLD is up over 6% in very heavy trading this morning bringing the stock up almost 30% off its recent lows!! So glad I took your guys advice and bought 5000 shares on Tuesday morning! Thanks to everyone on this board and here’s to another holiday... read more


So if group one of the Met life pension adjustment took care of 50,000 pensions less than $150 a month ; And group two Met life pension annuity group was 20,000 pensions at less than $265 a month, what does that leave the pension liability at for the... read more
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