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Freebie Saturday

What ever happened to freebie Saturday. My store stopped doing it awhile ago. It was part of the making shopping fun again program along with the shirts and bluelight special.

floor bin for customers (m)

Isnt it fun running out to the floor bin for customer pickups? in under 5 minutes lol.....then hoping that it wasn't substituted for another item of (equal) value lol.....

Attention sears corporate

Any from higher up please come visit or Sears store 1720 without calling first. This SGM is completely usless and out of touch, has no clue what we are going thru here on the floor and back room. Telling us we need to take up the slack, move faster... read more

SHC did not make a profit

This was posted by @RK8gkMr-2owy. Thought it belonged to the front for all the kids in the back who don't understand how tax breaks work with companies as broke as SHC. SHC did not make a profit!!! What they got was a non-cash tax break from the... read more

Out of Stock question

When doing OOS in tools, what is your procedure when an item has been scanned for a month and no product has been received? How many tickets can you leave on the hook? Why is this to be done before store opening? What day is the cutoff in order to be... read more

Number of Sears and Kmart stores left

I did a Google search and as of Q3 2017, there are 594 Sears stores and 510 Kmart stores remaining. Are these numbers fairly close or have they gone down substantially more, recently?

stock locater

hows your store doing? is it red? love to know how some are still green, even at 100% with all the changes going on. no people or hours to do it.

Just Like In The Stores?

Wow, dancing in the aisles, parties galore and fun, fun, fun all day long! Sounds just like a typical work day at a Sears or Kmart store, doesn't it? And to top it all off, a $2,000 bonus as well. Life sure is sweet at SHLD... read more

More Transitioning At Sears

Sears continues to transition! "Sears revealed Thursday in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it had reduced the value of its brand name by another $50 million to $100 million — after having already slashed the balance-sheet figure by... read more

What about ‘BOB’?

I remember when Bob was a hurricane. I remember when Bob was a bridge- that you could bob for apples (they had a bridge party), I miss my palindrome friend bob. As for what you call ‘bob’... after further analysis, he shouldn’t exist.

The Little Engine That Could

Sears reminds me of this story. You guys just need to keep saying “I think I can, I think I can....” and you will succeed! Henry Ford once said “whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right !” All I see on here is a whole lot of... read more

More new product at Kmart

So I was getting ready to take my son on our annual scouting camp out and wanted to get him a new knife. A co-worker told me to check Kmart. Figured he was joking but I went online and was shocked. We sell Ka-Bar, Ontario, etc all kinds of great... read more


It's amazing how many troll posts are on here since will have one or two "real" posts, followed by 4 or 5 corporate cheerleader posts....they all sound like they were written by the same lame we wouldn't realize... read more


Has anyone tried to order on line? I just tried for the better part of a hour. Gave up going to amazon!

The problem

I see people post saying they hope/think/expect Sears to make a comeback and all to work out in the end. These people obviously haven't done one minute of homework on Sears' financial situation, so let me nutshell the problem for you. I'll put it in... read more

Sears Holdings a real retailer

I wonder if Sears Holdings is now on the cusp of becoming a real retailer once again now that the chain has been downsized. First stabilization then growth? Go into Kmart and there are real products, real promotions, real zeal. It seems that Kmart is... read more

Sears Holdings a real retailer

I wonder if Sears Holdings is now on the cusp of becoming a real retailer once again now that the chain has been downsized. First stabilization then growth? Go into Kmart and there are real products, real promotions, real zeal. It seems that Kmart is... read more

Fewer Kmarts and harder to find

Did anyone consider that the rarity of Kmarts actually helps profitability. If for example a market had 3 Kmarts and now has one, that one remaining can become exponentially more profitable by gaining just a portion of the sales from loyal Kmarters... read more

Profitability versus sales

I remember there being a lot of whoop law in November about Kmart not having good black friday sales and not being busy. Did anyone consider that perhaps those sales weren't profitable and that perhaps Kmart has bought survival by not chasing... read more

Kmart sales

In an earnings pre announcement, it was said Kmart sales were down 12.2% but that they expect to post a profit. This is amazing, the business is becoming more focused on profitability. For a company in a financial position like Sears Holdings it is... read more

Nope not really

So the revenue was down 27% sales down 18% at sears they sold more assets and still have not made an operational profit but because of a tax write off they want to take a victory lap. They do this same dance every reporting quarter. I'm sick of it... read more

Kmart is still a big chain

Not as big as it was before certainly, over 2000 stores at peak, but 400 stores is still a very large chain. Don't write them off just yet. 400 stores will be easier to turn around than 800.

Sears transformation

In my opinion it is possible that during a great time of challenge for traditional retailers, Eddie took the correct approach. The chains have been significantly downsized and if they can be renovated and grow from a point of stabilization, there may... read more


Well.. I was suppose to get my first severance pay check today and guess what..... don’t have it... Called 88 sears to confirm and yup definitely suppose to be in my bank. Was told I’d get a call within “48 hours”. Lawsuit?

In case of a fire.

I was taking some boxes to the back room and my jacket caught the "pull in case of a fire" box and ripped it off the wall. two wires were exposed and I thought for sure the alarms were going off. To my dismay they were not. I told QMT that was... read more

Sears now selling high end luxury menswear

So I was filling in at mpu yesterday and a guy pulls up in a Tesla model S and I’m like wow nice car and thinking what are you getting here. So I get his order and it’s shirts, men’s dress shirts and I’m like WTF. So I’m checking them out and they... read more

Other Departments

What's going on with Call Centers, Dispatch, Delivery, how are they holding up? I mostly see Post about the Stores, that why I ask.

From Dead and Dying Retail

Several people have been letting us know that the tool department has been looking VERY low on inventory at Sears lately. I have also seen this for myself. Is this due to the financial issues? or the fact Craftsman is not a Sears owned company any... read more

Footwear CSAs?

I'm a footwear CSA. Who do I report to now? Which of the new teams am I on? Nobody seems to know.

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