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It’s Here for Retail Baby!

Stores are being introduced to their new headcounts which are substantially heavy on part-time. We were told repeatedly that we would not be adopting the T-Mobile method of leaning on part-time but here we are. Initially employees are going to be... —  read more 

Not good

Well this happened to me many years ago with Sprint,, hope those of you who are retirement age get what you so deserve. Do not look back. noboby is taking your side one this. Remember, they always say, it is what is good for the company. In other... —  read more 

Slow and irrelevant

TMUS can only hope their slow and bloated teams can handle sprint core businesses. I would say layoffs will happen one year after, once customers started to leave the new fat, slow and now irrelevant company.

Get over it

If your a Sprint employee and worried about layoffs ( which has been happening since early-mid 2000) take the package and leave. I was there 12 years, took a package in January 2016. I barely looked for a job and started in March 2016. Not only was I... —  read more 

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Will we have jobs?

The merger talks are all about tmo and how we're going to do things their way. That's normal as they're buying us, but we're moving down to just a handful of buildings in Overland Park, which means less seats - and this is just the beginning. Oh... —  read more 

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Future of GB

From what I understand a slow clean out has begun and by the beginning of 2020 there won't be much left except for IoT.

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Merger Team Numbers?

Let's share how many people from your group are going to "new co" meetings? Our group has at least 40% in all day meetings (up to 4 days a week) as well as traveling to attend these meetings. Seems like a lot of people & $$ with a few people left to... —  read more 

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