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Social Media Campaign

They just announced a great social media campaign. The “Thanks for the love” post was uploaded 11 hours ago. Only 500 people bothered to like or comment. The level of engagement is abysmal. The Chief Digital Officer should be escorted out of the... read more

From first day orders 114: Severance

The Debtors are authorized, but not directed, to continue programs and maintain funding in the ordinary course of business with respect to the Severance Program; provided, that nothing herein shall authorize a payment prohibited by section 503(c) of... read more
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Internet Lounges at Sears?

Does anyone remember this? He said it was rolled out in 100 stores but the store level staff didn't buy into it so it was sc-apped? This article actually made me rethink Eddie a little bit... read more

How Sears Lost Its Way

Although this is from a blog which has a focus on churches, I thought that it would fit here since it was talking about Sears... I’ve previously written about what the church can learn from the retail slide into the economic abyss. But an article in... read more

So It Begins

This is probably only the beginning of the legal chaos that will ensue. I venture that SHLD will soon be saying "hello" to Chapter 7 bankruptcy!... read more

Ponzi scheme comes to an end

Before BK SHC was using inventory to back the loans. It was a shell game of ordering inventory and using that inventory to cover the previous loans and then hoping that they would sell that product to have enough money to cover the next loans. It was... read more

Are there any liquidation survivors out there

That could tell current employees what to expect? Do they keep all the current employees and add theirs if needed? Do they force you on the registers even if you’ve never done cashiering in your current role? What is it really like to work under... read more

The Christmas shop is up looking cute

When do the trees go on sale? We still have patio sets that nobody is buying even at reduced prices Plus first time in 12 years I’ve been working there we now have a toy department.. way upstairs when it shd be close to the Christmas stuff With its... read more

Manager Told Me To Push Sears/Kmart on Social

Today my manager “encouraged” me to post on all my social media accounts about how we’re open for business and to ask that they consider Sears/Kmart for both immediate and holiday shopping needs. Has anyone else been “encouraged” to do this? I’ve... read more

Checks Bouncing

Vendors and Personal Shoppers are the first to experience Sears' bounced checks. Vendor payments and commission checks are being marked REFER TO MAKER and returned unpaid as of Monday, along with $29-35 returned check fees charged by the bank. Do not... read more

Might as well stop selling appliances

Almost mostly every item we try to order in laundry is unavailable including Kenmore. We are getting cancellations like crazy. It’sh--ting our commisions and we can’t make money if we can’t sell. This has to be illegal. How are we on commision but... read more

You are a valuable asset, thanks to Sears!

And you thought Halloween was scary. No... scary, is being unemployed, worrying about what the future holds, how ur gonna take care of yourself and ur family... THAT'S SCARY! I left earlier this year, after 20+ years & found out that employers are... read more

Sears auto center

So we can't order tires. Can't order oil. But are still being pushed to sell sell sell and to get new commercial customers. What kind of message does that send if I get a enterprise or avis to send me cars and then have to tell them sorry I don't... read more

What are you hearing?

Hi. I'm a reporter with Bloomberg News. Would love to hear from Sears people. Email at [email protected]; DMs open at @matt_townsend; signal at 917.334.5889; office at 212.617.1853

sales increases in all regions/districts

Since filing chapter 11, members have been scurrying in to get the deep discounts, best deals or doing thier part to save the neighborhood Sears or Kmart stores. Even in "safe" stores. It's business as usual. No addional markdowns and yet eveyday I... read more

Has anyone used the new Unit Integrity for OOS?

I finally found the information on SHC Connect after noticing the OOS icon was removed from snc yesterday. Thanks to information from another thread. (I do not get emails at sears) My store management knew nothing about this but I noticed the job... read more

Why doesn't everybody leave?

What is to stop everybody from leaving right now? Just packing up and leaving all those who put us in this position hanging? What exactly is there left for those who are still here to lose? We'll all be looking for new jobs soon enough, what's to... read more

Nothing but a money grab this chapter 11 is!

Lampert and bankers r working together to capitalize on the Christmas rush that these closing stores will bring. Imagine the merchandise that can be sold at all these stores in the next 2 months. Imagine the transfers "safe" stores will make to these... read more

Best alternatives?

Anybody has any tips on what the best alternatives to Sears are? Retailers that actually offer good pay, proper hours, maybe even benefits? And some semblance of job security? I know some must exist. I know Walmart isn't one of them, since I worked... read more

Incompetent Leadership

Why are we still being led by the tired old guard??? Jesse Gonzales, Leena, Mark Hicks. How the f--- does Eddie keep these mo--ns leading the company??? Maybe because Eddie is a f---ing mo--n.

Wfm outage 10/18

Interesting that it will be going down before paystubs appear Thursday night. The bankruptcy FAQ also said something about the pay date being 10/19 now. Layoffs perhaps?


I know more than you. No. I know more. I am better than you. No. I am! I will get lots of money. No, I will. This person s---s. No, that person s---s. Kmart is better than Sears since we all know that Sears is better than Kmart. Just ask anyone who... read more

Im sure you have a more distinguished title

Since getting layed off, i learned that Julie was the only exec to fight with Eddy about severance packages. If she was there now she would still get employees some type of severance. But she isn't, watch what happens now!

About Jules Ainsworth

If you have ever worked with Julie Ainsworth you would know that she was the only posative driving force on the executive floor! Most other executives came to her to solve their problems. Unfortunately Eddie didn't agree with her plan to improve the... read more

Good bye Jules Ainsworth

Why would Eddie let her go when were going through this. She si the only leader with a brain. another reason why we fail, he can't keep good people

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