Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Topics regarding layoffs at Shell Oil

Deer Park Chemicals

I heard Deer Park Chemicals is about to be offloaded similar to what the Refinery went through two years ago. I heard the fire, reliability and cost are the main reasons. Anyone else hear anything?

SCT layoffs

Well they finally made the announcement, and not just an announcement to say they have announcement coming. The site GM finally laid out a timeline for when layoffs will be taking place. It's going to be rough summer for the folks in Canada. They... — read more 

Layoffs in M&A

finally. Giving the many missteps and poorly time decisions they have done along with strategy in the last few decades it is about time to clean house on this one ......

Kudos to Wael

I continue to be impressed by Wael Sawan's approach as CEO. His unapologetic focus on profitability over the past year has been very welcome. An intentional shift away from questionable "green energy" strategies such as retail power in Europe/UK... — read more 

Any layoffs update?

Any new info on layoffs? Who else beside low carbon unit guys is being sacked? I feel like I have been living under a rock since December, I haven't heard much. Instructions are coming this week. Are some already in?

New IPF system su-ks

Preaching to the choir, I know. The thing that bothers me the most about the new ranking system is I have NO IDEA where I rank among my peers when I get “Strong” year after year with little feedback from line manager other than trite BS like “keep... — read more 

No Severance this time?

There is a rumor that with the upcoming staff cuts the typical 3 weeks per yr of service wont be offered and only the legal minimum would be.. Also no volunteers either, they will tell you that you have been cut... Very different from past reorgs... — read more 

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