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Wow, this is beyond sad. Just one look at this board and it is obvious there are very few happy and satisfied employees at Southwestern. Shouldn't that be a clue to those on top that something needs to change and it needs to change now? If they only... read more

Morale Boosters

For the people at SWN, you need to have get-togethers, e.g, pot luck luncheons, longer Friday luncheons, meet together at Bare Backs after work. Start having some fun! There should be lots of space now in the office. Have a wine and hors d'oeuvres... read more

Golden Parachute

Before you get all sour grapes, just remember that SWN gave all yall (and in 2016) pretty good packages. Try working somewhere else and see what you get when asked to leave. So those at the top may be preparing their bigger and brighter parachutes... read more

WARN ACT Circumvented

Hearing a lot of noise on these post about "is this it" which is humorous with some additional knowledge. The Warn Act is a federal requirement by the DOL and SWN clearly came up with a layoff scheme to avoid the term "mass layoff". Expect phases of... read more


CHK : $5.32 SWN: $5.29 If this is how I’m graded on my job performance this equals and F - -!

Ethics - Posts Disappear

Makes you wonder what is going on when SWN/Way gets posts pointing to ethical issues deleted AND removes items that have been reported into the Ethics hotline. I had an issue and reported to the ethics site confidentially. After a few days, the case... read more

How to trim the remaining fat

Posted in another thread, but I think this is by far the best description of how to trim the remaining fat without actually hurting the company: Agreed about middle management. But let's make it simple. Start w the VPs. Their salaries are anchors to... read more

Houston building and its future

I am not at swn anymore and it’s been awhile. Is swn using both buildings / towers still especially after recent layoffs? I heard some floors were sort of shut down. Is cafeteria still in use? Gym? Is the formula still on the building and the Vplus... read more

Does this mean the rest of us are safe?

Now that the latest round of layoffs is done, does this mean those of us who are still employed can relax for a while? I haven't seen any rumors that extended past this week, so I am starting to get a bit hopeful about it. It would be nice to not... read more

Town hall

I noticed in the town hall meeting there weren’t any office people or supervisors in DGC let go. This is including the ones that have a field job title but do only office work. Just proof that being in the Damascus office is safer than actually... read more

People picked

Does anyone know how they ended up picking who was doing to be the lucky 200? Never had a bad evaluation and still got the ax.

SWN Managers and HR Leadership

First time poster The SWN managers are way too talented to let go of. Besides, who’s going to make out in the stairwells if they get cut? Makes you really question the judgement of the higher ups that put those managers in place. Can the stairwells... read more

So sorry for those left behind.

Im so sorry for those left behind. The work will be grueling. The atmosphere toxic like always. Long hours for sure. And say good bye to those 9/80s. Im sure the managers that are left behind will pull their weight. LOL. Its going to be a long hard... read more

There is hope

Sorry for all of those who lost their job today. I was laid off by SWN during the massive layoff in January 2016. The good thing is E&P companies are hiring now. The market has improved drastically since 2016. I have a permanent job now but I still... read more

Duo of Disaster

Way and mcCauley, the duo of disaster for SWN have devistated the company. Their total lack of leadership and ability has taken SWN stock from > $40.00 per share to <$6.00 per share and cost many good dedicated employees their jobs. The board of... read more

All is not lost!

As one of those who was cut by SWN in 2016 I can definitely tell those today that you will be okay. But nonetheless it hurts. When you give your all to a company and toss you aside, it feels like a big betrayal especially when you look back at a lot... read more

Why were no Team Leads, Mrgs, VPs Let Go?

At corporate in my department no team lead, managers and VPs were let go, NOT FAIR. They dump loads of work on us and gossip in their offices when they aren't in meetings, still too many highly paid chiefs running around giving orders.

8-K Filing - there isn't one

The last time there was a large layoff, SWN filed an 8-K notifying the market of the layoff before open. If layoffs are happening today, cuts won't be as deep as 1/21/16. Whatever threshold is required to file with the SEC hasn't been met... read more

Not sure why I even got hired

I was a contractor who was let go this past Friday. While I hold no animus (I actually enjoyed my time at SWN very much), it is obvious that SWN is very poorly managed. My position did not exist before I was hired in January. Why would a company... read more

Who else is dreading this week?

Long gone are the days when I enjoyed working at Southwestern. Now if I get a day or week that I'm not dreading going into work, it's a win for me. It's really sad how much things have changed for the worse. I can't afford to lose my job right now... read more

How is it done?

Just wondering, since I'm rather new here. How are layoffs done at Southwestern? Is it a phone call? Are you called in for a meeting? How much time are you given after being notified to collect your stuff (if you are given any time at all?) I'd... read more


Let’s start a contest. In the spirit of No Shave November, let’s have a no shave off until the layoff. This includes you ladies with your legs or pits.

How many are looking?

Just wondering, considering Southwestern has been going downhill for a while with no chance of righting the course with current management, how many of you are already looking for a new job? I just started looking, but it occurred to me that I can't... read more

No more layoffs?

We keep seeing these dates thrown around as possible layoffs dates, but every one of them comes and goes with no layoffs in sight. The latest is June 21, but now I'm pretty sure that one will also turn out to be bust (not complaining about that!)... read more

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