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Run! Don't walk! Run to the exit! SS&C will do nothing to expand the company. Consider your company culture, your identity, your special benefits (whatever they may be) gone. Year 1 will be a tight hand around the purse strings. Year 2 will be... —  read more 

Cratering stock

Ha! The stock is cratering and I love it! Let's see them acquire their way out of this mess. Now the rubber hits the road - SS&C lacks the talent (no less the business acumen) to actually create anything of value. Can't wait to see it hit 30.

Bonuses Handed Out

From inside sources, bonuses were handed out to the (remaining) beguiled employees probably in an attempt to retain and allay future concerns. This happened after the most recent round, so probably after the review cycle. Apparently, the best bonus... —  read more 

Severance 2 weeks total?

With the clients canceling their contracts, the April layoff will be around 300 more individuals. The severance package is only 2 weeks total, not 2 weeks for each year of employment. There will only be a skeleton crew left to run the show. The... —  read more 

There is another Layoff coming in April

Looks like this last layoff was about 300 people for DST. For the people left that did not get hit in this layoff, there is another one being planned for April. As the DST Senior Management stands up and says, "there will be no more layoffs, this... —  read more 

First Hand Knowledge

I was affected by this round of layoffs. I'd been with the company for less than 5 years. They hired me away from a great company and within weeks of getting hired, they did a massive layoff but I was not affected. I was told over and over that my... —  read more 

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This could be a blessing in disguise

Getting laid off from there will end up being the best thing that could happen. People will find out how underpaid they were. Exactly! I left on my own a year ago for a job that paid nearly 50% more - and it was the same position! I keep telling... —  read more 

Will there be more layoffs this week?

I've heard from a few people it might not be over yet. SS&C seems really determined to keeps us guessing for who knows how long. Just get it over with, already!

Outsourcing to India and Ireland

It's too expensive for them to operate in the UK and we are seeing many jobs slowly being offshored to Ireland and India. This trend cannot be reversed.

So Long...

After 20+ years I am leaving the company. Just like others noted here on this board, I see a lot of experienced people affected - I'd say they went mostly after folks that were compensated well and had long tenure with the company. This may work... —  read more 

SS&C strips back DST UK to the bare bones

DST UK have just announced that although we have reached 28% profit, it's still not the 40% they want so we are going to get there by redundancies in IT and Funds. Offshoring to India and Ireland. Its the beginning of the end...

Humana purchased a PBM?

So I read in an online article. Looks like SS&C health may shrink fast for Humana is a large part of their work volume. Why use us as a PBM if they own one and their contract ends June 2020?

Investor Services Technology

Hi all, although not the right forum, figured it'd be worthwhile to ask my questions. Software professional currently being interviewed for SS&C Technologies. I have to admit I am not so impressed after reading the Glassdoor reviews. Few questions... —  read more 

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Stock options

Any word on stock options this year? I saw Bill got his $450k at around $61 strike price.

Earnings Report II

Thanks Bill and management team for the options you gave us last year! Couldn’t ask for a better ‘underwater’ gift. Kind of wish Holley was back!

Earnings Report

Thanks Bill and management team for the options you gave us last year! Couldn’t ask for a better ‘underwater’ gift. Kind of wish Holley was back!


Gateway Health plan Medicaid is not renewing contract. It end June 30 2019. Furloughing July 15 2019. Suppose to be trained doing claims. How long do we have to wait. Tired of being stringed along

And So It Begins

While Stone and Kanwar get double the bonus amounts they did last year, no raises, low morale and departures reign! The latest senior folks are "retiring" signaling the beginning of the end.

Wow... Really?!

How 'bout that newsletter! "Get better"... "Work more quickly and accurately"... "If you want more, give more". Should've just said, "Do more for less ... Make me richer". —  read more 


So when are they going to start layoffs for the old DST people???

SS&C’s layoffs hit Eze

I’m not sure who is worse off, those that got laid off and are looking for a new job or those of us left, wonder if layoffs will be the new normal. Great way to boost morale Stone. “We need to lay off your friends so we can reward you financially.”... —  read more 

SSNC No Pay Rise for ALL

I have just been informed by my manager that there will be no pay rises for any SS&C employees this year. Is this normal at SS&C? I'm an ex DST employee. —  read more 

When already....

So here we are end of Feb 2019. Are they going to be doing layoff for the DST people anytime soon or not?

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