Topics regarding layoffs at Shaw Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Shaw Communications Inc.

Here we go

It's ten percent now but if this continues I wouldn't be surprised to see that number increase significantly. Calgary-based Shaw Communications announced Tuesday that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the company to temporarily lay off 10 per cent... — read more 

Shaw My Workday Login

Shaw Workday not working again. Also, when it works Workday is running so slow. Honestly, this is so frustrating. If any tech people are reading this you should know that people in the field are not happy with the way how things are panning out. Get... — read more 

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cold blood corporations

Shaw used to runned like 'family' business. now it's a cold blood corporation like the banks ,insurance companies and car industry. the managers, CEO, VP have no loyalty to the 'company' vision and are short term profit bonus motivated. these days... — read more 

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very corrupted company

Shaw is getting worse and worse every year, both for customers and employees. I worked for shaw for 6 years and saw a lot of great people laid off or in a lot of cases fired right before the layoff to avoid paying the severance. The managers in sales... — read more 

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pathetic company

So I have been an employee for quite some time and I have gone through a few mass layoffs. Why would you want to leave the front line in retail or call centre, to move up in the company when you get chopped off at the knees every three years or so... — read more 

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200 job cuts in Shaw (2016)

Shaw Communications have just announced - they will be cutting two hundred jobs all across Canada, unionized and non-unionized both. I heard more than a hundred people will be laid off in British Columbia, don't know which other sites are impacted... — read more 

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Good luck to all

Former service tech. here, I just wanted to wish you all good luck. I witnessed the 2015 reorg. charade, and watched a lot of seniors and a lot of good performers leave, so I know how you feel now. The company was simply not the same afterwards... — read more 

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Cord cutting problems

Shaw has been struggling as people are cutting cable and they are still very expensive, but we'll see what happens in 2016 - maybe they will be able to grow but not sure how, they will lay you off only if you have zero work which happens rarely

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CEO comes and go

new ceo every 3-5 years. CEO temporary employees and have no loyalty to employees, customers, or even investors. they make their bonus and go on to their next kill.

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Constant Layoffs

Was laid off twice at Shaw in my 2 and a bit years there. Seems to happen every 6 to 10 months and a big one every 2 years, definitely helps fight the union talk that they train their leaders to avoid. So happy to have only experienced that culture... — read more 

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Delaying severance payments???

I heard that people who were supposed to receive their severance was offered to stay longer. It seems Shaw is getting cold feet in paying out. People already checked out when they were told they will get cut in Spring. People planned vacations... — read more 

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