Topics regarding layoffs at ShopKo Stores

Topics regarding layoffs at ShopKo Stores

Workers Comp Claim

I stayed with Shopko until 6/23. I am curious if anyone knows who I can call to get a previous workers comp case closed from 2009. This was due to an injury on site. I am having issues with Medicare due to it still being open.

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Where's my severance?

It looks like the court actually approved the corporate severance package, where's mine? I was assured from my DM, HR and signed a contract. How is it not fraudulent/criminal to take $179 million from an insolvent company? They caused 15,000 to lose... —  read more 

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Our store is a ghost town

So many people have already left, that it's getting much harder to actually do anything. I'm not sure how they plan to keep going for another week, not to mention until June, if it continues like this. But it's not as if anybody cares, or so it... —  read more 

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Severance Agreements

I worked at the West Bend, WI store and closed on April 22nd. That very day, we got an email saying that Phase 1-3 stores (that got and signed off on the severance agreement paperwork) will for sure be getting them. Phases 4-7 won't. Strangely, our... —  read more 

the optical

Where are the optometrists going? Where are the all of the optical records going to? What about the warranty on our glasses? repairs?

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No severance,really?

Just heard via Shopko head office rumors are there will be no severance pay now. Anyone else have info on this ? I Felt that this was too important of a question to remain buried in the replies of another thread. Can anybody confirm this to ne a... —  read more 

Still in shock

Am I the only one who is still in shock over this? The only one who really didn't expect this will be the end for the entire ShopKo? It's not even about losing my job, I'm not worried about being able to find a replacement soon enough, I just didn't... —  read more 

Where to now?

I've been looking around this page, and I can't find any retailers who are not having major closings or layoffs all the time and who do not treat their employees like c-ap. Sears, Walmart, Lowe's, JCPenney... So where do we go from here? Is there a... —  read more 

The most wonderful people

I Began working at Shopko in Utah in 1988 when they first came here. I worked in Ogden, then I helped open up Riverdale met some incredible people, in fact best friends… In 05 I went to Layton and there I’ve been ever since! The most wonderful people... —  read more 

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The real villian

while Amazon, walmart, target etc. played a large role in the decline of the company, let's not forget who's fault this truly is..... Sun Capital. between the million dollar quarterly "consulting fees" as well as numerous other tactics they employed... —  read more 

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Severance eaten by taxes?

I worked at Shopko for about 8 years in Provo Utah. Don't take the severance deal if they offer it you will regret it. After taxes it amounts to almost nothing you would be better off just collecting unemployment. Is this true? Don't you get most of... —  read more 

As we get ready to move on...

Get ready my fellow ShopKo peeps - once we are laid off, we will be going to other companies to interview and we will have to explain why we do not have jobs. Luckily, the news about total closure is all over the news, so hopefully the person... —  read more 

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When will this end?

Will we ever be able to relax again and actually do our work, or will we have to continue worrying about our stores and whether they will be closing this or the following month for good from now on? We used to have job security at ShopKo. We used to... —  read more 

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WARN filed in Winsconsin

Impact / Layoffs: Beloit, 58 workers Delavan, 52 workers DePere, 48 workers Kenosha, 52 Kimberly, 61 Marinette, 56 Monona, 56 Racine, 52 Rhinelander, 40 Sheboygan, 53 Watertown, 52

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Here we go

Shopko filed Chapter 11. Not that this comes as any surprise to any of us, we saw this coming miles away. What I'm worried about now is how this will affect severances for both stores that were already been announced to be closing and those that will... —  read more 

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