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Courage over Comfort

Yes, I agree with this phrase. Finding the courage within to leave an abuser vs. finding comfort of being abused.

Glass Door Reviews

While reading some Glass Door Reviews online, I saw an interesting post. A person got a CS PIP/MPC position with just a phone interview. SO SAD and FRUSTRATING! There are several CS positions available in the Dallas HUB that are hiring externally. In... read more

Tell me more

I left SF because of point system. Tell me more about it being removed. What replaces it?

Points System going away?

So with the news that the points system is going to go away and the way they treat us being so horrible we should plan that on 11/17/18 to all call in. A walkout to show that we are so fed up with the direction of the company as a whole. We continue... read more

Downers grove office closing next year

With the news that was dropped on us a few days ago, how many of you are all planning on sticking around until this hole closes? I don’t know if I can stand it here another day. August seems so far off.....

SF thought for the day re Ask the CEO...

I wanted to pose these questions to M.T. via the "Ask the CEO" page, but knew I'd be fired if I had. I have ZERO doubt one of the many MT minions patrol this board, so, (via VPN proxy server because no way do I trust that there wouldn't be... read more
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What's the current on layoffs?

I know nothing big is happening but are stealth layoffs still taking place? Haven't seen many posts on it lately, so I'm hoping for the best.

Fire ILR to file Auto ILR Claims

So according to an email today, Auto ILR is so backed up that Fire ILR is now going to have to file Auto claims, including the new hires in Fire who have never been trained in auto claims. So much for Auto ILR.
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Claims service

I’ve been with State Farm over 25 years and filed a claim. Hold time averaged 15 minutes and the actual call 45 minutes. Coverage and benefits explain d incorrectly, and at one point my claim was denied, due to it being 30 days post loss. The process... read more

Motion to fire Michael Tipsord

If you're a mutual policyholder, please reply "yay" or "nay" and then ask all other mutual policyholders to do the same. The more votes we can aggregate here the better.


I’ve never seen so many people voice their opinions as I’ve seen in the “Ask the CEO” post. If leadership doesn’t make changes based off this feedback then they are beyond loss and this company will fail. Keep giving feedback and making your voice... read more

Commercials stink

Our current as campaign with Aaron Rodgers is another indicator of why our company is in a downward spiral.. As usual, our leaders can't make the right call on key decisions making our company once again look inept and incapable compared to our... read more

Get Ready

I heard the budget is a disaster, I would expect and plan according to significant benefit reductions, I remember when it was all about the budget and unit count, now its like we are throwing dice. It obvious we have the wrong people in leadership... read more

10/31 QTD Ad Services

A lot of good people will leave tomorrow. Most of them I’ve known longer then my own kids. I wish them the best in retirement or in seeking a new job. Thank you for the memories

Kodak Moment

Credit to the op who posted : The Future of Insurance | Lemonade @ DIA Munich 2017 and Don't forget this one from another or maybe the same op. You never know since they are all anonymous... read more

Layoffs in a service business

The economy is moving to a manufacturing economy. Heck a truck driver makes more than management at SF. SF is no longer a career. It's a forigen country sweat shop call center.

Here is something from the heart... and soul...

OK, here is something from the heart... and soul... A number of colleagues and I were hired back in the Zone days to share our industry financial sales experience to share with Agents and their Team Members to help them transition from P&C sales to... read more

A slow and painful shrink at Newark

I know this isn't exactly breaking news, given that it was announced earlier but it’s a sad reminder of how things are done at SF these days. I don’t see anyone with any common sense in them buying this story about flexible real estate strategies and... read more


How much is your marketing budget? Your commercials are worse than progressive.


Do you think that there is a correlation between the content of this topic and the need for a divorce attorney to advertise so boldly on this page?

75% external 25% internal

Word came down today that P&C claims has a new hiring plan. From now on 75% of new hires will be external and 25% internal. The 75% won’t even be open to internals applying. Of course this excludes management. Another nail in the coffin of a once... read more

Layoffs and we wonder why?

I am sure we have all heard management say: "It's all about me, take care of yourself, and it is a business decision." Whenever people hear these things they lose faith in humanity because when each person is out for themselves, we have people going... read more


All this pontificating on what will happen to sf is bologna. It won’t be the tip of the sword or any of his legitimate or illigitimate kids or even the ghost of gj mecherle running the company into the ground. When Pritzker is elected and he raises... read more

Layoffs for customer

If these layoffs are cost effective and technology allows us to do more with less, my question is why are my premiums going up with no claims? 😎
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