Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

FY23 Accounts

FY23 results are in: It's early morning but here are a few points I pulled out after having a quick read through. Refinance $350m 5 year (SOFR... —  read more 

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SynaMeet Q2 FY2024

I slept through most of this quarterly circus clown show but it seems like PS nor anyone from the ETL explained the terms of the refinance. So much for transparency or was it more of "This is above your pay grade, peons. Stop asking and go back to... —  read more 

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What do we know about more layoffs?

I always get worried when there are no news or rumors flying around. It always seems like the calm before the storm kind of thing. Not that I'm complaining, but some people were blindsided by layoffs last month and I don't want to be in that position... —  read more 

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Corporate maneuverings underway

Synamedia Holdings Limited is now owned by a newly created Triton Newco 2 Limited and not Triton Uk Midco Limited. Newly created Triton Newco 2 Limited is... —  read more 

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InfoSec Awareness Training

Fearless Leader P.S. "InfoSec Awareness Training is critical both for protecting the company AND for gaining favorable pricing on our company insurance, which is what is driving our 30 November deadline. 318 of you have not yet taken this... —  read more 

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Cover our as*

"Please note that commitments provided in this statement are subject to change based on market conditions, organisation policies and business needs. Any modifications will be communicated in advance." = "Don't believe anything we say."

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Donate a day for Israel?

'Donate A Day' is a worldwide ELT driven fundraising campaign at Synamedia in which all employees can donate the amount of money equivalent to one payday to charity, by taking a day less off. First of all, the company relies on their employees to... —  read more 

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October Q&A Bull$h1t

Why didn't we try to refinance 2-3 years ago when interest rates were lower? "Predicting interest rates is extremely complex and influenced by various economic factors. It’s challenging to foresee changes with certainty, even with the support of... —  read more 

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FY23 results

FY22 performance wasn't the best: FY22 revenue was down $98.4mn (18%): FY22 $471mn vs FY21 $569.4mn FY22 EBITDA was down $49mn (35%): FY22 $89.2mn vs FY21 $138.2mn Cash at end of June 22 was down 89%(!) to only $6.3mn(!!): FY22 $6.3mn vs... —  read more 

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2 successful quarters in a row....

And a huge new deal with Charter but the promised bonuses from NOV 22 are not paid. According to executives - let's see another 2 quarters like this and then we'll talk. Is 'greedy' an accurate word for this?

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People keep disappearing

Every day someone else seems to disappear from the business. It doesn't feel like anyone is safe. People fearing for their jobs (and still annoyed about the FY22 bonus shambles). Thanks to HR for organising sometime to lead doodling sessions... —  read more 

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Connect 4

...Because I really appreciate being lectured about respect by a "leadership" team that treats staff with contempt.

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They have no control over anything

Our leadership always has an excuse ready and never takes responsibility for anything. But when they choose to blame external factors or the economic situation for all the bad things, then they actually admit that they don't really have much... —  read more 

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Terrible atmosphere

There are many of you who have been here much longer than I have, so I'm wondering, has the atmosphere ever been worse than it is now? I have no motivation for work at all.

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