Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Topics regarding layoffs at Sungard Availability Services

Goodbye Sungard AS

I have spent most of my career with Sungard AS. Lots of ups and downs but what an amazing group of people I worked with over these many years. Even as we close facilities, the people impacted were as reliable as they always were and did everything... —  read more 

What happened to Sungard???

How does a company, the likes of Sungard, fail??? This was the de facto disaster recovery company!!! I worked at Sungard during the prosperous years. Retired nearly 10 years ago. Made a very good salary for a good number of years. When I was... —  read more 

Mark Your Calendars!

June 21st - Objections to a Sale Transaction - That date has come and gone. June 27th - Reserve price deadline July 11th - Sale Auction. If needed (multiple bids) takes place in NYC July 14, 2022 Hearing to approve the Sale and any Successful... —  read more 

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