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Keeping it Real...

Folks, let's be realistic here. Executive doesn't care about the 3000+ claims personnel they are about to terminate. Remember, exec can't ask for a rate increase due to salaries, but they can due to indemnity payouts. That's why it's easier to... read more
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"The Promise" Lost.

The primary product being sold by State Farm is "The Promise" of Great Service if and when that time comes. You sell it and service it. Everything else is supposed to Support those 2 functions. The only 2 "Silos" or "Towers" or whatever they are... read more

True face of State Farm

If you value people you treat them with dignity even when you can’t afford to keep them. This is perfectly said, and it shows how much State Farm truly does not value its employees (those who are responsible for its profits.) There is nothing... read more

Ruining our health

I just realized how much this whole situation is affecting my health. I have been having trouble sleeping for weeks now. Hell, it's Saturday morning and I'm up at the crack of dawn. My blood pressure is now consistently high and I never had issues... read more

Physical Safety at the Farm

Anyone else not want to be anywhere on site when these meetings and announcements are going on. I am seriously concerned about my safety at work.

HR sitting with BI reps

HR reps sitting BI reps due to increased Short Term Disability usage. They want to understand the workload and why so many are out due to stress/depression. True or not?

Long Time agent here...

Our rates are terrible. Our auto claims service is worse. Customer of mine had accident and filed claim. They were NEVER called. Rental place and Service First called to set appointments and repairs. Customer was so unhappy and thought that it was... read more


Seems like the end is coming quicker than we all thought. There is so much tension around the office and the morale is terrible. It’s hard to look for another job when the manager is over your shoulder looking to terminate anybody they can.

Tipsord Will Save the Company?

Rumor mill aside (I hope), some have made statements to the effect that what Tipsord is doing will save the company. Maybe, maybe not. What I have observed is this: Tipsord and his minions (especially A. Pettit and S. Arnold) were the ones behind the... read more

Separating truth from fiction

I saw Ed Jr., Tips, and Elvis walking a dog in State Farm Park earlier. They all seemed to be in a good mood. I spent all my EOM activities today making confetti for the parade. Now what am I supposed to do?

Hiring Spree

This will all end with a giant hiring spree... We can’t give the service now, how are they gonna do it with less people. They will end up hiring people T a less wage when it is all over with. Corporate Greed. Too bad they don’t value all of the long... read more

Reorganizing the Farm

If you had all executive power possible, how would you reorganize State Farm? I hear ALL of us complaining, but rarely people offer advice. What would you do? How would you fix things?

Tough Times in Bloomington

The real world is coming to Bloomington and State Farm. Where on Earth has any business stayed at the top of their industry for 10 years, much less 70 years as SF has. There are times when you have to change A LOT. The entire Agency structure shrunk... read more

Question Re: Vacation Time (Unused)

Not sure if we have any posters here who quit recently but if we do would they be able to tell me what the policy is as it relates to Vacation Time if I quit on my own. If this is the case and I leave on my own, would I be able to get paid for... read more


Guess who I saw in the cafe at lunch-and it wasn't Jr. I thought we were supposed to get a memo at 4 yesterday, then 8 today, then 10 today, then 11 today. Huh Seems the changes MT is making are the right ones if you're the kind of people SF's... read more

Much ado about nothing

After all the talk and speculations here today what happened? That's right, nothing. People really need to learn to take things with a grain of salt and not get too upset or happy before they have a reason for either of those two things. And if... read more

Underworked and over paid

Bout time this happened. The attitude in this town of people high and mighty may taper off. I sure hope so. Sorry for the onea who are getting canned but are you really that surprised? In my blue collar opinion, your services to humanity are short... read more

Ya'll Been Punked

Tipsord is making the hard decisions that should have been made 20 yrs ago. His courage is going to save SF and Blono. The bull___ that's been out here this week PROOVES these are the right decisions. Theres too much dead weight, atrium walkers... read more

Ridiculous, stupid, and immature

Instead if this site being informative and useful to employees and their families being affected by the changes at SF, it is just another example of social media run amok. Immature keyboard warriors throwing out STOOPID crap. Yes, I know how to spell... read more

More a wish list, than rumors

This whole Tipsy out thing, who's replacing him, etc. reads more like a wish list than an actual rumor. Trust me, I want him gone as much as the next guy, but there is absolutely nothing to corroborate the reports he is leaving. This is just getting... read more

Tipsy out?

Rumor is that Tipsy will be axed this morning at 10am CDT, to be temporarily replaced by Ed. To be continued......

What's going on today?

Do we know if anything is happening today? Any more bombastic announcements or meetings planned that I missed hearing about? Or is there a slight chance that we can actually relax a little bit ahead of the weekend? (Relax is going too far, but at... read more


Yes I see lots of people quitting in PA, I guess the TMs will save those people till the end that Helped with ordering lunches. Some TMs always rewarded those people. Lots unfairness and playing favorites
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Please don't quit just yet

I see a lot of people reacting to what's going on by quitting or saying they will quit in the next few weeks. I understand that people are frustrated and just want to make it stop, but quitting right now is doing State Farm a favor. Every person who... read more


No more food days for concordville, PA. What is there to Celebrate, severance packages for the time that you been there? Management keep saying this is all I know they just don’t want us to leave we are there guinea pigs to figure out with their down... read more

Major steps back in career after placement

Planning and Management was placed last week. After speaking with a few others I found out that I was not alone in finding myself back in a position that i had done 30 years ago just out of college for my BA. It will not use any of the skills i have... read more

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