Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Mediocrity on the rise

I've been here for a long time, but I think that people without competence have never before had so much "power". Isn't it shocking to see how mediocrity are able to climb the corporate ladder here?

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How to Avoid A Layoff

A farmer had been plowing with an ox and a mule teamed together. One day, the ox said to the mule, “Let’s play sick today and take it easy.” But the mule said, “No, we need to get our work done.” The ox played sick anyway. The farmer brought it... —  read more 

Still here but left long time ago

Still work at SWN for a long time, but saw the writing on the wall. communications is dead $, no growth, and isnt innovative. you can earn a wage in a SWN job -specific job title and a made up job -probably doing nothing, you dont have to work hard... —  read more 

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We Need Leaders Now

We need leaders in TX PA WV SWN has so many managers, most of who could be laid off without anybody ever noticing. But where are all the leaders? Especially among the C-suite? Is there one person that is in some way in charge that you would refer to... —  read more 

Excellence Driven (ED)

Howdy y’all. The say a man is measured by what they bring to the table so let’s look at SWN’s table. Our CEO has been in this role since 2016 and he can’t get the stock price up but for a brief period of time and it’s never gone over $10 in 6 plus... —  read more 


Board has been silent but lots of chatter will happen now. The layoff streak continues from 2015 every year and now add 2023. Hint. Big re-org equals layoffs. Announcement happening soon. Bonuses and merit raises to be paid and then re-org... —  read more 

Earnings Call - Game Time

SWN Earnings Call - Drinking Game Well it's that time of the Quarter again. Have your favorite booze-of-choice handy for upcoming Earnings Call, and have ONE shot (or swig) IMMEDIATELY upon hearing any of the following words / phrases: + "Currency... —  read more 

Breaking News - New Play

Your not gonna believe this folks!! This is life changing (again) much like several of seent in the 2000’s. Well, no need to hold your breath any longer. This is guaranteed. Buy you a bass boat, a jet ski, and new motor home and a track home for... —  read more 


What the F-C is up with all the DUC’s?? Drilled but uncompleted. My Frac teams are sitting on their arses with nothing to do! Fear I’m going to have to lay half of them off! This explains the uptick in spent rubbers in our parking garage lately! ... —  read more 

2023 Layoff Thread

This thread is for info about potential SWN layoffs? Any chatter, news or rumors? Please let me know if you can see this thread 🧵. First time posting and a long term over a decade employee.

Say what??

I did not see this coming? Did anyone else? In case it’s not public yet I will not share details here. If you dare, someone else give the scoop on the big “splash” that occurred overnight. Still in shock.

No Good Jobs Available

I wish I had left a year or so ago when our competitors were desperate for top talent like me and throwing high pay and sign-on bonuses at candidates. Now we're back to where were before: few good open positions, no responses after interviews, and... —  read more 

Your help is needed

Is SWN the worst run major E and P company in modern era. Hey Enron ain’t got nothing on us. Just think of all the failed New Ventures, useless but costly reorganizations, and horrible decisions made in the last ten years or so. Name one company... —  read more 

Quiet quitting

So who’s with me? I’m going to be quiet quitting now. I’m so tired of getting only minimal raises and working more than the bare minimum, only to make the bosses richer. I need to be compensated for any time more than 40 hours per week. We deserve... —  read more 

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