Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Layoffs before Halloween!

I’m hearing from a reliable source in the organization that a significant event will be happening prior to Halloween. This could me a severance packages for several key individuals in middle management and some of their team members. The scenarios... —  read more 


Early next week will be a “step change” or a “pivot” for us. It may be layoffs or it may not. It may be a newly retired exec or a shuffle of high ranking leaders or not. Perhaps the BOD changes or a merger is announced or not. A certain little bird... —  read more 

Pay for Parking?

What is this I hear about putting a new policy in place to have to pay for parking at the Spring office? WTH? If this is a stunt to get people to quit prior to being furloughed or laid off, it’s not funny!

Part Time Or Furlough

BOD is reviewing a plan to move X number of Spring staff to part time or furlough until year end when new leadership team will determine who stays and goes with MR staff blending into new org. This gets around more “layoffs” for now but....

Are layoffs done?

I know there were some layoffs last week Thursday, but from what I can gather it was a really small round. Can anybody confirm that it's over, at least for now? Or should I worry about more such "mini-layoffs" continuing indefinitely? Honestly... —  read more 

What Is BOD Waiting For

After that joke of an analyst call yesterday with the typical corporate bull shiitake gibberish by our floundering CEO, the poser of a COO and the complete joke of a CFO, what is the BOD waiting for? Layoff this non PVI talent. Save SWN!!!!

Update update! Layoffs

Here’s the deal folks. It will hit you like a ton of bricks, but here it is. If you have not yet been invited back to the office to recommence work, you have unfortunately been laid off. That’s it. Please return company owned equipment to 10000... —  read more 

Innovator of the Year!

Wow, just wow! Our CEO is up for another award this year - Innovating Leader of the Year! I can’t believe I work for such a prestigious company! Two years in a row, this guy takes home the hardware! It’s obvious with all of the ideas he’s... —  read more 

Is today the day?

I think I’m getting laid off today. I just have a feeling. Layoffs are never good, especially when you bust your a$$ for something and it isn’t even recognized by anyone. But raises for executives I’m sure. Wow, this once bustling company of nearly... —  read more 

Little Billy Willy

It’s just sad keep hearing Willy saying his Waysims. Does he even realize he’s losing his enterprise executive amazing high level powerful speech? All he talks ‘bout now is his provolone and turkey sandwiches he’s been eating with his buds. So... —  read more 

I Protested!

I protested by myself by the SWN building. I got angry and kicked a wall. I injured my foot and went to ER. I explained to the doctor why I injured my foot. He looked at me and said , well, my foot was still injured. So unfair!

Chapter 11 strategy?

Will the filing this week help us in the long run? Any chance Way is doing this to save his job or hill is he saving the company? What does that mean for existing employees? I’ve heard this is a viable plan if this downturn continues.

Laid off today

Not sure if anyone else received this news as well, but I was laid off today by telephone. Had a regular check in on my activities with my Supervisor and his other reports. Turns out it was just me and him on the phone. He gave me the news quickly... —  read more 

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