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Hub Capacity

Does anyone know of capacity in Atlanta/Dunwoody and Dallas? Heard Dunwoody is at capacity.

Claims rehiring?

It's nothing but a rumor at this point but an agent I know was recently in some meeting where an executive staff member reportedly stated that the company acknowledged that they have lost way too many experienced claims people both in auto and fire... read more

Left SF when CDE began

I found this site and was catching up. I think I left right at about the top. I was forced into a IT program called CDE being told it was 10 times bigger than the ECS Enterprise Claim System. I noticed when that started the old SF was gone. tables vs... read more

Getting stale on this sight

Is there another sight people are using to discuss issues at S.F as this one is getting very weak, or maybe everyone is happy now.

Status With SF Bank?

What is the latest with the bank? More stable? Any other rumors about any more movement of jobs from Bloomington?


Are there any discussions about the Winterhaven office doing any "transformations" or shut downs? I'd really like to leave the corporate world in Bloomington but am concerned about SF's stability.

Yay Bloomington made it to the top ten list

of the the most dangerous places to live in Illinois. Bloomington was 10.......Peoria was 7 AND Chicago was not in the top 10. Source of graphic:WEEK-TV Now SF can get down to hiring some real talent......just like the managers that still work there... read more

Good reviews won’t save you from getting cut

Reviews are a waste of time, they are not going to protect you from being laid off aka outsourced. You can get the highest ratings of your reviews for 5 years, work 50+ hours a week and when the time comes for layoffs you will be let go. Think that... read more

What a Crock!

Times are tough. Our growth is struggling. Yeah we go ahead and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to put a multimedia holiday celebration together. Perfect!!!

They cutting money everywhere. Good Collision Shops.

If the pay is a problem, it should be made up by all the work being steered away from a Marietta, GA shop and a Alpharetta, GA shop. Sitting here upset that a raise is nowhere in sight but those two shops targeted because they do good work and not... read more
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Same thing everywhere

For anybody who thinks we’re in this’s a whole industry thing. In fact, it’s a whole economy thing. The Company most like us has to be Allstate, even though they are a stock company. Check them out on this website. Or Progressive, or... read more

Raises this year?

Will raises this year be at the national average of 3.1%? Does management think their decisions led to average, below average or above average performance?

Tipsey is on the job creation committe?

How can this guy be on a job creation commitee? I guess this would be considered a stretch assignment? Oh wait...he did create a job for his kid. Would love to hear what his advice would be for creating job growth... read more

120,000 pawns

60,000 employees and 60,000 agents/agent staff. All of which are powerless with the exception of one. Nowhere else in the fortune 50 is there such a concentration of power. You're all apart of a modern day anomoly. A symbolic board, zero... read more

$100 Billion + in the bank and No bonus for you!

How can a Mutual company add $15 billion to its net worth over the last 2 years with over $100 billion in the bank not have the lowest insurance rates in the market and the highest paid employees??? How can executives get 6 figure bonuses but at the... read more

Ask the CEO?

Listening to the CEO respond to his employees concerns was embarrassing. Employees don’t understand their benefits? Courage over comfort? I really had hope and thought hearing the concerns would generate positive change but they already know the... read more

More layoffs to come!

Nissan making autonomous cars and will market in 2020. Obviously, GM, Ford, and Chrysler with others to follow. Will there be a need for so many adjusters. Homes to drones Allstate has and is up and running. Get your resumes ready. Reduced pensions... read more

Corporate Woods Operations Center Post 8/31/2018 QTD

What are things like currently at the Corporate Woods Bank Loan Center / Mortgage Loan Services Operations Center in Earth City, MO (St. Louis) after the 8/31/2018 qualified termination date? Is it a disaster like I suspect? I worked there for years... read more
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Recalculated overtime payment?

I just got a letter stating that the farm has had to recalculate overtime due to bonuses (from back when I worked at the farm) and I'll be betting a payment in the next week or two (reported to the IRS for withholding purposes of course) Did they get... read more


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Courage over Comfort

Yes, I agree with this phrase. Finding the courage within to leave an abuser vs. finding comfort of being abused.

Glass Door Reviews

While reading some Glass Door Reviews online, I saw an interesting post. A person got a CS PIP/MPC position with just a phone interview. SO SAD and FRUSTRATING! There are several CS positions available in the Dallas HUB that are hiring externally. In... read more

Tell me more

I left SF because of point system. Tell me more about it being removed. What replaces it?

Points System going away?

So with the news that the points system is going to go away and the way they treat us being so horrible we should plan that on 11/17/18 to all call in. A walkout to show that we are so fed up with the direction of the company as a whole. We continue... read more

Downers grove office closing next year

With the news that was dropped on us a few days ago, how many of you are all planning on sticking around until this hole closes? I don’t know if I can stand it here another day. August seems so far off.....

SF thought for the day re Ask the CEO...

I wanted to pose these questions to M.T. via the "Ask the CEO" page, but knew I'd be fired if I had. I have ZERO doubt one of the many MT minions patrol this board, so, (via VPN proxy server because no way do I trust that there wouldn't be... read more
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What's the current on layoffs?

I know nothing big is happening but are stealth layoffs still taking place? Haven't seen many posts on it lately, so I'm hoping for the best.

Fire ILR to file Auto ILR Claims

So according to an email today, Auto ILR is so backed up that Fire ILR is now going to have to file Auto claims, including the new hires in Fire who have never been trained in auto claims. So much for Auto ILR.

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