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When is it happening?

Since this site is to talk about potential layoffs rather than fart sniffers and useless business analytics, I’ll ask this... why are all the conference rooms booked up on Thursday?

Any news on next round of layoffs?

Any news on next round of layoffs? My dad works at Southwestern Energy, but when I try to get something out of him regarding what's going on at work, he lately mostly clams up. Can't figure out if its only the increased stress at work or if he is... read more


Good luck to this guy. I don't know why we had to go outside and let's just say that his resume makes me take a wait and see. Nice compensation if you can get it. Did he high five those that have been and will be losing their jobs while he was... read more

on SWN from BBG

By Bloomberg Automation (Bloomberg) — Activist investors bought more shares of Southwestern Energy Co. than any other company in the fourth quarter and sold Encana Corp. The investment firms added 13.7 million shares of Southwestern Energy, boosting... read more

Fayetteville Options

We were told that we’d hear more about Fayetteville’s fate when we release our numbers in another week or so. Three options as I see it with some of this news possibly given to us by the end of this month: Sell upstream and DGC - many months before... read more

Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

So is there some legitimate path towards bankruptcy here that management is not disclosing? Because all material that is put out by company suggests continuously strengthening balance sheet, but equity markets suggest the infamous death spiral.

Houston or Atlanta

The best job prospects are either in Houston or Atlanta. Networking and being mobile are important even though you grew up in Cut-n-Shoot and that’s where the family is.

Get over with it already

I wish they would start tomorrow. I hate the thought of waiting 10 weeks to figure out if I need a new job or not. They shouldn’t have said anything like that. Just put many in a constant state of worry.


Leaks from business development confirm SWN is merging with Gulfport. Thoughts on how this will work?

Head Heart and Layoffs!

What are all the lower mid level “managers” going to do when they have to start working again and not just go to innovation retreats?

Layoff Consultants

Yes they’re selling Fayetteville. Yes layoffs are coming. They’re bringing in consultants to help determine how to reduce costs and they will give a layoff head count recommendation by discipline. Layoffs will be company wide and no one is... read more

Takeaways from town hall

Strategic options for Fayetteville just sounds like sell the Fayetteville. Seemed like a poor disguise for that. Organizational changes to reduce costs just sounds like layoffs. I’ve been on the train that layoffs won’t happen, but this worries me. I... read more


With the finalists for the presidents award being announced ("the highest honor at swn") I think they missed a couple. Bill way for best try, as he tried on the stock price but failed miserably, bill way for spirit of swn as he has is the only one... read more

Stock price

Ok, so what am I missing, that the market understands? Stock price has been falling like a rock, but SWN has successfully renegotiated its debt, earliest due 2022; has approx 1 billion in cash for ample liquidity; and is able to moderately grow... read more

Gas Prices Market and stockholders understand.


We have the wRong people (primarily Way and silent Board) doing the wRong things (see the magic 8 ball post for a good description). I’m hopeful for all to keep their jobs and succeed but highly doubt that can happen. What’s the big delay in issuing... read more

No answers and continued spin

Strategy work never ends. Way keeps shaking the Magic 8-ball asking it what to do. He restarts strategy work over when he gets the "Don't count on it" and "Cannot predict now" responses. Really, how many times and how many weeks does 5 need to spend... read more

Layoffs don't come without a big price tag

Layoffs don't come without a big price tag. If you assume 60 days pay to honor WARN laws for each employee who is let go, then two weeks for every year of service for each employee who is let go, that's a big chunk of money for employees that will be... read more

New COO - dominos falling

He may be great, but is he really needed? He makes almost $600k in salary plus at least that much in bonus and $3.2 mil in stock. Last I looked, EP was about to go under, gas prices were struggling to get to $3 and our stock was in the can. May be... read more

SWN Corporate-Lack of Christmas Decorations

Since corporate has been in Spring, every Christmas season the office is decked out with lavish Christmas decor. Now, it looks sad in comparison to past years. Is this a clue of what's in store for SWN, major cutbacks in the near future.


Does anyone have any insight into bonus levels? I've heard they could quite a bit lower than last year since last year's goals were so low and it was partly a make up year for terrible bonuses in early 2016. Either way the Board may be trying to pull... read more

Bill Way - Loser Personified!

Bill Way was named CEO of this company in January of 2016, just before he laid off 1200 employees. Well, it has been almost two years and this CEO has done nothing to turn around this company. He must be removed and his position filled with a True... read more


As stock really craters with warm winter forecast and persistent gas over supply hearing more and louder rumblings of sale and layoffs..even a merger.

1st executive team assist gone

Will miss RS. As I am sure everyone will. She is/was an awesome co-worker and the lose of her will be felt for a while! What does the board say about so many on that floor jumping ship? You would think at some point they would step in...

Boardwalk Fayetteville revised

Effective Nov 1, 2017, this new agreement is anticipated to offer savings of about $70 million from 2017 through 2020. This takes into account savings of about $45 million in 2018 through the reduction of current excess capacity, while assuring... read more


Southwestern Energy - on Sept 11, co entered into amendment no. 1 to $1,191 million secured term loan facility and $743 million unsecured revolving facility Southwestern Energy Co - amendment modifying mandatory prepayment and commitment reduction... read more

Labor Day

I'm sure Way is resting from all of his hard work over the past year. It takes a lot of energy to destroy so much value and put our share price in the tank. Really, why does he have any days off? Unfortunately, his buffoon style of running a company... read more

Finally Closed Houston Office

Tell me why we receive HSE alerts and near hit alerts every 10 minutes if someone breaks wind on a rig, but when the worst flooding to ever hit Houston occurs we do not close the office early Friday then wait to close Monday until the last minute... read more

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