Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

New RTO on June 30th

Has anyone heard how they’re policing the new change in RTO? The first one was a big joke once everyone found out they weren’t being tracked or penalized. Does anything change with that come June 30th?

Severance & UI

May sound like an insensitive inquiry but the UI decisions varies from one company to another so i have to ask or wait weeks for an answer. From anyone that received severance, did you manage to get UI at the same time or were you told you’d only be... — read more 

Next round

Next round week of 5/10/24. And every other month until eoy. Can anybody confirm this? Is this just guessing or has there been an announcement of some kind about it?


If we just refuse to comply and they fire us, would we be eligible for unemployment? I have been working from home since 2017. My agreement was either 1 or 2 days in the office. I would say they arguably changed our work location involuntarily. Just... — read more 


Don’t fret boys and girls I’m part of the meek and raise and less than 2% bonus. I am happy though that Ron and the boys will be able to put caviar and champagne on the table for another year

My motivation is gone

With all the layoffs going on and the high probability that I might lose my job within months if not weeks, my motivation has taken a serious hit. I just can't shake the feeling that even if I don't get let go immediately, it's just a matter of time... — read more 

Bogus negative report

Wondering if anyone experienced something similar. The performance was release i saw it yesterday and they rated” partially met exppectations. I think I was rated a 4 for 6 of the past 9 years, Rated 2 this year is totally bogus. My manager has... — read more 

No more promotions

In the latest string of bright ideas to come out of executive mgmt or Hr (who knows who comes up with these ideas), it’s been decided that there will be no more promotions. So if you continue working hard, taking on more responsibility etc in the... — read more 

I want to be out of here

I've been mulling over the idea of quitting my job at State Street for a while, and the latest layoffs have just made that desire stronger. But I'm curious how folks who've already left are holding up. Do you regret it? If any of you still check this... — read more 

So two faced...

Was thinking about Ron declaring that Sunday Times front page about State Street racially engineering the workforce wasn't true and that legal options were going to be explored, did anything come of this?


Not sure why this is news to anyone. State Street lays off a healthy percentage of its employees at year-end EVERY YEAR. It’s part of the business model. It’s how they hold down compensation, limit advancement and make survivors grateful for their... — read more 

More to come

From what I can gather, only a fraction of the 1,500 announced employees have been laid off so far. Looks like they are really waiting until January to let us know who will stay and who will go. This is not going to be a fun and enjoyable Christmas... — read more 

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