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Will layoffs in Europe spread to us?

Sony is cutting Playstation staff in Europe and now I'm worried we might be next. Any ideas if something might be coming our way or is this just an isolated incident? (And by our way I mean California.) I definitely didn't need another thing to... —  read more 

Major layoffs at Sony Pictures TV

Anybody here knows more about this? How many constitutes a "bloodbath?" There are no numbers available on the size of the layoffs, though one insider described the situation as a “bloodbath.” I hear there are a number of Sony TV veterans of 20-plus... —  read more 

The hits keep coming

Now its marketing and distribution department at Sony Pictures. Looks like nobody is safe at Sony right now. Last month it was television, after that Crackle, now marketing and distribution... Anybody has any info or ideas on what might be next on... —  read more 

400 downsized in Rancho Bernardo / San Diego

Sand Diego hit - 400 to leave. 1,000 overall in the US - close 20 stores, Fashion Valley to be closed, UTC mall to be closed. Not sure how numbers add up, it was announced a few weeks ago that we'll cut 1,500 jobs in Japan, 3,500 globally, don't know... —  read more 

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Layoff at Sony DADC facility in Terre Haute

FYI - Layoff at Sony DADC facility in Terre Haute. They are outsourcing the music and video manufacturing. Anyone know any more about this? —  read more 

More layoffs at Sony Pictures Television

More Sony layoffs, only this time it's international TV operations that are getting hit. No word on how many exactly, but when word "restructuring" is being used, then you know it will be something huge. It'll be nice if somebody who knows more would... —  read more 

Sony Layoffs

Sony Online Entertainment cut hundreds late last year, there will be more layoffs in Q1, I think we are set to let go thousands this year (all of Sony) - just do your job and hope for best

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