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State Street opens Abu Dhabi office

State Street opened a second new office in Abu Dhabi on Monday (Sept 10) expanding in the United Arab Emirates as it eyes growth prospects in the Middle East region. Only a matter of time before layoffs are used to fill positions over there.
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Did anything happen today?

From what I can see, September 6 rumor turned out to be false at least where I am. Unless I am missing something? Where there some layoffs somewhere else at State Street that I didn't hear about? I think word would have spread by now if that were the... read more

New Hire

Hi Everyone, I just got a job offer from State Street Atlanta Office. After reading all these posts about how SS is a sinking ship and there have been several rounds of layoff across the board. I am not sure if I should step in. Any Thoughts?

Sept 6th

Anyone hear anything about 9/6 being another lay off day?

Charles river development

Bloomberg has an interview with the top guy. Cuts will be at the bank not CRD.
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State Street truly is a rotten company to work for

State Street truly is a rotten company to work for. Its mainframe system harks back to the 70s and its Management teams stink as populated by yes men. If you are looking for a job and have 2 underway pick the other one than State Street. If you... read more
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More info on this?

I got laid off a few days ago at State Street Boston office along with five others at HR meeting room. I'm truly sorry this happened to you. Any chance we can get some more info on this? Anybody else knows if this was a one-off or if we can expect... read more

Enough is enough

Crap company that can't think of any other way to survive other than to cut costs by outsourcing as much work as possible to Bangalore. Those of us dealing with India know that much of their work is barely acceptable, but I guess that's good enough... read more

More layoffs at State Street?

What's the latest on layoffs? Lately I've been feeling like everything is too quiet, like calm before a major storm. I could just be paranoid, but after all the talk about possible additional restructuring I've been in a constant anticipation mode... read more

2017 Annual Report - Restructuring

Here’s what SSB’s 2017 Annual Report says about restructuring: In connection with Beacon, we announced in 2016 that we expected: (i) to incur aggregate pre-tax restructuring charges of approximately $300 million to $400 million beginning in 2016... read more

U.S. Hiring freeze

Anyone else hear that they've put a freeze on hiring onshore workers and anyone that leaves will have their job opened in a cooresponding low cost location.

Markets in Turmoil

The reality on Main street is now coming home to roost on Wall Street. All this BS about a strong economy and lowest unemployment ever is 100% lies. Stock markets can easily be manipulated by stock buybacks and the Federal Reserve printing trillions... read more
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Markets Tanking...

What happens to jobs at State Street when the market crashes? And then of course there's your nest egg, which will disappear as well. Amazingly, practically nobody has even considered these possibilities. Well, it's time to start considering them... read more

Trump kicks off Global Trade War

So the narrative event arrives, which will be used to explain why the recession we're in happened and led to the market crash which is coming. Oh yes, you all believe markets can go up by double digit percentages year after year with no crash because... read more
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Bad negative energy

This company has a lot of negative energy and bad karma. People are back stabbing, vicious, self serving because it’s rotting from the top down. The culture at STT is kill or be killed. Great morale booster for the employees. (Sarc). This place needs... read more

Contractor escorted out by security

A contractor PM in statestreet bank europe was escorted out by security today. The female MD in sales at SSB Europe refused to even sign the full notice period of 5 days. This was after he turned down a 30% pay cut ultimatum or be fired. Shocking.

Any solid advice appreciated.

Ok at this point in all my years at Stste Street just under 10 years, I have always been notified by now about a raise and/or bonus. I’m just under a year in my new team. I work long hours and do workloads far greater than the other members in my... read more

Cause for legal action

I was warned by a coworker that next round of layoffs will predominantly focus on those who satisfy rule 70, which to me sounds like a recipe for legal action against State Street. Anybody heard more about this? I'm personally in this group, so... read more

I got mine

Slightly bigger bonus than last year and 2% salary increase. First increase in 3 years.

Is it possible my team isn’t getting a bonus?

Usually I hear around now about a bonus and or a raise. And I have not. I’m getting a little nervous now. Has everyone heard? Please let me know because that would really really s--- If I don’t get anything at all

Where’s our tax cut bonus??

We’ll be lucky with the regular bonus and meager pay raise if we get one whopping 2% How come STT can’t give us s tax break bonus why not us? STT has benefitted tremendously with the easing of D-F and other regukations. Why so stingy?

Jan layoffs

Heard some rumours about layoffs already this year. Anyone got info

Bonus pool

Anyone with any real info on this year's merit increase and/or bonus pool? Know they released the TCP but it Don't get to my level [avp] until next week. I would like to think at how well the economy as a whole did, they have run out of excuses for... read more

Over 130 companies are now spreading

The wealth by giving a tax break bonus to their employees. What do we get? We get now less than two years for 7000 to be laid off. Cruel joke? No, harsh reality. I’m sure some very special people will be given nice five figure bonuses. Too difficult... read more

Whoa who’s the phoney around here?

Don’t be down? Don’t be negative? If it weren’t for the tax cut coming I’d be squeaking by again. You must have a lofty salary and or a double income of each six figures. Go troll elsewhere or better yet after six months of unemployment and no job... read more

8 Negative Attitudes of Chronically Unhappy People

Self-Defeating Talk Negative Assumptions Negative Comparison with Others Negative Rumination about the Past Disempowering Beliefs about Difficult People The Desire to Blame The Struggle to Forgive Yourself The Fear of Failure and Making Mistakes
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well... from Germany....
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It's 2018 - Try not to be so down.

It's 2018 folks. Time to stop being a scared kitty. Time to stop reading all the negative, Debbie-Downer news and message board dialogue. Don't be scared. There's plenty of helpful resources all around you to get started with a new job/career. Think... read more


Time for new beginnings and hopes for a better year ahead. Unsure how new ceo will be. I just doubt 7000 in 2 years time can be that stealthy. Hope I’m wrong. Hope there’s a new game plan. Hope the prognostications for 7000 layoffs are recalculated... read more

Stealthy layoffs at State Street

They do the layoffs in a very stealth manner of laying off maybe 1 to 2 people in various sections. Hoping nobody will notice how 1,2 or 3 people have vanished. Usually the worker's network is busy calling friends in other depts to see if anyone got... read more

Your place in line.

In case you wanted to know where you rank at State Street, these are mr. Hooley's comments on how they could spend the extra dough they are getting from the GOP tax cut. "Hooley said the company will use the tax savings to potentially invest in new... read more

Info on being laid off

I was laid off by SSBT several years ago. It was a blessing. Life after SS has been much better and I'm not sad about it at all. But be careful. When laid off, you will be required to sign a raft of paperwork including a document that says you will... read more

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