Topics regarding layoffs at Sysco Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Sysco Corp.

Kevin’s Buddies

Here is an example of CVS cronyism. Kev hired this old friend from CVS. She lasted less than two years, quietly left, but is still on the payroll and collecting stock benefits. How many other golden... — read more 

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Recent layoffs

Sysco is on its way to complete centralization as record low service levels continue and waste is rampant. The corporate greed has lead to a company the does not value people employees or customers.

Why the layoffs

I was working in BT and got laid off. Fine but why? The company is growing. EPS was impaired but the company is cashflow positive and had more projects teed up than could possibly be executed. Considering the Recipe for Growth I can't imagine why... — read more 

Lewisville, Tx

My husband was laid off out of the blue. No warning just received an email saying everyone was let go with the exception of over the road drivers.

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Overworked beyond reason

I am constantly tired. So much so that I can't remember the last time I had enough energy by the time I'm done with work to do the most mundane things. Most of my days off are spent catching up on sleep so I feel like all I do is work and sleep these... — read more 

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Vaccine at Sysco

Nov 1 is return to office at Corporate and other locations. However, if you are not fully vaccinated your access badge will be turned off and you will not be allowed to enter the workplace

No more sales people at Sysco

Very simple, the result is not in question, only the timeline. Pelz believes the return on his investment realizes it’s full potential with the eradication of”fixed expenses” (payroll). The Plan is to ‘amazon’ Sysco. If you do a great job, you... — read more 

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Left Sysco for greener pastures

Somewhere in the last two years I left Sysco (let's keep it vague). I moved to PFG in my area and I am immeasurably happier. They are definitely not without their issues, mind you. At least in my area, they appreciate you. Upper management is upper... — read more 

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This is infuriating

The longer you work at Sysco the less you're appreciated. I've never worked for a company that cared so little about keeping employees here longer than a few years. Well, they've succeeded in pushing one more person out. After next week, I'll be out... — read more 

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Do you think after Bertrand and Hourican will take any responsibility for the mess they have made since March 2020 . After a knee jerk reaction massive layoffs early in pandemic we now don’t have enough employees to run our OpCo! Customer after... — read more 

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Possible Lay Off

I think I might be getting laid off tomorrow. It’s strange but I think it will be a relief. In March of 2020, I was making over 100K after an average bonus. This past fiscal year, I made under 60K. It’s not even the money but everything really... — read more 

Serious contemplation

Is there anyone else thinking about or is planning to leave because of the RTO plan? I honestly don’t have it in me to do that and I have started looking into other companies with permanent WFH positions. It makes me sad because I like working for... — read more 

I still enjoy working here

Yes, things are changing here, but that's true for every company. Don't think there are many places left where layoffs are not a fact of life by now. It's just the nature of the beast. Here, I still get good pay, decent benefits, I work with people I... — read more 

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