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Longmont needs to ask the hard questions

So the next Live with John is scheduled for July 30th. Since all other branches can only submit questions via a link (which definitely would be looked at in advanced and filtered), someone from Longmont needs to take one for the team and ask the hard questions:

Should we expect and raises this year? Why did you all butcher our PTO? Should we expect more RIFs? Are top management taking pay cuts as well? What is in store for West i.e. Intrado?

I know there are harder, more difficult questions as well. We just need someone with some big cojones to call out John on this b—s— he has been dragging us all through.

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The honest answer to all the questions is pretty much the same. Intrado is owned by private equity. Private equity pays their acquisition's debt down with the cash flow coming from the acquired company. Cash flow not keeping up with the debt payments? Cut costs.

Private equity of this sort (where purchases are leveraged so heavily) is as if we all owned houses that generated cash flows on a monthly basis. We buy the house with 20% down in cash and finance the rest. The monthly loan payment is generated by the house. But if that cash flow from the house starts to become less than the monthly loan payment, we start looking for ways to cut the house expenses.

All that said - it s—s. The incentives for execs of private equity purchased companies are less about making the company successful as they are about ensuring cash flow is strong and expenses are low. That sounds OK. That even sounds like a recipe for a successful company, except it has little to do with the long term sustainability of a healthy company. It's all about paying off that debt so when the day comes to sell private equity's purchase, the pay out is as big as possible. Sometimes that leaves a healthy company in its wake, other times it leaves a shell of a company behind. There are some signs that Intrado is moving into the latter category. Time will tell.

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I'm happy my hard work is going to John's new house in the Caymans so he can retire in luxury, and to fund the million dollar bonuses Apollo Management. It may even let them get another private jet.

I'm also thankful that my unemployment is able to pay my rent while I look for a new job after working at this great organization.

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Make sure to make all of his hypothetical answers in a New York accent. I'm thinking like Jersey Shore, so instead of Winning Behaviors it's Winnin' Behavia's

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I think we can answer most of those questions just by what's been happening over the past year.
1 - Raises? Are you kidding? I (John) can't have anyone making more money - that's just silly.
2 - PTO... Well, because I (John) can't allow any perks! I must take all things good and squash them.
3 - RIF's ... ABSO-freaking-LUTELY. I (John) won't admit that, but you better bet they're a comin'.
4 - What's in store? I'm just waiting to make this company appear somewhat profitable so I can sell it and run off to the Cayman Islands to retire.

Pretty sure we all know that "Live With John" is going to be nothing but him avoiding real issues and him tooting his horn about how great things are ... Even if people were to ask those questions, he'll just talk around them and spin the truth like always.

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How about, considering UCaaS is nearly half the revenue according to a company wide email, why are you shipping all support jobs over seas? Why are you running every department razor thin and pushing out your most experienced and talented engineers? Why is management so dysfunctional it’s nearly impossible for us to do our jobs?

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