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Now's the time?

With companies offering more buyouts and SF associates currently WFH; this would be a good time to close all non-hub locations. For associates still needed allow them to WFH for others give them a severance package.

Contact tracing and re entry plan??!

A lot has been questioned about Contact Tracing amd when reading the retry “plan” it appears required “health checks” and apps are needed to come back on site. This seems to be a privacy and questionable network of people involved and privacy... —  read more 

SF Bank and COVID Commerical

“Because now, more than ever, being a good neighbor mean everything.” Accordionists to the CEO. He’s right- yet terminating a large amount of analysts is not that. And it means everything. Leadership gave no indication that we weren’t... —  read more 

Bank Employees Finding Jobs?

I'm curious, are SF Bankers finding jobs within the company fairly easily? If not, how about outside SF? Covid19 probably put a damper on outside positions.

First line ET Manager ?

Why are so many managers not tech savvy, mo–ns, don’t understand technology, unqualified, and just lack backbone to make any waves? There are so many options who are ready for management than are currently in it who would do much better.

Farmers v SF

Friend left SF for Farmers. She Says managers and CEO super supportive and thank employees a lot. How sad is that that Farmers,treats employees better than SF. Shameful. Take your Sf training knowledge and experience to Farmers..Good news is that... —  read more 

Comments sad

Seeing a lot of sad things on here about the culture at SF. This is how they use systems to dehumanize employees in all areas and control calling it “digital” or “metrics” or “quality” or “data analysis”. It’s how Communism works in many... —  read more 

I Almost Died

This is a bit of a sad story, but here we go. I was once working the best I could as a claim spec under the "new model", and doing a pretty good job by all metrics. Even still, I was struggling from some burnout. My boss was breathing down my neck... —  read more 

Bank Analysts being left behind

Between no jobs in the industry and Bank closing, SV, DP, and SM keep marching employees into the ocean. Between delaying people trying to leave with no job for them in end and giving everyone other analyst no options, it’s a terrible move for an... —  read more 

SF Open Floor Plans = Spread of Coronavirus

Trying to maintain social distancing and steer clear of germs in densely packed open floor plan with co-workers less than 3 feet apart will only continue the spread the coronavirus. What is Administrative Services doing about reconfiguring the... —  read more 

Where is D--k Paul -we are not in this together

Bank is being shed, good or bad business, but bank employees are people and have to earn a livelihood. Tipsord’s msg, we are in this together, maybe for covid. Post covid, bank is not. Heroic effort by everyone at State Farm, yes. We are in... —  read more 

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SF presenting a fantastic, quality docementary on Jordans Bulls. I encourage everyone to watch. It's excellent.

Union News

We are currently in negotiations to join with the Teamsters Union which will provide instataneous legal and mob muscle. Agenda 1 removal of CEO AND BOARD, improvement across the board with jobs, and guaranteed raises, benefits, and retirement. First... —  read more 


When you are afraid to tell people you work for SF. That’s a problem

Welcome to the Real World

You pay urself 9+M a year. Tear apart the best insurer in,the world over greed, oh I'm sorry profit. Layoff the best insurance employees. No clue how to right the ship. Strip employee rights, benefits and dignity. #metoo ur secretary. AND u expect... —  read more 

401K-Good Luck!

So, 20 year employee of Slave Farm. Today I requested a check from my 401K. Today I was told (by 2 different employees, including a "manager") that the Cares Act does not apply to Slave Farm. Now, as you know, the Cares Act waives the 10% withdrawal... —  read more 

Losing faith in Marketing Leadership

In October 2019, Marketing went through a transition. At that time, everyone that chose to remain had to work in Bloomington or one of the other 3 Hubs. We lost some talented individuals, the majority at the analyst level (low on totem pole). We lost... —  read more 

My Commercial Debut

Square jawed and devilishly handsome, with a commanding baritone, I knocked 'em dead. This is my moment. Stand in awe of me.


After almost 31 years with the company, I was advised to celebrate my retirement through this covid 19 virtually. They made concessions for many things but will not give the retirement party funds to the retirees. They said virtual and good luck. ... —  read more 

Murfreesboro MOC

One tested positive for coronavirus. Would be nice to see how many tested positive out of that office. Now 127 positive and one death in county. Thank you good neighbor!


Let's send a message. Whoever has had enough and thinks a union could help give this post a positive vote. Be assured your vote is anonymous. Be assured SF can take no action against your voting due to guaranteed federal protections to employees to... —  read more 

State Farm Factory Workers Unionize

SF Factory workers are united against the SF leadership tyranny. You take away the workers spot at the table and feed us sc-aps like dogs. That Ends Now. Friends unionization not only gets us back to an equal spot at the table. It shows them,we are... —  read more 

You've crossed a line.

The people on this site finding something to complain about right now have crossed a line. State Farm's senior leadership and Tipsord's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of amazing. They have proactively instituted about... —  read more 

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