Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

How much time do you have?

Not sure how many people are holding on until they are retirement (or early retirement) eligible. I’ve got less than 3 years and I’m just keeping my head down so as not to be singled out for the slightest things. To be honest, the thought of spending... —  read more 

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Severance-related question

I haven't heard anything about more layoffs, so this is not about that. I'm just trying to plan ahead just in case and I'd like to know how things work. Have there been any changes to severance in the last year or so? How long does it take to receive... —  read more 


Is there a way to volunteer for a layoff? Or is that not an option anymore with employees being placed in Talent Marketplace before qualifying for a package.

I remember...

I remember it was the dream of every graduating high school and college senior to get a job at this company. To get a job here meant you were set for life with a good paying job, chance to advance up the job ladder and job SECURITY SECURITY... —  read more 

Wait for severance pay?

A colleague and a good friend of mine was convinced that he would be fired, everything pointed to that, so he decided to wait for severance pay. Just because of the severance pay, he decided to miss a great chance at another bank, after which... —  read more 

Incoming layoffs

If I got this right, not everybody will be notified right away? If that's that the case how long will we have to wait to know if we're safe or not? Do they really plan to keep us guessing and stressing for the better part of the year? I can't see... —  read more 

More cuts coming? State Street is having talks with UBS for a big merger, it's been confirmed by multiple news platforms. I have seen many VPs leaving ... —  read more 

It’s sad to see

I used to be proud of this company being one of the oldest financial institutions. It speaks of stability and longevity. But how much longer can a company last when most of their employees are overworked while receiving pay that is below industry... —  read more 


Does anyone know about severance? Do you just wait it out in the marketplace till they let you go? If you don’t actually accept an internal interview then will you still receive severance when your time is up? They can offer a job but as long as... —  read more 

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