Topics regarding layoffs at SS&C Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at SS&C Technologies

Layoffs coming

No doubt SS&C execs are looking gleefully for any opportunity to layoff more people given tech companies are laying off people enmass. By deduction, it's going to come soon, before annual performance review and raises. This will help them manage to... —  read more 

Job hunting

I only recently started looking for a job more seriously/actively, and I was surprised that I already received an offer. Maybe it's pure luck, because I really thought that it wouldn't happen so soon considering the poor market conditions. I know... —  read more 

Datacenter Infrastructure

Here is my opinion. The datacenter infrastructure is the biggest POS you'll find for a "tech" company. They don't even carry maintenance on their core datacenter switching gear. One time a line card blew on a Cisco switch, and the switch was so old... —  read more 

That's sad

When there are more people who say that they would like to be laid off, than those who are anxious and trying in every way to keep their jobs here, maybe it is high time for the leadership to ask themselves where this company is going?

6/22 Layoff

6/22 Layoff Summary: 250 people 7% of SSNC Health. People were notified by phone. Those laid off were notifed by VPs and Directors who they didn't work for. No input from their direct leadership. Managers and supervisors remain... —  read more 

Terrible management

The highest levels of management here are a disaster. I sometimes wonder where we could be as a company if the entire ELT was replaced with competent leaders, but then I quickly remember that the people who are running the place now have destroyed... —  read more 

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So much for merit

You used to be able to count on being promoted if you knew what you were doing and you worked hard. Now the only thing that's required to get a promotion is to get into the good graces of somebody in the management. Basically, brown-nosing is now... —  read more 

The air is thick

There is already a thread below about layoffs but I wonder if there are any new rumors going around? The atmosphere is very tense and the motivation has never been worse, as far as I can tell.

UK Resourcing = Big FAIL

Last April / May ALL UK based project managers were made redundant (or Severance Agreement for an additional % as HR weren’t capable of managing wide scale redundancies throughout), along with many network resources being offshored to a state of the... —  read more 

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Rats & the Ship

seems like people aren't buying it Rahul. most of my team has departed, the talented ones are long gone, and the ones that are left are actively looking - seems like the senior management could care less - e.g. you got your bonus, stock options... —  read more 

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