Topics regarding layoffs at Starbucks

Topics regarding layoffs at Starbucks


BREAKING: The NLRB ruled today that Starbucks illegally fired and mistreated 35 union workers in Buffalo and Rochester. As part of the punishment, billionaire CEO Howard Schultz must record a video in which he reads workers their rights.

In case somebody missed it

EXCLUSIVE: In a leaked video call, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz begged managers to increase their union busting. The billionaire CEO blasted unionizing, hourly employees as “so-called workers” and “some outside force that’s going to dictate or... — read more 

Let's goooooooooooo

Seattle Starbucks location unanimously votes in favor of unionizing, a first in the company’s hometown

What did you get let go for?

I want to hear your stories. Me, I got the axe when some punk kids on bicycles stole our tip jar from the drive-thru window. I jumped out the window, headset on, chased them down, got the tip jar back and took one of the kids bikes and told him... — read more 

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Customers are coming back?

Hello Starbucks colleagues! I just read an article which says that customers are returning to our coffee shops quicker than expected. Unfortunately, I just don’t see any significant increase of their visits to the shop where I work. Is the... — read more 

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It’s true

Both of my daughters work for Starbucks and were offered the severance packages. One of them is mostly safe because we only have 1 SBUX where we live, but my other daughter runs a Denver store. She denied both packages and decided to take her... — read more 

Stay out of politics

Starbucks is going to loose about 50% of income in next few months do to not valuing the American people and this is what should happen. Starbucks is a company without morals or values just a greedy company that try's to push there unamerican views... — read more 

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