Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Leaning in with Linda

So I watched the VPO video from Linda Harper about supporting our new employees in Injury. We added 880 injury employees this year with another 337 completing training. My question is this, what is SF doing to keep the experience claim handlers ? We... —  read more 

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Labor Hoarding

For once, I think we might be safe from layoffs. As somebody said in another thread, the job market is still not good for employers. If you tried to look for a new job recently, you know this is true. As a result, many companies are not laying off... —  read more 

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Testify and Verify

Claim Specialists keep track of everything. Your license is in jeopardy due to: 1) the number of claims assigned to you, 2) the support that has been taken away from you(ACH handling, UW response, Financial service response), 3) poor, or no claim... —  read more 

Festivus at the park

Putting out a trial balloon for those of us at Bloomington hub that never got an invite to the all mgmt gatherings at the Park. Chance for us “peons” to get even . Nobody that invited to I those all leader meetings held at the park. Don’t have any... —  read more 

Working in claims

When I read the posts of people who work in claims, I feel lucky that I don't work there. What I'm interested in is whether working in claims at State Farm is much more tiring and difficult than working in claims at competing companies? I have a... —  read more 

SF buildings

Why does SF feel the need to build and maintain monster buildings in this day and age? In addition to the agent offices, there are huge buildings taking up space (Atlanta, for example)?

August is nearly finished!

Just curious MGT when I worked at SF informed me verbally the OT outlook was going to end in August. This was in February shortly before leaving. How’s the OT?!?!?! assuming everything I got told was a lie at this point. Did it end yet?


How will I know when I’m going to be fired? My Pqstat is high and I’m constantly being grilled to work better, yet I get a really good review at the end of the year? I am so confused.:( my self esteem is shot. I feel worthless.:( the more I get... —  read more 

The turnover is still very high

Another colleague left yesterday. Just when I think that everyone who intended to have has left, someone else happens to leave. Is this trend of people leaving SF slowing down at all? Which part of the company has the highest turnover now?


For the last few years Claims had been made to work mandatory OT just to keep claims above water because of all the staffing issues. Most employees have been under pressure and have worked hard for the last 2 years. People are tired and burnt out... —  read more 

Hiring standards

I don't know what to think about hiring standards. Maybe it will sound arrogant, but my opinion is that most of the new hires wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to work here if they had applied several years ago. Can the criteria be any lower? It... —  read more 


I work at State Farm and it is a total sh-t show! In 4 years they downsized the claims workforce by over 40%, took the savings and bought policies. Grew too much with cr---y business that is now having claims and we have been in mandatory overtime... —  read more 

You are trying too hard

The problem is that most of you are trying very hard. I mean, trying is good, but here you can only get more work and be even more drained. The truth is that ever since I started working on autopilot, because SF does not deserve anything more, I am... —  read more 

Leaving SF

I didn't think that the moment when I finally submitted my resignation would be happier than the moment when I first got the job and when I had high expectations from this place. Is there a better feeling than giving notice to the great... —  read more 

Geico on Reddit

Has anyone else seen the Geico subreddit? There is corporate emails being sent company wide to help stop unionization efforts. Most of their people aren’t getting pay raises this year, and they are overhauling their 401k.

Is it worth it?

How many of you log off for the day and find it difficult to sleep from the stress of the job in operations? How many of you are taking sleep aids? How many of you have to self medicate to relax? How many of you are having difficulty with... —  read more 

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