Topics regarding layoffs at ServiceMaster

Topics regarding layoffs at ServiceMaster

I heard...

I heard Rob is totally retired. I was several levels below him and although funny, he didn't know the business at all and was reluctant to engage in conversations with customers because of it so he simply stayed in the home office and bounced a... — read more 

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just looking up a person

Hey, whatever happened to that little midget, Rob Keith. He certainly was a funny guy but couldn't manage a bake sale. Just wondering if the dwarf is still with ServiceMaster. Got to give it to him, he survived by hiring the Chairman and the CEO's... — read more 

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2007 was brutal

We cut around 300 people, almost 100 in corporate office (Memphis). Layoffs continue, but we are doing much better now days.

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ServiceMaster Layoff Process

ServiceMaster is awesome - except when they let you go. My job was eliminated in 2009 and the whole process was handled very poorly - HR was bad and my mgr was just silent, they did not handle my case very well.

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Not over yet...

IT, HR, and other misc. positions have been eliminated today and rumor is that they are not finished yet either. Expect more layoffs tomorrow and Friday, especially tomorrow..

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they continue to make catastrophic errors. it's as if they view their HUMAN resources as any other resource and can increase or decrease their inventory levels whenever they feel the need through hiring and firing. are they incapable of learning from... — read more 

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Left in 2009

Many dear friends are still there. Used to be a great company. Who's affected by the cuts? What locations? What levels? What a shame.

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in the news

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Wide downsizing, up to 10%

65 actual workers were cut. 40 open vacant positions will not be filled. The corporate will be reorged. This more or less boils down to 10% of the overall staff. Trugreen will be spun off, it's independent as of 1/4 anyway.

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