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The end....

More Sears will be announced as well as Kmart. Trolls will be shocked as to how many. I was.

If SYW is so great.....

Then why doesn't eddie have an account. Also I have a friend who works for citi and said that there is no record of him having a sears credit card.

Hoffman layoffs

Anyone have any news on the next round of Hoffman layoffs? It was supposed to happen in April

List of closing stores

Does anybody have a link to a list of all nine closing stores that were announced? The best I could find was seven, so now I am trying to figure out what the final two are.

Kmart is strong!!

Circuit city, Toys R Us, HH Gregg and countless others.... Kmart still here, still present, and still saving millions of customers millions of dollars everyday since 1962. God bless Kmart!!

Let's look at the facts

Fact 1: Kmart is still present in nearly all markets within the United States \ Fact 2: Kmart is massively cheaper than competitors Fact 3: The Shop Your Way program offers massive savings Fact 4: Most of the people who say negative things about... read more

New openings

So far 13 new Sears Hometown stores opened this year. A new one opened on April 5, 2018 in Witchita Falls, Texas This is a winning format for Sears. This brand focused on 'hometowns' and Kmart as a king returned to its throne! I really think the tide... read more

How can people still be surprised?

Seriously, one of the articles on the latest closing announcement has a guy express his shock at finding out his store is closing. How? How can you work at Sears at this time and not be completely aware of the fact that there is no such a thing as... read more

Who made it official your store was closing?

I work in one of the stores that is set to be sold May 1st, Just trying to find out who actually told the employees and made it official there store was closing (District or Store mgmt.) and what were the employees options as far as continued... read more

Pension Funded Above 80% - Restrictions Lifted

Received a letter today, April 16, 2018, that contained the following information about Sears Holdings Pension Plan 1. "On April 2, 2018, the Plan's actuaries certified the Plan's funded status to be above 80%. Because the funded status has exceeded... read more

Price comparison of Kmart v Target and Walmart

I've asked over and over for examples of items that are sold at both stores to price compare and yet all those claiming over and over again that Kmart is more expensive refuse to give me a basket of goods to compare. Now, why do I think if I choose... read more

California store #1438 closing

I haven't seen any news or anyone posting about 1438, but I just got intel that store is closing. Its one of California stores in a big city. I believe its a leased so maybe sales weren't keeping up with lease and overall expenses. This comes from an... read more

New store closures.

More store closures about to be announced. Stores that are profitable but worth more to sell.

My design for Kmart

I only stepped foot in Kmart once in my life. I had to go to the bathroom but the bathrooms were way in the back. I suggest Kmart redesigned their stores so their bathrooms are near the cash register’s and/or front door. If they re-designed their... read more

To the employees from a customer

I just want to say that as a Kmart fan I'm so very thankful and proud of all the employees of Kmart who have worked through thick and thin to make Kmart what it is. Kmart is a survivor and as we know survivors often end up much stronger once through... read more

Enormous potential for Kmart

We hear all the time people saying that they didn't know Kmart still existed and it made me think of the huge potential for Kmart. There are so many millions of potential customers who haven't been in Kmart for over a decade and they are potential... read more

Kmart stores per capita by state/territory

Kmart store count by state/territory Alabama- no stores Alaska- no stores Arizona- 1 store per 3.5 million residents Arkansas- 1 store per 3 million residents California- 1 store per 791,000 residents Colorado- 1 store per 1.8 million residents... read more

Sears pension

About a billion dollars of Sears pension funds were 'de-risked' last year by buying annuities from MetLife. That will fully fund 71,000 retirees, with no Sears stock involved anymore... read more

Kmart store count by state/territory

Kmart store count by state/territory Alabama- no stores Alaska- no stores Arizona- 2 Arkansas- 1 California- 50 Colorado- 3 Connecticut- 3 Delaware- 4 Florida- 16 Georgia- 2 Guam- 1 Hawaii- 2 Idaho- 3 Illinois- 9 Indiana- 10 Iowa- 7 Kansas- 2... read more

Posts purely about layoffs

Hundreds of posts saying horrible things about Sears and then when anyone says anything positive then all of a sudden everyone is saying that this board is about layoffs and other things shouldn't be discussed. Hypocrites! Also very clear that these... read more

Kmart has great prices

All the little snowflakes complain that Kmart is more expensive than competitors or that competitors have nicer stores. I guess this is the result of years of snowflakes. The snowflakes can't get a good deal at a discounter unless the environment is... read more

Job offer with shop your way

I’ve been made an offer to join shop your way in Chicago which I understand is a division of sears, when researching the company’s I came across this board. What do ya think?

Tucson Sears Closing.

The largest Sears store in the Phoenix market is closing. Sears decided not to renew the lease. Last day will be 7/15

Last Sears in Chicago closing

Sears will be in Chicago no more. I guess that's more telling about the current situation of the company than anything. Sears Holdings will later this year close its last department store in Chicago, where the company was based for more than 100... read more

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