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has your manager brought up at a team meeting that they would not suggest posting on this board?


Is the company offering relocations for jobs opening in other areas of the county and is it worth it to move?


Is anyone happy at work & if so why? All I am is depressed.....


Can someone clarify what is going on with the pension?

Underutilized 401K

Underutilized 401K. many of the people I talk with do not actively put in money into the 401k to make sure they get the company max match. this adds up really fast. the company s---s, but this is a good deal.
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Things Must Be Good

Things must be good as not a lot of new posts. I would only look at this site from outside of work as they track everything.
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Please Help

Please read "State Farm and Long Term Disability Insurance - BUYER BEWARE!" posted on this site and pass it around. Thanks for your time in reading this post.

Let's get something straight!

State Farm always a TS like they gave you something! They never gave you a single penny! You earned it so just beware of the nice guy Kool aid they serve you when in actuality they gave you nothing. Like prior posts have mentioned, it is no longer a... read more

Worst place to work in the country?

From reading a lot of posts here and glassdoor reviews it seems like State Farm might be one of the worst workplaces in the country. I'm thinking of nominating it for this years worst places to work news article. What do you guys think?

More changes coming

Company leaders have been hinting some announcement with changes to benefits. We are supposed to hear something end of this week. Also heard big big changes coming to underwriting next week.

Poor souls

Wonder why State Farm has lost its edge? It all goes back to values. Money, metrics, good ol boy syndrome, and selfishness leads to destructive results. When intermediate management sells something they don't believe in, the system is due to fail. My... read more

Don't trust anyone!

After retiring from State Farm with over 30 plus years, I feel obligated to put my two cents in this. If you are still at State Farm, please be forewarned: Trust absolutely no one at all levels. During my career, I always thought VPA's, VPO's, Claim... read more

Town hall meeting for estimatics

I waited months to get a big nothing burger. They did some lip service to us so they can keep us til their ready to drop the hammer on proximity estimators. When J.S said SS was the BEST option for customers that says it all.

Cashing out pension when being laid off

I was laid off several months ago. I'm wondering if anyone has as well? In the QTD resources there was a section about whether or not you could cash out your pension with a link to the benefit resource center that would show you what your current... read more

The Bicycle

Little Johnny very much wanted a bicycle, and his parents agreed to give him one, but only after he earned it by doing chores around the house for several months. Johnny was very eager to get started, and he held up his end of the bargain through no... read more


Why does everyone hate it so much? It's not that bad.... Also why all the hate for tipsord? He's addressing problems that someone had to. Get over it.

Not a career!

State Farm is no longer a class act nor a first class respectable career. It has created a fast food environment while trying to sell elegant dining. They have forgotten about their internal customer and have developed an "all about me" environment... read more

Getting Tipsord Fired

Does anyone know if it's possible for the board to vote him out since we're a mutual company? I think we all know (including his own directors) that it's long overdue but we just need to know how to make it happen as quickly as possible. Any advice... read more

Are layoffs happening under the radar?

Have no info. I’m just surprised that some time has gone by and I haven’t witnessed any layoffs at my location and haven’t heard of any. This board seems to be lacking information on actual layoffs occurring recently. Is it possible that the time of... read more

How can policyholders vote out CEO?

As title states, as a mutual is owned by the Policyholders. Not stockholders. Not board members. For those that are current policyholders at the time of next election meeting, how many votes would there need to be in order to over-ride... read more

Caring is not a captured Metric! Get over it!

Long Term State Farm employees were living in a bubble. It isn't how the corporate world works. I don't like don't like it....but it is what it is! Complaining here thinking someone is listening is foolish. I'm sure they are monitoring this... read more

Dictator Farm

Companies becoming so dictatorial it’s disgusting actually. Now they’re restricting agents from putting cell phones on business cards and not allowing agents or team members to send texts from anything but SFConnect for business. Is that even legal... read more

ECRM 2.0 - WTF

This platform is atrocious. It simply does not work for what we do here at State Farm. How many millions of dollars did we spend on this garbage? I’m in agency and it is obvious this ECRM debacle was not tested for what we do in the agents office... read more


Any other office out there besides Florida and Texas is management making you “skew” the numbers? Everyday, we come in, there is a new email.. don’t touch this... don’t touch that... you cant do your calendars... do not complete a same day task... read more

So.....employees are important?

This year the message from auto company management in Corporate seems to be, "employees have always been important". If correct, why were 13,000 employees let go last year? Why are 6 offices closing on August 31, 2019? Which is it? Do employees... read more


Well, it appears the SFB plane is taxiing down to the runway. I had a friend reach out regarding a contract to oversee the M&A activity on a bank. The description of deposits and loan portfolios as well as some other nuggets describe SFB to a T... read more

Learning the Lesson

Heard from a friend who is still stuck in the hell that is Systems that The Farm is learning a hard lesson about dumping thousands of experienced staff in favor of a bunch of snot-nosed think-they-know-everything millennial wannabes.
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Business Lines

Just found Business Lines is going through an approved transition plan with severance approved for those impacted. Basically they looked at some territories and eliminated some where they decided they had too many or they no longer wanted a Business... read more

accountability in the boc

what has happened to accountability? we have people completing 10 tasks by 12 or 1 and instead of something being addressed with those staff, their work is being assigned to others in the team. the atmosphere is toxic and those that do really work... read more

Proximity estimators

Has work started drying up all over the country for proximity appraisers? In my area people are fighting for work and management is pushing proximity to do v supp. Which is just setting us up to be offered an in house position in one of the hubs or... read more

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