Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Leveling is out of level

How many times can a company say the layoffs are related to reducing the layers of the reporting structure? Yes that is a rhetorical question. I see an increase in EVP and SVP level positions reporting into the same level. Why is this happening with... —  read more 

TCP results

Finished off my team’s TCP and for anyone who tend to get their hopes up, this year wasn’t anything special. My manager reiterated the same thing with me during my one on one with him. Minimal decrease in both merit & bonus for my staff. I have no... —  read more 

Employee Surveys & Reviews

At the current state, don’t voluntarily fill out any employee surveys until you secure another job. Company is not being completely honest with what they do with our responses. It’s not Anonymous. Sure, they can use a third party service to make it... —  read more 

Signs of Quiet Firing

I know this site is discussing our cherished pastime of State Street Layoffs, but I would like to know some obvious signs of ‘Quiet Firing’ from long time survivors at State Street. This is where the company deliberately make your job miserable to... —  read more 

State Street is not a company employees want to work for anymore. It is failing and people have/are jumping ship, or doing bear min

I have been trying to figure out what exactly is the biggest issues with the company and I've narrowed it down to: 1-hyper focus on cost cutting at the expense of everything else: there are not enough people with skills and knowledge at State... —  read more 

Couldn't it stay that way?

This used to be a company where most employees felt valued. At one time, loyalty, hard work and competence were valued and rewarded here. I wonder why it couldn't stay that way? Today this is a totally different company.

I can assure you all

There is indeed life after STT. I left after a decade plus of working king and hard with a high degree of excellence. I kept hoping STT would get it’s act together. They did not I got an interview immediately and was hired within a day of my third... —  read more 

You're always working

State Street doesn't give a damn about its employees. This is a toxic and stressful workplace I wouldn't recommend to anybody. They want us to be available all the time, weekday, weekend, day, night... You can never relax during your time off because... —  read more 

Boost employee morale

There are fewer highly skilled employees and morale is very low. It is worrying that the management completely ignores it, or at least that is my impression. Is it so difficult for State Street to do something to boost employee morale?

Slave Street

Anyone surprised how little work is done at a new company after leaving Slave Street? Ever worked so hard that you developed awesome multitasking and process improvement skills that makes your new job a piece of cake? That certainly was the case for... —  read more 

I'm feeling exhausted

Sorry for my venting, but I don't know how much longer I will be able to work at this pace. Without exaggeration, I have been working for two or even three people for months now, and I can't get a better job. I almost don't have any work-life... —  read more 

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