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Challenges finding a new job

I work in HE. For the past 3 months I have been trying to find a new job. It has been very challenging. This happened to me several times in separate interviews where the interviewer would make disparaging comments about the state of Sears. It almost... read more

Stores that were not announced are closing?

They are already closing more stores than was on the last list. There are at least a few more kmarts and some sears that are closing in our district that were not listed on the last closing list so the numbers are really larger than reported. Yes... read more
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Nothing to sell

We cancel orders all the time because we dont have the merchandise. We have called around to stores within 50 miles of our store and they dont have it either. This seems to happen more and more not just with mattresses but even tools, bedding... read more


You all talking about vendors not sending product to sears stores , well our truck was today and was full of everything,including tools lawn & garden clothes... all new stuff not from a closing store . So our Michigan store is closing they forgot to... read more

How long before Sears makes this list?

We ought to start an online pool. But ESL would probably enter under an alias and rip us off.

Mattres Suppliers Failing

Two of our suppliers keep pushing delivery dates further and further. Customers get a call on the delivery date stating another week out or even an indefinite delay. There was a one day Stop Sell weeks ago and they are blaming the delays on catching... read more

Panel to discuss Transformation Panel

Today at 12:00 pm central there will be a panel to discuss the effectiveness of transformation panels. All are invited to attend. A schedule of panels to discuss the effectiveness of panels who discuss panels will be forthcoming in the next couple... read more
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Nobody is shocked by Sears' demise

I found the title of this article really appropriate: The Not-So Shocking Demise of Sears. I think this part is my favorite: "Sears then split itself into several different business units, a decision that caused internal tension, anger, and... read more

Not Quite Sure What to Think...

It seems that some of our vendors know more about what is going on, and they seem to have no problem disclosing it. Yesterday I talked to one of ours as they were being checked in and they informed me that the SM at one of the stores in my locale... read more

The Transformation Continues

SHC announced today as part of their ongoing transformation to "right size" the company, they have made the difficult decision to continue to find ways to cut expenses. Effective August 6th and going forward the following "convenience" items will no... read more

Sears/Kmart brands are now damaged goods.

No one in their right mind would even consider trying to buy them. 2 brands which were once synonymous with American retail are now synonymous with second rate flea market at best. Lots of childhood memories at both but the new reality is no one... read more

A real topic from an actual employee

Big question what will happen this Q2 is over and will likely end with another fail ... more store closings to come, so i have heard from a current liquidator in a Michigan sears store they already have others planned on going into once tbe one their... read more


announces they will convert all remaining Kmart stores into adult bookstores by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Corporate trolls, why do you bother?

This is a site, where already unhappy people discuss rumors and vent about life at a failing company. I am not sure why the corporate trolls try to put a positive spin on continuous layoffs and store closures. The morale overall is terrible, due to... read more

Sears' problems are too big to hide

(Long explanation incoming....) As someone who is looking at this from a neutral point of view I can understand both sides. In one hand I think that everyone deserves to be informed about what's going on and the risk involved when it comes to working... read more

Getting really tired of the trolls...

I'm growing really tired of the trolls on here, not only the corporate cheerleaders but also of the ones that have such a huge chip on their shoulder that they feel they need to post s-xual innuendos or things way out in left field, having nothing to... read more

At least some consequences for Sears Canada

Well, at least this is something. Sears Canada is being boycotted in its clearance sale by customers for its treatment of workers (mainly, layoffs with no severance pay). Not that it will mean anything, mind you, but still... Something?... read more

The sacrifices have become extreme

I'm a store manager and the situation is truly awful. Due to the cut backs I now am responsible for 5 stores and have had my pay "enhanced" by receiving 50% in plain old "boring" dollars and 50% in the incredible Shop Your Way Points. I can no longer... read more

Another Beautiful Day at Sears-Amazon!

Our DM came in to the Store today and confirmed that the amazon announcement was just the tip! In the coming days there will be a series of major announcements regarding the new strategic partnership with Amazon and we were told to begin really... read more

More than just layoffs

I worked at Hoffman for a year and was part of the layoffs at the beginning of the year. It's come to my attention that there are more than just layoffs happening at SHC, especially corporate at Hoffman. There are a lot of upper management shifts... read more

XMAS shipments

Should I be worried that my store hasn't seen anything for Christmas yet? No trees, no decor, no winter stuff. Shouldn't we have it by now?

Let's try and put this on the table

Everyone is aware of this site from corporate to DM to AP to SM to ASM and store level employees. We are somewhat aware of the situation at hand. Only person that know the true motive is Eddie himself. We can speculate , make our judgment and... read more

Humm, We were told Not to be negative

At a morning huddle we were told not to complain or be negative, or we would be gone quickly. This is great for morale, (sarcasm) . Truthfully I thought this was totally unprofessional. And so did many of my peers. Management does not want to hear... read more

Credit Card Payments

I left sears after working in the appliance department for 27 years and wonder if morons still come bustling into the store to hover about you to make a payment as you try to make a sale. We used to go to elaborate lengths to avoid these nuisances.

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