Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

No layoffs

Please don't scare people for no reason. If there were to be any layoffs this week, they would have happened by now. I don't remember that SWN ever had layoffs later in the week. It's either Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are among those who were... —  read more 

V+ ?

SWN down 40% since he took over as CEO ($7.65 to current). Way over his head! He has the reverse midas touch. How can investors and Board be okay with that? He is a laughing stock within the industry. Other CEOs can't stand him - esp those that... —  read more 

Layoffs this week?

Well, it should be an interesting week. I have it on good authority that layoffs are a go for this week. White packets being assembled in the HR war room. No WARN required based on numbers. Godspeed to all.

Whose Ready For A New CEO

Count me in! I am ready for “5 buck Bill” to hit the unemployment line. He has ruined our once great company starting WAY back in 2016 as CEO. Correct if I am wrong but the stock price has historically gone down down down with him as a CEO. I am... —  read more 

Furlough Feint

I have it on good authority that the talk about furloughs was a feint - inside job - to distract from the February freeze of pay raises, travel, hiring, interns, and bonuses - delayed until third quarter. Sounds like layoffs won’t happen if the... —  read more 

$50 in 5

Checking back in on this goal that our fearless leader almost launched more than 5 years ago now. He had to be walked back from the ledge of launching it. $50 stock price in 5 years! Boy, he'd really be a laughing stock if he would have done that... —  read more 

Special Town Hall Session

I got an email this morning about an impromptu town hall meeting that is scheduled on Tuesday, Jan 4th to address the rumors about layoffs. My email said to attend in person in conference room A (and to bring all my personal belongings) but in... —  read more 


What are you thankful for my fellow Southwestern co-workers, peers and mentors? Me = a paycheck every 2 weeks while I look for a job to start in January 22.

Just Another S*&^t Show

Well damn. Is there something in the water in Spring Texas? I just left XOM last month. SSDD there. I'm up for a job at SWN. Sounds like I'd be going from the frying pan straight to Beelzebub's pit of despair and hellfire. I don't like this one at... —  read more 

Is this legit

Can anyone tell me is this legit 8B USD lost + Stock price less than commodity price + CEO trolled by employees + 6 years of layoffs = SWN is the ultimate industry laughingstock

Setting records and stuff

Did y’all know? We’re setting records around here! We’ve officially set the record for the longest tenured lame duck CEO! Aren’t y’all proud? We lost 1.8BB! Let’s Go BILL!!!

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Any New News or ANN about next round of layoffs? To the group of accountants who like to post about our beloved leader. Just stop!!! We know he is a failure and has a 10 year track record of that while he has been with us. If your a CEO and... —  read more 

Tension is in the air

The worst of all is that I know and feel that something bad is happening but I don’t know what exactly. The air is thick. Uncertainty really worries me and every day I expect to be told that I am not needed anymore. What will happen? Will there be... —  read more 

Went to office today

Went to spring office today to get laptop for trip to West Virginia. Something is up. More people there now then I would have expected. Mix of people from different teams. Anyone have any clues? Please please please don’t let it be layoffs this... —  read more 

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