Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

A slap in the face

Why are ET/digital POs and “leads” in systems acting like they need support staff. They are over staffed as it is and it’s clear the planning areas at Farm play along or just exploit and use certain folks while pretending. Must be the “leadership... —  read more 

No engagement

State Farm had a long reputation of including ALL retirees to all anniversary and company functions. I remember going to those functions and looking up to and admiring those who kept their promises and had the fortitude it took to make it to... —  read more 

The shortest job

I came here two months ago from another insurance company because I thought the situation in SF was at least a little better. What a mistake! I have never stayed at a job for such a short time and I was embarrassed when I gave notice. I don't know if... —  read more 

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Planned PTO In Danger

Middle management is complaining about people scheduling their time off in advance. It’s causing a problem because of the major cuts in claims. Be prepared for no time off availability. People are going to resort to calling out.

Reality vs Fiction!

SF is like a bachelor looking for a partner. The guy looks at a woman and goes for looks. They play their game, go out and develop a young relationship. Then as time goes on he sees her for what she is in reality. No make up, high maintenance, ... —  read more 

LOC Update

Have you seen that GOT episode “Battle of the Bastards”? We’re at the part where Ramsay has everyone that’s left surrounded by his calvary. The pressure is on!

Flexible Staffing

Get ready folks your job title won’t exist anymore. If you are in claims expect to handle Underwriting questions related to coverage in force when the loss occurred. What about WCCS deployed? Expect to answer CCC questions in regards if a payment was... —  read more 

State Farm's Sin List

Ok let's start a "true" State Farm Sins List.... trolls and party crashers please stay away! Go back as far as you can and keep it brief. Personal experiences or people you know or have actually seen. Big Dog off the Porch-Joke Ed R... —  read more 

Job recommendation?

Would you recommend a position with SF to your friends and family members? My SIL has been out of work for a few months. She and my brother have a family and finances are lean for them. She is desperate to find a positon but I am not sure if this... —  read more 

Boy am I happy!

I hope the company can put away all the anger and hostility with the changes going on. I can fully understand it but I really do believe if management would be more open as to why they are making changes, include the front line employees at all... —  read more 

I want out

I joined State Farm three years ago looking to grow my career. It didn't take me long to realize I made a big mistake. I went from "I plan to stay here for a while" to "I pray they lay me off" within two years. I would have quit by now if not for the... —  read more 

Next Steps

New Procedures Folks: Step 1: Wait at least 4 minutes after logout. Step 2: Go to Skype, right click name of your manager and/or employee. Write down on paper all email addresses and phone numbers from Skype organizational chart by Starting... —  read more 

When did you stop trying?

All these years that I have been here, I have tried to do my job conscientiously and to do my best. The amount of work used to be smaller but there were also times when I barely managed to finish all the obligations. Either way I always tried to make... —  read more 

How many are looking?

How many here are actively looking to get out of State Farm? I’ve been searching for months now and while I’ve had interviews none of them seem to be panning out. Not sure if it’s just the job market in general since I’ve also been looking outside of... —  read more 

Intelligence and Titles

if you believe a person who has a higher title than you at SF is more intelligent than you and worked hard to get that title, you may have drank too much of that corporate Kool Aid. Success, ethics and values lie in one's heart and not their rank... —  read more 

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