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IT Transformation

Curious to hear from those in Wave 1: Was your job offer to do something drastically different than what you’re doing now? Was anyone asked to relocate? Any insight for Wave 2 people?
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Total Loss

SF is a Total Loss incurring storage in a tow yard! As a consultant once said: you are all minions and claim scum. Don't worry folks, the hypocrisy from the angry punks will have their day. They all should be wearing orange in a jail cell for RICO... read more

Culture of "Yes"

State Farm does not accept alternate viewpoints. They have created a claim model that has doubled the workload, tripled the stress, and quadrupled the stupidity. Section managers were let go for speaking their mind about the horrible decisions made... read more

Nepotism Is An Understatement

I've been at the Farm for over 5 years and have nothing to show for it. I'm so bored with my position that is not going anywhere, they give raises to the people who đź’‹ their @$$. The management is one of the most incompetent that I've ever had the... read more

What is SalesForce???

I heard we are using SalesForce? Does anyone work with it? Do the agents like it??? Who's idea was it to adopt it, and how well does it integrate into our existing technology? Most of all how much does it cost? Did we buy it outright or do we have a... read more

Is it worth it to stay

Due to many factors such as, multiple reorgs, outright lies about the fate of my department. No rhyme or reason for who gets cut and who stays. And finally no bonuses and very small raises, I am starting to look outside of SF. Did you know on average... read more


Got lucky enough to get an offer but does anyone know which MVR they pull???

Follow the blood trail of the beast ...

Interesting how State Farm was doing so well until management tried to "fix" the problem. It must have been an anticipated problem or maybe the problem was long term success. But they have "fixed" that problem. Once the company changed to our current... read more

Its spreading to the dark web

I google "State Farm" and set the date to "last 1 hour" a lot at work on my phone. These guys are harsh

No longer number one in auto?

Yesterday my boss was talking about our competition and said "When you are number one in auto you have a big target on your back". Is that still true? I hear we have lost 110k+ auto policies in the last year. Are we still number one in auto? I feel... read more

ride the wave ?

So ... if given an assignment, and I decide to resign, do I just not show up on the 15th?

We know where we are

So, it looks like 11 percent of American workers fear layoffs within a year and 59 percent are confident of job security. It's sad that 100 percent of State Farm employees are nowadays in those 11 percent. But does anybody remembers what it was like... read more

Crashing down

Monday AM...dreading the thought of going to the farm, I dropped my gifted coffee mug. Cracked and broken...I took it as a sign. The farm is cracked and broken and I don't know if theirs enough gorilla glue to hold it together! The next month is sure... read more

Voluntary Severance versus Involuntary

What determined which departments were offered voluntary severance versus only involuntary? There's a significant difference between the two, up to a half years salary. In my department, it was only involuntary and for my location we couldn't opt... read more

Fluid QTD date? Specific to Bank...

Since we have received the final opt-in/opt-out form that is due 6/25 I have another concern. For those of us that opted out, the QTD is 8/31. The form says that QTD can be either before or after that date, something to the effect of as long as it is... read more

Job Expo Bloomington

A career expo Monday to begin filling 300 or more full time jobs in Bloomington. Openings include Claims, ET, Bank and L&D.

Talk about discouraging

I knew things were bad for people over fifty, but it seems they are worse than I imagined. I guess my stress level over possibly being laid off just skyrocketed... read more

Mobility is a joke

For those of us in Bloomington do we all remember Mr. Farrington and other senior leaders saying that personal flexibilty and mobility will be a key. Really? Only if you move yourself. Have you noticed most if not all the ET posting have “relocation... read more

AI replacing ILR?

Just heard there is a secret project to use Artificial Inteligence to replace majority of Initial Loss Representatives. Can anyone confirm?

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