Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

Is it time for a New Kmart Logo?

The most recent Kmart logo has been around for nearly 19 years. That is a very long time. Is it time for a new one? I think the new Kmart logo should be a blue light bulb to be similar to Target and Walmarts round logo. There's smart and Kmart smart... —  read more 

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Where Have All The Blue Lites Gone?

I Follow Every Kmart Social Media Page & I Never See Them Show The Blue Lite Fixtures Anymore. Did They Throw Them Away? I Would Love To Have One If They Want To Get Rid Of It. Does Sears Have Blue Lites In Their Stores?

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How Will It All End?

It's amazing to think in 2023 we still have Kmart, we still have Sears, and there is no sign of them slowing down now that we have the "go forward" stores. How much longer will these stores stay open? It's amazing that there is still are stroes open!... —  read more 

Camp Hill linked

Camp Hill Sears is not a Hometown but is apparently linked here: Sadly, Paywalled, but it shows that it's closing. Anyone have the exact counts on which small Sears (non... —  read more 

International Sears

OK, with all the discussion on Bermuda Sears, I just wanted to post these links of international Sears. I'm not sure which, if any of them, are affiliated with the US-based Sears company, so maybe someone with more Knowledge, can shed some Light on... —  read more 

Sears Bermuda?

Hi, what do y'all Know about this? Apparently there's a Sears in Bermuda? Is this in any way related to Eddie's Transformco, or is this totally unrelated (as Australian Kmarts are, for example)? Does this belong on the list of... —  read more 

Frederick, MD Sears closing!-Frederick YEE HAW, about time. Now need to get the rest of them closed

Kmart store finder

So the Kmart store finder site, has changed somewhat. Gone are the state by state (invariably incorrect) listings that used to be there: The only way to search now, appears to be by zip code. Of course there are... —  read more 

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