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Liberal vs conservative?

Just FYI folks. All you leadership was conservative. Now the company is being operated by a vast majority of liberals. All about me! Look at bonuses and cost of marketing instead of focusing on the internal customer. I know! I had a claim consultant... read more

HR is shameful

HR had an all employee meeting this week and their executives spent almost 10 minutes laughing and making fun of retirees who wrote letters about the retiree select a gift going away. I am fine with the decision to do away with the gift, but this... read more

Data Integrity

How many years in row have we had the data integrity memo? You think that's because agents and their staff are showing high degrees of integrity? That's not happening from the low producing slugs. That's coming from the Ambassador crew. There's at... read more
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Here to help life go right.® No Help

No help. No update, of how policy holders will be taken care of. Lack of communications, no one to answer my calls and answers. There is not even an update on the SF homepage after this major hurrricane in the Carolina's How sad I know people that... read more

Preparing for change check in

With all the changes we all are/will face what tactics, tools, and or behaviors have you found to be the most helpful?

I feel for the new agent interns

We recently had a meeting and were told to expect renewal comp changing in the next 3-5 years, but higher first year comp, no comments on weather they are prepared for this type of transition since claims underwriting and basically everything else is... read more

SF Bank

Hi, I’m being recruited for a bank job in Bloomington and I’m doing some digging into the financial results from the latest quarter. What the heck is going on there? Is it really a bank? What would I be walking in to? They have total assets of... read more


Has anyone who received the severance payout been denied unemployment?

ET Transformation is successful

Wow since 7/14 the amount of work that ET has cranked out has been just amazing.. Its like we are sitting in a moden Day factory and widgets are popping off the assembly line.. So much straightforward guidance from MSO and leadership... Zero... read more

Help Wanted - Florence Claims

Silent panic is running amok at Corp. They didn't need you before they need you now so, please come back...please, please, please.

The future of agency

"Over the last few years we have achieved significant gains in our company's financial position at the same time that we have endured substantial challenges from within and outside our organization. We have never been stronger, but more needs to be... read more

There is Hope.

Appreciate some of the advice I've read here. I recently left State Farm and there is a lot out there!! I would recommend, if you're able, to take a little time if you do leave. But it's different for each person. My background: was a strong... read more

Blatant Nepotism

Our CEO's son recently was promoted directly from manager to AVP. This is a brazen display of nepotism just in advance of an 8/31 QTD when hundreds more State Farmers will lose their jobs. You can question our CEO's competence, intelligence, and... read more

What's next?

Anyone have inside scoop on what areas are coming up next for review?

SF Arena

I’m reading online comments from people who are upset over SF getting naming rights for the Atlanta Hawks’ arena. Can someone explain to me why? Isn't this just good marketing?

Thanks SF claims!

I’m a retired SF employee who recently had an auto claim. Was rear ended in Chicago and initiated the claim electronically. I have to say that I’m very pleased with the service I received. Had the repairs to the bumper done within a week, got a nice... read more

Wait a second

They announce future office closures. 1.5 years later they give a closure date. Another year away. Rip off the bandaid already...what's the hold up? Stupidity? You expect anyone to believe it takes this long to implement your plans? Crazy thing is... read more

State Farm Agency

I'm considering going into agency with State Farm. I like the brand awareness, but from my research, I'm learning that the company is looking at consolidating all the contracts into one sometime in the near future. I believe this will create a... read more

Afternoon stroll

Other day on my afternoon stroll I ran into Tipsey. Told him what a fantastic job he was doing. Work being processed at record pace, lowest premium since 1974, terrific employee morale, and the best customer satisfaction polls ever. Wait, yesterday... read more

News today?

Apparently some announcements are coming today? Does anyone have any details?

Tick Tock

The nice thing about time is it waits for no one and that includes SF. Time will make liars and id--ts out of a lot of people. It will slowly eat away at floor that is currently holding all this up. The havoc created created so far will cause even... read more

ET Hubs being ruined by BLM transplants

Before the hub, I'm located at and work in ET, was full of people doing work(programming, testing, designing) at shared spaces. In the last couple of weeks those spaces have been replaced with people staring at the same email or discussing... read more

Irvine Claims Office

The managers had a meeting today and will give the employees the big “news” tomorrow! Hopefully it’s good news.

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