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Town Hall

I read in one of the posts there is going to be a Town Hall in it true and what could they possibly say to lift moral.

Novice CEO - every mistake in the book

Tippy red stockings used gaslighting and manipulation to gain control. Now that he has it the culture is poisoned with a sense that this behavior is acceptable. Beyond his inability to lead outside of what can be measured his concept of large staff... read more


The Farm tanked in the latest JD Power survey!!! Hold on to your hats, fellow claims folks. Tippy is going to blame us and make our lives Hell!!!

Retiree Assist Program

0 Just Curious, I came back and worked for SF temporarily in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey and Irma. It was under a program called The Retiree Assist Program. Retirees were brought to Winter Haven and Jacksonville and utilized for approximately 2... read more

Bank Financial Picture State Farm Bank® – Net income in 2018 was $35 million and total assets for State Farm Bank, F.S.B. were $16.9 billion as of year-end 2018. Comparable... read more

Sales Leaders ranking of Specialists

I guess the SF metric stuff has made it to Business Lines. According to my friend who is a Specialist, management has sent the Sales Leaders a memo to rank the BUS from 1-5, about sales, etc. So nice they let the SL rank the Specialists and yet the... read more


What's going on in Estimatics? Footprint in proximity lessened further? Retirees being replaced?


Concordville S---s! I cant wait till this place closes and a mall is build! Shut it down!!!!

Bham Office

A lot of rumors company-wide suggest the Bham office is on the shortlist and can expect an announcement this year. Can anyone confirm this? The building is basically half-empty so it wouldn't be a surprise. Morale is in the toilet and a lot of people... read more

Conteversial Post

I have been to 2 companies,previously before joining State Farm that have some changes. The first company I was with made a series of changes, but when the changes started to hurt the company brand, they cancelled the changes and took a hard look to... read more

Enterprise Announcement

Rumor is an Enterprise announcement is coming 2/11 - 2/13. Anyone hearing the same thing? Accelerating office closings?

Proximity appraisers

How is the mood of proximity appraisers across the country? I know SF is working constantly to eliminate the positions and at the same time putting everyone against each other with weekly metrics reports that only encourage high volume not quality... read more


I heard they over extended themselves with these hubs in trying to attract millennials.........I think they were short sighted, who idea were the hubs

The Farm lost in court
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Is unethical claim handling still happening?

Here is my brief background. I used to work at State Farm at a claims operation center. I worked in injury for a year. I worked for the company for nine years. I do have family members that work at State Farm. I quit working at State Farm for the... read more

Check in - how is it going?

How is everyone doing? Current working conditions? When does your area shut down? Your plans? I’ve been gone for awhile but feel for those left behind. Is it still so intense in Claims? Points? Pending?


I see a lot of people on here forgetting the real issues facing employees at SF. Late 2017 free water cups in the corporate cafe were discontinued, and replaced with an overpriced alternative lacking the quality of the cups of the past. It’s a new... read more

Offer from SF, what would you do?

Background: I worked for the Farm for about 10 years, and left voluntarily almost 4 years ago. Headhunter found me, i interviewed, and have an offer. Would be about 20% bump in total comp. would require a long commute and eventual relocation assuming... read more


Restructuring at State Farm seems to has left a similar good old boy and way way many new Technology Managers who really other than micromanage and treat the analysts and support like high schoolers or a basketball team member. Maybe its their... read more

When I saw the insane number of contractors...

When I saw the insane number of contractors being onboarded I knew it had zero chance of working. So many were brought in a new category for logging time called "Waiting for Work" was invented. They also caused BloNo school administrators headaches... read more

Hub Capacity

Does anyone know of capacity in Atlanta/Dunwoody and Dallas? Heard Dunwoody is at capacity.

Claims rehiring?

It's nothing but a rumor at this point but an agent I know was recently in some meeting where an executive staff member reportedly stated that the company acknowledged that they have lost way too many experienced claims people both in auto and fire... read more

Left SF when CDE began

I found this site and was catching up. I think I left right at about the top. I was forced into a IT program called CDE being told it was 10 times bigger than the ECS Enterprise Claim System. I noticed when that started the old SF was gone. tables vs... read more

Getting stale on this sight

Is there another sight people are using to discuss issues at S.F as this one is getting very weak, or maybe everyone is happy now.

Status With SF Bank?

What is the latest with the bank? More stable? Any other rumors about any more movement of jobs from Bloomington?


Are there any discussions about the Winterhaven office doing any "transformations" or shut downs? I'd really like to leave the corporate world in Bloomington but am concerned about SF's stability.

Yay Bloomington made it to the top ten list

of the the most dangerous places to live in Illinois. Bloomington was 10.......Peoria was 7 AND Chicago was not in the top 10. Source of graphic:WEEK-TV Now SF can get down to hiring some real talent......just like the managers that still work there... read more

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