Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at State Street Corp.

Work smarter

I’m not a newbie at State Street, nor is this my first work experience. Despite all my previous experience, lately I can barely cope with a huge amount of work. It really isn’t a job for one person. And then some advise me that I should work... —  read more 

Move on everyone!

Just leave there. I left two years ago and have a new career now. It is not worth all the complaining, they do what they do. It will never change. We were told our replacements make 4-5 grand a year for the jobs we trained them on. And they do not... —  read more 

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Recent BBH fireside chat

Did any current BBHers who were former SSB employees attend the employee career meeting on 2/16? How much of it was hot air? I used to work at BNY and have nothing but a bad opinion of employees at SSB. I'd love to hear opinions, career trajectories... —  read more 

Last one out

Be sure to shut off the lights Don’t want to waste energy. It’s pretty much a done deal. I’ve ridden on the ship ten years and each time I think it will improve it actually gets worse. I can’t get to shore off this sinking clipper fast enough... —  read more 

Is anyone out there finding

Any job out there that will Hurd STT employees? I am trying desperately to get a new job. I have the skills credentials and experience. There’s jobs out there but no bites. Are they ghost jobs for pretend?

With is going on?

It’s non stop all day just push push push I can’t take it anymore I can’t find any job out there either. I have the credentials and skills Is anyone gearing any interviews? It’s as if I’m invisible.

How to negotiate a raise?

I would try to negotiate my raise if I thought that there is a 1% chance to negotiate successfully or not be fired soon after negotiating. However, if I don't get a better job soon, I'll try, whatever happens. Is there anyone here who has managed... —  read more 

Bonus and raises 2022

Yep.. As expected my group got a big fat zero for 2022. Zero raises for the past 5 years and as a result i am starting to see few farewell emails from my peers in other groups. Seriously, most of us that have stayed on took on more work and grind... —  read more 

McKinsey project

I left a while back. Right around that time some McKinsey ghouls were in, trying to get everyone to come up with "efficiency" ideas. Just wondering how'd that go?


Maybe there used to be some fairness here, but it's long gone. Wrong people are being promoted, while others are not even clear on what's the right path to get promotion. People put in extra effort and the only thing they get in return is more... —  read more 

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