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I’m just not optimistic about 2018.

I know all the numbers point positive and I’m appreciate if the 401k balance. But that doesn’t help with layoffs and paying bills and getting by. Jobs are out there butbeither with ridiculous requirements and degrees or crappy everything else. I hope... read more

Dow hits 24k.

Headline on marketwatch “Jobless claims fall slightly in Thanksgiving week, layoffs remain near 45-year low” And yet I feel no safer than yesterday. I know ppl are being laid off at other companies right now it has been happening under the radar 1000... read more

December 20, 2017

Well folks, that time of year has come again. We saw some layoffs in March, which targeted VP's and above and a couple of outliers here and there. The 1290 NYC office will be targeted heavily on this date to eliminate redundant positions at the AVP... read more

On the first day of Christmas my Mgr gave to me

More work than I can do in a day. On the second day of Christmas my Mgr gave to me a two new replacements for me to train. On the third day of Christmas my Mgr gave to me grief for using the bathroom three times On the fourth day of Christmas my mgr... read more

Does anyone have any idea if we will

Get raises for 2018? I’m not kidding raised have been missing these past couple of years. I’ve gotten bonuses. But no actual raise and i’m not sure if that’s common or if it’s just me. Has anyone else not gotten a raise in the past couple of years? I... read more

Every time I get frustrated or

Fearful I start looking not new jobs. I even got job offers and then I go on this site to get a feel for the mood. And it actually depresses me. Am i going from the fire to the frying pan? It’s hard to tell so I declined a couple jobs that were... read more

A State Street Christmas Carol

Oh how wonderful it be to have the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future visted the CEO and Board of Directors. Show them how they have destroyed the lives on so many former State Street Workers. People making 35 to 40% less due to their new... read more

Are any of you

Also experiencing bosses being really nasty and short tempered lately? Maybe it’s me but you can’t even ask a simple question with your head not getting chewed off what’s going on is it just me going through this? Is it his way of prepping me that... read more

Jay Hooley to retire by end of 2018 YEAH YEAH

Will we finally get a real CEO able to bring the company back to its glory days ? Will it end the yearly layoffs going on since 2007 ??? Will it mean they might actually hire American workers ???? Well we can dream about getting a CEO with the drive... read more

Has anyone seen anything lately?

Being understaffed is one thing to make it miserable to want to leave, but not seeing layoffs. Anyone missing team members recently? Where? What number? 7000 is an awful big number to hide.

Hmmm did you get a raise recently?

Oct 23 (Reuters) - State Street Corp's adjusted expenses rose 4 percent in the third quarter, overshadowing a better-than-expected profit and sending the bank's shares down 4 percent on Monday.

I love the let’em Hang out and dry

Attitude. They give you vacations but expect to return swamped by the zero zero zero support of the ppl meant to puck up the slack but if you tried pulling that you’d be canned State street loves to foster hostility animosity and divisiveness amongst... read more


Minion Commodity Replaceable Expendable One in 7 billion Just a number Get the picture? Anything that can be done lawfully to make you want to quit, it will be done. I said be prepared for dark roads, you have no idea how dark the days are going to... read more

Just be grateful you have a job...

Sad, poor excuse for being mistreated, but unfortunateky, it is the harsh reality out there. We are the minions, the cogs, soon to be outsourced and/or replaced by AI.
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Mark my words!

Ireland will be our go to country more so than before! You’ll see officers popping up when they reduce their already low corporate tax rate from 12% to Eight 8% Yes 8% You know what to do but you choose not to, you want to save your jobs and you sit... read more

I’m telling you there is dark roads ahead.

Don’t be duped by the buoyed stock market. Everyone I talk with no matter where they work feels as if they are ready to be cut from a job. Banking Finance High tech All high wage earning non-blue collar workers feel like the axe is coming. Doesn’t... read more
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Are things ever going to change?

I'm just wondering. For the past several years, we've had layoff looming over our heads continuously, we are overworked, morale is in the gutter, the company is in worse and worse shape... And it keeps on like that. Absolutely nothing is changing... read more

Harvest Festival

What an absoute disgrace. What was the budget $3.13 per employee? Gross pretzels, a "treat" bag containing 3 pieces of budget candy, and a shot of cafeteria chili that they ran out of before I went down an hour into the three hour event. Not sure... read more

Is anyone else really over worked

In a very profound way? Is your team really stretched too thin? Do you have incredibly difficult deadlines to accomplish and too many deadlines? Am I the only one feeling this way? I feel like that we are stretched too thin have too much to do not... read more

Low cost locations

So now that we've seen a significant uptick in jobs being sent to Poland and India, does anyone know what the average salary is in USD for these roles? Are we talking a 2-3K discount or is it more considerable?

That massive breach

Came from equifaxs Argentina branch Outsourcing the biggest mistake corporations have ever done! How much money did they save? None How much will it cost? Hopefully their jobs and jail Lessons to be learned!

Where's their social conscience and generosity?

Am I missing something about them donating to the two massively destructive hurricanes? Don't they have an office in Jacksonville Florida? You'd think they'd immediately send aide... says a lot about them. Too busy finding statues that go nothing to... read more

Is State Street poised for a takeover?

i have posted this in the past but will again. Doesn't anyone else agree that they are a good target for a takeover? Even a large corporation like State Street appears to be so poorly mismanaged that they can't continue. I can't imagine how it is... read more


Never forget
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Does anyone know the time line?

I've heard some people were told they're dept is moving from Boston to Quincy. I think they had like four months between the notification and the move. Is that typical or do you likely get less notification? Too many rumors flying around.

Project Hummingbird

Can someone tell me who comes up with these name for the JV transitions? It was brought up today in a department meeting that I attended regarding staffing migrations to low cost locations and it took all of my self control not to laugh. I guess it... read more

Mediocrity returns

Average Flatline 2%GDP Taxes35% Insurance premiums 25-60% COL 15% Wages .04% if lucky Savings interest rate .01% if you have any left over to save Chance of overcoming stagnant wages -Zero percent Austerity Mediocrity the new normal Ho hum Boring... read more

If you truly are worried over lay offs

And outsourcing and higher costs for your insurance and wanting a higher take home pay Raises Growth Careeer development You must take control by demanding your Congress people to repeal Dodd-FrAnk Repeal ACA Demand lower personal and corporate taxes... read more

Layoff Talk?

Layoff talk? Wrong, this is the perfect place to rant/complain about my job, employer, the financial markets, politics, people, life. Have at it...........

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