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Breaking news, Sears Holdings is officially liquidating all remaining stores!! It's finally done! The new CEO has officially decided to call it quits for the company! Hallelujah! We can finally be done with this sick chicken now!

A message from the office of AP

Hello Associates, I will not be tolerating any impersonating of myself or the mere mention of my name or the names of any who work under me. This also includes my former employees who's careers I have ended with a phone call. These posts will be... read more


Any news of STORE LEVEL layoffs yet?!?!? Any news on what positions will get the axe on the Sears side...??

How will the new Sears operate

A short but a good observation on the way the new company is going to operate and a good view on the challenges that are before the leadership. All and all, I have no reason to be optimistic... read more

Adam Levine

Adam wants $390,00 from Sears to protect his clothing line.

Associate Discount

Since this is the only place we can actually get answers, can anyone answer the following: -Is there an associate discount with the new company? If so, Is it any different than the past? -is the SHC discount still in effect for retiree’s? Is it syw... read more

KEIP and KERP Payouts a done deal?

Now that SHC has been sold to ESL/THC do the 18 execs who got the KEIP and the 322 execs who got the KERP basically get their cash and walk clear and free with no further obligation or do they have to stick around for some period?

Good read

Interesting look at the possible future(s). The series of events that played out during the Chapter 11 process resulted in polarizing perceptions of what's next for the iconic retailer... read more
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People complaining about people complaining.

This is a "layoff" board so expecting all posts to be non-negative is inherently numble-skulled. Of course there's going to be negativity and hatred. Even if the posts were about nothing more than layoffs, people are negative about layoffs. Unless... read more

Same old story repeated

Thought I would hear more about restructuring of a new company. Leena and eddie think syw is still going to deliver us to profit by partnering more. The message they sold to us is that now we are not burden by debt we have money to run businesses. I... read more

Your leader...Eddie

A city boy, Eddie, moved to the country and bought a donkey from an old farmer for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. The next day the farmer drove up and said: “Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The donkey died.” Eddie... read more

Town hall

So I’m watching this and we are 20 minutes in and all it has been is what a great job Eddie and knal and the ceo team has done

Now that Eddie owns it make sure to use members points

If you want to sick it to Eddie make sure you always use your memeber points every time you cash someone out. Part of his bid was to assume the outstanding syw points. Now the points are paid straight from Eddie
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Steven Mnuchin

(FORBES ARTICLE) Lampert Has A Friend On The Government Agency Board (PBGC) That Helped Seal His Deal For Sears.

Same old lies

The best possible outcome has now been realized for all stakeholders,'' Lampert said. "ESL looks forward to a new era at Sears and Kmart that builds on their proud histories, while finding new ways to innovate and grow to adapt to the forces... read more

This is it!

ESL Investments Completes Acquisition of Sears Holdings’ Assets Operations to continue in the normal course; Sears and Kmart members and customers will continue to have a seamless shopping experience February 11, 2019 BAY HARBOR ISLANDS... read more

Old Sears vs New Sears / Transform Holdco

UCC has files on objection to Sears Holdings plan to exit bankruptcy. That would be in reference to the "Old Sears"; which is the company in which shareholders have equity; not the "New Sears co" / "Transform HoldCo". Docket 2544. Essentially Sears... read more
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Job restructuring likely coming soon

I would just be prepared to see widespread restructuring of roles in the first few months as they bring in the new leadership hierarchy. This was not uncommon prior to bankruptcy. We saw Hoffman do it as a method to thin the workforce in... read more

There’s no question that stores will close

Eddie's ESL spokesperson has publicly said that out of 425 stores around 156 are not performing well. Eddie has said throughout this process that he would close stores that were not performing well. He also said he was going to run the on going... read more

Layoff Site

I know this is a lay-off site. But much more than that is communicated through here which is good for everyone involved. But what layoffs are coming soon? It’s already February and no store level cuts which Beleive me is a good thing but scary... read more

I heard a rumor...

There is supposed to be a new rumor coming out tomorrow from corporate and it's gonna be huge

Cuts in the next few weeks.

Cuts are supposed to be coming. Word is that all Asms will be cuts and stores will just have leads. So what’s going to happen will both leads in and ASMs be laid off and then have to reapply for the new lead position or will lead stay and ASMs go ?

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