Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Wait and see

People really should take a step back when it comes to RTO. You are getting upset over things that have not happened yet. Things are changing daily and until we know for sure I refuse to get upset. I have plenty of things to worry about as it is, I... —  read more 

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Covid vaccine

How long do you think it will be before State Farm requires everyone to get the covid vaccine like all the other companies have come out requiring it?

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Layoffs anyone!

Wow. What bout those layoffs that won’t be happening like Vivify to ET!!!! Why was that done again??? $$$ what’s the correlation??? What 3rd parties involved? We will just run folks off and give raises and big big raises and bonuses and roles... —  read more 

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2 tenured VPs announced their retirement today. They get their packages and buy-outs first before the minions are run off! Maybe just a coincidence....maybe not. Time always tells the truth! More to come as promised!

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We need more staff

They don't see that SF under urgently needs more people??? I am almost certain that the company will very quickly lose a lot of people, whom they probably do not want to lose, if they do not address the problem of understaffing. I'm on the verge of... —  read more 

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How long?

How long should I keep posting on this site and complain about my job without taking action to better my life? Jobs are plentiful, all companies are begging for help. A qualified person can get a new job in about 4 weeks. If I'm in a job I hate... —  read more 

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I want to continue WFH

How low would you be willing to go with your pay to avoid RTO? I'm thinking of taking a remote job I was offered but the pay is nearly 40 percent lower than what I have now. In any normal circumstances I wouldn't even be considering this, but my... —  read more 

What should I do?????

I really hate my job and I've been posting that on this website forever. I see all these help wanted signs everywhere. The grass MUST be better everywhere else. I deserve more money. I'm confused, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Comp changes coming

From a little bird/rumor....coming end of 1st or 2nd quarter next year. Finally going to realign and redesign compensation. Agent's are getting a new contract that will focus on larger commissions for new business and lower commissions for... —  read more 

Einstein & AI

Not telling the full story and sounds cool but reality is it’s surveillance capitalism Research and see who all is $$ involved. Agenda driven and insurance has gone to far far explosive tactics to predict and track amd push and profile every... —  read more 

There's little difference

Name one carrier that treats its employees well. I'm betting you can't. They are all basically the same. They are top-heavy, don't have any long-term vision, offer little to no transparency, and most importantly, treat their employees like cr-p... —  read more 

Delta Variant

The Delta variant is taking over. Even vaccinated people r getting sick. Going into the office doesn’t make any medical sense when most employees can work from home. Last year proved that we can work remotely and meet the companies goals.

How many are waiting to quit?

Just curious on how many people are just working until they make everyone go back in the office 5 days a month? Already moved away? I have talked to several people who say they are just going to quit instead of going back to that mess/traffic?


Info on what's coming

November - TMs will start meeting with employees to discuss the new Future State Operating models- Fire re-org, HRU, Stewardship, Prox....Team Lead structure U/W, Auto/FIre, a lot less TM's-only in the specialized areas, no ratings for employees... —  read more 

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I am burned out and tired of the lack of staffing, unreasonable workloads & expectations, technology that doesn’t work and management through fear. This appears to be the Titanic with water rushing in on the lower decks. Good luck everyone.


What you all are not getting is that they are reducing their staff via attrition. Replacement workers have been temp workers. I'm sure they will start hiring to replace the record breaking turnover in all the lower end departments. It was no mistake... —  read more 

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