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You Down with OPG?

To all those that question my employment... Yes I am still here. To all those that question my outlook... Yes I am still positive. To all those that question my commitment... Yes I am still committed 100%. My Employment: I work for a firm that... —  read more 

Status of UK Team?

I'm no longer with SGAS, but was there for a long long time. Did layoffs happen in UK? Just wondering cuz I thought UK was the one bright spot and heard they might be spun off at some point. Thx.

annual self assessment

Nearly half the company hasn't completed a self assessment. What does that tell you about the morale around here? Are we expecting a salary freeze next year and the performance review makes no difference????

Crotty has left the building!

He was brought in less than 1 year ago, now he's gone. Anyone know the inside scoop as to why a high-ranking sales and marketing executive like BC left? Or did he get fed up with the losing proposition called "Sungard Availability Services"?


How is this viable and cost effective. Let's throw 40 people worldwide wide at a test, instead of having multiply IR tests running. Do the LT know the figures behind how bad MRP is.

60 days notice

Quick question to the team, or to anyone who might hired a lawyer…. Doesn't SungardAS have to give 60 days notice by labor law (WARN) to all employees being laid off? I am not sure why this is not discussed among people who got laid off as no one... —  read more 

A self destructive mess

New leadership team are either setting up the books for a sale, or they have been infected with some bizarre brain disease. Customers are deeply unhappy and voice their concerns to their utterly exhausted Service Delivery Managers. Message from the... —  read more 

No vision

Once upon time, people loved Sungard AS for the amazing and talented people who enjoyed working there. That fact alone was a big (huge) driver of both new and existing business. Along the way, Sungard AS invested (million$) in all the wrong products... —  read more 

Career-k--ler place to work

If you get an interview at SunGard, ask this one question: what are my prospects for career advancement? Answer: zero. If you want to have a job for 6 to 12 months (tops) and then be sacked with no warning, then this is the place for you.

It's simple math

Unless SunGard availability services stops outsourcing nothing will change we will not get new customers. I listen to customers all day the fact that they can't get anybody on the service desk to talk to them you can't even email the service desk... —  read more 

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