Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at State Farm Insurance

Geico on Reddit

Has anyone else seen the Geico subreddit? There is corporate emails being sent company wide to help stop unionization efforts. Most of their people aren’t getting pay raises this year, and they are overhauling their 401k.

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Is it worth it?

How many of you log off for the day and find it difficult to sleep from the stress of the job in operations? How many of you are taking sleep aids? How many of you have to self medicate to relax? How many of you are having difficulty with... —  read more 

Anyone work in SFPP?

I have been working for SF 10 years and ended up moving to the Phoenix hub in Jan 2019 due a new job offer. I worked in SFPP prior before moving and wanted to see how it's going in my old department. I saw SF closed all of the LOC beginning of the... —  read more 


I have read about age/racial discrimination, but what about pregnancy discrimination? Is this also common and have you or someone you know experienced it?

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Where did you end up going to ?

So where did you end up going ? Did you go to Country or Progressive? What things do you like better or worse then SF? Recruiters are contacting me on LinkedIn for opportunities, but are things that much better with these other companies?

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The bonus is a joke!

Ohhh thank you ohhh Savior Lord Tipsy for the $1500 bonus if we just don't quit! You are such a great and wonderful leader that inspires me to go to work everyday! We are sooo lucky to have you since you are such a visionary leader! The hubs were... —  read more 

Claims bonus

So with the $1,500 claim bonus being paid out soon, what are peoples thoughts on more in the future? I think initially it was a short turn solution until people could be hired, the problem is so many people don’t stay in claims. The hubs outside of... —  read more 

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So much stress

This is such a stressful environment. I did the same job in another company, so now I can make a comparison. There is incomparably more stress here. No day goes by without some stressful situation. Is there anyone here who can relax (at least a... —  read more 

Working beyond expectations

There are many people here who complain that they work very hard and those who complain that they are not adequately rewarded for that effort. If you know that you will not be adequately rewarded for your work, then why are you still working... —  read more 

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Overtime is a JOKE

Everyone’s burnt out and the people who didn’t care before now care even less, leaving behind all their complex tasks so the people presented with a list of their out of goal will get it done! When will management stop being pi%#% and manage?!? —  read more 

Auto estimatics !

It amazes me that the farm is now trying to write estimate from pictures. The body shops end up doing the work for our estimators in providing pictures while terrible estimates are being written. Geico and Progressive physically inspect every car and... —  read more 

State Farm

I left in 2018… TheFarm became dumpster fire…..I was in estimatics and they pushed us out the door and now I’m hearing they need people…..LOL……I’m not coming back, this hub system was an horrible idea but you can’t tell corporate that. I saw... —  read more 

Agents come first

The only thing they care about is agents. That’s it. Not customers, not employees. Just agents. The stark difference between the way they handled the company’s 100 year milestone for agents vs employees is a perfect example of this. Agents got... —  read more 

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