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Sysco IFG

Have there been many layoffs at Sysco IFG yet?

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Last layoffs happening today May 22nd.

It's official, today Friday May 22nd Corporate will layoff the remaining 23% of their workforce. They will achieve the 40% reduction before FY-21. Good luck everyone!

customer service

you guys were the best - miss you - soon everything will be out sourced

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401 k match

what happen to sysco's 401k match for employees who made it thru entire 2019 with them ?

This is shameful

How disgusting it is to see Kevin Hourican on national TV stating how financially strong Sysco is, and that they do not need any government handouts to assist with paying employees during this time of need. It was embarrassing to see one interview... —  read more 

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Television commercial

I'm glad to see Sysco put out a commercial about how great they are during this pandemic all while layoffs they done have crushed their own workers lives!

Corporate Announcement

A very close contact said there will be more layoffs starting tomorrow. Just a heads up! if you have received a meeting from your direct manager that lasts up to an hour, chances are you'll be gone, their goal is to layoff 40% of their workforce... —  read more 

U.S. Foods would love to hire us.

S. Foods would be so glad to hold Us in his arms and hire us. We will talk about Sysco's modus operandi, Customer prices and many other "Secrets" that Sysco keeps. We were loyal employees to a company that at the end gave us its back.

"ALL IN" bull-Sh--. We are just a number.

23 years of service did not matter for Shyt-sco, I feel very dissapointed of the company. You're an "excellent worker" under their convenience, but when We need help, We are just a replaceable number. The All IN meeting was just a joke, look at the... —  read more 

33.5 years building the foundation

The way corp is handling the firing with webcast is pretty lame Going down the talking points.Dsm telling customers i took a early retirement.Customers calling me and i set the record right fired not laid off.Three weeks later i still have customers... —  read more 

Look for an alternative

Don't expect to be back at work any time soon. This will be a long and painful process and many will most likely find themselves without a job longer than expected - if not permanently. Now is the best time to work on your alternatives. Spruce up... —  read more 

Sysco Cali Based Location Layoffs?

I just heard from my father that he lost his job.. English is his second language and it seems he didn't fully understand what's going on. Any news from the Cali based Sysco friends??

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What will happen in the long run?

My dad was furloughed by Sysco but he doesn't seem too worried about the future, because he is convinced this is only temporary. But I've seen news of several companies that are laying people off for good and I'm worried the same thing could happen... —  read more 

This Friday

Got word Friday is going to ugly...all departments...all OpCos...Corp. no one is safe even Managment.


Sysco Vancouver seems to feel Covid is a good opportunity to layoff many long term employees in spite of government offering 75% wage subsidy much for honour! No communication with employees just see you later!

Long Article (Chron)

Houston-based Sysco lays off, furloughs workers in response to coronavirus fallout Photo of Paul Takahashi Paul Takahashi March 30, 2020 Updated: March 30, 2020 9:52 a.m. Comments 74 Lift operators navagate the facility on hydrogen-powered fork... —  read more 

Gone after 25 years

Gone after 25 years , half the salesforce was on a phone conference no visual had to mute our phones and we all terminated at 11:30 AM March 27 Sysco Syracuse

"All in" ...I think not!

Last year, Sysco conducted a company wide meeting where the catch phrase was "All in", which was supposed to mean that employees were "All in" to do their best for Sysco and Sysco was going to do what was best for the employee. Needless to say "All... —  read more 

San Diego Layoffs

Around a 100 people total including reps Get ready for round 2.. no 1 is safe!

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Sysco Arizona laid off over 100 workers between the warehouse and drivers March 27.


133 total drivers so far have been laid off! Not mentioning the more to come since the president said more social distancing until April 30. And also doesn’t include office staff and warehouse.

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Laid off 20% of sales staff

Found out yesterday that myself as well as 20% of the sales team would be laid off. I did not receive any severance and now am out of a job. Thanks Sysco.

Layoffs at Sysco Regina

So far about 30 people laid off due to company not making enough profit due to Coronavirus Many only given 3 hours notice when being laid off

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