Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Southwestern Energy Co.

Return to Work email

From the email my work friend received from HR detailing their specific return to work details: ..... “All employees who are returning to work and remaining with the organization have been notified by email with specific instructions and new... —  read more 


LAYOFFS DELAYED BY AT LEAST ONE WEEK. I REPEAT, layoffs delayed by at least one week I’ve been told by an insider “in the know”. We should plan on layoffs the week of Jan 25 which will symbolically correspond to the same week of the 2016 “SWN... —  read more 

Energy put to better use

A few months ago I stopped worrying about layoffs since I had no choice. It affected my stress levels and affected my health. I realized there was no point in it. If it happens (and it will) there is nothing that can be done about it. Instead I... —  read more 

Less than 2 weeks

Less than two weeks remain until the mass layoffs. Some colleagues say that we should look at things positively, that is, we should be happy that we will finally be leaving this company. It doesn't comfort me because I’ve left my best years here and... —  read more 

Bonus Today

I know what I am gonna do with the bonus that was dropped in my bank account today. Do you know what you will do? Thank you Chairman and CEO Bill Way!!!

Land kick backs

What happened to the investigation of the kick backs paid to members of Land from Purple Land Management, Holland Land, Percheron, Western Land Services, TS Dudley, Honor Resources, etc.?

Anyone hiring?

I have become highly expert at making PowerPoint presentations. I have successfully turned horrible news into favorable results with many years of PowerPoint training. I have presented to many levels of management, fooling the brightest with my color... —  read more 

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Sunday Night Move Notice

Got an email tonight by mistake as my name is similar to another in the address book. With HP moving to Houston, we are moving out of Spring in mid 2021. They are paying a premium in cash for our building. Moving all tenants out. Betting we all have... —  read more 

December Update

Been told that this week supervisors can layoff up to 2 people from their team if needed. No quota just a little preemptive housecleaning. Thinking is to cut loose low performers to save some bonus money. Makes sense. This does not change the fact... —  read more 

Post Thanksgiving News

Check back here after this week. I know of at least 6 people (yes current employees) that post to this board and they have collectively figured out where we will pivot to in 2021. Btw, I am not one of those 6 and yes my paycheck says SWN on it. See... —  read more 

Lunch with Way

I’m posting this as anonymous, but I’ve read a lot of “parody” on this news forum about Mr Ways issues associated with the washroom. Well, I’m here to tell you this could be true. This past week he and I met some potential business partners who were... —  read more 

Post Election Update

It is highly contested about when the final round of 2020 layoffs will occur. Most want it by mid December. A few new leaders want it to be in January 2021 to be a kinder gentler new SWN. The list of individuals to be laid off are set and it’s... —  read more 

This was to be expected

With Exxon, Chevron and Shell having major layoffs - among many others - it was to be expected that we would follow suit. The downward spiral of O&G (with Covid-19 playing its part) has the majority of huge corporations implementing “cost effective”... —  read more 

Layoffs before Halloween!

I’m hearing from a reliable source in the organization that a significant event will be happening prior to Halloween. This could me a severance packages for several key individuals in middle management and some of their team members. The scenarios... —  read more 


Early next week will be a “step change” or a “pivot” for us. It may be layoffs or it may not. It may be a newly retired exec or a shuffle of high ranking leaders or not. Perhaps the BOD changes or a merger is announced or not. A certain little bird... —  read more 

Pay for Parking?

What is this I hear about putting a new policy in place to have to pay for parking at the Spring office? WTH? If this is a stunt to get people to quit prior to being furloughed or laid off, it’s not funny!

Part Time Or Furlough

BOD is reviewing a plan to move X number of Spring staff to part time or furlough until year end when new leadership team will determine who stays and goes with MR staff blending into new org. This gets around more “layoffs” for now but....

Are layoffs done?

I know there were some layoffs last week Thursday, but from what I can gather it was a really small round. Can anybody confirm that it's over, at least for now? Or should I worry about more such "mini-layoffs" continuing indefinitely? Honestly... —  read more 

What Is BOD Waiting For

After that joke of an analyst call yesterday with the typical corporate bull shiitake gibberish by our floundering CEO, the poser of a COO and the complete joke of a CFO, what is the BOD waiting for? Layoff this non PVI talent. Save SWN!!!!

Update update! Layoffs

Here’s the deal folks. It will hit you like a ton of bricks, but here it is. If you have not yet been invited back to the office to recommence work, you have unfortunately been laid off. That’s it. Please return company owned equipment to 10000... —  read more 

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