Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at T-Mobile

How prepared are you?

It is interesting that everyone knows that no one is safe here, that they should always be prepared, but still, very few are actually prepared. Honestly, in case they decide to force you out tomorrow, how prepared are you for such a scenario?

A layoff is just temporary stress

I still sometimes follow this forum and judging by the posts, nothing changed here. I will just say that my health has improved after I got laid off. Maybe I still wouldn’t have found a better job if it hadn’t happened and I wasn’t forced to look... —  read more 

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TFB is a joke

AE’s overselling to customers with coverage issues or have to jump through several hoops to get their reimbursements. “5G” internet that is not really 5G at all. Systems that are mission critical not working or worse, applying changes that they... —  read more 

May 23 is the day...

Here we go again. The small batch culling of the herd continues. More engineering, retail and TFB. The slow bleed is painful. Why not rip the band aid off and do it all at once so the leftovers can move on.

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Info on upcoming layoffs

I'm hearing upcoming layoffs this summer is TSDO (Operations). I'm sure that will be a majority of Legacy Sprint because it seems that org is busting our the seams with them. I'm also hearing Brian Kings Org (what remains in ETS) will take a bit and... —  read more 

District Managers Layoff

DMs laid off over the last 2 weeks, multiple in my area. Heard the number was 25% of the DMs in the company, mostly tenured. 2 Winners Circle DMs with over 15 years with the company let go. There is ZERO incentive to do well. Think about it: every... —  read more 

Best ones are laid off

I'll resign soon. There are many reasons for this, and now there is another reason - I don't want to work with the greatest mediocrities. Their approach to layoffs is awful. As if they were guided by some rule that mediocrities should be kept, and... —  read more 

Uncarrier move 4.0

The next move is to lay off anybody who was here prior to the first uncarrier move. You are overpaid. Go to your closest small town rural store and get your I got whacked by the T Mob shirt. Man I am glad I don’t work there any more. Does Jon... —  read more 

May 2 is the day...

The slow drip continues. mid level managers and redundant functional support positions are on the layoff dinner plate next week. Regional retail support also as local retail footprints are recalibrated. TFB is on deck but may roll to June.

I hope it's over

We're understaffed as it is, if they cut any more people those of us who stay behind will not be able to get the work done. At least not if we still want to have any semblance of a life. I'm tired of people who have no idea what it is that we do... —  read more 

Red Flag Alert

Pay very close attention to the quality and caliber of senior management and leaders leaving recently. These are people leaving who have contributed greatly to the success of the company and are generally admired by their teams. Why are they... —  read more 

An update

I am a manager in the NE and have been with T-Mobile for over 19 years. Still have my job so far but I am looking for other opportunities in my late 50’s… People got laid off yesterday as well at least 25 that I know of, some legacy sprint and some... —  read more 

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