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Pitiful site

Potty humor, whining, 6 yr olds on this website that have never have anything meaningful to say who are a large part of the downfall of SWN.

I Protested!

I protested by myself by the SWN building. I got angry and kicked a wall. I injured my foot and went to ER. I explained to the doctor why I injured my foot. He looked at me and said , well, my foot was still injured. So unfair!

Executive cost cutting

One of my contractors called me about an email they got about reducing pricing by at least thirty percent. I might not even have a job in a while and I have to tell them to cut costs. Lolll. Any of the big wigs in Texas reducing their salary and... —  read more 

Layoff packages this week?

The news I’m hearing is somewhat promising considering everything. At least a bit of severance will be offered along with health care for 60 days despite the BOD recommending to cut off after 7 days. I’m hearing approx 65 people in Spring will he... —  read more 

Bid For A Layoff

Just saw an email that we will have a bid for layoff option just like Oxy did a few weeks ago. How about that? I am crunching my numbers so when I can bid I will. Who is with me!!

Layoffs In Appalachia

At least 3 of us so far and we compared severance and from what we can tell better than 2016. No love lost or hard feelings. It’s the biz.

1Q 2020 Analyst Call “Wayisms”

Stay tuned here, to catch all the buzzwords and CEO business school phrases from our CEO. Get it here first, in this historic “live tweet” event. Will there be imminent layoffs due to more cost cutting?

It’s getting late early

Some truths: the fact that this outfit has essentially been a one trick pony for so long will finally be the death blow of this company. There are no magic levers that can be activated to offset the historic plummet of the oil and gas markets... —  read more 

The Latest Will Be Furloughs

Mgmt knows they need us. Don’t want to spend money on severance equals furloughs. When will be before upcoming investor call. Remember this post.

Chapter 11 strategy?

Will the filing this week help us in the long run? Any chance Way is doing this to save his job or hill is he saving the company? What does that mean for existing employees? I’ve heard this is a viable plan if this downturn continues.

Laid off today

Not sure if anyone else received this news as well, but I was laid off today by telephone. Had a regular check in on my activities with my Supervisor and his other reports. Turns out it was just me and him on the phone. He gave me the news quickly... —  read more 

SWN following Oxy ideas

You heard it here first. Oxy notified employees of major pay cuts throughout the organization, including an 81% reduction for the CEO. You think our CEO can swallow his pride and do the same? Hmmm. After thinking about it, there’s no way! SWN will... —  read more 


Anyone notice that Private Equity Firm Blackrock just bought a 6% stake in Chesapeake? They already own 16% of Southwestern. Now Chesapeake is working with Rothschild and Intrepid to restructure the debt. Sounds like we may have a merger.

Non-Essential Employees

Non-Essential employees must stay home per President Trump. Management must step up and conform to the formula - Right people doing the right things. At this point, profit is immaterial.

Silence from SWN leadership on Covid-19

Swn swn swn Lack of communication and lack of preparedness from Leadership sums up the current state of the company. Lack of real leadership. It's very telling when schools and local governments can make decisions more swiftly. Nill pay will... —  read more 

Big Announcement Pending

It’s been rough with layoffs but good info on a Big Announcement is forthcoming. Keep checking here for updates!

More turmoil coming/ travel policy updates

Now that we’re done with layoffs for at least the next month or two, the rumor is that there are going to be some imminent organization changes. Too many managers around here. Many people will be demoted and set back 8-10 years in their career it... —  read more 

Is there a mole that reports in this board?

I’ve gone back and looked at many of the threads over the last several months. While it might appear it’s one or two “jokers” - who are pretty funny by the way, their predictions have been almost spot on. I’m wondering if we have a mole situation? ... —  read more 

For Those Of Us Left

What’s next for those of us who’ve managed to survived the 4th round of layoffs within the past 5 years??? The work load is the same, but fewer folks...the re-orgs seem like temporary setups to see who’s pulling their weight and spot lighting the... —  read more 

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Animal Farm

I just read it again for the first time in 20 years. I couldn't have written a better analogue to SWN culture if I tried.

Layoffs in rearview, Bonus outlook?

Hey everyone. In case you didn’t know, SWN had layoffs on Tuesday. The CEO is just doing his job. I can’t blame him. He’ll pull us out of this tailspin. It’s just temporary. Now, I’m hoping because they clipped all the deadweight, our bonuses should... —  read more 

Why is HR still there

Who got fired in HR? They never seem to let anyone go and have a whole lot of people doing nothing there. Darren left after finding out he had to report to Suzy. She is worthless and so focused on stroking the egos of all the senior leaders its... —  read more 

Breaking News! Good News!

Later this week our beloved Southwestern Energy (yes that little company formerly known as Arkansas Western Gas) will be more nimble more agile and ready for 2020. Why is that you ask? Cause all the excess weight of our headcount will be reduced. ... —  read more 

Town Hall next Thursday afternoon?

I just got an invite from my Team Assistant for a company wide town hall next Thursday afternoon. Seems like a strange time to have this. Could this mean layoffs are that morning, 2/6? Hmmm.

Were there layoffs yesterday?

Some people mentioned there were layoffs yesterday in another thread - is this true? I haven't heard anything outside of this forum.

I was laid off in 2018

Looking back, the next 3 months were the best of my life. It was like I took a leak and SWN was gone. I spent time with my family, traveled, had a few job interviews and by the time I accepted an offer, I had a salary 15% higher than what I was... —  read more 

The SWN formula

OK, I obviously haven't been paying attention. What happened to the formula? Why? It has disappeared everywhere!

Official Unofficial Layoff 2020 News

Attention all current Southwesten Energy employees. This thread is your official unofficial source for upcoming layoffs. All other threads are imposters. Stay tuned and as always “good” luck!

Are we heading in Layoff SZN?

Enough about the posts on bonuses and Ways top ten fail list. All good stuff, but now the holidays are over. There has been a real rumor about layoffs happening this month. It’s not unprecedented to have layoffs in January. What has changed at this... —  read more 

Christmas bonus!

Must say, we have the best CEO in the business! Nice little surprise with the $2000 Christmas bonus we got in our group. Did everyone else get this too? Blessed to be a part of this great company!

What's the best alternative to SWN?

Looks like the entire industry is in shambles right now. I've been thinking about leaving on my own but one look at other similar companies here has me in a panic. Same if not worse issues everywhere I look. Where do people go when they leave... —  read more 

Christmas Party Traditions at SWN

What did Way do this year to keep up his streak? I didn’t go, but find it interesting that we decide to pay for that when we are struggling and laying people off.

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