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Soooo. . .

Is anyone else just signing up members to home improvement sales calls just to make their numbers even though you've just postponed the order they made back in January by another month?

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More Sears stores are closing

There are two Sears stores that are closing in Texas.


Sad to report I sold our last zero turn mower and snowblower today. Same guy bought both for full price. Apparently it’s not just Sears running low on inventory but the flu has damaged everyone’s supply chain. Everything left in tools sells for... —  read more 

New job old job

Anybody here who is on furlough had moved on, found or looked for another job, instead of waiting for TransformCo to call you back to work? And how many of you have they called back? For folks who worked at HE.

Empty shelves at US Virgin Islands Kmart stores Attention Kmart Shoppers: Empty Shelves Don’t Mean Stores Are Closing By Diana Dias -July 25, 2020 As shoppers enter any of the four Kmart... —  read more 


Why is Transformco still posting jobs for Innovel? I thought they sold this entire operation in March.

What happened to soft lines?

Are there any employees in the sf office anymore? With 93 fls left and the number going down fast it is clear soft lines is going away


Best Buy closes at an all time high! $96.n change. EL you ruined an Icon. 2008 BBY was a couple of buck$$. You sir will be in business 101 college texts for the next 20 years. You ruined so many lives. Nice job. We’re all really prod of your legacy... —  read more 

Lands' End - Another Eddie Failure

When Eddie took over, Lands' End was the biggest online apparel retailer in the world, Kmart and Sears were the second and third biggest retailers, and Amazon was a seller of books. This week? Lands' End filed with the SEC that there was... —  read more 

How do you lose $10 billion?!

How? Just how? I've seen this figure mentioned several times. Sears/Kmart had maybe a few hundred thousand employees at most? Has there been any city or country with around that many people that's lost that much money? Forget companies, isn't it... —  read more 

Sears and Kmart overstock

I work for a a reseller of overstock goods that has been purchasing Sears/Kmart overstock and non-payment orders for years. You can always find genuine Sears products like Craftsman, DieHard, fitness equipment, and Jeans they've ordered wholesale... —  read more 

Sears - A Case Study in Business Failure an interview with Mark Cohen, Columbia Business School retail studies director and former CEO of Sears Canda. *What will be the epitaph on Sears’... —  read more 

Union Gap Sears

Is hiring a softlines supervisor! FYI.

The Seritage Chapter 11 train wreck

Seritage collected 65% of of its rent in April, well below other mall REITs and way below other REITs in general. While other REITs reported major recoveries in May rents, Seritage reported another 20% drop, and messaging from New York that "we will... —  read more 

Sears Hometown hiring Director of Finance

Someone needs to be accountable for knowing how many Sears Hometowns are left, since literally no one has any idea! Eddie must have been displeased no one knows lol.

Odd Kmart Job

Kmart just posted a job opening for a store that isn’t on one of the lists that confirms it’s opened. Wonder why this is?

How are sales going?

Has availability gotten any better? Or are most of y’all in draw pay or minimum wage adjustment. Just curious as my store closed months ago.

No PPP loans for any of the companies of ESL

So they released the database of all the PPP loans that were given. Most car dealerships got 2-5 million or more. Basically free money. So I searched for sears, Kmart , transformco, ESL, lands end, nothing. A few sears hometowns took the... —  read more 

Shop Your Way closing?

Does anyone know if they’re shutting down Shop Your Way? Are they bringing employees off furlough?

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Did Eddie ever meet Robert Kiyosaki at any point before 2004? Everything he's done since the merger of Sears and Kmart reeks of a 4 hour scam real estate seminar. Invest in real estate, make debt and taxes work for you, they don't really matter! ... —  read more 

Sears Hometowns

The sad fact is that no one actually knows how many are left. All paper work involving franchisees has been passed down multiple times like a game of telephone, no one knows which tracking files are current, staff has turned over like no one's... —  read more 

What do people expect of Sears PR?

LC's job is to give a positive spin on Sears news. There's no Sears news to be had. One month Sears is selling its new DieHard partnership with Chinese suppliers and not half a year later DieHard is sold and the suppliers have cut Sears off... —  read more 

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