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When can we consider ourselves safe?

For how long will we have to come to work with the proverbial ax constantly hanging over our heads? Why can't they simply notify all of us right away, instead of making us stress unnecessarily? I really think this could have been handled much... —  read more 

Call centers

Has anyone heard about the call centers for collections? I work at a bb&t collections call center in N.C......we are all just sitting around wondering what’s about to happen.


ST employee here. I am astonished and disappointed in how this is operated. It messes with folks livelihoods. I sit here everyday wondering but no answers (no real ones anyways). I do not like working for a company who acts as EVERYTHING is a... —  read more 

Suntrust Teammates quiet

It appears Suntrust Teammates are being put in leadership positions by an overwhelming margin at Truist, Why so quiet on this forum? Would love to hear some thoughts on what is happening up to this point. Certainly many of you have opinions on the... —  read more 

Is the acquisition by BB&T going to produce layoffs?

I can’t sea merger of this size not producing a radical reorganization within both companies, especially within Suntrust as the acquired party. Will this shifts produce layoffs and, if yes, to what degree?

Offshore loss mitigation Mortgage jobs 2018

SunTrust Mortgage has signed immediate contracts with Infosys to offshore the loss mitigation process. All documents sent for review for short sale, deed in lieu, and modification requests will now be reviewed by folks in India. All letters (approval... —  read more 

Like the Movie

Like the Movie "Office Space" but not humorous. Lackadaisical Executive Team from CEO down. No reinvestment in new technology which allows competition to run circles around them.

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benefits are dissapering

what happened to our benefits? my health care costs more than doubled in the last few years. we were under the industry standard as it was when it comes to benefits, now i think we've hit the bottom. no wonder our retention is as bad as it is. people... —  read more 

resistance to change

not sure why everybody at suntrust is so resistant to change... management and executives are missing the essential leadership qualities... they refuse to even consider new ideas... they are stuck in their old ways, and there's no changing that... —  read more 

Selected 2017 RIFs (Layoffs)/EIS/SunTrust

SunTrust's long dependency on offshore resources and 3rd party consultancies is now finally starting to remake how projects are supported within EIS (Enterprise Information Services - SunTrust's IT division). In an effort to wean themselves off of... —  read more 

Bad leadership

Most of the issues SunTrust has now can be linked to lousy leadership we have. The level of micromanagement is astonishing. In addition to it being impractical, it's driving some of our best team members out. Pressure from the above to increase sales... —  read more 

The hypocrisy of SunTrust

Talk about a place that wants to have its cake and eat it too! SunTrust tells us to look for the clients best interest, which is good and something we should definitely be doing, but then they turn around and fire you if you don't make enough money... —  read more 

Resist Offshoring

Here is a brief layoff survival guide: Learn from us experts that have already gone through what SunTrust Banks is putting you guys through as it gradually replaces each of you domestic counterparts with cheaper offshore workers. 1. Don't write any... —  read more 

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Crazy Severance

SunTrust Banks in here in Atlanta will cut 100+ IT resources and it will move work offshore, way to go, good way of taking care of America. The bank is asking all folks that will lose jobs to accept the severance agreement requires terminated... —  read more 

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2015 Layoffs at SunTrust Banks

I have been around for a while, two decades to be exact and I can tell you one thing about banking: We always look how to cut costs and generate more profits, so do not be perplexed if you hear about another round of layoffs sometimes in 2015. It'll... —  read more 

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