Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

Hiring amid layoffs

Layoffs have just ended a few weeks ago and I'm already seeing job openings for the same positions that were cut. This makes me so mad - it was never about saving costs on laying off bad performers. Instead, it was all about getting rid of the best... —  read more 

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What is your (exit) plan?

Realize this ... there won’t be better days. Look at the industry you’re in. Look at the trends in video, look at your competitors, and then look at what you are building. Look at who is leading. What is your plan? Figure that out before you start... —  read more 

Changes to be expected?

In many other cases the new CEO comes in to fix problems, so I wonder if there will be any good solutions for the company. I think Synamedia needs some good changes but I'm not sure what to expect from leadership changes at the top. Any thoughts on... —  read more 

Lawrenceville Layoffs

Layoffs in LWR last week. Half of our team got hit. No mention of it in the quarterly meeting a week ago. "Things are moving along as planned and we are executing, and gaining new customers, bla, bla, bla." If you work in LWR, looks like the plan... —  read more 

Great payrises

So. After the "no bonus" surprise and the promise of pay-rises and adjustments in January which was then delayed to March (though backdated to January), are you all pleased? I would call it "constructive dismissal". After 6 years stagnation in... —  read more 

How long left for CF?

ST and MS are gone so no one high up the org left on site. Israel being built up as the center of the company so will grab back Infinite. Staines already in bed with Sky so will take any of that work remaining. Once Cisco TSAs are complete and... —  read more 

1 Year Old

Did you read the email yet? Could not help myself. 1 year of lies. “Earned the trust of customers”!!! What trust? Customers are leaving. Is that what you call trust. Maybe you earned customers trust but lost employees trust. Hooray for... —  read more 

I like it, so I am staying.

I was spit out to L&T and brought back in. The pay is great, we are getting a new office in Costa Mesa, and the work is pretty interesting. I have been sitting on the sidelines for a while now, watching all of you whine and moan, but enough is... —  read more 

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