Topics regarding layoffs at SS&C Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at SS&C Technologies

More Layoffs!

A load of more UK layoffs just before bonus and merit reviews! This time they are taking out people from the top. Senior directors who have been tapping people on the shoulder with an offer they can't refuse have now also been given their marching... — read more 

Why No WARN Notices

Most companies are required by law to file a WARN notice when employees are being laid off and it's material in nature - funny how SS&C doesn't really seem to do this process... inquiring legal minds want to know...

Referral requests??

Emails going out to tell people to refer their friends and family SS&C is hiring! I'd love to know who hates their friends and family enough to ask them to apply. Those referral bonuses aren't enough to ruin relationships over.

Corporate Su----e?

The latest round of RIF's in the UK have pretty much devastated the GID's business here(seems to be over 10% of our workforce gone in this round of cuts) Anyone that knew the job has left with irreplaceable system knowledge just gone. We're now left... — read more 

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Info on layoffs

Hi, If you have any information on this latest round of layoffs at SS&C, please reach out to me today or early next week. Specifically, I'm interested in around how many were laid off, what divisions, and any other context you might have. We can... — read more 

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SS&C Skeleton Crew

What a surprise more lay offs. Every department is already operating a skeleton crew. There is now no network team in the UK, all operated via the USA. FAST (Funds) business makes up three quarters of GIDS revenue yet they fire the only night shift... — read more 


Hmmm so is it coincidental that Billy Bob canceled the Town Hall meeting right after they started laying people off? I think not. I think that he needs to down a few more drinks before he can come up with a good lie to pass on to the remaining... — read more 

Moving Corr Offshore

They are training offshore to write correspondence, and are trying to force corr to take phonecalls. It seems like the AI is not so good at writing "easy" letters if they have quickly turned to offshore to write instead. I wonder how long before most... — read more 

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