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Shareholders approve Syntel’s sellout to Atos

Here’s the update on the sellout to Atos. According to the official press release from Atos, Syntel’s shareholders approved the deal. Of course, this doesn't come as a big surprise, and it’s not like we didn’t have time to prepare for it, but the... read more

Atos stock plunges 20% post Synel buyout plans

Investors are giving a thumbs down to Atos post it's Syntel buy out plans. Syntel was a struggling company on huge debt.. unable to pay decent salary to it's blue eyed techies. Syntel gave $15 a share divident to it's shareholders in an apparent bid... read more

Backoffice Reduction due to ATOS Acquisition

DO you think that they will move quickly and reduce headcount in the back office? Finance, procurement, HR? I think HR is to get hit first as we will be getting Atos' benefits and HR PRocesses but I am not sure what other areas will be impacted the... read more
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Syntel on sale

What happened to US dream team

when rikesh brought in 3 or 4 supposedly top sales team a few years ago. Where are the big deals the sales VP was supposed to make? There are no large deals at this company at all -no announcements and are so happy with such mild and below market... read more

Third class company eats 70% of employees variable pay

Variable pay only 30 %. Khanna is eating the money of all employees and providing to his chamchas. Big attrion is on card. People will leave this company. No one new is joining this company. DD, vp will die now of their own

Variable pay 2018

Expected variable pay of 55% only. Because of market bad outside for syntel not others. So be careful


Syntel is doing great. The stock keeps rising. You can make your own hours in Arizona. Can go out every night and start when you want. Been there 3 years easy job with great pay! Started out of college and can still party when I want. I love this... read more

Bad results.. Still no vision

Results are getting worse by quarter.. The current ceeeo also couldn't do much.. Time to review his performance.. And put him on bench.. Hey what about our lazy sales team. Did they get any peanuts size deals yet.

No Employee Friendly Strategy-- Q4 result

Current Q4 results reviles the thought process of higher management, that they are not thinking more on Employee engagement .. it seems the unsatisfied senior technical employee attrition rate is constantly above 20% from last quarters and still... read more
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referrals are scam

dont waste time uploading profile in MITR , it is fake , for last 7 years no one has been hired thro mitr referrals, HR and recruitment folks make money by using he database and selling the resumes database to outside consultants. Dont refer good... read more
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Why so many vacancy now, have they got some treasures of projects? First you remove people and then you hire. It's all a racket going on.

Sales guys do something

Get some good deals you lazy sales people. What about your Syntel perspective sales meet, 1-2-3 . You are just acting like back benchers in school, failing each and every quarter. If you have any shame left, go out and get good deals.

2017 revenue taking a dip

Expect another year of no hike or min hike. Market is good. But sorry syntel is down. We are sleeping on sales. But DM plus would get their share of cuts, down below resources you can change the company or be here for more frustratiton.

Fake sales target

If you can't goal then change your goal post. This is being followed by sales team. No vision no goals, is the best way to work. And will drown the company along you fake people.
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