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Fry's won't make it past another Black Friday sale this year

The store is struggling to attract old and new customers. They are too slow to adjust to the changing time. Most younger generation (Millennials) would rather shop online like Amazon. Fry's store is way too big for its own good. Back in the days, it was a good investment to have a big store with a wide range of selections. I don't think anyone would give a second thought that Amazon would take over the retail industry. Remember the Good Guys, Circuit City, RadioShack, CompUSA, and many other electronic stores? You can actually go to a real store and physically inspect a product. They even have a clearance sale or a bargain bin. Those were the good old days. I shop stuff online too, but it doesn't have the same experience as entering a store for the first time. Everyone, including myself, is feeding the big monster like Amazon. It's getting way too big that they completely wipe out all competition. Don't forget to feed the little guy. Fry's is overshadowed by Amazon plus bad management. It's just a matter of time before they close the store for good.

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None of the salesmen want to be there when they are paid poorly and have no hours.

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I bought my first computer kit from them. The salesMAN dropped my brother and I mid sentence, when he found out what I I have never liked them... bought some specials.
All Fry store employees were/are seem to be bothered by helping you.
It would appear Fry worked hard to find the RUDEST Sale persons.
I bought a chip, 6 people had to sign off the sale $19.00

I am going to miss them.. the Industry Store is close to the 60 freeway ..handy Rest Room , DIRTY but handy (horrible since day one)

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I wouldn't say it's because of Amazon. Bad service and management is bad period. That will k–l any brick and mortar. Just look at Costco, they are brick and mortar, selling electronics as well. #1 problem is frys management, they are so far disconnected and they don't have management at all. The CEO/and related directors are completely clueless along with the buyers. Buying the cheapest Chinese brands that tarnish customer experience and gouging for simple addons. I went to frys to buy some display port cables for my monitor but it was 40$ + tax for 16feet. Are they nuts? 12.99 on Amazon... I'll wait thank you. Worst yet is they carry so much garbage inventory like garden hoses and other frivolous sh–. this makes sense if you have foot traffic, to bing sale. But who bing buys a garden hose? Better yet who goes to frys to buy a garden hose? The F?

I said a few years ago I'd be shocked if they where still around in 5 years. I'm sad to see them go... I wish I couild give them my business over amazon, but they don't have what I'm looking for the website is so poorly updated and never updated.

It's a travesty.

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