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Breaking News!

Does anyone know what the breaking news is regarding Southwest Energy? I hear a shakeup tooked place.

Happy V Day!

Yeah, that’s right. It’s Value plus day! If you can’t provide any to me, then maybe it’s not such a Happy Day! Roses are red, violets are blue, and that’s right! - I cannot wait to layoff you! -WJW

SWN Hire Consultants

SWN, it appears your company is down. Hire professional consultants to make sure the company stays afloat.

Bad Extreme Historically Cold Winter

Well it’s finally here... what we have been hearing about on every quarterly call since the stock crashed! An extreme high energy usage winter. What excuse will they use now when the stock and gas prices don’t budge?!?


Any word on how bonuses are looking? Have a new set of wheels I have my eyes on. Hope it’s good this year!

Lesson of the week

Keep your hands on the stair handrails and ONLY the handrails. Also keep locker room talk out of the office!!

Celebrate Way!

He has been in charge for a little over 3 years (4+ years as COO before that). Let's check the numbers - stock price performance since: he became COO (Sept 2011) - down 89% (reminder that he "oversaw" our assets AND New Ventures) he became CEO (Jan... read more

Get ready for a bumpy ride

CEO should be fired b/c he’s the one who hired all the exec losers. They are short on real ideas so layoffs are the easiest thing to do. Expect more in early 2019. This exec team has destroyed so much shareholder value and it’s the workers (and their... read more

Class Action Lawsuit

Anyone considering a class action against Mueller? Most everyone who has been hurt by SWN, was due to Mueller’s incompetence. He, Jeff Sherrick and Joanne Hresko were the instruments that ruined SWN with that great purchase of CHK’s assets. CHK won... read more

Merry Layoffs

Hey everyone, mole here. A few more layoffs this week to tidy up for January 2019. 3 more this AM. Ask anyone on 3 (coincidence?) Stay tuned for more updates. And Merry Christmas!!

Layoff planned for Jan 17th

Think about your next career move over your holidays, as we’ve hit the proverbial dead end. Most of us are short timers! My source telling me after the holidays, the layoffs are back on. Start clearing your cubes and offices of personal matters.

Fay Sale and Lying Way

Sale finalized and what do you know it is for significantly less than the advertised price. Way lies. Surprise. Yes, effective date provides normal adjustments to purchase price, but not in the $200 million range. Board needs to wake up and use this... read more

No Loyalty on Either Side

When you work for a company, there is no loyalty like there was many years ago. You owe your loyalty to your family. Give the company your best and work smart (not hard); sorry 1980’s phrase. Don’t work overtime for the sake of just working. They... read more

Layoff of Millenials Only?

When are these rumored layoffs supposed to happen and stuff? Hearing things around the water cooler. Millennials, sounds like you’ll be home for the holidays..

Tis the layoff season

So for those still unemployed or those currently underemployed at SWN, Tis the season. Here is a shameless plug for my ne book (available on Amazon this Black Friday) Great read! Orders yours today for layoff season reading. Shameless plug begins... read more


Although SWN isn’t quite at the wayside, they should be allowed at this time to RIP. I recommend SWN host visitation with a guest book. I think this site should reflect condolence and fond memories. SWN may you ride high in the sky and we’ll see you... read more

SWN beats market estimates for Q3 earnings

According to the Q3 earnings report, SWN’s results beat market estimates achieving an earnings surprise of just under 20%. Although this situation is still far from satisfying, it’s a good feeling to see that the company made some progress. Hope that... read more

Pack your bags, SWN!

This will validate my plan to finally layoff everyone from the Houston campus.... the company is going to the best place for jobs! Life is good in the northeast. The slaying is second to none... read more

SWN Debacle continues...

Silly Billy, CC, Q-dog, and other ELT continue to sit back and watch this company continue to implode because of lack of support. We continue to hear in Town Halls that if we need staff to go out and find talent and put together a justification and... read more

Weighing options.

Just getting out of school, and I’ve been called in for an interview. Don’t know much about the company, but I’m a little skeptical with apparent recent layoffs and so many job postings. The reviews on Glassdoor, and other websites are not great... read more

Have You Heard? More Uodates!

Stay tuned. I am confirming some things that might be of interest. And no it’s not what new coffee flavor will be offered in the Market

Marcellus assets

Has anyone heard how sales of Marcellus assets are progressing? Will company "V" secure funding before Thanksgiving?

Exodus ongoing


How many folks in Houston are going to be affected with the sale of the Fayetteville?


The real winners today were the Fayetteville shale employees. They will be released from their captors that shove safety program after safety program down their throats. Whether they continue employment with the new owners or are severed in the... read more

Board is Diverse - Way says so

From IR book — “Board diversity — 37.5% diverse (gender, nationality, ethnicity)” Who cares? Seems to be kinda a stretch to advertise this. Has anyone seen our Board? Doesn’t fall into the diverse discussion on any front.

Layoff Land Administration Folks

That’s right! Keep laying off Land Admin folks and let’s see how SWN succeeds with PO royalty owners who aren’t getting their paperwork done. No, not a good plan. Stop the politics with layoffs. You need a healthy Land Admin team to keep royalty and... read more

Office furniture

I hear there is going to be a “garage sale” of sorts to purge some of the unneeded office furniture, including those fancy high tech desks and chairs. Anyone have details? Are they selling for pennies on the dollar?
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Ground control to Major Tom

So what was the big announcement yesterday afternoon at Corporate ? Hearing it happened, but little details trickling out here to the important people making it happen. I hear my livelihood was bartered for a pack of M&M’s... Someone clue us in!


For those of you still left at SWN, i ran across this quote today and it seemed germane to your situation: A bad boss can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation. Happy Monday!

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