Topics regarding layoffs at Starbucks

Topics regarding layoffs at Starbucks


BREAKING: The NLRB ruled today that Starbucks illegally fired and mistreated 35 union workers in Buffalo and Rochester. As part of the punishment, billionaire CEO Howard Schultz must record a video in which he reads workers their rights.

Let's goooooooooooo

Seattle Starbucks location unanimously votes in favor of unionizing, a first in the company’s hometown

What did you get let go for?

I want to hear your stories. Me, I got the axe when some punk kids on bicycles stole our tip jar from the drive-thru window. I jumped out the window, headset on, chased them down, got the tip jar back and took one of the kids bikes and told him... —  read more 

Customers are coming back?

Hello Starbucks colleagues! I just read an article which says that customers are returning to our coffee shops quicker than expected. Unfortunately, I just don’t see any significant increase of their visits to the shop where I work. Is the... —  read more 

It’s true

Both of my daughters work for Starbucks and were offered the severance packages. One of them is mostly safe because we only have 1 SBUX where we live, but my other daughter runs a Denver store. She denied both packages and decided to take her... —  read more 

Stay out of politics

Starbucks is going to loose about 50% of income in next few months do to not valuing the American people and this is what should happen. Starbucks is a company without morals or values just a greedy company that try's to push there unamerican views... —  read more 

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Starbucks Layoffs 2017

I know that people are concerned but I heard from someone pretty high up in our corporate office that they planned layoffs but that plan was abandoned, so we are safe here in Seattle.

Starbucks' Lack of Innovation

Starbucks is no longer innovative. Apparently it doesn't listen to its employees, which constrains innovation. And its marketing is a front for something less positive.

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