Topics regarding layoffs at Syntel Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Syntel Inc.

third rate employee work in third rate firms -( 25% variable payout if you are not quitting u are confirming this)

third rate employee work in third rate firms -( 25% variable payout if you are not quitting syntel then u are confirming that you are third rate employee in he right place, paid right salary..... real techies quit and move to better and dummy folks... — read more 


Syntel is doing great. The stock keeps rising. You can make your own hours in Arizona. Can go out every night and start when you want. Been there 3 years easy job with great pay! Started out of college and can still party when I want. I love this... — read more 

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Bad results.. Still no vision

Results are getting worse by quarter.. The current ceeeo also couldn't do much.. Time to review his performance.. And put him on bench.. Hey what about our lazy sales team. Did they get any peanuts size deals yet.

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referrals are scam

dont waste time uploading profile in MITR , it is fake , for last 7 years no one has been hired thro mitr referrals, HR and recruitment folks make money by using he database and selling the resumes database to outside consultants. Dont refer good... — read more 

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Why so many vacancy now, have they got some treasures of projects? First you remove people and then you hire. It's all a racket going on.

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Sales guys do something

Get some good deals you lazy sales people. What about your Syntel perspective sales meet, 1-2-3 . You are just acting like back benchers in school, failing each and every quarter. If you have any shame left, go out and get good deals.

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