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It's Going Down

The company has been renegotiating contracts; our water supplier was dismissed and rehired. The paid-outs (monthly allowances for food and supplies) have been eliminated. The cable has been shut off in stores with TVs. Just heard that some area VPs have lost their jobs this week. One in Houston, one in Canada, one on the JAB side.
The writing is certainly on the wall. There's a major plan on reducing staff, and potentially making everyone an hourly employee rather than pat out commission. This means that during prom season (the most hellish time of year) everyone will be expected to help in the rental department as equally as selling a suit.
Why not just open up a rental store?
The last directive about hiring was that our regional wants only part-time sales people who also help with rental - meaning that commission based employees would be expected to help am hourly department for a base pay of around 5/he with no chance to make commission.
Isn't that illegal?
The company will surely start to downsize, to eliminate their top earners (like they did with the tailors) and eventually it's going to be a goddamned Ross.
Short-sighted corporate goals ruin everything.
Get out, sell out, N O W.

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