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org changes today

old cto goes back to sales new cto takes over the engineering some execs leave what does it mean for we, the people?

Great payrises

So. After the "no bonus" surprise and the promise of pay-rises and adjustments in January which was then delayed to March (though backdated to January), are you all pleased? I would call it "constructive dismissal". After 6 years stagnation in... —  read more 

2-26-20 / The Axe Falls Again at Synamedia

Yesterday Synamedia leaders decided to balance the books with another LR. LWR affected across all levels. Other locations as well?? Rumors are yes. For those keeping score: • 1.5 years on and no accounting system to capture revenues / expenses /... —  read more 

How long left for CF?

ST and MS are gone so no one high up the org left on site. Israel being built up as the center of the company so will grab back Infinite. Staines already in bed with Sky so will take any of that work remaining. Once Cisco TSAs are complete and... —  read more 

What do you want to happen now?

It’s the start of a new year. Let’s mark it with some great ideas on where we should go now. What do you think are the big things that need to change? What’s holding us back? What are the big opportunities that we should push for? And..... go.

It has gotten better.

Layoffs have been frozen and we are now hiring again in the US and Canada. I was being asked to cut a couple people from my team but that is no longer the case.

1 Year Old

Did you read the email yet? Could not help myself. 1 year of lies. “Earned the trust of customers”!!! What trust? Customers are leaving. Is that what you call trust. Maybe you earned customers trust but lost employees trust. Hooray for... —  read more 


Astro is my favourite customer. Who is yours?

I like it, so I am staying.

I was spit out to L&T and brought back in. The pay is great, we are getting a new office in Costa Mesa, and the work is pretty interesting. I have been sitting on the sidelines for a while now, watching all of you whine and moan, but enough is... —  read more 

LWR is dead, long live LWR

All hands today...blase blase Couldn't really hear most of what the the suits were saying after DG. They didn't really have much to say other than I hope something happens. Target for next year 312 million split about 50/50 between video... —  read more 

Sur-prise. Sur-prise! SUR-PRISE!

Go-o-o-o-llee, Goober, it's been a whole year, to the day, since Mr. Moody told you what was coming: "Triton's B3 Corporate Family Rating reflects the expectation of continuing revenue declines, challenges of setting the company up as a... —  read more 

I think that we are doomed...

As far as I'm concern, I have reached a decision that there is no future for us. We are at least 2 years back in terms of our offering in the new market, our supposed revenue makers are nothing but petty cash, our delivery track and quality is a... —  read more 

The future of Linear TV

I arrived to the Lawrenceville a bit earlier than usual on Friday, 11:15 AM. I was the first one in the building so I turned on all the lights, immediately noticed a document on the ground which outlined a divestiture plan. According to the document... —  read more 

Who else remembers the good old days?

I must say, I joined Scientific-Atlanta in 1997, and relocated to the Lawrenceville campus with my group in 2000 when it opened. For 10 years or so, it was a vibrant, happening place. Interesting technology, interesting people, it felt like the world... —  read more 

UK layoffs next

Chandlers Ford to close. Move to Staines or take redundancy. A lucky few got a token bonus - was it you? if not then you're probably on the list. LWR have had their LR, so it's the UK next. Wonder if it's going to be soon enough for the Cisco... —  read more 

Early retirement offers

Several Sr. folks in LWR Infinite/cDVR engineering from the old SA crew were offered "Early Retirement" packages. Although it was "optional", my understanding is that all of them accepted. What does that tell you about their faith in the product and... —  read more 

Bunch of liars

When Cisco sold us, they committed to pay us bonus for one year at least. In May, they sent an email about bonus being paid in September and not August. Now, there is no bonus!!! Where the “People First” did go? I am afraid we are dealing... —  read more 

More Layoffs Synamedia Lawenceville

Synamedia LR 12 second level manager in Lawrenceville last week and the VP is also retiring (so in his words). All 12 manager reports direct to him. I wish them the best but it was hard to see what some of them were doing except keeping a paycheck... —  read more 

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