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Since they want to run their company like a factory shouldn't the employees be unionized?  Rise up! Stand up! Take the power back. Alone they crush you. Together we crush them!!! UNIONIZE NOW

CEOs suspend their pay for 2020!

Well well! Now we are separating the men from the boys or real leaders from wannabes! CEOs across the nation from numerous corporations are suspending their pay for 2020 to keep their people. Would SF CEO and mgmt be willing to suspend their pay... —  read more 

Roof Claims

Anyone know why SF starting paying what they owe on roof claims? All these years of bad faith claim handling under paying roof claims and all the sudden paying for everything on the roof? Evidently got sued and lost?


Ok.. Field Fire Claim Reps were told today that they are “essential”.. which means, they still want them to go to nasty houses and do face to face. They are not getting any extra pay to do this. They are putting their lives at risk and their... —  read more 

What is State Farm doing for Coronavirus?

It is absolutely phenomenal what Ford, Walmart, and so many other companies are doing for our nation. Now we have State Farm. A multi billion dollar company who provides a service and doesn't step up to the plate. Ford is making respirators to... —  read more 

“We all must contribute to reduce VPN usage”

Just got off a call with upper leadership who is making subtle, passive aggressive comments to site leaders and lower level management making all employees use their personal cell phones to join Skype CC’s all in the name of “preserving VPN... —  read more 

Shingo failed SF Bank

Remember when Shingo Sheila and her sidekick Shingo Shirley were going to come in and make the bank more lean then put areas out of compliance? They kept saying “Trust the process.” That panned out well. Thanks for moving all of your employees to... —  read more 

Outsourcing and technology

Great Job State Farm. Just like how the government has been the last 30 years. Sold out our d–gs and health equipment to China while raising our healthcare premiums. All for the almighty dollar! Now we are in a pandemic and don't have the... —  read more 

Agile : not

What Agile is not: An Agile and Product Management organization with multiple “leads” and Managers is NOT agile. There is no value add to the company by having For leaders micromanaging tasks and people by four to five people and levels. But... —  read more 


FAQs says if you think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 you should report to your office if you can’t work from home and practice social distancing. Seriously?

How Will State Farm Protect Their Employees?

I know State Farm has allowed some employees to work from home. What precautions are they taking as far as sanitizing, social distancing, etc., in the Hubs where people are crammed in like sardines and share desks?


Gotta say....STATE FARM is doing a great job dealing with the pandemic. That I will give them credit for even though we have disagreed on prior policy decisions.

Astronaut John Glenn.

SF is all about tech and metrics. My response is the same as astronaut John Glenn......"DON'T TRUST ANYTHING YOU CAN'T LOOK IN THE EYE!"

Bean Counter.

Bet the old bean counter is shaking his head right now with the market, the TN tornado exposures, and coronavirus. OUCH!

I got you a dollar...

Great results all year (metrics and quality)...level 5 employee. Raise? A dollar more an hour. Thanks for the slap on the face. Will take my talent somewhere else where I can also have more flexibility to enjoy life. I am tired of feeling abused or... —  read more 

Catastrophe Pay

Starbucks just announced 14 days of catastrophe pay for employees infected with the Covid19.

O Chg rhetoric

Too much leaders with lotsa rhetoric and passing the buck. This is old news. Old change management tactics. Young folks don’t see thru this. Heard this for years. Fuzzy words

Claims Micromanaged to death

Claims is one of the most stressed place to work in the company! I was part of wave 2 in systems and the only way to keep my job was to come to this place. I had no idea that a place like claims even existed. Tenured employees have to compete for... —  read more 

Damage done

State Farm Influencing judges RICO


Tipsord gets all the blame, sometimes the heat, but these changes started under Ed Rust. Ed Rust wanted the hubs and started “Future State”. Tipsord’s only fault is that he doubled down and the Mass layoffs. His response to the 7 billion dollar... —  read more 

Bank was an embarrassment

Tipsord shed the malignant growth that was the bank. It's clearly been in the works for approximately three years. Thank you to the leader who read between the lines and advised me to head to the enterprise 2.5 years ago. I hope this shedding serves... —  read more 

WFH Jobs

Anyone else tempted to leave for a higher paying wfh job

how long will it take or what will it take

for state farm to follow other companies and begin to tell folks to pack it up and begin working from home. majority of employees are crammed into four major operation centers, atl, dal, phx, bloomington. based on the "quality" of some in the... —  read more 

Good news!

I retired early a few years ago after over 30 years in operations. It was the best move we (my wife and I) ever did. I was fortunate enough to be part of the best organization in the world who focused on and cared about both its customers and... —  read more 

Bank Finance Layoffs?

Will the finance analysts, managers, and directors for bank finance and credit be laid off as part of the news?

Bloomington housing market

What will the bank closure do the Bloomington housing market!? If I don’t get selected for a new job in the enterprise is there any way I won’t lose money selling my house and moving from the area??

Profit vs raise

Very profitable company thinking they will retain talent with a 4.0 percent (if you are a really good employee) which equals to around one dollar more an hour, around one hundred dollars more a month... no flexibility, no room to grow or learn... —  read more 


Are we finally ridding ourselves of the Bank?


Someone needs to Make State Farm Great Again. But, at this point, that's unlikely to happen!


Profit, Profit, Profit.......that’s all I hear from State Farm execs, we are a mutual insurance company, I don’t know why they are concerned about makes me think about that TV show from the 90’s called Profit, which an exec whose... —  read more 

Unsanitary Work Conditions

I've always thought that State Farm's practice in the hubs regarding "hoteling" (desk sharing) was unsanitary. Especially during cold and flu season. It's bad enough that sick employees feel forced to come to work because of points. But not knowing... —  read more 

Travel halt

The only folks that care bout the travel ban cause of virus are the “leaders” and execs planning their family vacations at State Farm expense. Any travel for conferences and meetings is expensive. Cut some costs and quit traveling all together. ... —  read more 

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