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Doubt Layoffs for Tomorrow

Honestly you believe they will do layoffs before the Memorial Day weekend....highly doubt it, too many people have begun to take off tomorrow for a long holiday weekend. Just don't see doing layoffs when not a lot of staff isn't around. And weren't... read more

Can't wait for tomorrow to be over

One way or another, I can't wait for tomorrow to be over. This anticipation is worse than anything else. If I get laid off, I'll deal. If there are no layoffs, even better. But always stressing and worrying is not healthy. Hopefully tomorrow at least... read more

Two More Days Until Next Round

The layoff stars have aligned under our CEO. In 2016, he said it would not happen but round two of company wide layoffs will happen this Thursday morning. Watch the behavior of your supervisor these next few days and you can tell if you are out the... read more

SWN Layoff?

If you do get laid off, no big deal. It’s a losing company, poorly run. Take what you learned and move on. You worked hard, were graduated from college; not to put up with the SWN environment. At one time, SWN was reputable, but this goes to show you... read more

The Fitness Program

Hey, I’m drinking lots of water and keeping track of my daily steps. I even workout. Please don’t lay me off. I need to make my car payment.

Third Point

Looks like they have sold all their SWN shares. It didn’t take them long to determine Way destroys value vs creating it for them. Watch for Way blabber something like “we love the value of such a [big adjective] asset like the Fayetteville and have... read more

Doomsday rescheduled

Spoke with the doomsday prophets on Thursday (Friday was obvi my flex) and turns out we all misinterpreted their original signs. Layoffs were never supposed to be on 5/10, that was just the number of employees to get axed (510). Doomsday will be 5/24... read more

Are we certain layoffs are coming?

I see a lot of speculation and rumors, but there has been no actual announcement or anything that could confirm it officially from what I can see. So why is everybody so convinced a major round of layoffs is happening any time soon? What am I missing... read more

Fitness Ruse

Beware of the fitness ruse. Weeks before the first layoff, SWN was advocating that all participate in the program, where one keeps track of their steps and the amount of water consumed. However, this makes one think they’re fairly safe from a layoff... read more

CEO Dumpster Fire

How does the population of the energy capital of the world know that SWN is sinking at the hands of its CEO, yet the Board does not? I fled SWN post 2016 layoff. Not a week goes by that I do not hear someone new on the street and in the industry... read more

Turn off the lights to save money!

I know we were asked to cut costs where we can. Why can't we leave the lights off in the morning and let in the natural light? We used to do this on the 8th floor until management complained.

Why not keep Fayetteville?

In Fitch’s SWN ratings release on 5/3/2018, they state base their case model debt/ebitda is 2.7x and 2.5x for 2018 and 2019 respectively. So if SWN is making material progress towards 2.0x, in a 2.75/mcf environment, why sell?

Being Laid Off

Being let go is not as bad as it seems. It’s a new birth, or the way I see it, fresh air for a change. It’s much like the movies, where in the beginning, the star is being released from prison. With box in hand and all eyes upon him, he takes that... read more

To get to top quartile...

What is the actual number of G&A we need to cut? How many people do our peers with a similar number of wells, revenue, etc have?

This is not good

Now that our stock is being downgraded by several analysts, how long do you think it'll be before they try to rectify the situation by announcing major cost cutting through - you guessed it - layoffs?... read more

Layoff PSA - May 10 for 520

With all the recent information shared, it is 10 days away for 520 folks to start their summer vacation early. Hope everyone applies or applied the information provided in the”Layoff Tips and Tricks” thread. 10 days to go... Who does this, I do! Who... read more

Sell SWN

SWN has too much natural gas. It’s like toilet paper. Everybody needs it but can purchase only so much of it. SWN was playing Russian Roulette when they purchased 5.5B from CHK. It was up and over gambling. SWN needs to surrender. Cornwallis, Lee... read more

More info on incoming layoffs

Alright guys, so I’m really not supposed to talk about this, but I’ve been in the oilfield 40+ years, And I know it’s always better to know then not know. I can’t give directly who’s gonna be laid off next week because it would endanger my own career... read more

Ethics Hotline - Reported Issue Disappeared

I filed a report following someone's post - copied below. The site provided a case number and ability to follow up. Magically, the case has disappeared. They do what they want and when someone raises an issue, they hide it or get rid of them... read more

OU Grads

If you’re an OU grad, no worries. Also, new hires won’t be let go.

Layoffs 5/10/18

Layoffs are happening 05/10/18. If you are smart you have now backed up your hard drive and deleted any personal emails. Huge cut to ELT, rotationals, lapdogs and overstaffed landmen. SWN is doomed especially since golden boy was let go today. It is... read more

Today's lay-offs

Anyone know about today's layoffs? Mail room & technical dept. Plus the vertical integration guys.

It could have been worse

I was laid-off in 2016 and it was a difficult time. There were no jobs to go to, and several folks I worked with were extremely low performers and they got to stay. Some of it was downright unfair and very biased toward the a$$ kissers. That said... read more

Layoff tips and tricks

LAYOFF Tips and Tricks Folks, As we’ve just made it through dreaded tax season, we also have May 10th right around the corner, and it’s time to start prepping! While all of us (520 of us) probably don’t know what the future holds for us, we hope... read more

May layoffs

Layoffs on Thursday May 10th or 17th? Where did this come from? Is it true? Are we looking at May layoffs?

Good News - Bad News

Good news: 2018 Severance same as 2016 Bad news: 520 individuals affected 20 PA 20 WV 200 Spring 280 AR Top 5 departments by % IT 60% HSE 60% Land 40% Geosciences 35% HR 30% So says the consultants report

80 to 1

The annual total compensation for fiscal year 2017 for our CEO, calculated to include all elements reflected in the Summary Compensation Table was $8,687,476 and for the Median Employee was $108,458. The resulting ratio of our CEO’s pay to the pay of... read more

Yes, this is about age

Come on folks! Age has nothing to do with it. If you’re particularly good at your job (and performing reach arounds), then your chances of being retained are exponentially greater. That is so untrue I am not sure where to start. No matter how good... read more

50 Shades of Way (Part 1)

Days before the first round of rolling layoffs, the geology intern (Number 2) receives an offer to write a bio on the CEO for the Mines newspaper. He was second choice to another since the first respectfully declined due to undisclosed circumstances... read more

Sell the Company to Walmart

Cheap gas and too much. Stock price reflects a sad sad story. Sell SWN to AR-based Walmart. The fit would be nice because SWN began in AR, as well. Further, some SWN people could be door greeters, unless SWN’s 50 and over folks were already let go.

2 years ago today...

I and several of my colleagues were no longer on the payroll of the company. I want to thank SWN for letting me go. The truth is I had let myself go long before that. I needed a jolt to get my life back on track. While I am nowhere near where I used... read more

When is it happening?

Since this site is to talk about potential layoffs rather than fart sniffers and useless business analytics, I’ll ask this... why are all the conference rooms booked up on Thursday?

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