Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.


Since I have more and more work almost every day, I feel more and more underpaid. From talking to some friends who work in other financial institutions, State Street seems to significantly underpay its employees. Did you make any comparisons? I... —  read more 

Be honest

Was State Street once a great employer? I've been here for a few years and all I have are bad experiences. But some of my older colleagues keep swearing that this was once a great place that respected employees and treated them as an asset. It's hard... —  read more 

Leave on your own terms

There's no point in staying and building a career here. The longer you stay, the bigger problem you become for the company. When layoffs come around, chances are higher you'll be affected than not. If you don't leave on your own, they'll make sure to... —  read more 

Tired and depressed

I am glad for those who left and found better opportunities, but I also envy them a little. I'm so tired that I'd most rather do the biggest stupid thing - give notice even though I didn't find a new job. I just don’t have any motivation to work. I... —  read more 


Is there a way to volunteer for a layoff? Or is that not an option anymore with employees being placed in Talent Marketplace before qualifying for a package.

I remember...

I remember it was the dream of every graduating high school and college senior to get a job at this company. To get a job here meant you were set for life with a good paying job, chance to advance up the job ladder and job SECURITY SECURITY... —  read more 

Wait for severance pay?

A colleague and a good friend of mine was convinced that he would be fired, everything pointed to that, so he decided to wait for severance pay. Just because of the severance pay, he decided to miss a great chance at another bank, after which... —  read more 

Incoming layoffs

If I got this right, not everybody will be notified right away? If that's that the case how long will we have to wait to know if we're safe or not? Do they really plan to keep us guessing and stressing for the better part of the year? I can't see... —  read more 

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