Topics regarding layoffs at Symantec Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Symantec Corp.

Customers are furious

Symantec ( Broadcom) customers are furious with the level of technical support they are receiving. The goodwill SYM earned has been thrown into the trash can in a matter of few months. It’s all a mess ! Employees in technical support too are fed up... —  read more 

Glorius days are over!

I worked there for 5 years and ultimately laid off. the response ops and the folks used to work there were just amazing. They were the most skilled guys I have seen so far. but it has been taken over by India team now and mo--ns sits on the... —  read more 

Realise this !!

If you are still with Symantec/ Broadcom either you are incompetent or just too lazy or probably looking forward to being laid off and retire. Everyone who mattered at Sym at the time of its acquisition has left including Art ! The company is... —  read more 

Find Your Inner Peace

Finding inner peace in the modern world is a significant challenge. Everything about modern society feels like an obstacle to experiencing peace of mind. But there are ways to find and maintain inner peace. If you are working 8 hours everyday, 5... —  read more 


Since there is a lot of chatter in sub messages, so I decided to create a new post with right title and leverage information shared earlier. Three Category of Folks - as it relates to Severance: People who do not receive an offer of... —  read more 

What’s left of Symantec?

All we keep reading is layoffs ? As a former employee of Sym it pains to see what’s become of this company! Greed of investor activists, apathy of senior leadership, lack of direction....what you are seeing is the end result . It won’t be long... —  read more 

Cyber Security Services

Does anyone have a theory on whether Cyber Security Services (CSS) will make it to Broadcom? This includes MSS, Intelligence, and Incident Response. It is not a traditional “franchise”, but is the core of many company Tier 1 security functions. .. —  read more 


NortonLifeLock jettisoned 59 jobs in Mountain View +

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NLOK stock

So, many of us still have NLOK stocks and the special 12$ dividend is coming. Should we wait or sell before (to avoid the dividend tax) ? What about the McAfee rumour ?

New Warsaw list: 12 souls now.

Broadcom replied the Union and announced that the list was reduced to 12 people. No names, no new details, but you can be sure they did that because people are leaving and they don't need to fire all them.

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