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Chasing Failure

Newest EOM catchphrase.....seems like we caught it and made failure our b--ch.
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Goodbye experienced and knowledgeable

You would think if a hub was taking over work they would consult the subject experts before handing it off to trainers with no experience, a TM with no experience and new employees. Especially if said work was complicated enough to need years prior... read more

Cashing out PTO

Hi everyone, I know this has been asked before, but I didn’t bother to read. I’ve been banking my PTO for a while for a little extra cash when I’m out in August. Will that money just be added to my final paycheck then? Thanks in advance.

This is where we are

What does it say about a company if an employee who has been here for nearly two decades is praying to be laid off?

How to bounce back after layoffs

Worth a read, since I know a lot of those affected by latest layoffs are in this age bracket. Losing a job in midlife: How to prepare and bounce back when downsized near retirement... read more

Fake Callers in Claims?

I am a CA in auto and for the past few months I have become suspicious of some of my callers. I’m sure there are many “mystery callers” but out of the 30 caller I get a day, I can recognize two women’s voices and one gentleman by their voice and also... read more

Ambulances taking away stressed out employees

I’m curious as to how many ambulances are showing up at the hubs each week. Any means of us getting stats? Seems almost daily at Cityline in Texas hub. Is this also a frequent occurrence in Georgia and Arizona too?

Limited to Tacoma or company wide?

Yesterday we received notification that starting Monday July 9, 2018 we would no longer have access to CTL's as a resource as they were either let go or reassigned as CS. Is this happening everywhere or is Tacoma just special?

Call Center Employees

There are good caring employees in the call center-the problem is that we are not allowed to take the time to take care of the customer. We are told "we are not a concierge service" the customer needs to take care of it on their own--push customer... read more

Administrative Services

What is the likelihood of administrative services layoffs in the second half of 2018? What are your predictions?

This article may sound familiar to some of you.

Cutting ‘Old Heads’ at IBM: As it scrambled to compete in the internet world, the once-dominant tech company cut tens of thousands of U.S. workers, hitting its most senior employees hardest and flouting rules against age bias... read more
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Under pressure, afraid to take bathroom breaks

Wow, reading this article about work life in Amazon warehouses eerily reminds me of our office life at the Farm.

Sad Fourth of July

With everything that's been going on, I can't even get excited about Fourth of July. That says a lot about my mental state right now. I hate that State Farm is able to affect me so much that I can't enjoy one of my favorite holidays. Work should not... read more

H-1B visa legality after wave 2

I have absolutely nothing against people here working on H-1B visas. I’ve known many great people over the years. How is it legal though for me and other citizens to lose our jobs in ET wave 2 when there are H-1B workers doing the exact same jobs... read more


Hello. I’m an employee in a doomed office. It’s been over a year but no official QTD. I got an form in the mail to confirm my eligibility for COBRA benefits. Am I paranoid or did everyone get this?

ET wave 2

Is there any idea how many from ET we’re offered positions that require relocation?

Mid-Senior Leadership Impacts

Given senior leadership decisions were a critical factor in the outcomes and performance of the company - how many analysts can they remove before they re-address the severely overdue senior cuts needed across the company? A very small percentage of... read more

Heavy news

Wave 2 employee here. Kept my job and am moving as are a few of my colleagues. Others were laid off in my area. Mixed bag and mixed emotions in IT. Lots of armed security. Heavy news being delivered to a lot of people today.

Wave 2 info if you missed it

QTD date is 8/31 Involuntary severance is available If you get a job in another location you must decide by 7/5, move there by 8/8. 12 month incumbency for people with new jobs

Good Luck to all of ET Wave 2

I wanted to post this today as I have seen a lot of what I would call "Non State Farm" way attitudes on here lately. A lot of this attitude is the real reason why we are falling short as a company, that is not how we started and not how we became the... read more

Automation and Arificial Intellignece

Play 2020 - if you haven't heard about SF"s plans to automate work and introduce artificial intelligence to replace human labor you may want to inquire about it a bit. Ask about how many job positions SF is planning to eliminate (a ton) and what... read more


Leadership in many areas are being selected to get jobs that analysts or claim reps were determined not to deserve. In L&D after first not being selected for leadership jobs, these same leaders interviewed against analysts who had not originally been... read more

What in the world happened?

I read some of these posts and especially some of the replies and wonder what exactly has happened. When did people who have no empathy or sympathy for others become a viable SF employee. SF used to be an employer of choice. Now they (and by they, I... read more

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