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Not restocking anything

It's not looking good. Fry's in Wilsonville was a ghost town last night. I soon discovered that many things were not being restocked and had been sold out for weeks or longer. When I thought it was just the mice and other pointing devices not being restocked, I was a little puzzled. When I went to find 9v batteries and realized that there weren't any in the entire store, it just reeked of doom. Think about that - what kind of cash flow issues you must have to get to the point where you can't restock 9v batteries. What a shame.

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Fry's Las Vegas was taking down shelving and putting them on pallets while I was walking around the empty store today. Worker said it was due to a "sales floor reset", but there was almost no inventory. You know things are bad when they don't have basic things like phone charging cables and flash drives. RIP Fry's Electronics, you will be missed.

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I have been going to Frys on and off for the past 3 years or so and I was there today at the San Marcos Ca. location and their inventory had definitely dwindled and their storage racks where they keep the larger appliances is completely empty now. All the "good and popular" stuff is gone and they are not restocking. They also used to have a ton of employees all over the store and almost full checkout stands. They only had 2 open today.

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