Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Checking in

Wondering if there is a risk of going public. Interesting how we are giving up the financial services which were going to save the Company at one time to return to the core products. On the path of moving from number 1 to number three in premium... —  read more 


Just like our government, SF wants you to live in fear. Remember folks just like the customer, you have liberty and freedom. Do not let any totalitarian take your liberty.

Get ready!

REMEMBER! It's all about me....take care of yourself.....It's a business decision ....... we've all heard it! They will soon pay the devil his dues for short term profit gain. Scary days are coming. Be ready.


Hey y'all! Y'all are gonna go through the emotional roller coaster with the office closing and transition to Dallas. The best advice I can give you is know there is life beyond State Farm. I know it's easy to say but having gone through it many... —  read more 


WHF has been in many ways a disaster. Between the Shiite equipment and c-appy software, it is a wonder that anyone actually gets to claims. The worst part of this is that frontline management blames theses issues on the handlers. If I wanted to be a... —  read more 

The Great Pandemic Purge

Looks like Tippy and the boys getting 10,000 acts of good by kicking thousands to the curb during a world wide pandemic. Please understand it’s a business decision, oh and we need you to give it your all until we figure out how to do it. Don’t forget... —  read more 

What is going on?

Anyone else heard the news for today? All offices are not returning and all leadership will be moving to a hub or Bloomington. This should take 3 years!!! Sounds like I need a new job.

Pension changes?

Has anyone heard anything about changes to the pension. What I have heard is after 35 years you can retire at full benefits vs waiting till 62. I have heard this from 2 sources anyone else hear anything

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