Topics regarding layoffs at Sun Life Financial

Topics regarding layoffs at Sun Life Financial

Incoming layoffs at Sun Life

a team of over 20 years have been laid off in Ottawa and a team with the AVP got laid off from King Street. Super layoffs are comming in the comming weeks. Saw this in another thread. Haven't heard anything about major incoming layoffs until this... —  read more 

SLF / 800 laid off in 2012

I left in 2012, we had major layoffs at SLF, about 800 people were let go... Internally, the company is super slow - the co is loaded with lifers, they just want to collect their check and have very little motivation to change things and go that... —  read more 

2017 Underwriting layoffs @ Sun Life

Please post any updates if you have them. There has been a lot of rumors about layoffs in the Underwriting group but I was unable to find any reliable info on this. I know that many competitors are having layoffs recently and I wanted to see if I can... —  read more 

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