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Grandpa Doesnt Love You

So Permira has finally realized that they bought a crock and the "management" team are a bunch of id--ts Huge layoffs coming and Grandpa will NOT be protecting the tribe. I hope he'll be OK though


Synamedia has more than twice as many employees as Mediakind, why? Too many directors, no clue what they are doing. Engineering has so many subdomains guess to give all those directors a job. There are even directors for CPE, I really try to figure... read more

2021 prediction

Synamedia headcount will be 20% of what it is today, business will be sold to a service house to maintain legacy products

Site closure news?

Rumors swirling about site strategy meeting in US locations on 2-26-19. Other rumors and news regarding their futures?

Synamedia is supporting the status quo of the TV industry

My view is that Synamedia is supporting the status quo of the TV industry (and hoping it will stay that way) betting on smart cards and old technology. (why still depending on HW while careless CA offers all the benefits). We are on the eve of... read more
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We need to pick up some pace

Many good people at the company that has a lot to offer, but I feel a lot of their skills are staying unused due to a system that’s turned thing at the company to a stet where it’s pretty chaotic. No use having all those resources when they are not... read more

There is no certainty anywhere

For people who are worried about Synamedia’s future, chances are you will not find any place where layoffs are not going to be a possibility at some point. Even Apple and Amazon have layoffs, it’s just the reality of today’s business. This is still... read more
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When will we start seriously innovating?

For a company that has so much smart and capable people, I feel that we are not innovating nearly enough. We seem to be stuck in some kind of routine in which the workers are more focused on day-to-day operations than they are bringing new solutions... read more

More info on closings?

The company is bleeding capital, and efforts are underway to start consolidating product teams and closing U.S. sites. Layoffs have already occurred and will continue for some time. What site closings are you talking about? Has there been an... read more
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Anybody else worried?

Let me start by saying that I love working at Synamedia. I like the people I work with, we are up to date on our technology, the pay and benefits are competitive... Yet it seems lately like we are stuck in place, and that's causing us to lose market... read more

WFH should be allowed and encouraged

I'm not referring to sick kids related WFH, as this should be treated as an exception. But overall, WFH should be allowed and encouraged. Trust employees to know themselves enough whether or not they can manage the self-imposed routine of working... read more

Sky Invests in Synamedia

---->Anyone knows how much they invested ? LONDON – Synamedia, the largest independent video software provider, today announced that Sky, Europe’s leading media and entertainment company, has taken a stake in the business, joining majority... read more

Compulsory Office Attendance?

Latest info - some in certain locations are now required to be in the office whereas under Cisco they were remote workers. If not in the office, requirement is take day as PTO, not work from home. Result - formerly remote workers who needed to tend... read more

Latest layoff stats?

Does anyone know what's the latest layoff headcounts at various sites.
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what about the new compensation model? when we will there be salary raises? will there be a replacement for RSUs, ESPP? what about the bonus process?

Synamedia in the news

Video Software Solutions (SPVSS) group has been rebranded Synamedia following the completion of its acquisition by equity investment group Permira. The company boasts a workforce of thousands located primarily in the US, UK, Israel, India, Belgium... read more

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