Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Heads Up

Heads up. All management was out on notice 2 weeks ago. State Farm has essentially initiated the FANG metric systems for divisions and employees. (This is coming to other Fortune 500 companies too, so you really can’t run from this new corporate... —  read more 

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I’ve heard that competitors generally give better pay and a better environment. So people are not exaggerating, the conditions are really better and it is really worth starting from the beginning? Once I made such a mistake when I moved here... —  read more 

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Silence on Safety

Did anyone notice the deafening silence of SF plan to keep employees safe in the so called hybrid return to office? A website with rules is not even adequate. Just pretend it isn’t happening and maybe employees won’t notice when they get Covid and... —  read more 

Old man advice

I was hired in the 80's, at a time when it was tough to find a job. If you landed a job with a company like SF you grabbed on with both hands. I had every intention to make SF a career, and most of us felt that way back then. The job was never... —  read more 

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If you are in a LOC… no way you will get promoted. If you are in a TWA or LDA you are only taking advantage of. They will use you until the day they decide they don’t need you.

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I want to leave Claims and transfer into a completely department like ASR. Can anyone share insight on what it’s like there? Are they as stressed and squeezed as we are? This is not the company I used to enjoy working for.

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ADVICE: record everything

Everyone knows that you should always have everything recorded, but people relax and forget about it, until they get into the situation I got into. If I had everything recorded, this would not be a very difficult period for me now. So now I just came... —  read more 


I better see a good raise, a better than last year bonus and an extra something first quarter of 2022. I know I am replaceable, I am just a number. I will find another job… actively looking and focusing on myself. SF CEO is very well taken care off... —  read more 

StateFarm bank VP finally retires

Well well well…another proven leader (not) retires with the big parachute. Reality is tough, proven that you cannot make an agency person or a CPA a banker. Where were the brains of this company when we made this decision to be in banking. Someone... —  read more 

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You know it's a joke

You know this company is a joke when you see all the wrong people getting promoted. Took me sometime but I learned how to play the game. Once you realize that not caring and finding ways to make it look like your doing something when your not is the... —  read more 

Not much longer now

With the bulk of INJ CA New Mail tasks going to CS starting next week, get ready for some R3markable claim handling. Apparently CS weren’t that busy and CAs are just “operational waste?”

Claims gets screwed again

So Complex Property was just told they will have up to 3 months of mandatory overtime because our executives were incapable of foreseeing that our customers would start driving their cars again or the impact adding nearly 2 million new policies would... —  read more 

Good Ole boys network

I guess this is the place to call out how incompetent this company really is. Instead of it being a job you go in do your job and get rewarded for doing so it has turn into doggy dog world. Snitch on your co worker to get points. Managers that... —  read more 


Where can I go where I don’t get punished for other peoples mistakes and the management to employee ratio isn’t 5 to 1? A place where there is no rage a Holic overlord pinheads and hemorrhoids that act like Neanderthals or detective wiggles. —  read more 

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