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Lies nothing but lies!!!!

This was recently posted on SeaPort, but yet if you look all parks keep posting jobs on their careers page. Stop the lies and just be honest, this company is a joke. Ambassadors – Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. We... —  read more 

401k question

just wondering Do you think they haven't let the furloughed employees go because they are getting a kick back from our 401k (Prudential)? Just a question not accusing them. Maybe they made a promise with Prudential that their employees would have a... —  read more 

Who is still on furlough?

let's get a list together of who is still furloghted..if you know someone or if you are post name and years of service. Let's get at many names as possble at all parks. Let's see the pattern. I bet most are full time with lots of time with... —  read more 

Rise UP

I worked at SW a long time and never thought unions were a good idea. Till now. After hearing of how the employees are treated now. The city owns that land. Maybe they should look at how it is being run and treating the people who live here and vote... —  read more 

Sad day...

sad day when you hear chairman of the board (S.R ) said to his leadership team. This isn't a F'ing funeral. Who cares about those employees. I have a business to run

Return To Work

Ambassadors – We are excited that our Florida parks will be reopening soon and want to keep you updated on the return-to-work process. While we are very much looking forward to your return, the first step in this process is to determine... —  read more 

What now?

At the end of this month, no more extra unemployment payout - and so many of us depended on that to survive. What do we do then if we are not called back (and it doesn't look likely that we will be called back any time soon?) This situation is... —  read more 

Possible SWSA shutdown?

Texas is under fire as case rises and Bexar county (where SWSA is located) is quickly rising in cases as well. Any chance you think the park shuts down? Will they allow a single park to shut down or will all other major SW parks need to close as... —  read more 

Our CEO is SR Puppet

Why doesn't M.S. give us that are furloughed a letter or message? He does everything mean S.R. says. M.S. you have children would you like them treated this way. Be nice and let us know if we can have hope. How do you sleep at night? Be nice. I... —  read more 

When to know we are out?

From my sources. In Tampa, people will be called back in three waves. I do not know when those will happen but, if you have not been called back after the third wave, you are out. Found this info in another thread - is this only for Tampa or... —  read more

can someone start a Disney has one saying they no want to go back to work yet. It is on the news. Can we have one saying we want severance or to know when we will return? Seaworld doesn't care about us. No communication to us. Our... —  read more 

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