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Exit letter to my GM (part 1/4)

This is a note that I gave to my General Manager on my last day of employment. Names have been changed due to privacy concerns.


•A Dream Job

When I started at this company, a little over three years ago, I was so caught up in the sense of pride I felt everyday when I walked through that door. As you put it during my orientation, “we wear the name Cabela’s over our heart for a reason.” Cabela’s, to me, was a dream job. The environment was always welcoming; it felt real when we were told we were “one big family under one green roof”. I wanted nothing more than to learn and to grow with Cabela’s. I was wide eyed and hungry for opportunity and for knowledge. I wanted to learn anything and everything about the business, the company, the culture, etc. I was very blessed to have a mentor that took me under his wing and taught me about working in the retail world. I would not have made it as far as I have with Cabela’s had it not been for Jeff. He wanted 100% from you all the time and he would work your tail off, but he was someone you wanted to work for, someone who wasn’t afraid to get dirty with you and he was someone you wanted to make proud. A true leader in every sense of the word. He wanted to help you develop and he cared about your success within the company and outside of the workplace. He made you buy into what the company was doing. He explained the why and the why not behind everything we did. The work was hard, but it was very rewarding. I thought I wanted to continue my education, but ultimately climb the ladder and start a career with Cabela’s. The atmosphere here, at the time, was something I had never experienced anywhere else. That all changed after the “merger”.

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I’m the author of the letter and I agree with you completely. It’s just a JOB now, but at one time it was a company that one could grow with and climb the ladder. I’ve moved on, but I’m just stating that Cabela’s was once something special.

Post ID: @5och+1072OCRb's a job. Work your hours and go home and put your feet up. It's not a calling.

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