Topics regarding layoffs at Sophos

Topics regarding layoffs at Sophos

Sophos Out Sourcing

The IT 'Sweatshop' movement.. 'Sophos', Layoffs and Outsourcing. It wasn't that long ago we were discussed by cheap labor and outsourced jobs that supplied our branded clothes and designer footwear. It's still going on, and this I know is... —  read more 

poorly run company

sophos' greatest asset is it's people, with the exception of their sales leadership in the upper echelons. none of this is surprising to say the least, especially given TB's history. it's more surprising they didn't get rid of the head of the snake... —  read more 

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About 500 people laid off

They do this every year. With Thoma Bravo they can be even more courageous. They dont care how much effort you put in and what you go through. Pretty inhumane esoecially during a global pandemic. Most govertments are supporting businesses to not lay... —  read more 

You can sue

A company cannot in most cases use restructuring as an excuse to fire you. Even if there is an “at will” clause, a more sufficient reason must be given. Restructuring unless the entire team was fired lends itself to a host of discriminatory issues. I... —  read more 

Thoma Bravo

Thoma Bravo does this literally with every purchase. This is the harsh reality of venture capital and what this person is saying is 100% true in the case of Sophos. Try this search of this website, you'll figure out how many companies TB is... —  read more 

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We got the call in Canada and then got an email with severance details. Pretty shocking considering if you just got a Q4 bonus and talks of moving up and you are the only one in NA with your position. Complete nonsense. They should also owe us the... —  read more 

layoff feelings

they just called yesterday AM and said 7 on team laid off. Till Tuesday PM, it was work as usual. weekly calls from the C level guy seemed as if everything was great and there is no scare which was the worst part. the mac was locked with some... —  read more 

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