Topics regarding layoffs at SS&C Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at SS&C Technologies

2020 Share Awards?

Anyone heard anything on this front? Last few years they've been awarded in December, guessing by the complete radio silence that's yet another 'benefit' to get eroded this year...

What’s the best thing?

In all seriousness can anyone tell me what they enjoy about the company? My wife was telling me what she loved about her job and the company she works for. I felt envious that she enjoys her work so much. I wish I could say the same. For the life of... —  read more 

SS&C Health D&T show

Me and a bunch of my coworkers were starting to fall for the D&T show. Until this happened today I learned they are forcing out one of the best leaders, well respected, professional, dedicated and knowledgeable people to ever work at SS&C Health. ... —  read more 

Consider it a compliment getting laid off from Health Solutions. It means you are a progressive higher technology person.

SS&C Health Solutions is not working to be a progressive high technology healthcare IT company. They do not want the modern knowledge progressive thinking people working with them. They seek to keep the stagnant old technology has been people working... —  read more 


Run! Don't walk! Run to the exit! SS&C will do nothing to expand the company. Consider your company culture, your identity, your special benefits (whatever they may be) gone. Year 1 will be a tight hand around the purse strings. Year 2 will be... —  read more 

Cratering stock

Ha! The stock is cratering and I love it! Let's see them acquire their way out of this mess. Now the rubber hits the road - SS&C lacks the talent (no less the business acumen) to actually create anything of value. Can't wait to see it hit 30.

Bonuses Handed Out

From inside sources, bonuses were handed out to the (remaining) beguiled employees probably in an attempt to retain and allay future concerns. This happened after the most recent round, so probably after the review cycle. Apparently, the best bonus... —  read more 

I am a--&C Health Solutions Client. The recent layoff on Feb. 24th, 2020 left us without the key people that have been supporting us.

The recent Feb. 24th, 2020 layoff left us as a Health Solutions Client without a very key person that had been supporting us. This also happened previously when they had the layoff prior to this one. AT this point we are now looking for other... —  read more 

First Hand Knowledge

I was affected by this round of layoffs. I'd been with the company for less than 5 years. They hired me away from a great company and within weeks of getting hired, they did a massive layoff but I was not affected. I was told over and over that my... —  read more 

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