Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

No Americans on EC

In spite of the corporation making most of its money in the Americas, there are zero people on the EC that are US based or American since Jessica resigned. I noticed that in the MOR as well, Americans and US based staff do not get as many... —  read more 

Hiring Freeze

I was recently offered a job with Shell through a staffing agency. I was going through all the steps with paperwork, a photo for my new badge, etc. then I get a call yesterday that a hiring freeze is now in effect and I no longer have a job offer... —  read more 

PSP award

I’ve been with the company for over 10 years (currently JG4) and have never gotten share awards. After getting a higher rating for the first time, I asked my line manager about getting PSP and he brushed it off saying “it’s very competitive” for... —  read more 

GOM exploration

I heard all jg2 TLs have got promoted, and are hiring more people, thought exploration was on its deathbed in Shell...obviously not in the USA...or am i missing some underhand cut that is coming?

No new member of the EC?

So, no Integrated/Renewables Director on the EC to fill the gap left by Wael moving to the top job. Is Wael having a battle with the board because he wants to restructure the EC (split gas and renewables?) or - dramatic music - he's bringing someone... —  read more 

New IPF system

Wondering what people’s thoughts on this new IPF system are… it’s so hard to get anything other than the default strong rating it’s super demotivating. Why work hard if all your going to get is the default? Also it makes it so when reorg time happens... —  read more 

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