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Let the micro management continue

We now have to call the DM every time we have to say no to an on-line order .... this is getting out of hand if you ask me . AS the person always has to say, on this one I agree time to DRAIN THE SWAMP

Holiday Transformation Panel

10 — 11 a.m. CDT Tuesday, Sept. 26 Hoffman Estates General Session Room or Webcast Watch as they discuss what we’re doing differently this year in an effort to drive a more profitable outcome for Holiday 2017. This interactive session will give you... read more
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Sad look at a closing store

Picked over and battered, Sarasota Sears store closes I thought this title is an ideal allegory for the entire Sears. Just take out the Sarasota and store, and soon enough, this will be all that is left of the entire company... read more
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Kmart Lease Renewal

Is there any experienced employees here who may know the signs that your store will be closing? For example, is researching when Kmart plans to renew lease or leases something that can help? We have been receiving odd repacks recently. Our truck has... read more

craftsman warranty - no tools avalable at sears

Anyone working at sears go into MSP look under Merchandise Flow Bulletin and Availability, look at hardlines - tools - 10 pages of tools not being sent to your stores due to vender issues, or not being restocked. Forget having screwdrivers, sockets... read more

URGENT confrence call for SGM yesterday

We had a conference call yesterday that was strange, we had stores from different states, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Chicago, but only about 10 stores on the call. They were asking these questions Who is the typical shopper? What are the BUs you see as... read more

VI Kmarts

Anyone on here know the fate of the Virgin Islands Kmart locations after irma? I heard the Islands have been devastated.

The expectations for given pay are ridiculous

The expectations of minimum wage employees at Sears Holdings stores are totally ridiculous. This isn't a job just piling stuff on shelves or ringing up sales. Sears/Kmart employees are under the gun to make sales and credit quotas, warranty sales... read more

One Touch

Our Sears store was just recently told we had to adopt this program. Everything out of the warehouse by the end of this month. Is this all the stores? How's it going? Anyone feel like it's successful?

Winter is Coming

With the announcement of Sean Skelley's departure, winter is here for Sears Holding. Good luck to us all.

Wages are far from Sears' only problem

It's not just about the wages. Sears and Kmart provide one of the most toxic (I speak figuratively, but in some cases it might actually literally) work environments. More than at any other retailer, even as employees flee due to deteriorating work... read more

Levis wants upfront $$$

I heard yesterday from a co worker saying that Levis doesn't want to supply Sears unless they pay their money upfront. She said her ASM told her in a meeting that the whole crew needs to push hard to not lose Levis. I didn't see a thread anywhere... read more

Company Owned Sears Store

I was at my local Sears store in Indiana doing a price check on a double oven that I had previously priced at Lowes. Lowe's was about $250 cheaper. I noticed the Electronics Dept was no longer there. It was there a few months ago. I asked the sales... read more

SHC + bitcoin=?

older article, but could it be the saving grace for SHC? is this still a thing? anyone??

A record breaking storm is headed for Florida

A record breaking storm is headed for Florida but Sears must stay open. A State of Emergency has been declared in all counties of Florida by Governor Scott but Sears wants to wait to see if we should close for a few days. God forbid someone has to... read more

will there be any new news

Well now that corporate has had their long weekend , will there be anything happen this week. It's been slow with out any action for a week. What will be in store for the rest of this month. Any news at all please share good quality information

List of companies donating to flood victims

Someone posted that Sears was donating. I haven't been able to find an article stating that Sears or Eddie would be donating money to flood victims. I did find an article that listed companies that were. If anyone has a link to an article posting... read more


Eddie Just announced that Sears will match all the donations customers give to the flood victims for the next 2 weeks

Another Kmart Closing-Not Announced

The Kmart in my city, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, was spun off to be a Seritage property some time ago, yet it's still open. Our city council just shared plans for Kroger to demolish it and build on the site within the coming year. This is one of the... read more

State of Retail

From Challenger: Retail has shed 67,596 jobs this year, with over 3,000 announced in August. Retail job cuts are 51 percent higher this year than through the same point last year, when 44,643 retail jobs were cut. But relief may be coming soon... read more


I am 50 years and work for the company for the pass 20 years , I would like to retire. Does anyone who work HR have any info if I will get to keep my discount card and any type of lump sum of money. I did call 88sears but the respond was very... read more

Sears severance info

So let's put this to rest. In the old days you would get one week of pay for every year of service up to 26 weeks. They changed all that years ago. Now you get one week for every year you have been with SHC up to a max. of 8 weeks. That means if you... read more

Town Hall?

Was the town hall today? Any feedback, thoughts? Were there layoffs at the same time?

You're Not Popcorn, I Am

Bankruptcy was supposed to be in 2008, then again in 2009, then 2010, then 2011, then 2012, then 2013, then again in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Don't forget January 2017, February 2017, then... REALLY... July 2017, then every other month that has 30 or 31... read more

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