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Minion Commodity Replaceable Expendable One in 7 billion Just a number Get the picture? Anything that can be done lawfully to make you want to quit, it will be done. I said be prepared for dark roads, you have no idea how dark the days are going to... read more
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Just be grateful you have a job...

Sad, poor excuse for being mistreated, but unfortunateky, it is the harsh reality out there. We are the minions, the cogs, soon to be outsourced and/or replaced by AI.
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Mark my words!

Ireland will be our go to country more so than before! You’ll see officers popping up when they reduce their already low corporate tax rate from 12% to Eight 8% Yes 8% You know what to do but you choose not to, you want to save your jobs and you sit... read more

I’m telling you there is dark roads ahead.

Don’t be duped by the buoyed stock market. Everyone I talk with no matter where they work feels as if they are ready to be cut from a job. Banking Finance High tech All high wage earning non-blue collar workers feel like the axe is coming. Doesn’t... read more
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Are things ever going to change?

I'm just wondering. For the past several years, we've had layoff looming over our heads continuously, we are overworked, morale is in the gutter, the company is in worse and worse shape... And it keeps on like that. Absolutely nothing is changing... read more

Harvest Festival

What an absoute disgrace. What was the budget $3.13 per employee? Gross pretzels, a "treat" bag containing 3 pieces of budget candy, and a shot of cafeteria chili that they ran out of before I went down an hour into the three hour event. Not sure... read more

Is anyone else really over worked

In a very profound way? Is your team really stretched too thin? Do you have incredibly difficult deadlines to accomplish and too many deadlines? Am I the only one feeling this way? I feel like that we are stretched too thin have too much to do not... read more

Low cost locations

So now that we've seen a significant uptick in jobs being sent to Poland and India, does anyone know what the average salary is in USD for these roles? Are we talking a 2-3K discount or is it more considerable?

That massive breach

Came from equifaxs Argentina branch Outsourcing the biggest mistake corporations have ever done! How much money did they save? None How much will it cost? Hopefully their jobs and jail Lessons to be learned!

Where's their social conscience and generosity?

Am I missing something about them donating to the two massively destructive hurricanes? Don't they have an office in Jacksonville Florida? You'd think they'd immediately send aide... says a lot about them. Too busy finding statues that go nothing to... read more

Is State Street poised for a takeover?

i have posted this in the past but will again. Doesn't anyone else agree that they are a good target for a takeover? Even a large corporation like State Street appears to be so poorly mismanaged that they can't continue. I can't imagine how it is... read more


Never forget
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Does anyone know the time line?

I've heard some people were told they're dept is moving from Boston to Quincy. I think they had like four months between the notification and the move. Is that typical or do you likely get less notification? Too many rumors flying around.

Project Hummingbird

Can someone tell me who comes up with these name for the JV transitions? It was brought up today in a department meeting that I attended regarding staffing migrations to low cost locations and it took all of my self control not to laugh. I guess it... read more

Mediocrity returns

Average Flatline 2%GDP Taxes35% Insurance premiums 25-60% COL 15% Wages .04% if lucky Savings interest rate .01% if you have any left over to save Chance of overcoming stagnant wages -Zero percent Austerity Mediocrity the new normal Ho hum Boring... read more

If you truly are worried over lay offs

And outsourcing and higher costs for your insurance and wanting a higher take home pay Raises Growth Careeer development You must take control by demanding your Congress people to repeal Dodd-FrAnk Repeal ACA Demand lower personal and corporate taxes... read more

Layoff Talk?

Layoff talk? Wrong, this is the perfect place to rant/complain about my job, employer, the financial markets, politics, people, life. Have at it...........

Hangzhou Spies

Something tells me our clients and lawmakers would not be happy to find out that our IT counterparts in Hangzhou CHINA have full access to client portfolio data.

Cheap labor

= errors costly overtime and defeats the purpose of cutting costs If you constantly have to clean up the mess of outsourced ppl instead of having a system where you run it start to finish without outsourcing you probably don't save money in the long... read more

Dow nearing 22000

Seriously one year ago we hovered 17-18000 we were slogging along happy not to drop Another 30% Unleash the shackles of free fair trade cut job suffocating regulations don't implement the hidden list of job choking regulations by 44 and what happens... read more

State Street Hire Americans instead

State Street , I notice you seem to make news with your PC articles about hiring more women and minorities to Executive positions. But we know its all feel good make the news and try to polish your image as a great company Why not set a new trend and... read more

Same old same old

A Plan to Fill the Massive Gender Gap in Asset Management Nonprofit group Girls Who Invest looks to fill industry job pipeline with more women candidates By Geoffrey Rogow July 28, 2017 9:00 a.m. ET State Street Global Advisors has a plan to improve... read more
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7000 I just can't see how it can go unnoticed Anyone seeing anything dramatic? I know shifts in locations and maybe few go from it but no full throttle dumping Three years is still a long time Maybe they presented worst case scenario and it's not... read more

Crash is coming

The wee hours of this morning in the senate is the precursor for massive losses GOP just proved they cannot govern likely making tangible tax reform or tax relief a smoke and mirror game 7000 might just be the starting point Thanks it's great knowing... read more

I know it's a novel idea but wouldn't it be

Amazing if our CEO boldly came out in front to all of us and said fear not your careers your livelihood is in tact the Clipper ship is on course and we will grow and prosper together? I know I have a vivid unbridled imagination Felt good for half a... read more

Blow Out Q2 Results

Amazing Q2 earnings announced by the Clipper Ship today. Jay's vision and leadership is in full view. He has the whole executive team hitting on all cylinders! Go Jay Go!

Major crash is inevitable, be prepared

We are going to have another major crash and humugous recesdion it's in its infancy you can't see it but it will happen. It will likely happen by Fall 2017!and free falll from there. All the gains this past ten months will be lost and there will be... read more

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