Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

New employees

I expected more from several new people that SF hired because we were terribly understaffed. It turned out that I hoped in vain that the situation would get easier with them working here. I wouldn’t want to belittle anyone, but those people really... —  read more 

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Take care of yourself

There are so many issues for employees within SF. Make sure to take care of yourself, check your physical and mental health… do not delay treatment for a job. I did and I regret it.

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Hiring 3400

SF is publicly reporting to day they are hiring 3400 people. Jobs will be both remote and in person in Bloomington and 3 Hubs. Positions include claims, customer service, underwriting and sales. Bilingual skills in demand.

Getting played!

So everyone in claims please understand you are totally getting played by State Farm which you are already aware. If you haven't noticed every 2-3 years we get into this same situation and each time our Executive office promises they have found... —  read more 

35 year anniversary

OMG thats a long time and it has gone so fast. Almost done another year or two. But in the mean time does anyone have access to the anniversary gift catalog? I need a new driver wondering whats in there at 35 years. Thanks it used to be online... —  read more 


Claims, what do you think about the old CIR (customer interaction review) team coming back? Your TMs will no longer be able to cover your lack of initiative or incompetence.

Reasons to quit

What reasons do you find are enough to quit? Personally, the micromanaging, lack of respect and compassion, poor management, unrealistic expectations which are constantly changing while never adjusted to reality, lack of communication (only top to... —  read more 


I’m just going to to say I hope the one employee wins her lawsuit. I also hope that after she does they clean house and all the top heads of the company are fired. Yes the eeoc didn’t take her case but that was because she could afford her own... —  read more 

Mandatory overtime

I knew this was coming but god damn, State Farm can’t even give its employees the full holidays without going back to mandatory overtime. Nope it starts back up on fu----g New Year’s Day. I don’t think the executives of this company care about their... —  read more 

Can't help but feel envy

for those who are no longer part of the State Farm. They finally got some relief from all this. I hope to get a new job soon, because here it's impossible to work and be happy and relaxed? (unless you're one of those at the top of course)

My Christmas Wish!

All the over 50 workers that were schemed and basically laid off from their jobs to reduce expenses and increase Execs bonuses come together and file a multiple billion dollar class action discrimination lawsuit against SF. And win! Departments of... —  read more 

Mandatory Overtime

Thru Jan..2022…all because they dont have enough employees……greed from the so called executives who are useless……waiting on the MIP bonus’s while netting 2 billion in 2020…….its a shame…..they have created a toxic work environment with most employees... —  read more 

Fun fact

Question: Bloomington-based State Farm is also one of the world’s busiest companies. How many claims does the insurance giant process in just one average day? Answer: Try 36,000 claims every eight-hour work day - or 4,500 an hour, or 75 every... —  read more 

You are in the minority

I was worried about layoffs and ran into this page. It was hard to go through the posts, seeing so much hate directed at the company. Believe it or not, many of us still like State Farm. We like working here. Why else would I be worried about... —  read more 

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