Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

RTO - Week 1

Anyone else think a significant number of employees are not following the 4 day RTO? While I saw more people in the Adams building this week. Hardly anyone from my team did 4 days.

family of laid offs

It has been 3 years since I left Statestreet. I didn't bother to write about this. My mother worked in fund accounting for 18 years, was laid off right before she retired. 4 people in India failed at taking over her job, so they called her back. Let... —  read more 

Leveling is out of level

How many times can a company say the layoffs are related to reducing the layers of the reporting structure? Yes that is a rhetorical question. I see an increase in EVP and SVP level positions reporting into the same level. Why is this happening with... —  read more 

TCP results

Finished off my team’s TCP and for anyone who tend to get their hopes up, this year wasn’t anything special. My manager reiterated the same thing with me during my one on one with him. Minimal decrease in both merit & bonus for my staff. I have no... —  read more 

Employee Surveys & Reviews

At the current state, don’t voluntarily fill out any employee surveys until you secure another job. Company is not being completely honest with what they do with our responses. It’s not Anonymous. Sure, they can use a third party service to make it... —  read more 

Signs of Quiet Firing

I know this site is discussing our cherished pastime of State Street Layoffs, but I would like to know some obvious signs of ‘Quiet Firing’ from long time survivors at State Street. This is where the company deliberately make your job miserable to... —  read more 

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