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Dish Network Bid

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damned if we do, damned if we don't

Now that the merger is about to be canned and that Sprint has been saying it can't compete I cant help but feel there will be immediate layoffs after the merger is declined. Sprint's way of saying "I told you so" to the DoJ. In the event the merger... read more

Take the layoff package! Best decision ever

For those of you still hanging on at Sprint...if you were offered and did not take the GREAT layoff package offered to folks with years of Seniority in early 2016....that was a mistake. Bad news is apparently coming. Sprint is running out of money. I... read more

Get over it

If your a Sprint employee and worried about layoffs ( which has been happening since early-mid 2000) take the package and leave. I was there 12 years, took a package in January 2016. I barely looked for a job and started in March 2016. Not only was I... read more

Will we have jobs?

The merger talks are all about tmo and how we're going to do things their way. That's normal as they're buying us, but we're moving down to just a handful of buildings in Overland Park, which means less seats - and this is just the beginning. Oh... read more

Who else wishes we knew already?

I'd just rather know if I'm being cut right now and plan accordingly than have to stay in this limbo for months on end just stressing over what "might" happen sometime in the future. I know there are people who can just shrug it off until it actually... read more

Future of GB

From what I understand a slow clean out has begun and by the beginning of 2020 there won't be much left except for IoT.
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National Retail

They finally started laying off some of the NR team! We kinda knew it was coming but I thought it would have happened earlier.

Merger Team Numbers?

Let's share how many people from your group are going to "new co" meetings? Our group has at least 40% in all day meetings (up to 4 days a week) as well as traveling to attend these meetings. Seems like a lot of people & $$ with a few people left to... read more

I hope the merger fails

Honestly, do you have any idea how bad layoffs will be when/if it goes through? Just thinking about it increases my anxiety tenfold. I can't understand how anybody - from Sprint OR T-Mobile - could be in favor of this - unless they are upper... read more

We'll pay for the merger

Who here wants to bet that most if not all consolidation layoffs will be on our side? We all know major layoffs are coming, but one company will end up with the short end of the stick, and with our management the way it is, I can bet you right now... read more

Happy new year

Wanna guess how they will pay For this? https://finance.yahoo.com/m/ff9da6f5-dd14-32be-8cc4-e8c25c003361/tax-settlement-takes-75%25-of.html?.tsrc=applewf
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What's current severance offered by Sprint? I've heard it was severely reduced from several people, and was wondering if that is true?

Sprint COR stores closing, replaced by Brightstar

In the South region nearby in my area they’ve been closing COR stores and have opened/converted more Brightstar and Sprint Select stores. The employees that I spoke with didn’t know anything until they showed up at their store for work and were told... read more

B2B Sales

anyone hearing anything for enterprise or SMB? Hearing TMobile is light in those areas but does a lot of that business via retail. With a few thousand people in B2B curious to know what the plan is

3rd Party

I work for Third Party Sprint and the lay offs have freaked our higher ups, like my District Manager, really bad...

What a sh!tshow....

Is just a freaking mess everywhere. Everyone running scared trying to justify they worthless jobs.
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More layoffs at Sprint

Seems Sprint continuing to lay off before an answer from the feds from prior comments to merge with T-Mobile is becoming true. Comments from Sprint saying keeping the employees that are left after the merger also seems thay are talking out of both... read more

Sprint will disappear

Sprint will continue to layoff as T-Mobile and Sprint wait for an answer from the feds. If it goes though Sprint will probaley be gone in a couple of years and the Sprint name on the front door of there campus probaley will disappear completey turned... read more

Wireline restructure-again!

Mass layoffs have started on Wireline side of the house. Going to be a lot of folks out of work. Organization can't make up their minds about how to structure their business.

More layoffs this week?

With layoffs that took place last week, I'm thinking that the process might continue into this week. I really wish they would, to be honest. We know many huge layoffs will be happening. The sooner they are done with them, the better. I'm tired of... read more

National Retail

I’m hearing there will be a decision made on National Retail by this Friday for lay offs. It’s funny that they laid off people on the indirect channel and not NR yet. I’m curious if anyone else has heard this.


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Place Your Bet - Odds of 70%

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Done Deal?

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Sprint>Nextel=BAD T-Mobile>Sprint=BAD both = massive layoffs

This is insane, Sprint merged with Nextel and that cause a 35 Billion loss and 35 Billion tax write off and 30 thousand employees were laid off. And now this merger with T-Mobile. Well the tables have turned. Now it will be Sprint to take the massive... read more
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Layoffs to start as early as next week

It’s unrealistic to think that nobody loses their job when two companies this big combine. Joe Meyer announced job cuts to begin next week, starting with the Re-purposing if 10 employees from Wireline to Wireless. This was just a start.

Retention Packages Given to Selective Employees!

If you haven’t been already contacted, you’re not getting a retention package. Sorry. https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2018/05/15/sprint-tmobile-merger-employee-retention-packages.html?ana=yahoo&yptr=yahoo
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Marcelo says RIF will not impact sales!

I was approached by Sprint in an endeavor to start a business team in my state. I was reluctant at first but thought it could work and was impressed by Masoyoshi Son and thought the company could head in the right direction so I made the move from a... read more

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