Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Curious the real reason for rebadge

Hearing two answers on hcl rebadge. One is SF had many analysts nearing retirement, and they would be hard pressed to replace them. The other side is saying it was to cut cost. Which is it? Wish there was some transparency and truth.

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Our communication department is a joke. Led by an AVP who talks about everyone, is a role model for passive-aggressive behavior, and has effectively run five high-performing leaders, strategists, and employees out of the area. The directors are all... —  read more 

Eliminating company cars

We were told that the company needs to eliminate expenses so they eliminated a significant number of company cars in proximity. If you need to go out to the field, you now have to rent a car. Not really cost effective. Many of the cars are 7-10 yrs... —  read more 

401K match

Did anyone who is pension eligible get notifcation is we got a 401K match for 2022? Also how much are they contributing to the non pension eligible employees?

SF won't get caught... Saw this over on the Allstate site. Looks like their Execs got caught doing what SF has been doing over the last 4-5. ... —  read more 


Hold off on the 25 million dollar CEO bonus. Get those big checkbooks out and put that money back into the pockets of those who have long paid into it. LOL!

Thank you State Farm ….

… for teaching me about discrimination and glass ceilings. Unsuccessfully trying to post out of Injury for 2 years now has taught me what it is like when qualifications don’t matter. 3yrs TL CA experience and mistakenly went to Injury thinking it... —  read more 

Unmanageable workloads

I too have more work than I used to, but I could never say that I now do double or triple workloads like some people here do. Quite simply, such an overload would be physically and mentally impossible for me to bear, even though I've always had a... —  read more 


What even is this role? Why am I helping a new staffer understand what a named peril is? I thought I was an underwriter not a baby sitter. They didn’t mention this in training. Is production a better fit if I came from a high networth team?

Work sharing

So I have been training on a different job function but still in underwriting, I also believe it’s a lower pay scale. But I’m really really enjoying it, less stress and my boss isn’t on my a-s for my metrics, I have MS so I have cognitive issues, and... —  read more 

Developing skills

I don't get the impression that folks are really happy with how much they were able to learn here. Or am I wrong? Some will say that the individual is solely responsible for learning, but a lot depends on the environment that encourages skillset... —  read more 

Burnout due to capacity levels

The fact that it’s nearly impossible to take time off, which is needed to recharge and for mental reset, is the biggest issue. People being required to do the work of 3-5 people at all times with constant OT and when you have upcoming PTO you have to... —  read more 

What are your 1x1s like?

Mine go : “Hey you did a great job all month but your one obscure metric is a little high. I’m going to have a hard time recommending you for anything and wont really help you grow. I’ll bring this one metric up every following 1x1 and if you meet... —  read more 

Peace be with you.

Well folks today was my last day at the farm. Thanks for paying for my education that has allowed me to find another opportunity that pays more. Today was great to release the Golden cuffs I was locked into for so many years with the lack of... —  read more 

Incompetence Admitted

Tipsord said the analytics “got the frequency picks right” but the insurer “missed severity badly.”“We did not anticipate the inflationary pressures,” he said, and they did not fully appreciate the effect of the lockdown on the court system. (Yeah... —  read more 

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