Topics regarding layoffs at ShopKo Stores

Topics regarding layoffs at ShopKo Stores


What kind of severance is being offered by Shopko to people in closing stores? I know what the official package is supposed to be like, but it would be great to have confirmation from somebody who knows first hand. Also, who is eligible for it? Is it... —  read more 

Severance Agreements

I worked at the West Bend, WI store and closed on April 22nd. That very day, we got an email saying that Phase 1-3 stores (that got and signed off on the severance agreement paperwork) will for sure be getting them. Phases 4-7 won't. Strangely, our... —  read more 

Still in shock

Am I the only one who is still in shock over this? The only one who really didn't expect this will be the end for the entire ShopKo? It's not even about losing my job, I'm not worried about being able to find a replacement soon enough, I just didn't... —  read more 

No severance,really?

Just heard via Shopko head office rumors are there will be no severance pay now. Anyone else have info on this ? I Felt that this was too important of a question to remain buried in the replies of another thread. Can anybody confirm this to ne a... —  read more 

Severance eaten by taxes?

I worked at Shopko for about 8 years in Provo Utah. Don't take the severance deal if they offer it you will regret it. After taxes it amounts to almost nothing you would be better off just collecting unemployment. Is this true? Don't you get most of... —  read more 

Where to now?

I've been looking around this page, and I can't find any retailers who are not having major closings or layoffs all the time and who do not treat their employees like c-ap. Sears, Walmart, Lowe's, JCPenney... So where do we go from here? Is there a... —  read more 

The real villian

while Amazon, walmart, target etc. played a large role in the decline of the company, let's not forget who's fault this truly is..... Sun Capital. between the million dollar quarterly "consulting fees" as well as numerous other tactics they employed... —  read more 

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When will this end?

Will we ever be able to relax again and actually do our work, or will we have to continue worrying about our stores and whether they will be closing this or the following month for good from now on? We used to have job security at ShopKo. We used to... —  read more 

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Here we go

Shopko filed Chapter 11. Not that this comes as any surprise to any of us, we saw this coming miles away. What I'm worried about now is how this will affect severances for both stores that were already been announced to be closing and those that will... —  read more 

Is it going to stay at 39?

Do we know if the 39 stores originally announced by Shopko are it or is this just a beginning? I keep worrying that I'm going to hear from my GM any moment now to let me know we are closing as well. I know I'm probably panicking for no reason, but it... —  read more 

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Green Bay Shopko layoffs

2015 definitely is bad for Shopko employees. Last week a friend plus 25 others were let go in Green Bay. He worked there for 30 years. Shopko wants loyalty from their employees. Where is their loyalty?

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Shopko cuts pricing team! Only pre notice was in an email with other communications! And then three days later boom!! Cut hours by 40 percent

In an area that had two full time and two part time teammates ! Hardly any hours left for a full time supervisor!! Last month they cut customer service managers. The service desk will be eliminated next and after that who knows!! Pretty soon there... —  read more 

40 laid off (October 2014)

40 folks were let go at the Corp office. All levels and dpts were affected. Severance and outplacement to be provided. It sucks. Big time. 2014 is a horrible year, and 2015 will be even worse.

This was expected

Did anybody really think that with the way we've been doing business lately, we'd end up anywhere but exactly where we are right now - at the bottom? Is there anything that isn't outdated at Shopko? Stores certainly are, our business practices are... —  read more 

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