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Syntel Layoffs 2018

Is it really true that we may have job cuts in Troy.
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Why synt going down

Why is synt going down when other peer companies are doing excellent. Is this downfall a sudden event of 1. Week 1.month ? It's an exponential down fall predictable from past 1.year. Then why not we become serious and worked to get business... read more

syntel copied techm technique tolay off 25% work force

syntel copied techm technique to layoff 25% work force kudos to abhishek pandey for saving basic pay for syntel (beggar cant be choosers - DDs/DMs made big money through save basic pay thro forced resignation in the inditial phase of layoff) - shame... read more
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Something or nothing going correct

Things are not working out the way they should be. By saying things on emails doesn't work out. Something is missing, nothing is working out. Clients, projects, infrastructure, facilities, hike, promotion, employee satisfaction, nothing is looking... read more

Need technically aligned managers

Managers who are non billable tend to lose their hands on technology and behave alien to their technical team. These managers are the ones who frustrate the team members by not understanding technical skills involved and challenge in projects. Need... read more

sensational turn around of syntel by khana

sensational turn around of syntel by khana rockesh. Revenue out of thin air, revenue out of nowhere, profits that are envy of like of accentue. tier 1 cos laying red carpet to syntel DD, VPs and CEOs.. save on variable pay and improve results is new... read more
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Unfair hike and promotion across company

HR practices are changing every month to encourage new rules for not giving due promotion and hikes to deserving employees. Weird metrics and goals are brought up to save costs by cutting variable pay, allowances, shift hours pay, hike, promotion... read more
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Syntel losing its hold on Digital

However loud we blow our trumpet of the digital capability, irony is that we are far away from realising the digital world. Dry pipeline, ever decreasing customer BAU projects and confused upper management has made syntel vulnerable to fail. The... read more

Billable safe x Bench Get out of company

This attitude of billable vs bench culture needs to change. Workmen staff like employees who work on projects which gets revenue for the company are not well treated. These techie people adjust themselves in different conditions,domains, accounts and... read more

DM, DD roles to be introspected

DM, DD roles are neither involved in core delivery nor in sales proposals meet with the customer. Need of the hour is to reduce some load from here and let them go out of Syntel. Further, these roles need to be given targets of $30 M+ revenue... read more

We all value of AVP and VP

DMS are made into VPs quickly as business is diminishing and if they are not promoted (of course without hike) they are easy catch for competitors. They have been promoted to their incompetence and will be made to leave on own accord and no one will... read more


VP's in UK, almost 4 of them have failed to get any single new account in past 6 months. It's a miracle how come the guys are still looting Syntel. These people become VP, from DM few years ago, and get promoted every year. But but but they fail to... read more

Syntels problem? A fish rots from the head.

Look at the share price and balance sheet. Complete failure from clueless, has-been managers out of their league against any competition. But what can they do? No one of any competence would join this dog and want to sit with these losers on the... read more

Syntel buyout may happen soon..

The layoffs are being done for a purpose not known to many except finance head, CEO and board members. Yes, in spite of daily SCale positions, employees are being laid off. That's because the secret talks are going on in between syntel and a... read more

Marathi politics

Marathis are favouring marathis, They don't want anybody else to grow in Syntel, stupid fellows.

Rampant layoffs at Syntel

Layoffs are happening everywhere at Syntel I for one got to know that I have been laid off last week, was asked to resign or be terminated. Initially was given 4 days which was later revised to a month. . And the reason given was my role is redundant... read more

syntel layoff 2017

Pls remove existing CEO and the DDS AND DMS and VPS Those are sitting there in chairs without doing any work.simply sitting in chairs and getting salary

Syntel in survival mode

I have no doubt that Syntel now is in survival mode. Employees are least of the concern for the company right now. I got the confirmation when couple of 15+ years Syntel resources where asked to leave US the day after the project end date. My only... read more

Massive Problems at Syntel

Syntel strength is now only 20k ...with 4.5k in KPO... Out of this IT staff is only 16-17k...and they are laying off 1k employees only in IT...yes BU heads are not working since they have never done any sales... Syntel it's in a big big mess... It's... read more

Syntel Layoff 2017

Syntel is laying of employees in 2017. No criteria for Layoff. Already.laid off people are talking with respective state governments. They agreed to take this issue. So trouble for management if they won't take back sacked employees..Govts. are not... read more

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