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Sikorsky Paradox

sikorsky is always hiring as they are always terminating. they even hire while doing lay-offs. it doesn't mean anything. LM always had plans to make the corp a skeleton crew for military based aircraft. once they fulfill their commercial... —  read more 

What will be next?

Coatesville closing came as a complete shock to me, to be honest. I didn't see it coming. You can call me naive, but I didn't. Which makes me wonder, what other locations Sikorsky (or Lockheed Martin - to be more precise) could be closing soon... —  read more 

Can somebody confirm?

Can somebody from West Palm Beach confirm that only 120 people are being laid off by Sikorsky instead of the announced 500? Call me paranoid, but lately I have trouble believing anything that has any kind of official stamp to it. It would be good to... —  read more 

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Announcing Layoffs

As we had announced in July, Sikorsky is consolidating operations and is not renewing our lease for the Florida Assembly and Flight Operations (FAFO) property in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is due to substantial workload reductions at FAFO and to... —  read more 

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500 WARN in FL

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company Number of Laid off Employees: 500 Address 1: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Address 2: 17900 Bee Line Hwy. City: Jupiter, FL WARN Notice Date: Thu 08/02/2018 Layoff From:... —  read more 

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Sikorsky FAFO DEC 31st?

Teamsters local 1150 / Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin Please please stop this madness. Man up and tell your employees what is going on! Do we need to look for new jobs? Find cheaper living? Sell our homes? Pay for a loved ones medical condition? Take... —  read more 

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Much more to the story

Sikorsky has known about wpb plant closure since before we negotiated our last contract. That is ridiculous that the company withheld this information till recently. We all have to understand the company that we work for and their lack of respect for... —  read more 

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Union Busting 101

I think LM's incompetence will work in our favor. Once they realize that logistically, what they are trying to achieve is impossible. Couple that with the beginning of a severe labor shortage and presto, LM needs more workers of meet delivery... —  read more 

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Sikorsky 2018 Layoff

By now we all have a vague idea of what is going on. Hopefully we can learn more between the next 2 Union meetings. A lot of rumors and conflicting stories out there right now. What have you heard? Do you think that a 2nd wave will close FL? Or do... —  read more 

Strike time???

Poland and Turkey are building over 300 of our Blackhawks!!! Those would save our jobs!!! Time to call President Trump to bring those jobs back so we don't have a layoff or strike in his own back yard!!!! Our plant is 20 minutes from Mar-A-Lago. A... —  read more 

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Layoff Hardships and Duress???

I wonder how long it's going to be before an aspiring (and hungry) attorney looks at our situation and concludes that all of us and our families are suffering extreme hardships, duress, anxiety, etc. over how LM is treating us and just might be... —  read more 

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