Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

Topics regarding layoffs at Synamedia

#Wrong Stuff

Nepotism is alive and well at Synamedia. The lay-offs would certainly make sense based on the financial situation of the company even though heartlessly carried out prior to Christmas by a company that allegedly supports diversity, inclusion but... —  read more 

What’s keeping you here?

Question for the unfortunate survivors - what’s keeping you here? Is it the chance of massive rewards when the exit from Permira comes good? Maybe you feel like you’re at the cutting edge if something great? Maybe you love the fact that you can keep... —  read more 

Case study company

Basically, I don't care about this company anymore, I'm looking for a way to exit, but when I look back I can't even explain to myself how this place, which used to be really great, has become almost a case study on how to destroy a successful... —  read more 

Be not passive!

If you are interested in taking a leading role in your situation, rather than a passive one - then get to work on your CV, confide in someone trustworthy, apply for jobs, evaluate your potential, and take charge of your situation.

Be grateful, not spiteful.

There are tremendous lessons to learn now. Don't pass up this opportunity to learn, observe, analyze, be creative, and even vibrant. It's up to you, not 'them', to determine your own unique response to this. Best wishes!

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Main target

Everyone is talking about cuts and morale is very low. Certainly no one should feel safe but rather prepare to hear the bad news, but who do you think will be the main target?

The irony…

In light of not being able to sell stuff, Synamedia’s resource management plan is to reduce headcount in any region not named “India”. This will allow them to manage costs and keep the business alive until they can happen upon a product they may be... —  read more 

Tech-Chimp Sightings at NAB

A super, awesome, lovely, gathering of Tech-Chimps spotted in Vegas today at the Synamedia booth. MANY bald heads in tech-chimp Ciscoesque outfits - cr-p jeans, shiny shoes, open necked shirts with t-shirt showing at the neck, "sports" jackets... —  read more 

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