Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance


So we get rid of this executive bean counting failure in a week so 5 months based on $14 billion a year underwriting losses over the last two years…..which will he about $5.8 billion so far for 2024. And they will compensate him how much for his... — read more 

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Rebadger Raises

Letters went out today informing folks of their new annual salary. After receiving the highest review rating possible, I have now moved into a higher tax bracket thanks to my six tenths of a percent raise. Drinks not on me. :)

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This is a sham. Post anything critical and sf gets it deleted. It's basically an extortion racket where you provide the blackmail info so layoff gets paid.

Premiums keep going up

To help pay for the executive leaderships incompetence. SF is loosing customers…according to my agent….even though agents make more more when premiums go up they are offset by the customers they loose. $28 billion the last 2 years in underwriting... — read more 


I would love to know how certain people seem to be able to get time off every other week or so - no joke- while the rest of us are told there is not capacity. The rules don’t appear to apply to all of us equally.

Injury staffing up

Injury is staffing Up. Hiring a lot of people. What are the plans? Staff in the hubs? There were meetings with management but no announcements. Anybody know what is going on? Why does injury treat their employees worse than any other area of State... — read more 

2023 Financial results

So sf runs these expensive super bowl ads…..and posted a record breaking 13.4 BILLION underwriting loss for 2022…..and now will match that or more for 2023….$27 BILLION for two years…and the bean counting CEO gets what $40 million bonus for the past... — read more 

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