Topics regarding layoffs at SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

I want to come back

So after a year being laid off I recently tried to reapply and when I did it automatically says not selected AS SOON AS I FINISHED APPLYING I don’t get it? Don’t make fun of me bcus I want to go back I really miss it but I don’t understand why I’m... —  read more 

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Morale is so bad

It's like living a bad dream. I have absolutely no motivation and still find it hard to accept how devastated this company is. I used to come to work smiling, and now... I can barely stand it. What about you? The job is very hard to find, at least... —  read more 

Orlando get together

March 13th will be a year since we were sent home never to return. Let's get together at millers al house on Idrive on Saturday March 13th at 7pm on the patio. Tell everyone. Lets celebrate each other.

Disappointed with peers

When the head of HR has to send a statement “strongly” advising employees to follow CDC guidelines “outside” the workplace, and I see on FB that many still are not, I get angry. It’s really disappointing. I thought the people I respected and admired... —  read more 

Are things getting better?

Does it look like Seaworld is going to start calling people back any time soon? I'm worried about my brother, he still hasn't found a replacement job and is not really looking that hard since he's hoping to get that call. And I'm not really sure that... —  read more 

Funny "Business"

Nearly 1,000 employees lost jobs at BGT in FL. Statements to those affected and to local media all cite "due to Covid." I guess because they winnings so many people they can now afford to buy air time on local radio to advertise that they're... —  read more 

Liars for rehiring

My friend who was let go like me tried to work again at sea world so he applied and they said they weren’t going to follow through with the application process but my friend who’s new applied and is in training R U KIDDING ME


You really think changing your postings to one day of availability will change anything? You don't think that I have every req number ever posted documented? Hilarious if you really think that hiring under false availability pretense is going to be... —  read more 

It was time to let go

I was involved in the last round of furloughs. I knew I wasn’t going to return, knew none of us were - but in the beginning I had hope. Then that hope turned to anger, then despair, then sadness. There comes a time when you HAVE to move on because if... —  read more 


Guess what is not legal? Orchestrating and posting positions/hiring for favored people who absolutely do not meet the five day unrestricted availability requirement for new trainers while so many are furloughed. Don't worry HR we all know who... —  read more 


SeaWorld is hiring new employees after mass layoffs SeaWorld Entertainment is in hiring mode shortly after it permanently laid off about 1,900 furloughed employees in Orlando and 1,000 in Tampa Bay earlier this... —  read more 

Attorney found

I found an attorney who says their firm will represent us. 2 things Our "accrued" vacation hours they didn't give us this year. We acrrued our vacation last year for this year. They didn't change the policy online until February. THAT'S... —  read more 

I Support You!

My sympathies to those of you laid off. I support you 100%. You made our visits enjoyable. It is anything but now. I'm still waiting for a large partial refund they agreed to in June. They don't care about their customers, either. I won't be... —  read more 

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