Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

No hope what so ever!

I've been with SF for 28 years and going to retire in 4 more. I have a business outside of SF so that gets me to 55 and I will be done! Great now that I can take my medical and delay taking my pension. We are starting to get a lot of the new hires... —  read more 

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Going beyond the job description

I’m still much better off here than at my previous company, but I’m already thinking about leaving. The original job description and what I am actually doing here are very different. I do a lot of things that weren’t part of the job description at... —  read more 

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Same issues from year to year

It is sad that employees have the same complaints year after year. I can only conclude that State Farm did not intend, nor does it intend to improve anything here. I wish I wasn't right and if there is any issue from 6-7 years back that has been... —  read more 

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They don’t care about SF

Management only cares about their income. Did they invest any effort in retaining good employees? If they did, I didn't notice it. Do they care about the future of this company? Unfortunately, I don't think they care about that at all. —  read more 

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Who's next?

So had a blast at the agency convention but thought it was a little too much and somewhat in poor taste with everything that is going on! Great to see friends, Ed and Garth! One thing that was very obvious was that MT is completely checked out and... —  read more 

Auto BI claims and Lawsuits !

Out of control……I left this inferno awhile back but have a few friends still trying to hold to their job… bi rep….wow……inventories are 400-500 on the good side……run away train…lawsuits thru the roof….sf insureds getting sued..and if you look... —  read more 


Today, audio company iHeartMedia and insurance company State Farm announced a partnership to launch iHeartLand on Roblox. State Farm will have exclusive naming rights to an arena in iHeart’s virtual world. The announcement is tied to State Farm’s... —  read more 


State Farm is not my dream job, but let’s just say I don’t complain about the amount of work I have to do. Yes, I work a lot, but I like my job, so it's not particularly difficult for me. There are many here who say they are overworked, but that is... —  read more 

Would you become an Agent?

I was recently contacted by a recruiter to become an agent. I found this site doing my research and due diligence. Wow, I didn’t expect this many workers at State Farm this upset! In todays environment would you become an agent?

Just WOW!

Today was the best day at SF in a long time! My jaw dropped when MT rolled out ED! (Almost like when Obama rolled out Clinton to save his presidency) Holy sh-t! For all the new folks that is what an actual real SF CEO looks, acts, and sounds... —  read more 

Culture is toxic

I guess it's not equally toxic in all departments. Everyone complains about the unhealthy atmosphere but everyone in part contributes to making this place even more toxic. Rarely does anyone try to make this a nicer work environment. What do you... —  read more 

Like a Creepy Neighbor

How many cancellation are agents getting today? Bigot Farm has been top 10 trending all day. State Farm accused of pushing LGBTQ+ books on kids, Consumers’ Research launches... —  read more 

Executive Briefing

What did everyone think? I would be sh-tting myself if I was in Personal Lines Auto Underwriting and the automation! I like Tipsy's comment about this is for the "long term" good of the organization and for our growth plans. You f-ckers have about... —  read more 


Today American Idol came to Bloomington/Normal to do a story on the "hometown" of one of the top 3 finalists. State Farm was not invited to the party. Many other local businesses were featured. Rivian was part of the parade! Heard the State Farm... —  read more 

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