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Severance is not a guarantee!

I've been at this a long time, trust me these companies don't have to offer any severance, in fact most likely you will not see a severance since this isn't a simple layoff, this is classified as a merger. Nowhere in any labor law does it state employers are required to offer severances to employees during layoffs or mergers. Since it's obvious they're planning on doing a huge reorg along with a merger I would bet 10K no one is going to see a severance below a regional title level. Don't you get it? There's no money, this merger is last ditch effort to stay afloat and everyone will drown in order to keep the investors dry. Full stop period.

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I’m shocked by how many people aren’t bothering to update their resume or look for other opportunities. A lot of them seem to think the worst case scenario will be a 6 or 9 month severance package. A lot of these same people are middle managers with 6 figure salaries who have worked at the company for decades. Odds are they are the most redundant and vulnerable. Given the overlap, the best odds for keeping your job are 50/50. Would you bet your life on those odds?

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