Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

No layoffs?

Weren't there supposed to be layoffs today? Another rumor gone wrong? Or has something happened that I somehow missed (which I seriously doubt)?

RSG will equal LAYOFFS

Howdy all. RSG will equal layoffs by end of year. To that I say as a member of the WV production team I contribute RSG every day around 7AM. Usually purge a big ol breakfast made from scratch by wife or when my GF is not. Have been told that my RSG... —  read more 

WFH POLICY update this week!

Happy Monday (not so) Funday! Well, here’s the deal, folks. In this time of pandemic uncertainty, we’re moving several folks to “WFH” status, actually with the W part removed. This really just means “from home” and stuff. The work part won’t be... —  read more 


With inflation through the roof and our industry clearly in the scope of the White House, what is the long term specter on significant raises around here before 4th of July? I, for one, only received 6% raise this year, which is half of the inflation... —  read more 

Light in the loafers

So was at an industry engineering conference this week. I’m fairly new to Southwest so thought I could get some insight into our company from a peers perspective. Someone said rather openly that our CEO was quote “light in the loafers”. What does... —  read more 

Total incompetence

Management is using every opportunity to show employees how little they respect us and how much they don't care about us and they're shocked when productivity goes down. It makes me laugh how out of touch and incompetent everybody at every management... —  read more 

SWN and Twitter

Rumor has it that Musk is inspired by all of Ways layoffs (7 in the last 7 years) and he will be doing the same model for Twitter once he owns it. Seems logical, right? Way and Musk are two peas in a pod!

2 weeks out

Just heard from a legit source we are 2 weeks out from layoffs. It is a really big deal given the environment. Start paying attention to those around you. Be careful who you share this news with cause if you reference this board you will likely be... —  read more 

Hello Former Employees

This thread is a call to former employees aka alumni who were laid off or quit cause they got tired of the insanity rampant since 2015. Those of us who remain, like me, aren’t sure what to expect post SWN. Tell us your stories. We know there are... —  read more 

Oh Sheetz

It’s 2002 and I can’t believe I have tell you this. The Golden Rule applies at work and what starts with and “L” and ends in a “Y” will come full circle this week for staff that is not earning their paycheck. This will be from leaders to land to IT. ... —  read more 

Field vs Corporate

Ok folks. Here goes. We all know about the dichotomy in these organizations of “field vs corporate”….. blah blah blah….. “Field operates like the wild Wild West..”…..”Corporate is so out of touch and bloated with unnecessary fat….” Well, it’s time... —  read more 

Levers and Leverage

Just read the earnings transcript instead of listening to the pastor drone on and on about greed is sin. Blah blah blah. WJW and CC are not getting this by any of us in the know. If I read it once I read it a dozen times that each used the words... —  read more 

I was laid off

I was laid off in 2020 and so glad as my career is better off today. I love this website and this board. I know the crew of 6 that post their heart and soul on this board. I still talk with them regularly. One of them asked me if Bill was a fish... —  read more 

Project 99

That’s the code (not the Grand Parkway) for next layoff. If you guessed 99 is total # for 2022 then pick up your prize in a white legal size envelope. Thanks for playing along.

Tuesday 2/1

Is the day. Nice and clean. You will NOT, I repeat, you will not be getting paid for Tuesday. 1/31 is last pay day. 2/28 is last day of benefits. No severance.

Ever since 2016

Ever since the first big layoff in 2016, oh my 6 years ago, I sat in my office and laughed at those poor suckers. Each layoff since laughed even harder. Going to be laughing again REAL soon.

No layoffs

Please don't scare people for no reason. If there were to be any layoffs this week, they would have happened by now. I don't remember that SWN ever had layoffs later in the week. It's either Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are among those who were... —  read more 

V+ ?

SWN down 40% since he took over as CEO ($7.65 to current). Way over his head! He has the reverse midas touch. How can investors and Board be okay with that? He is a laughing stock within the industry. Other CEOs can't stand him - esp those that... —  read more 

Layoffs this week?

Well, it should be an interesting week. I have it on good authority that layoffs are a go for this week. White packets being assembled in the HR war room. No WARN required based on numbers. Godspeed to all.

Whose Ready For A New CEO

Count me in! I am ready for “5 buck Bill” to hit the unemployment line. He has ruined our once great company starting WAY back in 2016 as CEO. Correct if I am wrong but the stock price has historically gone down down down with him as a CEO. I am... —  read more 

Furlough Feint

I have it on good authority that the talk about furloughs was a feint - inside job - to distract from the February freeze of pay raises, travel, hiring, interns, and bonuses - delayed until third quarter. Sounds like layoffs won’t happen if the... —  read more 

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