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Will Strayer Capella Merger Mean Layoffs?

Strayer Education Inc. is nearing a deal to merge with Capella Education Co., according to people familiar with the matter, a move that would create a for-profit education company valued at nearly $2 billion... read more
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Strayer getting lots of complaints

Strayer has been flying under the radar in the subprime college crash, but it looks like they are getting lots of complaints. The newest ad with the woman in the coffee shop is horrible; what kind of people do they plan to recruit?... read more

Working at Strayer

From what my former colleagues have told me that are still employed there, they have cut campus staff tremendously. Depending on the size of the campus, there is only 1 full time rep in the Business Office handling all duties in a day... read more

Strayer University Layoffs 2015

Things will become very interesting in Q2, layoffs will be taking place 100%, schools will be closing
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Just a matter of time? Or will workers resist?

For those IT people still at Strayer, how much time do you think you have left before you will be unloaded? Is there anything you plan on doing to slow down the process (resistance)? Has anyone talked about organizing with a trade union? Have you... read more

Obama Proposes Free Community College

As ABC News says, it's more of a "political pipe dream." But more progressive states can do this.....
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Strayer Taking a Beating on Consumer Affairs Website

From everything I'm learning about Strayer, they are going down the wrong path, cutting back on staff and treating their student-customers poorly......
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Whistleblowers Need to Contact David Halperin

@Anonymous43267 (and others), you may be obligated to report any fraud or crimes that are occurring at Strayer. On the other hand, you have the right to file a whistleblower lawsuit for damages. You may want to write to lawyer-activist David Halperin... read more
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Strayer Falling into the For-Profit Zombie Trap

Anthem (privately owned), Corinthian Colleges (Wells Fargo), and Education Management (Goldman Sachs) are the first colleges to crash in 2014 ("the 4profit zombie college crash"). Many more schools are on the same path, including Strayer. Those who... read more

Business Media Pumping Strayer interesting to see Strayer get so much media attention. Lots of money to entertainer Steve Harvey, NASCAR owner Joe Gibbs, Jack Welch... read more

Axed in 2009

I do not regret it. The pay is really bad for the work load employees are expected to complete, there is an absolute focus on enrollments and there is no work-life balance at Strayer. If you are looking forward to working for almost minimum wage and... read more
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Are Strayer Employees Being Silenced?

After having a conversation with a current Strayer instructor, I was informed that workers sign a contract that disallows them from speaking poorly of the company. Has anyone else felt censored by Strayer or been concerned about the repercussions of... read more

Phantom Classes

Does anyone know about "phantom classes" at Strayer, classes that don't meet or that end hours early?

Run, Don't Walk, Away from Strayer University Pros – The best part of Strayer was helping good students who wanted to work hard and succeed at school and life. If I have to name a pro, it would be those few good... read more

@USinjustice,"Federal agencies have this morning launched a new online complaint system where... read more
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Take a look at the Strayer photos in this article by Danny Weil of
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Rubber Stampers

Strayer University keeps rubber stampers and let's go people who hold students and other staff members accountable. Ultimately, this will be the full demise of the company as it is already happening in front of the stockholders eyes. Anyone who owns... read more
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A window into the lives of those at the top of the for-profit ladder. I'd guess 80% extracted from US government funds, the rest extracted from working... read more
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Our latest investigative work on for-profit colleges.....
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Our latest analysis of for-profit schools...
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Rose Mary is a nice name.

RM's a nice person. She's clueless when it comes to business, but as a person, she's supercool!
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