Topics regarding layoffs at South University

Topics regarding layoffs at South University

South selling off?

South and Education Principal Foundation not supporting of faculty or staff. With 40 plus layoffs before TG. Happy holidays! Could they be setting up for a sell off?

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Zombie College?

Judging by the most recent available tax forms, South University looks dead, fueled only by government funds and the pain of student debtors.

"The Colbeck Treatment"

"Despite being implicated in what Variety called a "Ponzi scheme" only three years earlier, Colbeck Capital's shell non-profit was able to get approval from the US Department of Education to acquire the schools." —  read more 

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The Colbeck Scandal

"So what’s the end game with these failing schools, and what is the federal government doing to oversee the money the Trump Administration spent on these schools? More importantly, what’s happening to the students and those who will have to pay back... —  read more 

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Studio Enterprise

An accurate video depiction of what South University is paying Studio Enterprise $20 million a year for?

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Worst Job Ever?

What's the end game on this line of thinking? "The students know the school is a scam and they are only signing up for the student loan stipend checks. Everyone who works there is fully aware of this as... —  read more 

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From one disaster to another

Boss told us that we will be teaching students from another university that closed down. Students are going from one shady school to another. Why would anyone in education allow this? Have some decency and let these students have a shot at a real... —  read more 

Student X

How do you rationalize your work at South?

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Imagine what your success looks like?

Then go to [] to see yourself a totally indebted miserable South University facilitated failure. Start with plugging in "South University Online" and you tell me? (Of course, look 'em up before you sign up)

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Students at South University---CUT BAIT!!!

The tide has finally turned and the Conservative press articulates the clear and present danger of this so-called school....Students Beware!!! Lots of better and LEGITIMATE choices. There's still time to cancel the deal and get your money back. But... —  read more 

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Old info proves a point

Florida Business Daily is using info from 2017-18 to promote South University.

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Will BAS ever pay any health claims? They haven’t so far and calling them is a waste of time. They just read off a script with some nonsense about the receivership. New policy in May doesn’t pay the bills from Jan-April. Can’t get a straight answer... —  read more 

The Student's in NC

Does anyone know where the Students at South in High Point NC are going? I know some students can not afford to go out of state. Is there any contact information about this? If so, who would I call?

South dating game

The finance manager Naomi is having a inappropriate relationship with an AR on Turneys team. The whole campus knows and it's very disappointing a woman in management is representing women leadership so poorly. She is using the floor as a dating... —  read more 

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