Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

More to come for ET

Don't believe Forkwad (not his real VP name) when he says there are no more transformations planned for ET. The latest plan to outsource ET employees was called a "migration" not a transformation. The next round of layoff will be called... —  read more 

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Leader speaks out.

It makes me sick to think what the ET department has become and the rest of the company. I'm not impacted, but I know many who are. Hard working, smart individuals who have skills that are needed in other parts of the ET, but Executives made sure... —  read more 

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Today Congress voted to bring all the politicians back inside. Covid days are over. What's that mean? All those overpaid employees sitting at home taking care of their kids, balancing their checkbook, cleaning dishes etc MAY get their notice to... —  read more 

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It happened

Looks like they finally realized it’s impossible to make cuts in claims. The cushy jobs aren’t gonna be so nice anymore ;)

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Secrets revealved - 1

I no longer feel obligated to keep silent on things I'm told to keep my mouth shut. SF executives broke their promise and trust when the decided to out sources my friends in ET. Here is something to chew on for all you technical analyst and... —  read more 

Don't believe N-p Sword

Dip sword may dress in his black and red flannel to deliver his message to the masses like he is simple down home good old boy, but don't believe that. He is a cut throat shrewd business man. Did you know he cries at "leadership" meetings, but it... —  read more 

WARN Notices

Arizona 186 employees affected Illinois 451 employees affected Layoff date March 31, 2023 None posted for Texas or Georgia (yet?). —  read more 

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Human Resources is Next

Up next for outsourcing is Human Resources! If you work in a call center environment shape up your resume NOW. Since they reconfigured this area to function as "yes" people to leadership....not a big loss.

I'm Confused....

I've been browsing this site for a while now, and I don't see anything that tells me that this is any different from the way things have worked since the beginning of time......Correct me if I'm wrong.......

Agents or Staff

Which one is the problem? Are agents just faces of the office with no knowledge? Are staff just random people off the street? I ask because when they call in there’s just no way you can talk to customers with such a lack of knowledge about the... —  read more 

How long?

IMO SF never fully recovered from the last IT transformation. Mgmt screwed up so badly 5 years ago and this HCL move is a Hail Mary in an attempt to recover. Why these huge disruptive moves? How long do you think this will take? Minimum 5 years. And... —  read more 

Dear HCL and State Farm

You can ask employees to keep terms and conditions of employment (salary, bonus etc) confidential....but you can't take action employment action against those individuals if they do discuss the terms of their employment with others. Are you so... —  read more 

Performance-based layoffs

When did we stop having performance-based layoffs? When did cuts go from being about getting rid of low performers to a numbers game that causes some of the best people (those with the highest pay) to be kicked out? How is it a good thing to get rid... —  read more 

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