Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

The irony…

In light of not being able to sell stuff, Synamedia’s resource management plan is to reduce headcount in any region not named “India”. This will allow them to manage costs and keep the business alive until they can happen upon a product they may be... —  read more 

Tech-Chimp Sightings at NAB

A super, awesome, lovely, gathering of Tech-Chimps spotted in Vegas today at the Synamedia booth. MANY bald heads in tech-chimp Ciscoesque outfits - cr-p jeans, shiny shoes, open necked shirts with t-shirt showing at the neck, "sports" jackets... —  read more 

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Everything has a price

Laying off a large number of employees was a huge mistake especially because there were many of the best and most loyal employees among those laid off. It’s sad to see Synamedia now paying the price for it.

Still no layoffs

Now I'm starting to get worried. Going this long without layoffs means we might be looking at something major soon. I've been here long enough to know that any period of calm is never good news for employees. Call me paranoid if you want, but make... —  read more 

Why all the negativity?

For all you nay-sayers and negative Nellies, I ask, ‘have you not heard of the Apire event?’ This will be an “action-packed”, exciting event that will prove all you doubters wrong. What could be more exciting than the Chief People Officer having... —  read more 

Terribly toxic atmosphere

Tension can be cut with a kn--e. The atmosphere has never been worse and when I say that I think I am very objective. I just wonder if there is any part of this company that is still healthy? I doubt it. The most telling thing about the company is... —  read more 

Right-sizing initiatives

When will the top brass in Squidmedia understand that we are adults? That hiding the word "redundancies" & "sackings" behind big words does not wash with intelligent people. Dr. Peled would never have spouted this balderdash but I guess the yanks... —  read more 

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Don't get your hopes up

I don’t think 2021 was nearly as bad as this year could turn out to be. I just hope to find a new opportunity as soon as possible, because I don't have any high hopes that the situation could get better here. I wish it was different, but no one has... —  read more 

The Three Envelope Theory

What stage is Synamedia at? The story of three envelopes is a business classic for dysfunctional organizations. It starts with an incoming manager replacing a recently fired outgoing manager. On his way out, the outgoing manager hands the new... —  read more 

More layoffs at JLM

The slow death continues. Don't know the exact extent of the current wave. Jobs mostly being relocated to India. I pity the fool who will buy this ghost ship, if ever there is one.

I'm sick of this company

It used to be nice to work here. That’s why it’s so hard for me to bear when I see how this company has become so lost. This used to be a company that offered people their dream jobs and just look at it now. Have they completely lost their compass?... —  read more 

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