Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

Topics regarding layoffs at Sears

The Final Winddown

Only Leena is left from the "Office of the CEO". CFO, Controller and VP of Finance gone. Real Estate Director gone. Stateside IT gone. Leasing Director gone. Pretty much everyone with any knowledge about Sears/Kmart operations and future plans... —  read more 

Big Bear liquidator?

Was curious to see if the big bear kmart has a liquidator. I had heard that some of the liquidators have complained they were not getting paid. I mean yeah all the stores are on a slow liquidation anyway. But is it being done by the SM or is Eddie... —  read more 

SB360 page

SB360 page claims "select Sears and Kmarts" are closing, yet only lists the 7 that we Knew about from 2020. Could this mean there are more to come soon? Here's hoping for some big closing lists in 2021! Hopefully all of... —  read more 

New Sears Closing!

The Sears in Caguas PR is closing based on photos and reviews. I included a link below. This would be the last seritage owned store for either brand.

Needle up Kmart fans!

Sears and Kmart are becoming injecting sites! Let's get that virus in us while we enjoy our memories. More revenue is never a... —  read more 

USVI stores, etc. This link was only left here for the hater trolls, to reiterate incessantly... —  read more 

Celebrating Kmartmas!

The kmart store sign will have a second life as one of the worlds largest Christmas lawn ornaments! Jingle bells... —  read more 

31 Kmart Master list

Just to be clear, someone is imitating the master command list. My list id oft imitated, never duplicated. This is the same exact format that I have used since 2019, with statistics at the bottom. Brooklyn will NEVER be counted as a Kmart. ... —  read more 

Sad stores are gone.

I don’t understand what happened to the Ubiquitous Sears stores all throughout the United States. It seems in less than 2 years they have all vanished. When I bought a Cabbage Patch kid they had a great assortment of them. Now I want to buy a tickle... —  read more 

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