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And So It Begins

While Stone and Kanwar get double the bonus amounts they did last year, no raises, low morale and departures reign! The latest senior folks are "retiring" signaling the beginning of the end.

Wow... Really?!

How 'bout that newsletter! "Get better"... "Work more quickly and accurately"... "If you want more, give more". Should've just said, "Do more for less ... Make me richer".


So when are they going to start layoffs for the old DST people???
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SS&C’s layoffs hit Eze

I’m not sure who is worse off, those that got laid off and are looking for a new job or those of us left, wonder if layoffs will be the new normal. Great way to boost morale Stone. “We need to lay off your friends so we can reward you financially.”... read more

SSNC No Pay Rise for ALL

I have just been informed by my manager that there will be no pay rises for any SS&C employees this year. Is this normal at SS&C? I'm an ex DST employee.

When already....

So here we are end of Feb 2019. Are they going to be doing layoff for the DST people anytime soon or not?

January 2019 COBRA letters

Anyone else receive notices how to apply for COBRA before you have even been laid off and nobody can explain why only some people received them? Really, we're not stupid, just give me my end date then, please...I had hoped that SS&C would handle... read more


During the town hall Stone said "treate people how you would want to be treated. If they sue you they sue you, so what". Either Stone considers employees less then human or he likes to be treated like tra$h to be taken out every other quarter.

Grow a pair! ssnc

Dont be like dst and play this mind game crap. If you are going to do it do it already! Please dont fall into DSTs game trap where they are going to say they are going to do this one day then keep moving the dates around! It is stressing everyone out... read more

Laying off former BFDS first?

Would be nice if SS&C would take a look at what DST purchased before making any decisions. Current DST management has no respect for former BFDS employees. They have no idea what the BFDS business was, and are dismissing all of the good work that was... read more

Lay Dst off

Come on SS&C don’t be a bunch of pansy asses and start laying off the aquired Dst people. We the people are so burnt out especially those of us who have been here for ever and we can’t say that we won’t intentionally do something to screw something... read more

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