Topics regarding layoffs at Sysco Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Sysco Corp.

Was it always this bad?

I can’t think of a single company within the industry that is WORSE than ours. Morale has all but disintegrated, favoritism runs rampant and leadership doesn’t have the skills necessary for their position. I’ve been here for a good 6 years and... —  read more 

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So why some are laid off and ohers struggle since business is down how expenses such as train rides for company presidents in get justified

Is the work rewarding for you?

I’ve been with the company as a driver for a solid 8 years. I love the drive, I love the small talks I have with my customer base. And I still find it rewarding. Maybe it’s because I love what I do. I know times are hard, and layoffs are bound to... —  read more 

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New Executives

Corporate employees are overworked and on hiring limitations for the sake of the economic situation. Yet Sysco can add 3 new executives $$$$$$$ post COVID after laying off 33% of the company. Sure! keep layering executives, VPs and directors that... —  read more 

Comp Plan

I'm sure this topic has been discussed here already, but looking for honest critique, not a "Sysco" bashing. Higher base salary - locked in, but can increase yearly based on manager review - 2-10%. Bonus potential based on tiers - determined... —  read more 

Here we go again

It is official Sysco Albany, NY will report to Syracuse, Kevin will run the region. I am not sure why maybe because he is former Pepisco and Tom B has shielded his picks from the cuts. Sorry to all of those in Merch, Sales and BR, lots of heads... —  read more 


A second shut down is on the horizon. To those that laughed and joked about people that were previously laid off, prepare to sit back and wait for the next round. This time, Kevin H will not be as generous giving severance packages. The new... —  read more 

Call CNN

What scares sysco ...bad press...all still getting bonus ...presidents at sysco..newpiort... sygma...buckhead....seafood..why do they bonus and common worker gets unemployment ...

Sysco $$$$

Sysco received a bail out and still laid off. Now, it all makes sense why Kevin H, was at the White House. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I read an article previously that stated if companies received a bail out, they were not allowed to... —  read more 

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No returns

Anyone having.issues with mislabeled meat from buckhead....anyone having having.issues with mislabeled meat from.buckhead

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