Topics regarding layoffs at Sprint

Topics regarding layoffs at Sprint

covid layoffs This is one excuse they are using to get rid of everyone that's still on campus. I read somewhere that there are still 5000+ employees left on campus. Little do they... — read more 

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Verizon Retail Rep here

Hey Cellular fam! I’m just trying to see if the grass is greener on the other side. At verizon we use to make 100k a few years ago but good ole corporate felt they paid us too much so now we do this bull$hit called “team commission” where they pay... — read more 

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Glad I am gone

If this is true, I am glad I no longer work for T-Mob.

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Sorry for layoffs

As a long-term customer and somebody who is an industry that loves layoffs, so I have been there! Sorry to read all this and hope you took a good package for yourself. Also as a customer, I now understand why it takes FOREVER to get answers, NO... — read more 

Not good

Well this happened to me many years ago with Sprint,, hope those of you who are retirement age get what you so deserve. Do not look back. noboby is taking your side one this. Remember, they always say, it is what is good for the company. In other... — read more 

Slow and irrelevant

TMUS can only hope their slow and bloated teams can handle sprint core businesses. I would say layoffs will happen one year after, once customers started to leave the new fat, slow and now irrelevant company.

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