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Volunteering for a layoff at State Street

You can contact HR and volunteer to accept a severance package as long as your dept is looking to make cuts. I had someone in my dept take the severance package voluntarily. Is there any way to find out your department is looking to make cuts any... read more

So if so many top tier are getting laid off

Why can’t we get a pay raise? It’s been years without an actual raise. I’m tired of “big banks” being demonized by 2020 potus contenders. Who’s going to manage all their money? I’m so tired of making ends meet with a top college degree excellent... read more

Banking Finance going extinct in USA

Next will be insurance. Where will we find a job? Manufacturing - gone. We’ve been outsourced to oblivion and not one person in “power” has a real tangible solution for this outsourcing of jobs and industries. Computers are already smarter and wiping... read more

Layoffs at State Street have started

It's starting in Quincy already today. 2 layoffs that I know one of so far. It's not looking good for the rest of us since the 2 were the first 2 to arrive at the office today. Good luck to everyone. Does anybody have any more info on this? Have any... read more

AGEISM is real out there!

This is true in every corp company. They want young ,cheap employees. Once you hit 50, you are considered old. Have 5 friends going thru this now. Very sad situations. They can’t seem to find a job that pays enough to live on. Some have to sell homes... read more

No Raise, Low Bonus

Most of my department got comp info this week. Many of us got high ratings but no raise & a very low bonus. I can't imagine what people with poor ratings received. It was expected, especially in Boston & Quincy, but frustrating still. We worked... read more

This thread is useless

Thete is nothing factually based posted here. Old lies. Innuendoes misinformation and disgruntled ex employees sowing the seeds of hate and bitterness. Nothing to see here don’t waste your time

A company run by vendors

IBM, Verizon and CBRE essentially are replacing the actual SSC employees at an inflated price and they are surprising under qualified. Last week another 4 went at Global Real Estate leaving just 5 left....for whom the bells toll.
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BB&T and Suntrust

Huge merger. This is the beginning of mega sized banks. Who will STT merge with? Goldman’s? Vanguard? Fidelity? This is likely why the rapid acceleration on layoffs. I have no inside knowledge but it makes sense. Only the large survive in this global... read more

Layoff Wednesday Feb 6 2019

First Wednesday of the year month couple in IT group got the HR call . What a poorly run organization --- and group in Connecticut still standing!

Ignore this while thread

There’s clearly trolls feeding bad info. There’s one that bitter beyond compare giving angry desosrate “advice”. If it happens to you I’m sorry. We all might get a pink slip. Keep your dignity. Keep your head. Don’t panic or do anything rash. Update... read more

Looks like everywhere is better than SS

I see a lot of my college friends that work in the same business are doing better than I’ am. They make better money and definitely have enough time to spend with their families. Don’t get me wrong, those are some people, and I also am a high... read more

Management doesn't care

Is there anybody here who actually feels like this management values us as employees? They simply don't care. They keep piling work on us and expect us to do it for same pay. And as long as you show that you can do it, even if that means seeing your... read more

We see the writing on the wall

Given they admitted to hiring over 30% of workforce over last 5 years.... you can expect 30% + 15% to be laid off at the very least.....there will be 45% to be cut easily. Companies make deals with the state to create “x” amount of jobs. They get big... read more


I think there’s a lot of geresay abd innuendo on this thread. Unless there are hard facts being put on here you’re dealing with spammers, trolls and disgruntled Forbes employees. Wecall heard the comments from O’Hanley there will fe lstoffs, there... read more

Is it hard to get a new job?

The one that would pay similarly to what we earn at State Street? I'll admit, I've been here for too long and now I find the whole interviewing for a new job process rather daunting. I think that might be the main reason I haven't left this place... read more

Plan Ahead

Layoffs will all happen by END OF 2019. Plan accordingly. They've given you ample notice to make arrangements for what's coming.

What is going on with all the buildings ?

What is SST doing with all the buildings on the South shore , are they selling them or renting out floors to earn money. I just heard on the news how they have plans to move headquaters to One Congress tower in Boston. And did they not move some... read more

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