Thread regarding Fry's Electronics layoffs

Frys Las Vegas is DEAD to me... So sad my favorite store. RIP

Earlier this week I went into Frys Las Vegas to purchase a GoPro Hero 7 black.

I checked the website to make sure they had one in stock but when I arrived I was told the one in stock was sitting in a cage waiting for someone who had reserved it online but have not paid for it

I had another employee look it turned out it was an open box item that has been sitting for so long the open box to cut expired so I decide not to purchase it and I went to Best Buy.

Fast forward a few days when I realize I need a much better SD card for this exact item, so I go back into Frys expecting to be able to purchase a SanDisk card except one problem...

Turns out that Frys only has one SD card made by SanDisk in their entire store, everything else is some cheap off-brand or a Samsung.

Time was you could walk into Frys and select from hundreds of different SD cards, they're basically a commodity these days soon as they're put into everything.

I ordered a card off of Amazon and I'll get it the next day, it's a shame that Frys doesn't seem to be able to pay their bills because this means they have no stock in their stores and supplies are cutting them off I guess.

I would always assumed that the Las Vegas store would be a store that has lots of stock on its shelves, the amount of international tourists that come here that want to buy Electronics without having to pay the high taxes that they would pay back home , the size of the metropolitan area, but it appears there really are losing ground to all the online retail.

I can buy the exact same card at a Walmart store they have it in stock which is sad...

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