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Incoming reductions after January at State Farm

People be prepared. Before the end of January is out there will be more information sent out about systems rank and file employees reduction. I think it will be severe based on everything we have seen thus far and I don't think analyst will stand a... read more

Only the facts

Lots of rumors and opinions which are all important to the conversation. But, I'm curious to know from those people currently impacted: what areas are seeing layoffs of internal employees? What does the severance package and timeline look like for... read more

Digital is not a differentiator.

There is this silly dillusion in SF Systems, that digital is more than a required commodity. Yes an insurance company needs a functional digital app these days because all customers under 50, expect it, but NO ONE is making their purchasing decision... read more


Interesting that the people like Jim Presley, Tasha Gregory are still leadership going forward. They are and have been a major part of the problem. I see the same guard in the new leadership announcements, so don't expect any changes.

State Farm Bank

I see alot said about other areas of the Farm but not the bank. Other than firing all the external employees.

Major layoffs in January

I've been reading about major round of layoffs coming in January, but it all seems to be in the realm of rumor. Does anybody know if there is any credence to these rumors? It would be nice to let go of all this anxiety brought on by not knowing... read more

Our new “leader”

What I think is interesting is that this is Fawad’s first executive level position. Both of his former employees (EBay and Staples) lost revenue during his tenure, the university he got his Bachelors degree from lost accreditation due to lack of... read more

So what happened today

The alignment of area to locations were finally set. I've heard rumors of no more relocation benefits. What about those of us that don't want to move, any chance to apply to another job?

More notifications on the way?

I’m hearing word of active shooter drills at corporate as well as talk of more armed security being contracted. Anyone else hearing that. There looks to be some kind of manager movement to locations that don’t have managers onsite so maybe more... read more

So glad I’m out of there....

After working for the Farm for about 5 years, I’m happy to say I never have to go there again. In those 5 years, I barely learned anything new. They transformed claims from a somewhat professional environment into a pure call center. Why the hell did... read more
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The media is still not reporting!

How long can the media pretend nothing is going on at State Farm? This is an unprecedented downturn! Anyone here in media been silenced or told to only report good news?

33% of Managers have taken the buy out?

I heard through the grapevine that, as of Monday, 33% of managers had accepted the buy-out. Apparently, 25% was the "minimum goal," but there was no cap. They have inadvertently opened the flood gates, as any manager with marketable skills who is... read more

To the young folks:

Be dedicated to building yourself...your team will benefit, the company will benefit. But never dedicate your entire life to a company like this. Always keep your eyes on the market and leave the minute you can get something better. State Farm is... read more

Short timer

By short timer I mean that I spent a short period of time at State Farm, thankfully. I was excited about the idea of job security and structure. I know better now. My short time at SF was a skill killer, except the things I do to skill up in my free... read more

R&D got the BP

The big announcement was rather dull. Lots of build up to the new name, which was the part that no one cares about. People care about if they are going to have jobs, not what someone came up with for a name for this new department. It also seems that... read more

Culture change

This company was something special years ago. They cared about people and it was a great place to work. Now that Tipsord is CEO, the culture has shifted. In Systems, people become “leaders” who don’t have a damn bit of experience in technology. And... read more

New IT Execs Announced

Love all the one year new AVPs that we have that Fawad brought from Staples and eBay... let me see what gee whiz things has staples turned out in the IT industry? Who uses eBay anymore, talk about archaic brands and now they are gonna help us right... read more

Lack of organization

State Farm lacks organization and good leadership. Management will get everyone into meetings and say a bunch of crap that never meant anything, just the usual corporate speak. Managers, architects, and directors are selectively engaged with their... read more
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They never learn

I find it interesting that it’s not this novel idea to have 1 IT department and it took a bunch of Mediocre IT bobble heads locked in a room for weeks and weeks to come to this.. Before we made the ICP we had 1 department, a staff that was getting... read more

Bloomington Prepare Yourself

I love small town America but I hate what a big company leaving does to small towns. State Farm is lying to you guys, they won't hesitate to leave if it saves them a dime, this is not Ed Rust's company anymore. Contact your mayor, the governor... read more

Controlled Communication

So the lapdog media here in Bloomington is parroting the line that the numbers of workers here is not changing. Basically they are saying nothing to see here, move along. This looks like a lot a people are going out the door. And considering how... read more


As a remote worker, I do not live in BLM, but I did check out the Pantaraph and saw the article that basically said State Farm was committed to keeping the same number of employees in Bloomington. Do not believe it. The company is clearly -- very... read more
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VIVIFY - the next silver-bullet.... ;-D

Our 500 person Funtion in Systems was told today, we need to cut 225. Voluntary separation packages will be offered until 3/31/18, after that the involuntary package will be 50% of the voluntary package... "The consultants" (i think Delloite this... read more

ISD Debacle

Leadership in the systems area has been unhinged for the last 6 or 7 years, ever since the banking system crashed and they decided to pull their investments out of the market and dump them into revitalizing it's IT department. As far as I can tell... read more
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State Farm Office Closings

What offices are to be or have been closed by State Farm? Is this affecting agents? There is a lot of confusion in the media, please help me clarify.

It's too bad

State Farm is relying too much on outside advice from consultants and it will cause this company to lose more customers than ever, and it may not ever recover from it. It's really unfortunate that employees are not valued any longer. This is a very... read more


We heard and were told in Jacksonville, FL that we had up to 5 years. As everyone clapped you could or should have read between the lines. Up to? We are still under constant review and people are jumping ship. They cant retain employees. If the... read more
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Glad to have left that God Awful State Farm

Wow. I guess parting ways 14 years ago from those State Farm @$$ho!e$$ was a good thing for me. Also, it appears things at that place got progressively worse. I left behind nepotism, bigotry, and a host of other unmentionables. Looks like those... read more

I was with State Farm for 24 years.

There was no path to advancement outside (or inside) of claims without being UNCONDITIONALLY MOBILE. People got tiny little promotions and had to move all the way across the country. They are not ASKING MORE from their employees. They are treating... read more

Been there, done that.

It happened to me. My entire office was closed. Service from SF is now as bad and slow as any small companies. However, the premiums are still as high. If they would stop paying the top dogs 🐶 so much, their loss wouldn't be so large. Worked there... read more
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Not so fast

The press release I read from internal State Farm mentioned technological advances which are fulfilling the jobs people used to do. Nothing to do with loosing 7 Billion dollars. State Farm is a 87 Billion Dollar industry! I love working for State... read more

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