Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.


Any New News or ANN about next round of layoffs? To the group of accountants who like to post about our beloved leader. Just stop!!! We know he is a failure and has a 10 year track record of that while he has been with us. If your a CEO and... —  read more 

Tension is in the air

The worst of all is that I know and feel that something bad is happening but I don’t know what exactly. The air is thick. Uncertainty really worries me and every day I expect to be told that I am not needed anymore. What will happen? Will there be... —  read more 

Went to office today

Went to spring office today to get laptop for trip to West Virginia. Something is up. More people there now then I would have expected. Mix of people from different teams. Anyone have any clues? Please please please don’t let it be layoffs this... —  read more 

Looking for new job

I have become highly expert at making PowerPoint presentations. I have successfully turned horrible news into favorable results with many years of PowerPoint training. I have presented to many levels of management, fooling the brightest with my... —  read more 

Going LIVE With RSNN

Yes - This is a part of the 7.12.21 reveal. This is the Real SWN News Network or RSNN. There is a re-boot of all things SWN. We are going to soar to new heights like Richard Branson did recently. Stay tuned to RSNN!!


You see many nervy things in the Patch. Nevertheless, our new CFO is bringing an appalling level of incompetence and failure to SWN, even judging by the forgiving standards of the Patch. Fresh off of bankrupting Sandridge, this clown has bought... —  read more 

Layoffs this week!

All credible sources pointing a significant layoff event this week as we align forces with Indigo and figure out how to hold on to cash during this hemorrhage. This will align well with our new theme for the year - “do more with less”…. Directors... —  read more 

Making Lawyers Rich

I’ve been watching nearly bankrupt Shalers buy other nearly bankrupt Shalers for more than 20 years. The strategy merely forestalls the inevitable bankruptcy—but, incredibly, the strategy is the go-to strategy for Shaler Executives who are too... —  read more 

Smartest execs ever

Havent given a raise in 3 years, morale at an all time low, R2 is dead, but they just pi---d away 2.7 Billion for another asset and over paid for it just like WV. What a bunch of tools.... this is the beginning of the end for NE PA... Can’t make... —  read more 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

This is as good a day to layoff people as there could be. Start of the month - lay them off in the morning, and you don’t have to pay them for that day. Last paid day is May 31. Be grateful it was a Holiday. Who has the last laugh now? Price is... —  read more 

Why Was I Laid Off?

Based on the input provided here, we will know how layoffs are decided. Please post your layoff story here. Describe was it over staff in department? Not in the clique? Performance? Salary? Why were you selected! We’ll wait for at least 20... —  read more 

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