Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

FTC delays merger

Show more companies April 5 (Reuters) - Chesapeake Energy (CHK.O), and Southwestern Energy (SWN.N), said on Friday the closing date of their proposed $7.4 billion merger has been pushed back to the second half of the year after receiving a U.S... — read more 


The FTC gives the thumbs up in the next week or two to move forward with the merger Deal closes in May 80% of SWN is let go along with 20% of CHK Only a handful of people accept relocation to or from Hou/OKC We all live happily ever... — read more 

“The List”

Folks. As a reminder, please use the secure print feature we all are supposed to use for confidential document printing. I stumbled upon “the list” which is the list of everyone who will be laid off in the coming weeks. For your convenience I have... — read more 

Energy Drive open house!

Say it ain’t so! As per the memo, the building will be having an open house later this week for prospective tenants since SWN is no more. Most will be terminated or forced to move to OKC. Biggest rumor I’m hearing is that Gallery Furniture looking... — read more 

B Way

Big Bill is an icon in the energy industry! His decision making skills and leadership are a testament to his years of experience. His ability to lead the charge during tough times are only one of the ways he has proven his value to SWN and its... — read more 

Project 658

Ok so we lost $658MM last year. Boo hoo. Was bcc on an email titled Project 658. Basically total headcount to be cut with merger is you guessed it 658. Across all teams all assets. That was a handshake deal between CEOs was how much SWN lost would... — read more 

Sword of Damocles

Is anyone else getting tired of waiting to see what the future brings? I mean tell me something! Do I have a job or don't I? If not, let's just get on with it, so I can start looking for a new one. This waiting is ki-ling me.

Layoff Timing?

Do we have to wait until the deal officially closes (6-9 months) before we can receive severance packages and move on? I’d like to start my job search here in Houston ASAP but no employer will want to wait that long for me to start. It’s been a... — read more 

Corporate roles?

So will the corporate roles that have hung on for so long finally see the lights go out? No need for duplicate HR, IT, etc.; though expect some holdover will occur for continuity.

You will be surprised

To hear that a former CEO (and no it’s not Bill) and a VC firm are starting up a new E&P company in 2024 after the merger is done and we clear out of the Spring office. Source: Overheard in church today where that CEO attends. Just going to say... — read more 

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