Thread regarding Fry's Electronics layoffs

List of Fry's Locations Closing

I do not have the list, I need one.

I will list all stores below.

The list below is the list of currently open stores, NOT the list of stores that will be closing.

The list is accurate as of 7/16/2019.

Here it goes:

Phoenix 3035 W. Thunderbird Rd. Tempe 2300 W. Baseline Rd.
Northern California Southern California
Campbell 600 E. Hamilton Ave. Anaheim 3370 E. La Palma Ave.
Concord 1695 Willow Pass Rd. Burbank 2311 N. Hollywood Wy.
Fremont 43800 Osgood Rd. City of Industry 13401 N. Crossroads Pkwy.
Palo Alto 340 Portage Ave. Fountain Valley 10800 Kalama River Ave.
Roseville 180 N. Sunrise Ave. Manhattan Beach 3600 Sepulveda Blvd.
Sacramento 4100 Northgate Blvd. Oxnard 1901 E. Ventura Blvd.
San Jose 550 E. Brokaw Rd. San Diego 9825 Stonecrest Blvd.
Sunnyvale 1077 East Arques Ave. San Marcos 150 Bent Ave.
Woodland Hills 6100 Canoga Ave.

Duluth 3296 N.W. Commerce Ave. Milton 3065 Webb Rd.
Downers Grove 3300 Finley Rd.
Fishers 9820 Kincaid Dr.
Las Vegas 6845 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Wilsonville 29400 SW Towncenter Loop W.
Dallas Ft. Worth Area Houston Area
Arlington 102 East I-20 Houston 10241 N. Fwy I-45
Dallas 12710 Executive Dr. South Houston 11565 S.W. Fwy 59
Irving 2488 Market Place Blvd. Webster 21300 Gulf Fwy
Plano 700 E. Plano Pkwy
Austin Area
Austin 12707 N. Mopac Expy.
Renton 800 Garden Ave. N.

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The tempe store in Arizona isn't listed anymore on their website. That's sad. I had an orgasm walking in the front door back in 97. It was a dream come true. LOL.

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As much as I dont shop at Frys as i use to especially store #1 back in the day, id rather see bestbuy take a nose dive into the abyss. (i worked at stores 144,142, 528, and 499 during the pilot of GS). 144 was notorious to steal and point the finger at you. shame on you warehouse on what you did to me. the sad thing is no lawyers wanted to represent me. so id rather see bby go byebye than to see frys close forever.

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The three stores in Houston Texas, including the NASA store are still open. Sadly, the NASA store is pretty bleak. Thank you online shoppers.

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Just left the Concord store. Went in for retail therapy, fulling intended to waste some money. I left empty handed and sad.

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The Concord store is closing. The shelves are empty. Nothing Apple, or printers of any brand in the store. Very few computers. Very little in the way of any computer accessories at all.

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Wrong one store is closing. The (store 48) warehouse is closing.

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So , what you are saying is that ZERO stores have closed at this time... Thanks.

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You forgot the warehouse locations.

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